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When I was 10 years old, my dad crushed my dreams by telling me I'd never play netball for Australia. So now I write about it, from the comfort of the sidelines.



Totally agree – the new average of $67,500 and minimum of $27,375 is looking much more like something athletes can live on. We’re not all the way there, but it’s a huge step in the right direction, as you said.

The hottest hits of the 2017 National Netball League

To clarify on the $22,500 – that was the *average* salary for the ANZC, not the maximum. There was a salary cap of $270,000 per team, split between 12 players.

The hottest hits of the 2017 National Netball League

Melbourne Storm is entering a team, so RL is represented. Rumour has it that Panthers put in a bid for a team, but I’m guessing the partnership with Netball NSW is what got GWS over the line as the second Sydney team. I’m not sure what Channel 9 not broadcasting AFL has to do with anything?

The new National Netball League: The questions we need to ask

This is where I can’t agree at all. 2.9 million Australian households have Foxtel, while basically every single one has access to FTA. At this stage, it’s extremely important to make netball accessible and available to every possible audience member, not just those rich enough to have Foxtel. Not to mention that Fox Sports paid NOTHING for the rights, and NA funded the production costs as well and Nine are paying their own production costs, plus bringing a fair whack of money for the rights that goes towards paying players what they should be earning. The more money that comes in from broadcast and sponsors (and a FTA deal means more sponsors will be interested because it’s more traction for their brand) the less reliant the players’ salaries are on money coming in from junior registrations – something I’m sure everyone can agree is a priority.

The new National Netball League: The questions we need to ask

I haven’t seen any indication that will happen, so I would say it’s only a rumour at this stage.

The new National Netball League: The questions we need to ask

I have also heard the Panthers put in a bid, but that is just a rumour at this stage.

Trans-Tasman netball split on the cards

Thanks Bec, I didn’t choose the picture, but I’ve had a few people comment on it! I’ll pass on the feedback.

Trans-Tasman Netball Round 1: Socks, crocodiles and English choking

Hmm, Jenn you appear to be talking about “beaches”. I’m talking about real beaches.

Trans-Tasman Netball Round 1: Socks, crocodiles and English choking

Love it. Very well done.

Brendon McCullum thanks armed assailant for ‘polite’ carjacking

Thanks Ben. While I always look for any excuse to bring up Justin Langer in conversation, it’s great to have a noble purpose for which to do so. Keep fighting the good fight.

Test cricket, it's good to have you back

Brilliant as always Dan. I laughed like a maniac at my desk throughout the whole thing – the QLD Bulls section was a particular highlight. And I can’t stop picturing Mitchell Starc in his fort made out of barbecues. Pure gold.

One Day Cup wrap: How did your team fare?

Ooh, thanks for that perspective. I tried to focus a little more on the game this time rather than making smart arse comments, but I guess that’s not my strength 😉

Constellation Cup: Release the giant wing attack!

Great article Ben, I appreciate your honesty and think you’ve had some interesting thoughts. Looking forward to reading more women’s sport pieces from you. Though I’d love to see you converted on netball and have it end up a little less far from your favourite sports.

Don't let laziness keep you from loving women's sport

We need a few more people writing on it to get our own special section. I’d love to see more people submitting netball articles 🙂

Netball World Cup Day 6: The Sharni Army on the march

I really enjoyed it until I got to the sexism. The rest was very funny though.

Backyard cricket laws: The ICC's undisputed rules and regulations

Joining the top eight are Malawi, SA, Uganda and Wales. Malawi and Uganda are in Pool E with NZ and JAM. SA and Wales are in Pool F with AUS and ENG. The top two from each of those pools will go to semi finals – I’m just assuming that the top four will be the ones to progress!

Netball World Cup Day 2: Big wins, little wins and foolproof algorithms

Australia will now go into Pool F with England and the Ferns will be in Pool E with Jamaica. So if things go to plan, NZ will play England in the semis and Australia will play Jamaica. But you never know what will happen with this one and there’s every chance we’ll play each other in the semi if one of us loses in the qualification rounds!

