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"I disagree with what you say, but will defend with my life your right to say it." - Voltaire.



@jack What’s your point? Professor Peter Higgs, who won the Nobel prize for theoretical physics in 2013 for his work on the Higgs boson and Dr Roger Penrose, are both confirmed atheists as was the late Professor Stephen Hawking.

Israel Folau issues statement after contract termination

Cooper did make an excellent break in the first half and was held just short of the posts. He drew in three defenders and had the support been to his left as he offloaded there was an easy score. A “coulda shoulda” moment but overall I thought he did well. Yes the Rebels are wobbling but who cares … I’m just happy were are competitive.

Belligerent Bulls streak past Rebels

Given News Corps track record of lending to Foxtel at 12% is viewed as tax evasion, I doubt that this latest loan is anything other than profit offshoring by News Corp.

Will Raelene Castle survive the Folau scandal?

1. Unlikely that any other club will touch him in Europe. London Irish just signed Paddy Jackson – who if you remember was acquited of a rape charge on a technicality – and plenty of LI fans have indicated they’ll abandon the club. I cant see anyone in Europe wanting IF on this basis.
2. Rugby is a business even if RA are pretty amateurish. In every big corporate I’ve worked for no one would tolerate “brand damage” caused by a high profile loose cannon. They would act in the same way RA has and fire the individual for breach of contract.
My 2c worth.

Folau fired: Rugby Australia axe Israel

Understatement to say they had an average season. Probably the worst on record isnt it? At least in the professional era. Can’t blame that on Toomua.

Toomua makes early move to Rebels

Proof denies faith and without faith God is nothing. Bit if a Babel fish moment then.
Apologies to the late Douglas Adams.

Folau confirms he knocked back RA's peace offering

I attended the game with kids. Really enjoyed it. Gardner had a good match, but then we won.

Rebels rule over Reds for vital victory

Interesting article Nick. The thing is that if old fashioned rucking were to return, it would probably bear little resemblance to what happened in the amateur era – and whilst I can’t remember 1959, I can recall the outrage in the UK after the AB’s gave JPR Williams a shoeing in the 70s. There are so many cameras on professional players these days that the merest hint on a boot near a head or a stamp would be TMO and then a card, probably red. I understand WR is looking into a return to rucking given, as you say, the problems with concussion for players jackling. I don’t doubt that copping a shoeing is less damaging longer term than concussion, though I emphasise I have no desire to find out thank you. Where the problem might arise is in club rugby where given a lack of cameras and at lower levels, badged assistant referees, old fashioned rucking might be exactly what you’d get. On a similar note, I see the FFR have (are planning) to ban two man tackles in club rugby due to similar issues with concussion etc. Interesting times!

Can rugby return to real rucking?

@ouch I doubt that any of the people you mention would fund IF. In their eyes he may be a good christian martyr but he is – and I have to be careful how I put this – “not someone they would invite to dinner.” Back in the UK we’d call them WASPs (WASCs?), meaning good old fashioned bigots. Don’t expect any of them to do anying financiallly for IF.

Israel Folau found guilty of code of conduct breach, sanction undecided

Yeah, agree with you on that.

Scrums sucking too much precious time out of rugby

You may be right TH, but most referees won’t give a PT unless the defending pack is going backwards. If the scrum goes down it may be a PK and even a YC but not necessarily a PT.
Though I have no problem with Ian Tempest’s approach

Scrums sucking too much precious time out of rugby

Agree completely. I was at a 3rd div game on the weekend where a player was YC for persistent dissent after just 9 mins. He seemed totally non-plussed at what he’d done despite being told repeatedly to stop talking.

Thomas du Toit’s yellow card was spot on and there should be more of them

Having had time to reflect on this and importantly ask my kids, who seem to be much better at gauging this, keep the name but drop the faux mounted knights.
Since the latter has already been agreed to, just move on. There is value in retaining such brands especially if there is broad community support.
If there is a forced change here the what then for European teams like Exeter Chiefs or Saracens?

Stop crusading against the Crusaders

The comment was made during the recent Calcutta Cup match that NH refs warn players e.g. no hands etc, but SH, in this case the Kiwi Paul Williams, didn’t / dont do so. Not sure I agree with this but that’s their perception. Each country’s refs interpret things differently.

Sunwolves reportedly axed from Super Rugby

Rhino, with a comment that long, I blame the copy editor.

Sunwolves reportedly axed from Super Rugby

Harrison, I hear you and I agree with the sentiment but I’d point out that the Jaguares performed pretty well last season. Personally I have enjoyed watching both them and the Sunwolves.
Maybe the whole SR comp is past its use by date.

Sunwolves reportedly axed from Super Rugby

Flight times …
Cape Town to Tokyo 21 hrs.
Cape Town to Auckland 20 hrs.
Now I didn’t do any detailed analysis of overall flights on an away leg, but this sounds like an excuse to me.

Sunwolves reportedly axed from Super Rugby

Scott Johnson was DoR not coach so you cant blame him for Scotland’s poor performance on the park. But look back to Scotland both at national and provincial level before he became DoR and they were dire. At least they made progress unlike the Wallabies who regressed.

Ireland strike back in Six Nations with 22-13 win over Scotland

Excellent appointment of Scott Johnson.

Rugby Australia re-arranges the deck chairs on the 'Titanic' Wallabies

FD, knowing our luck it’d be a scoreless draw.

England loss confirms Wallabies are no closer to RWC success

Mcxd, google Scott Johnson. He’s DoR for Scotland and deservedly get a lot of credit for the revival of Scottish Rugby. That said, given RA is broke, I agree we probably can’t afford a DoR.

England loss confirms Wallabies are no closer to RWC success

“slither of hope”? So looking for wet conditions and diving for the line early to score? ???? C’mon Wallabies.

Just a jersey or a reason for Wallabies hope at Twickenham?

MitchO, an Argentinean coaching England! The stuffed shirts at the RFU would have apoplexy. You’ll be calling for the return of the Malvinas next.

Combinations and chemistry take time. Why haven't we been patient?

The IRFU represents all Irish provinces including Ulster. So you should have said congratulations to Eire and N. Ireland.

Coming for the cup? Irish knock off New Zealand 16-9

Given no England player was bound on and competing for the ball, It was technically a tackle. So law 14.10 applies with regards to the offside line not law 15.

Sir Brodie takes Prince Maro off his high horse at Twickenham