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Don’t you find it odd that you’re hopeful Sydney will be “brought down to other clubs’ levels”, rather than looking forward to other sides, including your own, aiming up?

I’m a Sydney fan, but that just seems like very strange logic.

Sydney FC needs to follow the trend and give youth a go

It will for some time, don’t know about forever.

Nadal and Federer are all but done, and Djokovic has to decline within the next two to three years.

Dominic Thiem wins US Open title

Seems the NRL concussion policy doesn’t preclude such a scenario. He passed his HIA last night, which means he’s also available for next week, but I believe Robbo will be resting him.

Also, it’s more than a little concerning a document available on states “complications from a concussion are not common”. I don’t know how much input medical professionals had in drafting this protocol.

Eight talking points from NRL Round 18

It’s been a while since Rodriguez has been at his best, but certainly an intriguing signing for Everton.

Pretty big season for Ancelotti as well, if he wants to keep his reputation as one of the top managers.

Games to watch out for in EPL Week 1

Haha. Maybe top four 😁

The three sides that can win the EPL title

Agreed, it’s a step in the right direction.

But Arteta is in the deep end now. I hope for his sake and for Arsenal fans that he swims.

Five things we learnt from the FA Community Shield

To point 4 – not sure if others would share this view, but winning the FA Cup, while not meaningless, is not the mark of a successful campaign for a club of Arsenal’s standing.

Anything less than a top-four finish in 20-21 would be failure for Arteta, but it’s going to be challenging this season. Liverpool and City will be one and two, Chelsea and United are both looking good too.

Agree that Liverpool will need to strengthen.

Five things we learnt from the FA Community Shield

A champions league this season would definitely strengthen Mbappe’s case.

I guess Mbappe has more silverware and goals to his name at 21 compared to Zidane, but to suggest Zizou isn’t a legend of the game is borderline sacrilege.

Three reasons why Kylian Mbappe is better than Zinedine Zidane was at 21

If the defence is one of the deepest in Europe, why make another depth signing? That’s all Vertonghen would be at this point.

You’re correct in stating United’s defence lacks wow factor, but I’m struggling to identify a realistic target that would remedy the situation.

Solskjaer is building something, but without their own van Dijk, top-four is the most they can aspire to next season.

Manchester United should set their eyes on a new target

How did you come to 250k subscribers? I understand you’re speculating to some extent, but I’ve got to say that sounds very ambitious. I don’t think any A-League game on Fox Sports has hit that number.

It's time for football's leap of faith into streaming

I’m sure he would’ve started ahead of Moore, but the side was already strong.

Even to go as far as we did at that WC is still a great accomplishment in my mind.

Nearly a Socceroo: Josip Simunic reflects on his career, from Canberra to Croatia

It’s not just you regarding Adam Peacock.

I think he’s doing the best he can under the circumstances, but as you say, he’s not a caller. I think letting Simon Hill go was a sign of how little regard Fox have for the remainder of the broadcast deal.

The case for FFA TV

Am I missing something? I believe the handover happened in the last off-season?

The case for FFA TV

What’s your source for those figures? I’ve seen the 800k figure in the SMH.

And does it break viewing data down by – like you mentioned – those paying $15/month who don’t have other Optus services?

In the context of the A-League, if Optus’ endgame is increasing their market share for telco services, how many more customers will switch to Optus because of A-League? How many millions of dollars per year is the A-League theoretically worth?

Does a new broadcaster hold the key to the A-League's future?

That’s why I hesitated to use the 800k subs figure that Optus have bandied about.
It may be the number of times the Optus Sport app has been downloaded but I’d be surprised if that’s the number of regular viewers.

Does a new broadcaster hold the key to the A-League's future?

I don’t disagree that the league needs more mainstream media presence. However, last I checked the ABC games were averaging in the region of 50k.

That is truly awful and it’s clearly only the tragics that may not have Fox/Kayo that are tuning in.

Does a new broadcaster hold the key to the A-League's future?

Not sure if CBS were in control at the time but when Ten had the rights to the Saturday prime time match they did very little promotion.

I don’t think any of the commercial channels are willing to properly invest in the league.

Even SBS, supposedly a champion of Australian football, seems to treat the league with disdain.

Does a new broadcaster hold the key to the A-League's future?

Sounds like Knights’ finances aren’t at the level of an A-League club if they need help to make modest modifications to their ground.

You have to build it if you want them to come

“Flora and fauna”. Sounds like the government agency in the ABC show Utopia.

You have to build it if you want them to come

If you’d like to give Western United a participation award, you’re free to do that. I don’t believe the club has been up to standard.

I love the A-League and I want it to thrive. If it seems like I’m taking a pot shot, I’m not. We get enough of that from Buzz Rothfield. But the league itself and individual clubs are not above critisicm.

Complacency is a really big issue in this league. It’s up to the fans to hold the powers that be to account.

You have to build it if you want them to come

I believe that would be their best bet at this point in time. Look at the scenes at Dolphin Stadium yesterday.

You have to build it if you want them to come

In the first sentence as well. Mea culpa.

You have to build it if you want them to come

That would be Whitten Oval in Footscray. I believe its normal use is hosting Weatern Bulldogs training facilities and AFLW matches.

You have to build it if you want them to come

Career high rank of 17 and for a few years was consistently winning matches at slams. Wimbledon QF.

The rise and fall of Bernard Tomic

Cost being the reason for the omission of the curtain would be a safe bet.

What stinks is the government’s claim it was never part of the original design. Sydney FC CEO Danny Townsend claimed the curtain was a key part of the club’s support of the design proposal and he wouldn’t have supported a design sans-curtain.

Should Sydney FC stay or go?