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Everybody gets a ribbon! Everybody wins.
Except integrity.

The AFL is ready for a ten-team finals series

poor effort by mundine. he caught most of that punch on the gloves. reckon he realised it would be a one sided fight after Horn’s start and took the easy payday. poor way to finish a career.

Gone in 96 seconds: Horn massacres Mundine with first-round KO

the saints finished 9th and 11th the previous two seasons.

Why the stats predict a Richmond premiership next year

Is there any other professional sporting comp in the world that starts every season with the same two teams? it just leaves a sour taste in the mouth before festivities even begin – a reminder that this is the most fabricated comp in the world outside of the wwe.

AFL reveals first week of 2019 draw

it was probably more, ‘i want to go home, but i really don’t want to play for freo!’.

AFL Trades Deadline Day Wrap: Dylan Shiel, Dayne Beams, Tim Kelly and more

You can have your opinion matt, and shout it to the world, just like the antismoking brigade, vegans, greenies, the fundamentalists, the aestheists, the far left, the far right, and on it goes. in the end we all make the choices we make, and if a grown man chooses to box for a living, then better he have the right to that choice than have it denied. you go on promoting alcohol, cheering other contact sports, eating animals, forgoing eternal life…

Mundine-Horn is dangerous and grotesque, and a few other things

You can have your opinion matt, and shout it to the world, just like the antismoking brigade, vegans, the greenies, the marxists, the capitalists, the fundamentalists, the overly enthusiastic religious, the sanctimonious aestheists, the homophobes, the anti-homophobes, the far left, the far right, the pro-life, the pro-death, the grammer (sic) nazis, and on it goes. in the end we all make the choices we make, and if a grown man chooses to box for a living, then better he have the right to that choice than have it denied. you go on promoting alcohol, cheering other contact sports, supporting the mass slaughter of animals, sacrificing your chance at eternal life, and playing golf, yadda yadda yadda.

Mundine-Horn is dangerous and grotesque, and a few other things

haha raj. well said. and follow on with equal representation in the team.
surely life is about equality over quality!

'Razor Ray' misses out as AFL names 2018 grand final umpires

i’m the opposite view. i would have turned off had he missed over that tackle. all things ideally should be viewed in isolation, not under a blanket. slater’s tackle in no way deserved missing a grand final. not even a game. to say, well technically it was a shoulder charge, though hardly the type we envisenged when we made the rule, so the easy thing is to rub him out, is unfair on the player. commonsense prevailed.

If Billy Slater plays on Sunday, I won't be watching

there’s always been a midfield bias but with three umpires now the players most likely to be noticed by all three overr the entire match will be those that roam the full ground and are involved in the most contests. hard to see a way out, but it certainly appears the umps see more the trees than the forest.

Mitchell was a worthy Brownlow winner - but the count was still worrisome

Makes sense to me. It takes a very, very good team to win back to back. Melbourne overachieved in finals, finally taking two decent scalps in a row, but west coast in perth, in a final, was always going to be a bridge too far.
Collingwood was an upset, but given they pushed richmond with a much lesser team not so long ago, and were in some form, were always a decent chance. That manic attacking game style the tigers play is hard on the mind and body – they’d lost every four and a half games during the season, mentally and physically dropping off a few percent. It has hidden somewhat as the games were interstate, but we saw it again.
Whenever we get a new young premier the journos make a back to back or ‘dynasty’ call, but rarely does it eventuate – just three times since the ‘afl’ began in 1990 – and all far better teams than richmond, who benefitted from 14 mcg games – they went 4-4 outside the venue.

Nothing in the AFL makes sense anymore

Takes a very, very good team to go back to back. The Tigers just got hit by reality.

Ta-ta, Tigers! Collingwood in grand final after flipping flag favourites

A lot of poor articles appearing on this website lately, and navigating through them is rather vexatious pursuit, so reading this one is like the proverbial diamond in a coal mine. A brilliantly indepth recollection and analysis of the journey over the last four years. Well done andthank you.

From Rio to Russia: Did the Socceroos surge, stagnate or slide backwards in the last four years?

Not sure why the Carlisle trade is brought up as a caution. A great trade for the Saints – we got Carlisle and Gesham for pick 5 and pick 24, both of which got downgraded due to academy picks. The Bombers ended up with Francis and Morgan. Massive win for the Saints.

We are not giving up our first rounder for Hannebury. Not sure who you are listening to. It’s either our future second rounder or a player whom i won’t mention as its currently speculation.

Is supporter loyalty a lost commodity today?

The site looks like it was designed by coders, not designers. awful to navigate and read blogs. the text on the right hand side means scrolling fingers block the read.
i get continually logged out, so if i log in when reading an article it takes me away and i need to go back to the page and reload it.
hopefully they fix all it up, but agree it’s seen me visit and post less than i used to.

and now when i try to add comment it refuse saying ‘cookie nonce is invalid’. so i have to reload and go again. fingers crossed…

Collingwood vs GWS Giants: Semi Final Forecast

Ignore the top four history, just like last night the better team is the visitor. This time however the visitor is playing away from hom and in front of a very large and partisan crowd. Collingwood are some kind of anomaly – finishing top four yet have beaten just on top eight team, and that was Melbourne in a month of poor form where the Dees also failed to beat a horrid Saints team.
It would take a bit of stage fright from the Giants for them to lose this one, which is a real possibility, but more likely it’ll come down to whether the umps are swayed by the crowd and pivotal decisions favour the Pies. Hopefully the umps will have seen last nights horrendous display by their colleagues and realise a good performance tonight could see them getting a grand final gig.

