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Your not wrong marnus gets pretty irate no matter how out he is. That said, not sure how that possibly was in line with the stumps

Marnus Labuschagne FURIOUS after getting out to a 45-year old County trundler

Looking at the complete lack of batting depth in the contract list has me depressed, especially when you think about how inexperienced Green is and how iffy Warner is these days, I worry how we are meant to look towards the ashes with any sort of confidence.

Though I will say thank god we finally found a consistent performer in our batting line up that isn’t Smith, feels like we rotated years of people through this team before we finally found someone that we can rely on and not just say “Smith and Warner” as our batting line up. Thanks Marnus for being the first really quality test-level batsmen we have had since… I don’t know Clarke?!?

Wade and Pucovski miss out on Cricket Australia contract, but Cameron gets the Green light

As someone else I know said, he could say that he won’t bowl again and on current form still locks into our top 6

James Pattinson will take an Ashes spot next summer

It’s getting kind of ridiculous now, he is smashing state cricket now, juicy stuff.

James Pattinson will take an Ashes spot next summer

Green and Paine should absolutely be able to face the new ball, I think you are confusing us being upset at wade as giving green and Paine a free pass. They both failed against the new ball, both could be reasonably be expected to get through it.

But Wade still exposed them, he had several overs with the old ball, new he had inexperience and a wicketkeeper next, knew the new ball was an over or so away and played that shot, it is terrible judgement of situation, he is the senior player there and should have kept himself in and tried to see off the new ball, he could have failed and then Green and Paine could have been gone anyway, but he would have been playing to the situation correctly.

Matthew Wade's latest shocking shot might be the end of the line

You’re insane, drop Hazlewood? He is first on the bowling card for me, closely followed by Cummins. I’m open to hear other views but I fail to see how Hazlewood isn’t in anyone’s top 3. Criminally underrated by some people I find.

Australia vs India: First Test preview

Do you think this summer is cursed?

Seriously though, I hope green is ok, he looked pretty good coming off the field, we shall see what happens, he may be ok.

Cameron Green has earned his shot at our unfair expectations

Listening to A game commentary, god Brendan J has some odd ideas…

Still (STILL) doesn’t think Marnus is a #3 batsman just… what? WHAT? What does he want out of a number 3?

I wish i could remember but he was also saying something yesterday about the test team make up that made me almost vomit from its insanity.

Green ton makes tough call even tougher

I watched as well and I agree with your assessment, didn’t look bad against pace just not always proactive or assured (as you would expect for a 21yo playing international standard bowling for the first time). But I was amazed to see someone of his age (and his height!) that wasn’t always a batsmen first dealing with spin so assuredly, was very impressive, to be fair I worry a little about his choice of playing back a bit too much that could easily cause him to come undone in more spin friendly conditions but still.

Green ton makes tough call even tougher

Kohli for cricketer of the decade, Smith i think for test cricketer, no idea about the rest. Cept Perry gets the Women’s Cricketer obviously.

Who should be named the cricketer of the decade?

He likely still won’t make it into the test side, which is a shame but can understand, but woof he looks good. Hope it won’t be too long before we get the chance to see him in proper test whites.

Burns and Pucovski combine for just five in Australia A match

Sometimes i wonder how much the other cricketers get sick of fielding questions regarding Green? Every interview i see the question is asked, i wonder if inside they are just thinking “well actually i don’t think he is that great, shut up and talk about me!”

Burns and Pucovski combine for just five in Australia A match

oh look, Paine is out hooking, good to see we can rely on his consistency this summer.

Burns and Pucovski combine for just five in Australia A match

I did watch, and the strokeplay was better, amazingly.

A heavy T20 diet's given Steve Smith's batting an extra gear

In regards to marnus and head, I’d say they are both in good form, but I certainly think it’s an interesting take to say that marnus ISN’T in as good form. His one failure was a early wicket which happens and has happened to head multiple times this season, Head has batted very well in the 2nd innings of 2 matches and done little the rest of the time. I just think trying to say which player is in “better” form is kind of rediculous, they both seem to be going fine and I look forward to them batting this summer.
I feel that you are placing too much emphasis on the amount of runs total head has scored to place him so high, which is an odd thing to consider the most important in a comparison at this stage of the shield competition.
FYI, if I HAD to pick one over the other in my team I know who I would chose.

How are the CA-contracted players going in the Shield?

I don’t agree with your thoughts, but even if we did cut one, why would it be smith? Sure labs has been good and maybe looked better today, but smith is still the experienced one and has shown greater ability to accelerate overall. Personally I think both is right in the side, and Maxwell at 4 is asking for trouble in an ODI and extending our rather lacklustre middle order doesn’t sound like fun to me. But we haven’t exactly performed recently so who knows.

Also yes, Kane isn’t exactly setting the world on fire, but to be fair, none of our bowlers have thrilled this series.

Labuschagne fires but Australia lose again in South Africa

Also spoke really well to Nicolas, first time ive heard him be that coherent to be honest, especially with the whole SA family/AUS stuff.

The Australian cricket all-time great alphabet teams: Letter L

Marnus gets his maiden ODI ton, least something coming out of this dead rubber, good on him, wasn’t the greatest innings by Australia by any means, but at least we got that, love the bloke.

The Australian cricket all-time great alphabet teams: Letter L

Well that disappointing, how Cummins got little enough in ODI’s and t20’s to not reach past warners total is unbelievable, my back of the napkin calculations show that Warner could not have gotten more than 9 votes in the test, which given the weights puts him at 54 votes for the AB compared to 114 votes from Cummins in just his tests.

Tight count looms for Allan Border medal

Hmm, Labs for Test player of the year, well deserved for sure, but worries me about cummins chances for the big one.

Tight count looms for Allan Border medal

It’s a good way of looking at it, this innings he was simply defeated by pressure and planning.

Labuschagne shines against impressive NZ attack

Well that came out of left field! Quite a surprise (of course, I have literally no clue what he is actually going through or why he is having problems, good on him for speaking up to CA about and doing what he needs to do) hope he is back for the WC from a selfish viewpoint.

Glenn Maxwell to take break from cricket to deal with mental health difficulties

That. Was. Terrible. By Queensland, they had that for sure, and royally screwed it up. Fair play to zampa though, he hit it very sweetly.

It’s kinda sad that Marnus Labuschagne’s innings was in vain, because it was excellent.

Who's knocking on the Test selection door?

Scrap that, they all have.

Who's knocking on the Test selection door?

Stan lake has bowled terribly at the death, bowling short continually to Zampa, ugh

Who's knocking on the Test selection door?