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Reid seriously cant catch a break.

Collingwood's Reid suffers another injury scare

Really good article. But Melbourne wasn’t the only team that missed out on Wines. Gws had three picks and bulldogs had two picks as well. It’s too early to tell with Toumpas given he really he’s been really injury prone and Mark Neeld stated that they wouldn’t have picked a bloke up that just had a hip operation, if they were picking players for the present.

Wines' gain is Demons' pain

You would suspect Adelaide would have already someone in the waiting. Really couldnt see them sacking Sando, given his decent record, without having a ready replacement.
Two years ago sando coached a team that was a kick away from a grand final. Just shows footy can change so quickly.

Adelaide Crows sack Brenton Sanderson

It’s funny, it seems as though every year we always fall into the trap of thinking that the loser from the qualifying final will go out in straight sets. But in the end they never do.
Last year it was Sydney but they managed to easily beat Carlton.
2012, Collingwood but they snuck through.
This year it’s Geelong.
Since 2000, only two teams have lost in straight sets. They always manage to find a way.

Geelong facing swift finals exit

Beams is only 24, I hardly think his best football is behind him. But I agree with the fact that Pendlebury has too much on his own shoulders. Although he has been getting tagged for the last 3-4 years week in week out, he hasnt had the same midfield protection and quality thats been running around with him in the last couple of years.

Mastermind season review: Collingwood Magpies

I agree, thats probably the factor that has Selwood ahead of Pendlebury at the moment. But having said that, Pendlebury does have the ability to change the game just not to the extent that Selwood has over the last few years.

Pendlebury or Selwood: Who gets the AFL's silver medal?