Collingwood vs GWS Giants: Semi Final Forecast

A slow road back for the Saints. Players like Newnes are not the future we want. He epitomises what is wrong with the Saints and with the coach – a mediocre player getting games in which he continuously fails to attack the man or the ball with any passion, poor kicks under minimal pressure, and a lack of second effort. Yet due to his ‘experience’ and being in the leadersip team, there is his name, week after week.
Our future lies in developing players like Clarke and Coffield. Instead we have seen the recruits from the last five years stagnate under Richo – Billings, Dunstan, Acres, McCartin, Lonie, Sinclair – all should be nearing their peak. The only draft player meeting his potential is Gresham. Our project and depth players have all failed and have been booted or wallow in the vfl waiting their contracts out.
We simply have to accept we have blown the last five years, start afresh under a new coach, and hit the drafts successfully, and more importantly, develop the new kids to AFL standard. A few more years at the bottom is ahead of us, and we need to make the most of that opportunity.

AFL top 100: The wash-up – St Kilda

draft picks are just as pure luck as father-sons. both are a lottery. fact is geelong has benefitted from them far more than others. good ‘luck’ to them. but those who want to downplay their own good fortune whilst denying others to right to it are poor citizens.

Priority picks are not the solution for the AFL's strugglers

It would require a Bradbury-esque performance – all of his opponents would literally have to fall over.

Can John Millman the Federer-slayer win the US Open?

who cares. the grand final crowd is there for the game, and given the average age of the crowd i would suggest the afl have it more right than some flash in the pan group most of us have never heard of. all the performer has to do is be able to perform, and we know them well enough to sing along. so far only one act has failed to do the first, and while it provided a laugh, and gave the shallow gossip media a story, it had no impact on the actual game, which is all that really matters.

The AFL is officially out of touch with grand final performers

The love for Melbourne is a surprising thing, born of sentiment more than historical reflection. They finished in the bottom half, have not played a final in 12 seasons, and until they met an injury depleted eagles and giants, had not beaten a top eight team. They also had the easiest home and away fixture, meeting just 8 finals worthy teams. They also have a history of failure in big (for Melbourne) games. There is nothing there to suggest a run to the big dance, bar the once off freakish bulldogs run – but that team played finals the previous year and enjoyed the friendliest umpiring ever seen outside of subiaco stadium.
The Tigers look a monty, but if they are to lose, this week seems the likeliest. If that happens, and let’s hope it does for interests sake, then it all opens up.

Mega finals preview column: Who can topple the Tiges?

might prefer milne as my small forward instead of daicos – mercurial goal kicker.
and surely reiwoldt would get a spot on the bench – can swing half forward, full forward, wing, in fact i’d simply throw him in in place of
boomer harvey – the one that will raise most questions.
and scarlett over rance – much better man on man defender. imagine rance on someone like lockett, he would get destroyed.

The ultimate team of the AFL era

goddard and freeman club favourites? the latter was just a feel good story, the former just a namesake of a favourite.
the problem is first and foremost the coach. the players lost all confidence in him and his gameplan, rebelling openly on at least two occassions this season. when your confidence is down, your skills and endeavour are down.
cue all the arrogant fans from others condemning saints culture, forgetting that since the afl era the saints have made countless finals campaigns, two minor premierships, three grand finals and nothing more than bad luck keeping them from flags in each. in 97 winmar’s dad dying on grand final eve, loewe’s up all night in hospital, and both ruckmen out injured. 2009 a poster goal and a freak toe poke, 2010 an errant bounce. none of these were due to a poor culture. the team will rise again. have people forgotten richmond’s long exile, or carlton being the worst afl team since buying a flag illegally in 95, melbourne’s last decade, or essendon’s long run of finals failures? clubs have their ups and downs.

Why this off-season will make or break the Saints

i would agree. but unlike those two richo has never led his team into finals. they had that in their record to give the club belief they could coach. i think it’s another case of one club blindly copying anothers road to success without considering its personnel.

Scattergun signings and 'safe bet' drafting will get St Kilda nowhere

Sorry I haven’t read a great argument, just anecdotal guff that the best team on the day wins.
Well yes it does, but does home ground advantage assist in making it the best team on the day?
I can’t be bothered linking the many, many studies conclusively supporting home ground advantage across all sports – google it. Find one scientific study that argues against it.
But out of interest let’s suggest that the Minor Premier is a pretty strong indicator of best team (not always as the Lions have shown). From the splitting of Vic clubs into Etihad and The G (2000) here’s the stats of MP success based on home ground.
(Pardon me if the site’s formatting destroys the table)

PREMIERS (18) MP (18) Prem to MP Ratio
MCG 5 4 5/4 125%
Interstate 7 8 7/8 88%
Etihad 2 3 2/3 67%
Geelong 3 2 3/2 150%

Too small a sample to really use but give it a 50 year lease and we’ll see.
I am not arguing against the MCG as the host of the GF – I fully support it, but to argue it doesn’t constitute an advantage to its tenants is whaffle.
Personally I believe the AFL should try and equalise the competition by allowing an equal split of MCG games to all VIC teams (bar Geelong, who obviously want their home games in Geelong); and allocate interstate teams (and the Cats) half of their VIC games at the G.
Revenue (unless genuinely for survivals sake) should always come secondary to equity in a sporting competition.

Grand Finals at the MCG are unfair? That's rubbish