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Was brought up in Victoria, where I barracked for the Bombers in winter and the Aussie cricketers in summer. Life took me to Sydney many years ago, where I've gained an appreciation of many other sports; including tennis, rugby league and soccer/football. But AFL remains my first love; and I'm now proudly a member and supporter of the Greater Western Sydney Giants. In between working a boring desk job and attending sporting events, I trawl the internet for sporting stories and discussions.



Come back Smith, Warner and Bancroft. All is forgiven.

Australia collapse to waste Finch and Khawaja's good work

Can I suggest one slight amendment.
“But many Swans fans won’t want this trade, as the cost of Moore will obstruct a pay rise for the beloved Aliir Aliir, who’s out of contract.”

Aliir Aliir is contracted to 2021.

The Sydney Swans are the AFL's trade kings

One minor correction.
“Every first and second-tier grand final has been played during the day in the history of the AFL, including the AFL, AFLW, VFL, VFLW, WAFL, SANFL, NEAFL, TSL et cetera.”
The 2017 NEAFL Grand Final was a night game. It was played at the SCG after the Swans v Essendon Elimination Final. It went back to being a stand-alone daytime game this year.

I doubt it will change under the current TV rights contract; but I fully expect the price to pay to get the contract closer to $3b for the next round of TV rights is a twilight Grand Final.
As a Saturday afternoon game, the AFL Grand Final is often out-rated by the NRL’s Sunday night Grand Final. To justify getting double the TV revenue, that can’t continue; and so the AFL will inevitably move to a higher-rating timeslot.
And it wouldn’t worry me if the Grand Final became a twilight game. Times change, traditions change. The world moves on.

The AFL grand final must remain an afternoon affair

I have actually tasted the forbidden fruit of switching teams. In my case, living in the western suburbs of Sydney, I switched to GWS when they started. For the Giants to work, start-up supporters were essential, and due to the tyranny of distance I rarely saw my former club anyway. And being a part of something from day one and playing a role in growing the game up here was too attractive to pass up.

There will always be winners and losers. That’s sport. To stop following a team, there would normally be more to it than just losing games.
Maybe the club’s done the wrong thing by you (eg stuffing up your membership) or you’ve fallen out with fellow supporters or something the club is doing you disagree with. For whatever reason, you no longer have the passion. You’re unhappy, you don’t want to be there, and you sense your unhappiness is making others unhappy.
Footy is a multi-billion commercial industry. You have just as much commercial right to change your footy team as your brand of breakfast cereal. If you would enjoy following a new team more than your current team, you have every right to make the switch. But if you close the door on your current team, it is closed forever. It will never be the same again if you go back.

Is supporter loyalty a lost commodity today?

They haven’t shortened it, they just haven’t lengthened it; even though there’s two new teams, and another four coming in 2020.
Disappointing. The AFLW competition has had some success in its short history, which led to the expansion in teams. But the AFL administration in recent times appear to have lost confidence in it.

AFL shortens AFLW season despite increased number of teams

2018 was always going to be a write-off. The situation was not of their making, but the Commonwealth Games and not having a home game until the season was half over meant they were always going to be up against it.
One thing they’ve got right is to get out of China. Being on the Gold Coast and re-connecting with the local community is far more important for their future than being Port’s patsy in China.

The Sun will rise for the Gold Coast

A thought that’s entered my mind – the bye week before the AFL Finals should be designated as Community Football Weekend.
With no AFL games, all state, local and country leagues should have their Grand Finals – and with no clash with the AFL, local footy gets the spotlight and is showcased with its biggest day.
Fox Footy could show games such as the VFL, SANFL, NEAFL etc Grand Finals.

I’m not sure this concept has legs. Maybe it does, maybe it’s just another of my silly ideas.

If the AFL wants to keep the pre-finals bye, it has to make more of it

No problems with a Thursday night last year for Adelaide v GWS, or the year before for West Coast v Bulldogs. But as soon as they put a Thursday night final in Melbourne, the waaaa-mbulance is overbooked.

I’ve read a lot of comments on social media, and have come to the conclusion that the reasons for this are:
* Richmond and Hawthorn supporters believe the world should revolve around them.
* Bulldogs fans in 2016 travelled to Perth and GWS last year to Adelaide on a Thursday night, but it’s unreasonable to expect the away Hawthorn fans to go all the way to their home ground on a weeknight.
* 7:20pm on a Thursday night doesn’t give enough time to get there after work, so 5:20pm in Perth would be better.
* Children in states outside Victoria do not attend school on Fridays.
* Victorian children and workers need more sleep than those in other states.
* Notwithstanding that 6-day breaks for finals are problematic, a Sunday game should have been scheduled instead; but not involving Richmond or Hawthorn. Maybe some tinkering with the Gregorian Calendar could fix that.
* It’s hard to get home from the MCG after a game, because unlike in Adelaide and Perth there is traffic and less frequent night trains in Melbourne.

The Week 1 AFL finals fixture is a disaster

Looks impressive. Like all site changes, will take a bit of getting used to; but we’ll get there.

Thanks for the effort you put in.

The Roar has relaunched! Welcome to a new Roar

A bit of luck for my Giants to get the Swans. It’s amazing that there’s only ever been one all-SA final, never been an all-WA final, but this will be the second Giants v Swans final in 3 seasons.
Thankful for the week off. The Giants need every day they can get to regroup. No wind in their sails today.

UPDATED: AFL finals fixture 2018 week one - who plays who, when and where

With an early start and a late Easter next year, it may be possible to get a game at Spotless before the Royal Easter Show. If that happens, it would likely be against a low-drawing opponent so they can have the lower bowl of seating already taken out.

