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Love the way you rise to every challenge. Clean, precise, positive.

The haemoglobin count of the new wave of statistical data may indicate it is anaemic.

A handy supply of pumpkin and/or sunflower seeds for the compiling analysts may help.

Cricket's new wave of stats are a hoax and this is how to fix them

A memorable piece of Eldridge wit and wisdom.

Reverse swing: Australia must restore reputation using dark arts

G’day Kieran,

One of Mitchell Johnson’s nicknames is ‘Jesus’
The Scorchers could do with a return of either.

The gap between bat and ball is finally showing for the Perth Scorchers

Well bowled, Dane.
Eldridge. 12. 2. 96. 6.
Shane impressed. Inclusion pending.

Good news! We can stop calling for replacements, there's none there

Hi Dane,

Your commentary and understanding of the game is worthy of a season beside
Kery O’Keefe at the call. Patrick Delaney please take note.

Participation in the marathon viewfest of red an white may soon require a CBC
and clearance from pathology. Wade & Short ( Hobart Pathologists ) may have
the answers to stanzas of anaemic batting and not knowing what to expect next.

Failing Test batsmen ordered back to Big Bash to "spend solid time in the middle"

Melbourne and Malthoid would make for a merry marriage.

Fans out of pocket as another Boxing Day sales pitch falls flat

*Here, There & Everywhere

Dangerously competent: NRL must de-register Sharks CEO Barry Russell for being too professional

Reg, Appreciate your analysis.

You could try a registered letter detailing your analysis to the Peter’s
Beattie and V’landys with a copy to Greenberg and request a meeting as a
concerned member of SSRLFC, mindful that Souths may also have issues.

BTW, did you know that Newscorp, through HT&E*(Company) are a major
shareholder in the ROAR.

Dangerously competent: NRL must de-register Sharks CEO Barry Russell for being too professional

Manly v Moore Park is merely a myth. Greenberg the Great rules the sixteen counties
of his kingdom with an even hand. Just hope the Penn’s don’t run out of ink.

Dangerously competent: NRL must de-register Sharks CEO Barry Russell for being too professional

Hi Dane,
Love being on your journeys through Leagueland and the stories of its people.

Barry Russell ties one of the best windsor knots in captivity and may just about
become the ‘Accidentally on Purpose Hero’ the Sharks needed to cleanse the
collective conscience for actions past at Fort Woolooware. Did the esteemed
Lyall Gorman know of this matter before his seemingly speedy exit to Manly?

You never know, Andrew Gee may be inspired to come forward and tell all.

Greenberg’s ‘No More’ policy in relation to bailing out financially errant clubs
will not apply to the Sharks. In Todd we Trust. Pandas and Orcas.

Looking forward to one of the great seasons of the century.

Dangerously competent: NRL must de-register Sharks CEO Barry Russell for being too professional

That sure is a eucalyptus smelling front bar moniker Mr McFlurry.

I think the Raiders are overdue to enjoy a run of luck without any major injuries.
A lot depends on how long the great Rapana is out of action and how the team
performs without him. I pencilled them in @ finishing 4-6.

Having Josh Hodgson and Jarrod Croker as joint Raiders captains is the right move

‘box-set banter battle..bloody beautiful.

Tim Paine makes sledging great again

With the greatest respect to JC.
1 Ship, 1 Captain will see the Raiders in the 8. Josh (c) Jarrod (vc)

Having Josh Hodgson and Jarrod Croker as joint Raiders captains is the right move

AJ, you present a most convincing reality check and persuaded my change of mind.

Don’t blame the NRL for your club’s bad deeds

Interesting comment by toddy123 @ ZT throwing new light on Farah payment.

More NRL drama with Tigers CEO facing deregistration

Agree Paul.
How was it treated in the accounts of that year?

More NRL drama with Tigers CEO facing deregistration

re Pascoe: Spendthrift Castle v Creative Thinking.

re Flanagan: Dane Eldridge can see ’round corners.

More NRL drama with Tigers CEO facing deregistration

The biggest walk away may be revealed by a drop in present and future corporate support.
eg. Jaycar.

As for life time bans, I agree with Paul @10:14am proposal.

Our thoughts and sympathy go out to the pregnant Alyce (?) and the journey ahead. Hope
she has the positive support of family and friends.

How much longer until all NRL fans walk away?

Hi Dane,

Love the entertaining tennis match approach with RE: mail.

‘Fearless Flanagan’ flouting the fiats from the Fortress is fanciful frivolity.

Revealed: The (not so real) emails between Shane Flanagan and Cronulla

Sorry Dane, the GGoA can do with a little lovin’.

Let us not overlook a simple known. Shaun and Kayla are in love. This is a win / win deal.

I think the question has to be asked ” What influence did Shaun’s fiancee, Kayla Cullen, have
on him being signed with the Sharks in new world record time of 17 minutes?”

Can we surmise that she merely took a fancy to living in the Cronulla area and Shaun signing
with the Sharks would be a bonus to provide funding for their future together, wedding soon.

There is one thing you can take to the bank. Their progeny would have a pedigree page to
highlight the catalogue, be it the Rugby League equivalent of Karaka or Inglis Easter.

Warriors relent, blame Shaun Johnson for everything

Do we have the identity of the thought police?

Raiders fined $150,000 over Wagga match

Hi Dane,

Your understanding of these complex matters and generosity in providing solutions thereto
is much appreciated, the tension headaches cured.

The ‘Broncos Bash’ had left me psychometrically exhausted, awaiting confirmation of an Aussie
version of ‘There will be Blood’. To be directed by Rusty, starring Lachlan the Lenient, Persil,
Morris Minor and ‘Saintly’ Seibold. Bennett will play Bennett on account of Clint being needed
elsewhere and John being deceased. Darius has scored a job as gaffer to lighten up the set and
keep a grip on things. All we need now is the Eldridge script as you have outlined above.

NRL to introduce shot clock for coaching sagas

Psychometrically speaking, Wayne rides into Redfern a winner.

Love to be a fly on the wall for the 3 way IQ assessment talk(s) between
Murdoch, Morris and White.

Could this be the start of another Murdoch v South Sydney war in court?

'Benny' did the Broncos board off the break

The learned Wheatley knows everything about everything.
The courageous Clarke knows everything about somethings.
MC should have just pointed to the scoreboard and smiled.

Clarke didn’t rub the ball with sandpaper. But he’s played his part in a win-at-all-costs culture

Dear Professor Eldridge,

Your return to the crease has rewarded us with an inspirational knock.

Universities offer degree courses in just about everything. It would be fitting to add the
discipline of sledging to the catalogues of learning. Then our teams through compulsory attendance could be said to be well sledged and ready. BS or may be MS or even (Hons)
after the family name would do wonders for the graduate’s ego and status.

India going well is one thing, but God help us if cricket ever becomes the national game
of China. Sledging in Hidu and/or Mandarin would render our teams in a permanent state
of discombobulation.

Searching for solutions to our cricket problems it has reached the stage where the sperm
of our greats must be preserved and used under approval and strict supervision to produce
players of supernatural ability to restore the glory of yesteryear. Controversial maybe, but
in the words of the the late Colin Hayes, “The future belongs to those who prepare for it”

Bring back Smith and Warner, bring back sledging, bring back everything