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Brisbane Roar’s ACL campaign is in tatters

Brisbane Roar's ACL campaign is in tatters

18 Apr 2012

Glory in the AFC Asian Champion’s League is now no more than a pipe dream for Brisbane Roar, having lost 1-2 to Ulsan Hyundai in Queensland overnight.

Twitter reaction to Tinkler's decision to ground Jets

10 Apr 2012

The news of Hunter Sports Group handing in their A-League licence as owners of the Newcastle Jets has launched some of the most fervent Twitter discussion since the Clive Palmer side show and demise of Gold Coast United. Here’s how it unfolded, tweet by tweet.

Can the Brisbane Lions regain their roar?

5 Apr 2012

With a successful first round showing against the Melbourne Demons, Brisbane are looking to shrug off the memories of a horror 2011 and build towards a positive 2012.

A lukewarm goodbye to Braith Anasta

A lukewarm goodbye to Braith Anasta

31 Mar 2012

Yesterday it was confirmed that Braith Anasta will leave Sydney Roosters at the end of the season to play for Wests Tigers in the halves. While some Roosters fans may have felt regret, I felt stoic indifference.

Are the modern Olympics even relevant any more?

Are the modern Olympics even relevant any more?

24 Mar 2012

Another four years have passed and now the 2012 London Olympics are just months away. Gather round global sport fans. It’s time to kick the hornets’ nest and delve into that controversial debate over the relevance of the ancient games in the modern sporting landscape.

Nine’s old boys club hurting their NRL coverage

Nine's old boys club hurting their NRL coverage

16 Mar 2012

We never thought it was possible for Nine to further alienate NRL’s extensive fan base. If the delayed games, strewn with lengthy ad breaks and unpalatable in-game cross-promotions for Centrebet, didn’t do it, the questionable appointment of Ray Hadley and Michael Slater to their NRL coverage this year surely will.