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You are right, John. I’m a Roosters fan and I guess I’ve always had a soft spot for him, and would’ve liked to see him achieve something in Newcastle.

This incident was the last nail in the coffin.

Who should succeed Mitchell Pearce as Knights captain?

But if Pearce is just stupid, and never acts maliciously, can you really hold that against him?

Who should succeed Mitchell Pearce as Knights captain?

You’d hope so, but it’s possible the reason he didn’t sell was because there weren’t any willing buyers.

Jets owner Martin Lee stripped of club licence

Fair enough, but regardless, I don’t think he’s got the quality you need in a Test opener.

What is Australia's succession plan for David Warner?

I considered adding Finch to the article, but because of his age and as Marcus said, he’s not going to become an opener at this stage.

There was talk about Matthew Wade or even Tim Paine, but again, just didn’t feel the need to include them because they’re not realistic options.

What is Australia's succession plan for David Warner?

All good points.

Again, I’m biased, but I’d like to think when it gets to the pointy end of the season and the margins become thinner and thinner, the Sydney players’ quality as well as championship experience will hold them in good stead.

A-League 20-21 season preview: Sydney FC

Top four for Macarthur seems a decent bet. I wonder what it’s paying.

Western are definitely a threat.

A-League 20-21 season preview: Sydney FC

Plenty to be excited about with the youth. I’ve got to admit, I’m not too familiar with most of our youngsters.

A-League 20-21 season preview: Sydney FC

Their recruitment has been cynical, for sure.

But to your point, with this being an important season for the league to hopefully show some signs of growth, Wanderers making it as far as possible into the finals is an important piece of the puzzle.

Wanderers confirm Ziggy Gordon signing, Bernie Ibini reportedly set to join him at Bankwest Stadium

You probably shouldn’t be diagnosing a concussion, even a mild one, if you’re not qualified to.

Don’t mean to single you out, but with what we’re learning about concussion these days, the “she’ll be right” rhetoric concerns me.

Aussie Test squad rocked by Green concussion

Nice piece, Peter. Was immersed in your first-hand account.

The night I cried at the SCG

Yeah, that’s why I qualified it by not disagreeing with the decision by the Swans.

It’s a serious crime, but should he be blacklisted by all AFL clubs for it? I guess we’ll see what happens.

Sydney Swans part company with Elijah Taylor

Tend to agree.

He’s a young man and I’m sure he knows he’s made a big mistake, but sometimes a strong punishment is required for a serious offence.

Sydney Swans part company with Elijah Taylor

It’s a shame that ODIs, which used to be accessible on free-to-air, are now behind the Fox paywall.
But it’s like any other product – if one can’t afford it, they can’t access it. And a Kayo sub is hardly going to break the bank for a lot of people.
I recognise everyone isn’t in the same financial position as me, but is $25/month really an egregious amount of cash for what Kayo provide? I see it as pretty decent value.

Australia vs India first ODI live stream: How to watch international cricket online and on TV

It’ll be a big couple of years for Kyle Flanagan.

He’ll have a big point to prove after the way he went out the trap door in Bondi.

Burton to join Barrett's Bulldogs from 2022

At that price point, I’m assuming you’re looking at gold seats or whatever the highest-priced tier is.

You can get into the ground for much less than that, I’m sure.

The public deserves better for their Test rugby dollar


It’s sad that he’s gone fairly young, but there was always a bit of inevitability about it.

He’s comfortably in the top five of all time.

Diego Maradona dies aged 60

It’s a bit of shame for Penrith that they had two quality five-eighths trying to cement the 6 jersey at the same time. Sometimes it feels like clubs can be punished by the cap for good development.
Although in this case with Cleary being there as well, three would be a crowd anyway.

Burton to join Barrett's Bulldogs from 2022

It hasn’t been very long since the Granit Xhaka incident either. Certainly Gunners fans didn’t look too flash following that.

Nicolas Pepe's abuse was nothing short of disgusting

After this result, I can’t see Sydney getting out of their group.
Heward-Belle looked shaky against the Olyroos, and like you said, was poor again in this match. At this stage, looks like absolute night and day when stacking him up against Redders.

2020 totally summed up by Rhyan Grant being forced to be a goalie

The domestic broadcasting arrangement is somewhat unique for the Premier League. I believe all 3pm local kick offs are blacked out and only three or four games per week can be shown on British TV.

From what I’ve read online, illegal streaming is the go-to for many fans in England for the games they can’t get on the box.

The tricky business of the EPL's pay-per-view strategy

Don’t you find it odd that you’re hopeful Sydney will be “brought down to other clubs’ levels”, rather than looking forward to other sides, including your own, aiming up?

I’m a Sydney fan, but that just seems like very strange logic.

Sydney FC needs to follow the trend and give youth a go

It will for some time, don’t know about forever.

Nadal and Federer are all but done, and Djokovic has to decline within the next two to three years.

Dominic Thiem wins US Open title

Seems the NRL concussion policy doesn’t preclude such a scenario. He passed his HIA last night, which means he’s also available for next week, but I believe Robbo will be resting him.

Also, it’s more than a little concerning a document available on states “complications from a concussion are not common”. I don’t know how much input medical professionals had in drafting this protocol.

Eight talking points from NRL Round 18

It’s been a while since Rodriguez has been at his best, but certainly an intriguing signing for Everton.

Pretty big season for Ancelotti as well, if he wants to keep his reputation as one of the top managers.

Games to watch out for in EPL Week 1