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13 Time marathon and 1 time Ultra Marathon finisher, played over 200 local Aussie Rules games (and coached 15) in Central Qld.



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It wouldn’t, Channel 9 are committed to showing the state league GF’s on that Sunday Afternoon and it gives too much of an advantage to the team winning on Friday Night for the GF (2 full days rest). The only weekend where it wouldn’t clash is if the NRL GF is the next day.

The solution that could solve the twilight saga

It’s also the LOWEST rating night of the TV watching week (no shows have attracted more than 850k viewers on FTA TV on a Saturday Night for weeks). Plus the halftime shows have either lost appeal in NFL land (this year’s apparently was awful, others in recent years haven’t been that great despite the big names), and the NRL have no names playing boring covers which FTA doesn’t even bother covering.

The solution that could solve the twilight saga

They’ll never trial it on Easter Monday as long as Geelong are involved due to maximising attendances (Geelong fans don’t travel to night games and would be inclined not to travel to a twilight game with a work day the next day). They’ll never trial it on Queen’s Birthday when it’s not even a public holiday in WA or Qld (and is unlikely to be a public holiday once Australia becomes a republic). The major reason however is that a twilight start on those timeslots will cost 7 in viewers for the News, which is the biggest rating show of the night and flows into their night programming.

The other reason why they won’t try putting marquee games on the twilight slot is to do with TV also. Channel 7 I believe would have a major say in what games go on their big slots (FNF, TNF, SNF), they won’t want to give Fox massive games which they think will be big at the start of their season in order to protect (not grow in this era of split TV and streaming coverage) whatever audiences they have left.

The solution that could solve the twilight saga

Perhaps it’s a legacy of being in a vast minority the majority of the time, but I find today’s coverage of not just F1 but most sports overkill. I’m not that interested in fluff pieces (Channel 10 were kings of that), I’m certainly bored if not annoyed at the so called analysis repeating basically what Martin has been saying for the last hour, even practice sessions to me aren’t that interesting (you can get much of the info from the times of the session at the end and not miss a lot). I just want to watch the race or qualifying. If I wanted extra opinion I’d trowl the Twitterverse or YouTube who’d probably say much of the same things a so called expert would say (admittedly much of it would have been copied).

Remember when: Channel Nine's F1 coverage

I can confirm we get 2-3 fox boxes to send back to Sydney on an almost daily basis here.

Have the A-League's ratings tanked because people no longer watch TV?

Was there any advertising for the game? It wasn’t until a day or so before the match that knew it was on (I knew about the World Club Challenge though).

Have the A-League's ratings tanked because people no longer watch TV?

Personally laughing at the argument that this “format” can keep YOUTH (not junior, juniors are Under 7’s-11’s) footballers in the game. What takes them away from the game is outside influences such as study, employment (particularly as just about every country town has shops open till 4 or 5 in the afternoon on weekends and need cheap staff to keep up with demand) and social life. Even an hour is too much for those kids. No amount of money or marketing can compete with a part time job that offers some sort of financial independence, and spending time with friends in their own car afterwards. Of course financially the clubs and even the leagues will see zero financial benefit from this format. Everything is either funelled into Auskick programs (of which a good percentage is run via schools rather than clubs) or to prop up the salaries of paid positions at administrative level.

In terms of multiple spaces, you still need upwards of 100m length when many grounds can only cater for a length that is 150-160 metres before the fence kicks in (the fence being a requirement of governing bodies rather than an OH&S strategy). Unless there are multiple grounds in an area, and usually in most of the country towns spoken of in the article there’s lucky to be a single oval suitable for use and most of the rectangular fields are used by other sports, there’s no way a team can host multiple games at the same time.

Up here there was an AFLX event held last weekend, basically as a sponsors promotion rather than seeking to expand the game. The club I’m involved with showed minimal interest hastily cobbling together 7 players to make up the numbers for the men’s comp and pulled the pin on the women’s. Another club didn’t even bother showing up at all, and that was after a rebrand to make themselves more marketable to youth and junior participants. Indeed our women’s team has gone from basically scrambling weekly to find 9 players (the minimum allowed in women’s footy up here) to having 18-20 each week on the back of an association with a local high school, who from my understanding NEVER played a game of AFLX but picked up the game from reaching the statewide finals of a high school football competition for 2 years running.

