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I’ll be off my nut if Head isn’t selected. Averaged 61.5 in the 5-0 loss to England and is one of the few players who have stepped up recently. Head above Handscomb, Maxwell, Patterson, Turner, both Marshes and Agar.

Who will be in Australia’s world cup squad?

Great article. Id have head open with short and go for something like this


Maxwell’s been out of form in ODI’s and T20 so I think letting him do his best work down in the last 15 overs might do him some good. Finch is absolutely stellar, hes got a proper ability to bat wherever he is needed, as seen in this last warm up game. Head’s really looked at place at the top of the order, he averages 58, with a big century and a 97 in 5 innings, combined with Short exploding while he holds the anchor down, not to mention Head scoring a century in the warmup game today. Having Paine at 3 allows him to use that new ball to his advantage, as well as build an innings, with Finch and Stoinis to combine with maxwell at the end to finally push the team above 350.

Tim Paine should open Australia's ODI batting

Not every kid is Glenn McGrath though

Chadd Sayers must play ahead of Jhye Richardson in South Africa

*Anderson, and yeah, outrage probably not the best choice of words.

The Ashes statistical XI: Who makes the cut?

Sounds good, thanks for the input again mate

The Ashes statistical XI: Who makes the cut?

True mate, with Overton a close second. This is how i structured it though: for spots 1 and 2 only the openers can compete. For spots 3 to 6 are interchangeable for any batsman 3-6 with number 6 being an all rounder. Number 7 is the keeper and numbers 8-11 are the best bowlers, batting position decided by their batting average. I was very tempted to slot Cummins in at 6 but there’s already outrage for picking Paine so I’m glad I didn’t in the end.

The Ashes statistical XI: Who makes the cut?

I included Ali because personally i see his bowling as more vital statistically than a less than 2 run batting average difference. But, your up for your own opinion. Thanks for the input anyway mate

The Ashes statistical XI: Who makes the cut?

Understand your point completely, Whole reason for this article was to show it for this series so far. Maybe would’ve been better if I did it at the end of the series.

The Ashes statistical XI: Who makes the cut?

keyword potential, not results 😉

The Ashes statistical XI: Who makes the cut?

Well, Do you go with the english team structure of having an allrounder at 6, or do you go with the Australian style set-up?. The fact of the matter is that a choice had to be made between a less than 2 run higher batting average difference or go with a negligibly lower batting average but with the option of another bowler. Evidently I chose Moeen, but you are entitled to your own opinion and by all means I see where you are coming from.

The Ashes statistical XI: Who makes the cut?

I slotted him in at 4 purely because his preference of batting at 4. Him and Joe Root both like to bat at 4, therefore I gave the better batsman the choice. You’re not wrong though.

The Ashes statistical XI: Who makes the cut?

Who makes your combined XI? Let me know below.

The Ashes statistical XI: Who makes the cut?

Head Possibly in for Lehmann. Was torn.

Who makes Australia's second Test XI?


1. Cowan (VIC)
2. Burns (QLD)
3. Furguson C (SA)
4. Maxwell (VIC)
5. Lehmann (SA)
6. M. Marsh (WA)
7. Carey (SA)
8. O’Keefe (NSW)
9. Sayers (SA)
10. Tremain (NSW)
11. Holland (VIC)

Behrendorf in for Holland if he wasn’t injured.

Who makes Australia's second Test XI?

In my opinion communication is between both batsman, he helped to run himself out

Ashes: Australian batting by the numbers

Travis Head, bit better with the ball than Maxi, in good nick with the bat aswell. Or drop petey handscomb and bring in another Quick, not Bird, preferably raw pace. I know slim pickings but still

If Australia need a fifth bowling option, Mitch Marsh is about the only option

Quick corrections,
1. Steve smith averages 93
2. Marsh averages 98
3. Handscomb averages 20.7
4. Cummins averages 43

Forgot to factor not out.
Very frustrating not being able to edit after submitting

Australian batting by the numbers

Johnson 37 wickets
Harris 22 wickets
Lyon 19 wickets
Siddle 16 wickets
Watson 4 wickets
S. Smith 1 wickets

If each Aussie bowler keeps going at the same rate of wickets this time round they will reach:

Starc 35 wickets
Cummins 18 wickets (rounded up from 17.5)
Lyon 28 (rounded up from 27.5)
Hazlewood 18 wickets (rounded up from 17.5)
S. Smith 0 wickets (rounded nowhere from nothing)

The English batting by the numbers (so far)

Sometimes you’re the statue, and sometimes you’re the pigeon. Aussies have been at the brunt of many personal sledges too, Andrew Symonds being called a monkey anyone? Didnt Craig Overton get banned for a couple first class matches after telling a player of Pakistani descent to “Go back to your own country,”. Or was that Jake Ball?

Why can't Australian cricket just play nice?

You’re right mate, sorry about that. Joe root avg. 35.5 and Malan 34.5, Got the names muddled up. Cheers for the input though

The English batting by the numbers (so far)

Just a quick mention. Mucked up the title. Should be Englands batting by the numbers (So far). Tried to get it fixed but apparently it didn’t work. Sorry

The English batting by the numbers (so far)

Cheers mate!

Why I can no longer stand the IPL


Why I can no longer stand the IPL

Just a general thought piece I made about a year ago, cheers for the input though, Ill try and make any future ones more topical.

Why I can no longer stand the IPL

I reckon Paine’s stumping made up for the catch, though both woulda been nice

The Liebke Ratings: First Ashes Test, part 1