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So, Chris, what is a reasonable timeframe for the delivery of the stadium? Is the current expected completion in May 2023 reasonable?

The goalposts are constantly moving in this situation – that’s the issue.

Someone needs to be accountable for Western United's embarrassing stadium fiasco

I can only really speak for myself, but I’m ‘on their backs’ because a major factor in United’s bid for a licence being accepted was the construction of this ground.

As things stand, it has been pushed back and pushed back.

Come on – you might say I’m a cynic or a pessimist, and you’d be right to say so. But to say this state of affairs is acceptable is to be the ultimate apologist for empty promises.

If something smells like bullshit and tastes like bullshit, it’s reasonable to assume that it is, in fact, bullshit.

Someone needs to be accountable for Western United's embarrassing stadium fiasco

United have been blessed with some incredible goal scorers, Nics. van Nistelrooy and Cantona are two other special strikers who come to mind.

For sure, Pogba’s play will have a decent bearing on this season’s title hopes, but without a 25-ish-goal scorer, I just can’t see it happening for them.

Varane deal another step in the right direction, but United not title challengers yet

Penrith without Cleary look a shadow of themselves.

Big boppers, two wrongs and a one-eyed play: NRL Round 19 talking points

Hard to quantify the value of the pictures the dressing room cams give you, but you’re no longer getting any team songs, any of the light hearted moments like Bennett or Brandon Smith eating in the sheds, etc.

My initial comment was more related to the overarching theme that the game has basically sold its soul to the broadcasters – and there are consequences to doing so.

We don't need to see what happens in the dressing room

‘Cameras in a normal dressing room for any given game is not the same.’

It is the same, in the sense that when the players and coaches in the NRL agree to receive the generous remuneration they do, there’s an inherent understanding that a very large portion of those funds comes from Fox Sports and Channel Nine.

The pictures from the Cowboys sheds were in poor taste, in my view at least, but this is what the game has signed on for – players, coaches and administrators. Can’t have your cake and eat it too.

We don't need to see what happens in the dressing room

I’m a Chooks fan and while I appreciate the smarts of the Walker play, it’s just not a great look. The league equivalent of going to the corner in the 88th minute in football – definitely within the rules but it’s just not a good look.

That said, the Doggies could have put a lot more pressure on him.

'Video game smarts in the NRL': Six talking points from Round 17

I thought that was pretty fair from the journo. Novak’s not going to like the question, obviously, but that’s how I’d sum him up. I’m pretty crushed he will surpass my boy Roger’s grand slam record by the end of the year in all likelihood.

Hell, Novak could end up with close to 30 majors.

Journalist slammed for disrespectful question that left Novak Djokovic bristling

Just heard Kenty say de Belin was hiding under a bed when the police arrived at the house.

'What are these peanuts doing?': Full list of shamed Dragons' fines, bans

Daniel, thank you for everything you’ve done for me. I can’t really articulate how much I appreciate you taking a chance on me, not booting me after my early morning slip-up and all the kind words and support.

I have no doubt you will be extremely successful at whatever lies ahead for you.

Four incredible years of sport: My farewell to The Roar

Certainly some encouraging points in favour of the move to winter, but this article definitely lacks balance. Unfortunately, I think going directly up against NRL and AFL will mean even less attention on football.

Fans, players and the administration want a winter A-League

Could the Foxx also be in for some scapegoating? He’s hardly going to get the service he gets at Melbourne and I assume he will be on decent coin.

Flanagan fighting for recall as Bulldogs scapegoat

We’re probably at an impasse. I can’t equate the pinnacle of women’s football to the pinnacle of ‘world’ football.
The crowds, the wages and the TV figures quantify the difference in quality, but you only need the simple eye test. The top men’s and women’s leagues are still miles apart.

Is Sam Kerr the greatest footballer Australia has ever seen?

Stuart, you propose that we shouldn’t qualify her achievements due to gender, but that’s a bit like saying scoring 30 goals in one season in League Two is an equal accomplishment to doing the same in the Premier League.

There is a sizeable gap between the quality of the Premier League, where guys like Kewell, Viduka and Neill plied their trade, and the Women’s Super League.

I hope I’m not coming across as sexist but there’s just no comparing the elite levels of the men’s and women’s games.

Is Sam Kerr the greatest footballer Australia has ever seen?

Might’ve been an error by Andy, but a pitch that’s the best in the league can still be improved.

A love letter to Hindmarsh Stadium

I don’t think flares are the reason football has a tough time – I think it’s because, generally speaking, no one one gives a shit about football in this country.

Plenty of Eurosnobs and Sunday leaguers, not many A-League fans.

I respect the fact you don’t like flares, I do. But burying your head in the sand and screaming, “It’s illegal!” is an odd approach to the issue.

Presenting an alternative, as Andy has done, seems pretty reasonable to me.

The plight of pyro

He could do those things but starting a conversation is also beneficial.

You sound like the kind of person who says “drugs are illegal, so no one should use them”. Sure, ripping flares is illegal but football fans don’t seem to care about that.

A solution that retains the benefits flares provide that is also more safe would be a good outcome.

The plight of pyro

So Reynolds isn’t heading to Townsville, then?

Townsend joining Cowboys on three-year deal: reports

Nice piece, Michael.
I’m a long time fan of his, but I think it’s the end or near the end for Mourinho. I’m sure Sky or BT will take him with open arms, but in terms of head coaching roles, Champions League sides won’t be looking at him.
It’s tangential to this article but I heard something recently that would be a stain on his reputation if true – a reporter claimed she wasn’t able to speak to Chelsea players because Jose “wouldn’t let his players speak to a woman”.

Jose Mourinho: The magician has lost his magic

Was a great finish. Disappointing as a Sydney fan, but congrats to Victory.

Matildas stumble to 5-2 loss in first pre-Olympics hit out

The Milicic signing was always going to be a stopgap for the Olympic campaign. Hopefully Gustavsson isn’t brought down by whatever backroom politics were Staj’s undoing.

Matildas stumble to 5-2 loss in first pre-Olympics hit out

Doesn’t bring me much pleasure to say this, but I think that might be the season for Newcastle. Ponga’s return will help but without Pearce… not looking good.

NRL star Pearce out of action for ten weeks with pec injury

Yeah, it was definitely disappointing but put yourself in a Victory fan’s shoes.

As a Sydney fan, in the years between our first double and when Arnie came on board, there were some dark days and I missed games when the entertainment proposition just wasn’t there.

Big Blue defeat for deplorable Victory

If the count stays at one after all 600 or so players/officials have been tested, I’m sure it goes ahead.

COVID case throws Australian Open preparations into chaos

You are right, John. I’m a Roosters fan and I guess I’ve always had a soft spot for him, and would’ve liked to see him achieve something in Newcastle.

This incident was the last nail in the coffin.

Who should succeed Mitchell Pearce as Knights captain?