In defence of AFLX

Yep, $500k to play for Catalans!

Predicting the 2019 NRL premiers before a ball is kicked

Most of the rules probably will have no effect and in fact may be less condusive to scoring. You will find that the middle 4 will now basically see more defensive oriented players in the middle in order to re-establish structure. Tackles in the centre square will now be at a premium.

Plus I think tall forwards will be even less advantaged as quick kicks out of the centre will likely be intended to go to space rather than to a contest. Expect just about every club to have 4 up high around the arc, a medium/tall who can burst on the lead out of the square and the tall lining up between 25-40 from goal. Having a tall out of the goalsquare I feel makes it easier for a defender, usually the player taken by the defensive forward, to zone off and continue to create the plus 1 at the drop zone.
The kick in rule will probably only see the short pass basically become like a single in 20 over cricket (meaningless). Zones will just be set back further knowing that with the designated kicker able to run out, it’s now useless to have a short bail out to the pocket (going backwards from a kick in?). What may change slightly is the number in a zone, where teams will now look to prevent the fast break (getting an attacking player in behind the defence) so perhaps extra players could drop out and 10-12 players now may have to cover extra space. That said they’ll back their athleticism to cover wide kicks (priority is to protect the corridor and “camel toe” or as I used in my time coaching the “paint” which is from the top of the square to 50m between the 45 degree angles, basketball term used inspired by Murray Arnold of the 1991 Perth Wildcats).
Late in games you may see the better zonal defenders actually start on the wings, standing one step in front of the defensive points of the square. One will probably sweep behind a pair of the ground trio in the square, the other will try to establish the plus one that teams usually employ. Then the 3 quickest high forwards will run to attempt to flood the midfield (I’ve had other coaches try to use backmen to do this, but in late game situations it’s probably too much of a gamble). Wingers could afford to do this because the ball generally doesn’t spew out to the wings from the centre bounce, it normally goes not more than 5m from the circles (ruckmen only tap rather than go for the big knockout looking to retain possession rather than run into space) and often between the 45s in their line of vision. With players now unable to line up behind the umpire, the defensive team ruckman will probably try to angle himself to prevent clean ball heading into the space behind, especially if he’s a dominant leaper.
The other thing with 6-6-6 which may sound ridiculous but may end up becoming eventuality refers to late game set shots. Perhaps it may now become more of a percentage play to actually kick a behind or an OOF rather than a goal of teams believe their defence is more reliable than their offence. Sounds stupid but I think it helped Geelong’s AFLW team in the first game against Collingwood, where a late game miss allowed them to set their defence when a goal would have given Collingwood a better sniff of winning even though they needed 2 scores (and as has been seen, Collingwood’s AFLW team scores about as much as every couple on Married At First Sight).
The other rules mean very little, although it will probably be a pain when I try to implement them (save for the defensive mark close to the line) whilst umpiring.

How 2019's AFL rule changes will play out on the field

Given the feedback I’ve heard, the number of new subscribers hasn’t been as high as expected, particularly with a backlash from cricket fans who were previously able to access it for free through Optus or at a discounted price.

And to say that’s ONLY 8-9 coffees is pretty condescending to those who aren’t coffee drinkers like myself (though it falls short of the offensive category) or those who go down that path rather than choose other lifestyle paths…..

Time for administrators to wake up on failing Super Rugby: Wessels

Except when looking for money to pay for the other essential expenses (rent, power, water, food etc) that’s still the easiest sacrifice to make, particularly when apart from live sports there’s absolutely nothing of value to a consumer (and of the 35% of homes that have Fox installed, there’s a percentage only interested in documentaries and C-Grade movies). Plus when I can watch AFL, AFLW and NRL on my phone without chewing data on a pre-paid plan there’s no real need to pay that much for it.

Time for administrators to wake up on failing Super Rugby: Wessels

The new 6-6-6 rules I think will make his game plan even more defensive. He’s the type of coach who will accompany either Fyfe or Mundy in the middle with 2 defensive types to lock the ball in to get repeat stoppages and allow the numbers to get back to play his “Ross Ball” uber defensive style.

Ross Lyon finally has the cattle to score more, so let's see it

Geelong will win enough games in Geelong and beat enough also rans to make it in the 6-8 bracket.

