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Dear Dane,

My goodness me. The answer my friend is in the feet. If ya feet ain’t in the right place and
ya don’t know how to dance ya givin’ the bowler a free go.

CA should engage an Indian opthalmologist to make corrections so as to see things properly
or at least how they do. Follow that up with lessons at Arthur Murray and a session or two
at the Australian School of Ballet plus visits to an Indian film set during production.

When the new board have completed this refresher we can start on the players.

Australians can’t bat, but don't worry - it's India's fault

Hi Dane,

It’s a sad game. If you cannot trust your coach, who can you trust?

The Broncos will be saddled with a coach they don’t really want and Souths are trapped
into accepting a coach who has dodged extension since July 2018 which indicates or
maybe confirms that his appointment at Red Hill was psychometrically pre-planned.

Wayne’s sojourn to Newcastle purportedly cost him plenty ($8M?) Rusty understands
these situations so the cash flow of about $1M per season will ease the strain.

With petrol prices through the roof Ivan and Nathan can now cut costs and enjoy the
easy drive to the academy. I have a feeling they need Jimmy Maloney more than ever.

There is one coach you can trust. Trent Robinson has set the scene for continuing
success. If he gets over the back to back challenge in 2019 I expect him to deliver a
handful of premierships on the run.

Rules of hiring a coach: Don't hire a coach

Seibold may have been more attuned to the psychometric test than other candidates.

Kevin still has the Origin gig for the next two seasons, so it’s not all gloom.

Walters upset with Broncos snub

There are 979,200 seconds of Rugby League scheduled for decision in NRL season 2019.
Add the ladies and its over a million. It is my intention not to miss a single one.

I expect the Cowboys and the Raiders to make the eight with the Knights and Titans to
improve on the ladder.

The matches you must watch in 2019

If Klemmer goes to Newcastle and Foran is released to Manly without subsidisation
it may be tough for Canterbury but a blessing in disguise.

Bulldogs star Klemmer reportedly wants out of his contract

W. Tigers v Panthers R4 and R9

Can hardly wait 141 days to kick off

The NRL draw? Meh. Let’s talk coaching winners and losers

The things that matter:
Manly v Canterbury : R18 and R22
Souths v Broncos : R8 and R23

The 5 day turnarounds
Zero : Panthers / Souths
One : Manly, Knights, Warriors, NQC.
Three : SGI / W. Tigers
Two : Each of the 8 other clubs

CC Stadium
R17 : Easts v Cowboys
R21 : Souths v Storm
???: Manly Trial

The NRL draw? Meh. Let’s talk coaching winners and losers

Agreed Paul and Nat,
Sadly, due to legal circumvention the Canterbury Contract Tales
may avoid scrutiny forever.

Hasler defends his salary cap management

Dane, Trent is a product of the South and his future may lay with opportunity
at the Big Red V.

Personally, I think Trent should enlist at NIDA in preparation for auditioning
for a par in the sequel to “Breaking Bad”

Trent is the epitome of a living bad break. Pass the Systane ULTRA.

Sea Eagles CEO: Toovey didn't offend enough people at Manly to be asked back

Seriously Dane, we all love Tooves, but Des has history (+ & -)

Geoff Toovey is a natural for appointment as Internal Auditor. The never ending
investigation, extension upon extension.

The cost of his services (financed from sale of pot plants) would pay for itself in
fines avoided. From that position he is bound to offend from eyrie to fanatical.

He could continue the torture by returning to duties as Des Hasler’s chauffeur.

Sea Eagles CEO: Toovey didn't offend enough people at Manly to be asked back

Good job, Scott. You nailed the top 50. I had Smith on top over Tedesco simply because
of an almost superhuman effort over the whole season.

Some observations. Backliners 28 : Forwards 22. Titans and Parra missed the bus.

Players selected from each club.
10: Souths.
5: Roosters / Sharks.
4: Storm/ Broncos/ SGI/ Panthers.
3: Warriors/ Manly.
2: NQC/ C’bury/ Raiders.
1: Knights/ Tigers.

Scott,with respect, are you a closet Souths supporter?

The top 50 NRL players of 2018: 10-1

Hi Dane. “Talitali fiefia”
With a little imagination the Tongan ‘welcome’ may be a harbinger.