What Round 1 of the 2019 AFL season should look like

Wouldn’t it be great if people weren’t judged by the colour of their skin or what name they give their god; but were instead judged by their character.
Maybe it will happen one day.

You can't ban Muslims - who would bat three?

I’ve been thinking about this and come up with an idea of how it could work.
Playing a 9-round season, so everyone plays each other once.
Start a week earlier, on the weekend of January 25-28. The Australian Open final is on the Sunday but there’s a public holiday Monday we can take advantage of.
Channel 7 is showing cricket on the main channel, and the Big Bash goes well into February; but 7Mate & Fox Footy will be happy for some live content.
The last round of the home & away season would be the weekend of March 22-24.
The semi finals would be on the weekend of March 29-31. Under my model, the men’s AFL season would start with the traditional Richmond v Carlton game on the Thursday night.
But the first AFLW semi final could be played at 6.30pm on the Friday night. Play the AFL game at Adelaide Oval on the Friday night- 7.50pm their time is 8.20pm our time so it fits.
Then play the second AFLW semi-final at 12 noon on the Saturday, and it will be all over before the 1.45pm game.
Could be problematic if Freo qualify for a home semi – we’d just have to play it later against AFL games.
Then on Friday 5 April, no AFL games are scheduled. This becomes a stand-alone slot for the AFLW Grand Final. AFL round 2 would be played on Saturday & Sunday 6-7 April.
With one in-season bye, same as now, the final round would be the weekend 30 August to 1 September.
A week off for the finals on 6-8 September, which becomes Community Football Weekend when state, metro & country leagues have their Grand Finals.
The first round of finals would start on Thursday 12 September and go through to the Grand Final on Saturday 5 October.

When we go to 14 teams in 2020 and 13 rounds, there will be overlap between the AFLW & AFL seasons. That’s unavoidable. Because of the heat I doubt AFLW can start earlier, and even if you could push the AFL season back another week or 2 to reduce the overlap, you couldn’t push it back 4 weeks.

Gillon McLachlan must be more honest about the future of AFLW

If you want to lift the standard and professionalism of womens footy, to lift the profile and entice players – you need to give them is more games to play. Reducing the number of games each team plays makes no sense.
And for Gil to compare AFLW to the World Cup is a joke. The World Cup doesn’t send memos to change the rules and tactics mid-tournament, even if there’s a game where no goals are scored.

Daisy Pearce hits out at AFL over treatment of women's competition

To us in the eastern states, any Test match in Perth is effectively already a day-night Test.

What the 2019-20 summer of cricket should look like

They can make the 8 but not the top 4. It would take a run through the finals like the Western Bulldogs a couple of years ago. Not impossible but unlikely.

The injury run is a concern and it’s something the club doesn’t manage well. When you have the worst injury run in the league seven years in a row, it can’t be luck; there’s something the Giants aren’t doing right.

GWS are on the march, but is their season already a waste?

It was easily the best crowd we’ve had this season; and certainly the noisiest!

Apparently they announced the crowd figure over the PA system, but I didn’t hear it – this will come as no surprise to anyone lol. Cracking atmosphere and a ripper of a game.
It’s always going to be a long-term project to build crowds and support. No-one disputes that. But all we as fans can do is do our best to make sure those who do come have a great time. Certainly achieved that on Saturday night.

Giants CEO: 'Best ever' crowd a sign of GWS's progress in Sydney

Having attended that festival weekend at North Sydney Oval last season, it’s a great concept and I’m happy to see it being extended to three weekends. And Ladies Who League Hill seemed to be a big hit.
The other thing worth mentioning about WBBL next season is a significant increase in the number of games being televised. There were positive ratings last season and the cricket is very watchable.

Totally agree about the stand-alone final. Like the Womens Origin, the people who are there are there specifically to support the women, rather than as some passive before-thought that most people won’t arrive at until it’s nearly finished.

Standalone WBBL finals a big tick for Cricket Australia

There’s a week off after this round before the finals. So it’s not an issue for any finals team to be playing on Sunday.

My crystal-ball look at Round 23 of the AFL season

Those penalties were 15 years ago. They’re ancient history.
Carlton were in the finals mix for those couple of drafts when Gold Coast and the Giants were building their lists. They’ve gone backwards since then, but that’s their problem.

AFL must give Blues priority pick: Denis Pagan

It’s one thing to say “There should be a Tasmania team”. It’s another to say “If a Tasmania team comes in, I will support them. I will be a Tasmania supporter”.
Most people in Tasmania already have an AFL team. Would they switch allegiances? The AFL doesn’t think they will. And even if they did, it’s a loss for their previous club so no net gain for the game.
The Giants & Suns, because of where they are, have the potential to bring new people into the game. I can’t answer for Gold Coast, but the Giants are slowly but surely doing that.

I’m not opposed to a Tassie team. And the initiatives this week could be laying a foundation for that.

Another announcement, another snub for footy in Tasmania

Whatever happens tonight, we can carry this away……

We were in this year’s World Cup. Italy were not.

On this day in sports history: A penalty denies the Socceroos in Kaiserslautern

Had VAR been around in 2006, would that penalty have been overturned?
Sadly, we’ll never know.

On this day in sports history: A penalty denies the Socceroos in Kaiserslautern

Come back Smith, Warner and Bancroft. All is forgiven.

England's ballistic batting sets new ODI world record as Australia crumble

“Does any sport – barring finals/championships – actually do a floating fixture?”

Not in Australia. The NRL used to but they abandoned that idea and all game times are fixed. Their experience and market research was, similar to a post I made earlier today, that supporters were reluctant to commit to a membership when they didn’t know when the games would be.

Damian Barrett scores 7/10 in his ways to fix footy