The end of an era

He’s overrated, but if that’s the case how is Monfils still a seeded player? Or Marin Cilic the 6th best player in the world? Heck even Kokinakkis is overrated (what has he done in his career apart from be injured for a year?) and becoming a spoiled brat based on his demands for a WC and the reason he gave for retiring yesterday (he played 3 tough matches in 3 days to qualify).

Is Nick Kyrgios the most overrated player in world tennis?

Biggest issue running into Feb/March is football. The drop in pitches at half the venues used in the BBL generally go out in February to give the football centre time to bed in and be “safe” for the players.

Fixing the Australian cricket schedule

Late October/November isnt a great time for FTA coverage with other viewing choices for the casual audiences that CA want to attract via the BBL. It will either rate so low the games will be relegated to multichannel land, or stuck exclusively behind a FOX/KAYO paywall. At this time of the year, they’ll basically have little more than repeats to beat (until early February when ratings period begins again).

There’s also the possibility of the main players being rested with the test matches in mind (remembering test cricket should be the priority), or even on OS tours/competitions offering better money.

The ODIs are set to ravage an already weak BBL, plus week four BBL power rankings

Unfortunately many of the junior systems revolve around playing 20 over cricket. At club level most games are either 20 or 40/50 overs.

Turf wars: The day that Twenty20 killed Australian cricket

I feel the biggest issue with relocation is that it seems to be forced, when people of this generation are not fans of things being forced upon them. It’s as though governing bodies are saying of you want a team, then here’s a team we prepared earlier and you WILL like and support them.

Think relocation is a terrible idea? Let's do what we do with other terrible ideas: Try it out

Still cringe every time I see the footage of Simon Jones blowing out his knee on the same Gabba outfield.

Some of mine
– 1994/95 Boxing Day test, Day 3, Ball 1, Craig McDermott bowling to Graham Gooch. Gooch bunts it back to McDermott who gleefully accepts the caught and bowled. AND WE MISSED IT BECAUSE WE WERE STUCK IN THE CAR PARK!
– 2011/2012 vs South Africa, WACA Ground. Aussies with a revamped bowling lineup (rotating Siddle who’d bowled himself into the ground in Adelaide) bowled the visitors out relatively cheaply. Home side late on Day 1 loses a couple of early wickets. Crowd rises in anticipation of Ricky Ponting in his last test striding to the wicket……and NATHAN LYON comes in as a nightwatchman. Probably the only time the Goat has ever been booed.
– Intriguingly nobody has mentioned Matt Hayden’s 380. Yes it was against Heath Streak and a handful of club level bowlers thrown into the Zimbabwean lineup, but it’s probably something we won’t see again.
– 2013/2014 Boxing Day Test, an underrated come from behind win. We looked shot in the first innings until some late sensible hitting from Brad Haddin got us relatively close to England’s first innings target, then Johnson struck a few times after their openers got to about 0/60 to create all sorts of panic on a hot Saturday afternoon (think Ian Bell ran himself out, KP went down slogging and the rest had no answer). Australian’s then coast to the 200 odd target on D4.

1980 to now: Remembering some of Australia's best home Test performances

Augustin Delgado would be another contender, an Ecuadorian who signed for Southampton and spent more time in his native Ecuador supposedly “recuperating” from his many injuries. When he did manage to get on the park he basically did nothing but waste a spot up front.

The five worst EPL signings you've probably forgotten

The deal they signed is dependent on the renovation/rebuilding of the Olympic Stadium which is scheduled to happen after the SFS is rebuilt. If the Olympic Stadium isn’t rebuilt, the contract is considered void and the NRL is free to reopen the bidding process.

Sydney is the most embarrassing city in Australia

Smorgan WAS the Bulldogs president, it wasn’t until the second coming of Peter Gordon (who Smorgan replaced in a bloodless coup in 1996) that the Ballarat deal was done.

Sydney is the most embarrassing city in Australia

Basically they were blindsided by Sydney FC who probably wanted something bigger than Wanderers did, yet have basically not filled the stadium other than for derby games.

Michael Daley might be doing rugby league a giant favour

The academy at the Swans (and the other northern clubs) aren’t NGA, they’re just normal academies.

The 2018 AFL draft transformation

The only consolation….at least we’re losing to tier 1 teams unlike France.

England stuff the Wallabies - again