You nailed it with The Kangaroos are/were the finest self saucing cakes in League. Mal
looks as though he raided the cooling larder. Saturday is in fact Mal’s psychometric test,
televised to the world for all to judge. The exam room and the coach’s box often equate
to mental cruelty.

Tongan’s are competitive with the world’s best in the art of baking and decoration of a cake.
The Tongan Pride Cake (see Wiki) is a prime example of their skills. Beautifully appropriate.
If Tonga were to win it would put Tongan cake making on the map.

Dane, I detect your signs of apprehension. You can always hope that the Tongan squad pig
out on ‘victory’ cake at afternoon tea on Saturday.

Meninga begins new role as rugby league coach

Seriously AJ, there is a simple solution to your angst.

Canberra’s away record is abysmal. A new outfit could work wonders.

Change the name to Vikings and have the away guernsey changed to blue and green hoops
with socks to match, the green a little darker than the current Milo shade.
The backline may wear blue shorts and the forwards green to add variety to the new kit.

My 2019 NRL wishlist

Gurr Blimey Dane,
I think the answer lies in the soil, upon which the grass will grow at the new temple under construction. It is imperative that Parra have a team to do it justice otherwise it will be a
Temple of Doom and the coroner will have a full house. Disciplined R & R with emphasis
on value for money would be a start. Anyone got John Monie’s number?

After 30 years of abject failure, Eels launch proactive review

Sorry, MRI.

The Storm didn’t get stage fright, they just got destroyed

Munster may need a serious HIA including an RMI of his brain.
He is on the verge of signing a 3 x $1M extension with the Storm.
What manner of man kicks an opponent in the head? Is he OK?
Maybe he really wants to be a Cowboy and be near family.

The Storm didn’t get stage fright, they just got destroyed

Good morning Riley.

A beautiful CC day on the way and may the next 151 days feel as good until it all starts again.
I have to agree with Peeeko’s point. I rated Aubusson a 7 but freely admit to being an avid fan.
Your ratings assessment tallied a 9 in my book. Five months of deep breathing on the way.

2018 NRL Grand Final player ratings: Sydney Roosters

Just for fun. $300 x $5 on Joseph Manu.

Clive Churchill Medal 2018 preview and prediction

The football gods are on their annual grand final tour and having ushered justice
to a rightful conclusion at the MCG will continue to do so at ANZ. Easts by 1.
My ageing rudimentary analysis rated them dead even. Resting Momirovski and
having Cronk on the bench may gain the trophy. The name Collins keeps
recirculating in GF thoughts. If Cooper can’t play, a fresh Lindsay may be an asset.

Sydney Roosters vs Melbourne Storm: NRL grand final preview and prediction

Bullseye Andy. The dark horse with a deceptive turn of foot.

Pearce, Maloney back Aubusson at No.7

Hi Tim,

Many thanks for your peerless presentation of stats and facts for season 2018.

I surprisingly rated these teams equal as listed. The GF may depend on a
controversial 50/50 from either of the Youi’s. Easts by 1.

The ultra definitive NRL grand final stats preview: Sydney Roosters vs Melbourne Storm

The Diva sure knew where the winning post was located.
Congratulations on producing the best piece on this subject.

Billy Slater was not suspended for an illegal tackle. Who is he, Makybe Diva?

Hi Dane,

If Easts produce an effort in line with the pleasure delivered by your GF piece, they will win.

A ‘Battle of the Corporate Rich’ harbinger was declared by Mike Cannon – Brookes when he
paid $110M for Fairweather. The word in the front bar indicates that a large portion of that
will be won if Easts are successful. Would you rather live at Fairweather or in a Jayco?.

Ideally, Momirovski to rest and Cronk to the bench allows for more opportunity.

Thank you for a great season of Eldridge reasoning. Easts by 1 .

Why Roosters vs Storm is the people's grand final

Hi David,

Recently I posted that Kalyn Ponga might just be the best backliner I had seen in my lifetime.
When he signed with the Knights I said ” I hope they put a solid pack in front of him”
How the Knights recruit a tough hard and mobile pack will determine his career.
Kalyn is signed until 2021. Looking forward to every one of the 100 + club and rep matches.

Kalyn Ponga on the cusp of a stunning rugby league career

Pectorally speaking the panel were given a plausible excuse to free Billy, which is probably
what they were praying for. Bambi lives and can now play with Rupert the friendly FOX.

Grandpop would never forgive me but I will be cheering my lungs out for Easts.

Billy lives: Thank god that’s over