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More importantly, did we ever think it was not? Keep in mind that the prev rights holder PRESSURED the A league into where the new teams should come from. Remember the tender process and how some of the parties vying for the spots felt like certain teams were getting an inside running? Looks like they were.

The A league was lucky to get a tv network to come on board. Its no longer attached to FFA. It has to make its money and its decided to do so this way.

Are we okay with the A-League Men becoming a made-for-TV competition?

Guess as more an more Australian players get recruited by international teams we will see more and more issues with player availability.

'Wellbeing of players and staff': FA address Matildas not playing in February international window

Please no. I want it to remain an Australian based competition. Are we incapable of running just tournaments in Australia? I have no desire to see my team fly ever further to another country to play Cricket ( In Perth).

Trans-Tasman shake-up: Cairns calls for NZ teams to be added to BBL

Where is the money coming to build these new Stadiums? The Land ? Mostl importantly the money? THe BIGGEST sports in Australia, NRL and AFL get stadiums essentially built for them by the Taxpayer.

So are you saying for Football to become more popular in Australia it needs to use its own cash (ie owners cash) to build new stadiums on land which is hard to get anyway?

Well good luck with that

Apparently some team in Melb is supposedly building a new stadium which was apparently locked into its agreement to join the a league yet Ive heard nothing about it for over a year.

It's high time football started to stand up for itself

Due to the current climate of COVID-19 in Australia resulting in border closures, the Glory won’t play their first game of the season until January 16.

And that right there is my biggest issue with this season. We arnt the PL where its a hour drive down the road to play your next game. Its not fair to call this a penalty to the glory.. but in effect its a penalty to the Glory. A lot of time for the Glory this season will be just finding out if they are actually playing the next week.. if COVID issues change over east. I could see them flying over, just to find out there is no game on and they have to fly back.

Am starting to find the A-League well.. its getting very NSW/VIc centric. I see 0 media about it locally anymore (WA)

Even the A League facebook social posts call it ‘Match Week 2’ . They cant even say week 2 because one team has played 0 games.

A-League 2020-21 season predictions

Okay Im confused. How is it a round done if Perth havnt played?

The Roar's A-League expert tips and predictions: Match week 2

What got me, and made me switch to the Radio was the incredibly.. biased commentary from the Nine Commentary Box. Every single person in Commentary was Sydney based. Phil Gould! was there. THis is the person charged by Penrith to turn them around! what the heck….

And there is also the media who praise Penriths losing performance again and again without a mention of the Storm in the presser. Sheesh

The Storm's NRL stranglehold grows stronger, but Panthers are 2021 favourites

Also keep in mind that any venue hosting ICC games has to NOT be used for I think 2 weeks /16 days? before the game being played there. The ICC never negotiates on this. AFL will have to host the GF somewhere else.

AFL grand final on a coronavirus collision course with T20 World Cup

How is changing seats going to improve the experience? It was too hot to play. Case closed.

McKellar slams Super Rugby's summer start

The trick is getting them away from the Euroleagues who can and do pay more.

The NBL needs LaMelo Ball and RJ Hampton to succeed

Obviously we know that all games the Wallabies play in now, should be played in Perth. They dont win anywhere else 🙂

Bledi hell! Wallabies walloped by brilliant All Blacks

So let me get this straight. To grow the game you want to put yet another team in NSW? WTH? and then another in Logan? Yeah, thats it , more teams in the two states that care.

How is this growing the game? How is this the NRL when 3 states dont have a team?

The tale of the NRL's two neglected cities

Yet the NRL knew EXACTLY what they were doing when they got into bed with the NSW Government with the MOU. They didnt have to but they knew that funding for their stadiums would be a done deal if they did. And now everyone is aware.

I find it odd that nowhere in the article above is this deal mentioned. Very odd.

The SCG is a terrible choice to host the NRL grand final

I dont see the need to sell him. In fact , I think its great for the glory. Id use Castro more off the Bench or Keogh but honestly watch hat Popa does. He cycles through the team a lot (and will have to again). He dosnt rely on any one player. Bruno will simply be another cog in the machine and you will see him start off the Bench too.