Netball World Cup Day 2: Big wins, little wins and foolproof algorithms

John, you seem to labour under the illusion that you are the first person to come up with such brilliance on this topic. Do you honestly think no one has ever had this thought before? Do you think it isn’t brought up by millions of men every time the topic is raised, as if the suggestion is that the money for the female athletes is to come out of their own pockets?

You are only scratching the surface of this issue and don’t appear to have asked the question “Why is this the case?” with regards to viewer numbers. If you are as predictable as you seem, you will earnestly tell me that men’s sport is of a higher quality and that people don’t want to watch “inferior” sport. However, as has been discussed many times before, if this was the case, no one would watch the A-League, or a clash between two lower placed teams in the AFL for example.

Women’s sport has historically been designated as second class and it will take some bravery at the top to change that. Women’s sports are resourced poorly due to lack of funds, which becomes a vicious cycle where teams operating on low budgets with low paid staff are unable to compete with the well-funded men’s sports.

Yes, the money has to come from somewhere and that is why we are fighting for things to change, so the money does come. We bring it up to raise awareness of the fact that this happens, so more people will be be aware that the sport even exists and tune in. Which in turn will attract better broadcasting deals, which in turn will attract more sponsorship dollars.

And no, it is not derogatory to bring up the fact that women earn far less than their male counterparts. What is derogatory is “rejoicing in the fact no matter who has been competing they have performed well” as you suggest. We need to strive for better, not accept what we have.

Things are slowly changing, but they won’t unless we keep talking about it and refuse to let this issue be pushed into the background. The more professional women’s sport becomes, the more talent we will uncover and the better quality it will be. Think about how many women who couldn’t afford to take time off from working have been deterred from following the path of elite sport and imagine how much better it could be if everyone who had the talent to make it to the top level had the means to as well.

Women deserve fair pay, but the money has to come from somewhere

Always love your anagrams Cat, but that is a particularly brilliant one. The “Cricket Tragic” bit cracked me up too. Looking forward to reading more of your stuff!

Ashes jargon explained: How to get the most out of your Mitches

Dan, you could review a session of paint drying and I’d hang on every word of it. But do keep going with the whole cricket thing, I’m not sure if I’m ready to become a paint-drying fan just yet. My favourite line of this week’s installment was:

“By tea, Australia were retroactively awarded the First Test, allowing Glenn McGrath to revert to his traditional 5-0 prediction.”

Brilliant as always.

The Liebke Ratings: Second Ashes Test

Thanks Jill – really interesting read. Having returned to my own (very low level) sport after having a baby last year, I’m constantly amazed by women like Nicole who can get themselves back to the elite level and compete so strongly on the world stage, especially in such a physically demanding sport as Rugby 7s. Looking forward to hearing how she and the team go at the Pacific Games.

Determination is the key for sevens star, Nicole Beck

Thanks for your comment Me Too – I felt that kind of analysis had been done very well by people who have far more insight than me (Liz Ellis for example wrote a great piece).

Australian Netball Diamonds team selection: It's a woman's world

Great article Harry, glad to see more netball articles on The Roar as well!!

For the record, I think this article does anything but say that anyone has to watch women’s sport because it’s women. It says the game was a key part of the Australian sporting landscape and that it will go down as a great sporting moment, rather than just a women’s sporting moment.

No one is going to force anyone to watch any sport they don’t want to. Many of us just ask that people don’t refuse to even consider it because it’s women playing. If you’re not interested, you could always avoid reading & commenting on articles about it 😉

Class and theatre of Australian netball is unfairly under-appreciated

Miracles do happen!! 😉

Trans-Tasman Netball League grand final: What on earth was that?

Ooh, a bit harsh saying the fans didn’t make an “educated decision”! Probably not a good idea to alienate fans so close to the Grand Final. I understand her point, but the wording could have been better.

Firebirds fine with All-Star netball snub