Why the Glory need to sell Chris Ikonomidis

Would you say SFC have the squad this season? Im not sure they do. Ninkovic dosnt get as much support as he should and several other players look like they are on the other side of the slide and not the good side of it.
Then again , I find out participation in the ACL a bit barmy/crazy anyway considering I believe we are the only league in it with a Salary cap. We wonder why we cant compete and seem placated by the fact WSW won it.

Race to the Plate not over: Sydney FC

All he can do is keep playing games. If the squad is basically being picked ‘because they play overseas’ then what is the point? What is the point playing overseas if you arnt actually playing. just sitting in the stands or the bench?

The best players for Australia at the Asian cup were all players playing every game. Thats the truth.

Jason Davidson deserves Socceroos recognition

They wouldnt fill Optus for a GF.

No one will stop Perth Glory from winning the premiership

THe problem you are always gonna have is the fanbase vs the establishment.

The establishment wants the team to play in a place which has space for people. Lots of space. Perhaps more than is needed. It needs to be able to control what food people can buy, what beer they can drink and so on.

The actual football fan want to be able to know the ground is easy to get to, has reasonable priced tickets, that they can bring their own food and that the ground will be in good condition.

Sometimes and rarely do both sides aims end up the same. More often than not they dont.

Would Chris Ikonomidis be nothing more than an also-ran in the NSL?

Glory would be absolutely stupid in the brain to have the final at Perth Stadium. Stupid.

At the moment we can only barely half fill HBF Park. Assuming we double for a final then THAT is a full house. A Full house HBF in 10x better than Optus.

Plus we lose our home ground advantange by moving to Optus. It makes no sense.

No one will stop Perth Glory from winning the premiership

Jets: 1 , Phoenix : 3
Roar: 0 , Sky Blues: 2
WSW: 1, CCM: 2
City: 1, Adelaide: 1
Victory : 1, Perth: 2

I think less goals this round in total.

The Roar's A-League expert tips and predictions: Round 18

Great Article. While I am a Perth fan, I have a lot of respect for Victory. Their crowds for starters and the players they have.

My biggest issue with them is when they have to shift around players to cover for someone missing a week on a card, or needs a break etc. THey often have to play someone out of position and then that creates some issues. Perth whether by luck or design has managed to recruit in a way that for most positions they have a backup for each position. Yes Injuty has still affected them but on the whole they have got that cover (which has been proven during Jan)

I am actually predicting a 2-2 all draw in this game , but really its the game of the round easily.

Can Kevin Muscat find the key to unlock Perth's defence?

If he gets a criminal conviction on file after this incident he won’t be able to get into the us or Japan to even begin with . That’s why so many of these agents and players push for spent convictions

"Find a new vocation": Barba officially deregistered by the NRL

A great game. Unfortunetly wasnt able to attend but watched it this morning. I know everyone was talking about the front, but I think its the back where Im liking it the most. The back are that comfortable with their fitness and style that they can move off their line a lot easier to help get the ball up.

Glory destroy Phoenix as A-League march continues

You are kidding right? Perth? The state which already gets the late late slot for most games?

Where are they gonna play? NIB? The 100,000 a game to rent stadium? Gimme a break. Neither Adelaide nor Perth are gonna get a 2nd team anytime soon.

More A-League teams for Sydney and Melbourne: Did the FFA get their A-League expansion decision right?

Why wasnt the worry there when the CFG bought out Melb Heart and it became Melb City? Oh thats right.. people wanted to see a new club with new marquee players.

They didnt realise that it made no sense for the CFG team to do this. Football in Australia is the 3rd or 4th code and this may never change in our lifetimes. They were never going to make money out of this investment, there isnt the money there to make. THey did it to create a feeder club in a far flung location. Which is now what you have with Melb City.

To an extent you already have that with CCM, but their record is more like a strike of lightning every so often. They survive because occasionally they can tell a player.

We need to ask ourselves, do we want new teams if they are just going to be feeder clubs for somewhere else?

Melbourne City have a massive image problem