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13 Time marathon and 1 time Ultra Marathon finisher, played over 200 local Aussie Rules games (and coached 15) in Central Qld.



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All they’ve proven with this decision is that the FFA (or whoever runs the A-League) are no better than every other sporting organisation in Australia. None of them understand that the on field product is the entertainment and if we wanted to listen to music we’d be at a pub listening to a live band or streaming rare live performances off YouTube.

Should the FFA really have been criticised that much for their matchday music suggestion?

It becomes 5.66 days but given the possibility of delays being higher at Sydney airport than any other in the country it could easily be 5.5 or worse (they could easily do recovery in Melbourne and get an afternoon flight, making the 5.33).

I’d be more worried for Hawthorn/Melbourne if they knock off the Eagles before having to catch the red eye home from Perth (assuming that game will be a 4:45 EST/2:45WST start) basically writing off Sunday before a GF when Richmond (or Collingwood/GWS) will have had a major head start in recovery and preparation.

What now for the Geelong Cats, the AFL's most interesting team?

It’s certainly not Richmond’s fault, it’s the fault of those who believe in the age of entitlement. It’s the players who believe that they can just feel they can get whatever they want much like anyone else seems to in most facets of life these days (pay rises, free agency and the like) and find it very easy to take what is in reality the easy option which more often than not backfires (3 out of about 30 players who have moved as FA’s have actually tasted success, the 30 is the most accurate guesstimate I can provide).

Is the Lynch saga the fault of free agency?

Given you would see local seasons starting in late February/early March when many if not the majority of grounds are still being used for cricket finals this concept would have no legs.

If the AFL wants to keep the pre-finals bye, it has to make more of it

Lucky it’s not the Super League then, where the premiership winners can play up to 32 league games (23 regular season then 7 games in the next phase) plus Cup games.

The NRL season is far too long

Simple reason why the 17 game season will never work is revenue. Lose 2 home games a year (perhaps 3) and for the Melbourne clubs it probably equals over $1000000 in lost walk ups and the obvious reduction in membership tickets that will need to occur to make them valuable. Sponsors and TV revenue will also drop given the exposure will reduce (especially as AFLW sponsors of clubs tend to be exclusive to an AFLW team), especially the Fox side of the deal as they need live content to keep much less attract the subscribers that keep them alive. Plus lose revenue and the players (who negotiated a percentage of the total AFL revenue in the last CBA) will have less money, which in this day and age would be unacceptable as an employee.

Are we really back to this 17-game season again?

HHH vs The Undertaker, prelude to the WWE Show the next week.

AFL grand final entertainment

I have to be careful what I say given I’m still involved in local footy, but I can certainly concur that certain umpires will send players off should they argue against free kicks much like AFL players do. Often it is zero tolerance on even asking why a decision was played against them, as in if you so much say the word Why or But it will be at the very least a 50 and a last warning that if it continues the player will be sitting for 15 minutes game time (which can be up to 30 minutes actual time). The only differences in reality between the local umpires and those we see at the elite level is a lower rate and they don’t bounce the ball.

It's time for the AFL to stop dragging the chain

Racing full stop could be gone in 10 years, activists (both animal protection and anti gambling) won’t stop until it’s totally eradicated, and it’s not a bottomless pit of money that’s propping up prizemoney across the board.

Jumps racing under scrutiny after bad falls at Bendigo

Giants 2s are 6-7 and battling for a NEAFL finals spot with Brisbane and Gold Coast. Biggest difference though apart from the obvious level of the NEAFL compared to the VFL is that the top ups in the VFL are generally mature footballers (Jordan Russell for example captained Footscray in 2006, a player with plenty of AFL experience), the top ups for the AFL clubs in the NEAFL are academy kids who may not be out of high school and are generally played away from key roles unless necessary. Therefore the main listees generally don’t look for them in a risk taking situation.

GWS are on the march, but is their season already a waste?

Finals teams have played the late Sunday game in Perth in the last couple of years, and they’ll fly home immediately after the game.

My crystal-ball look at Round 23 of the AFL season

And their run home is full of difficult games against contenders save for Gold Coast, and even home games against Collingwood and Hawthorn are far from gimmies.

As for the 5 teams looking for 3 spots (13 to get in, can’t see Crows or Essendon winning 6 from 7 and it’s also assuming the top 4 are safe and Sydney don’t collapse), only Hawthorn have an easy game this week (Brizroy at Launnie is usually automatic). Geelong travel again to a desperate Adelaide who have to believe they’re still a chance despite the situation looking forlorn, Melbourne despite playing the Bulldogs have to recover from Darwin’s humidity and heat (Dogs always struggled the week after playing in Darwin and Cairns), North have to find several years against Sydney (capable enough), and GWS who in some ways have an advantage in that percentage to them is irrelevant come back from Perth to face the champs. Could easily see 4 contenders lose this weekend, could easily see all teams win.

The contenders flex, the also-rans diminish, and not a lot has changed

And 2 of their 3 remaining games at home are against Collingwood and Hawthorn who won’t be intimidated by playing there.

Sydney Swans vs Geelong Cats: AFL highlights, live scores, blog

That loss means next week’s game against North in Melbourne is Sydney’s most important given their run home. They need to win 3 out of these 7 to make finals, and probably 5 to look at top 4.

North Melbourne (a)
Gold Coast (h)
Essendon (a)
Collingwood (h)
Melbourne (a)
GWS (a)
Hawthorn (h)

Keep in mind that all bar Gold Coast will be desperate to try to secure their finals spot, particularly if Essendon keep winning.

Sydney Swans vs Geelong Cats: AFL highlights, live scores, blog

Regardless of personnel, their attitude on Saturday night stink and better teams than the Sun’s would have punished them. Repeats of that performance would put their September participation in doubt.

Okay Collingwood, how good are you?

It’s not this week’s game they should be worried about, it’s the next week when they return having had to basically be in recovery mode all week from the near unique conditions this Darwin game provides.

A nuclear Round 15 throws the AFL season into glorious chaos

It is a destination club, unfortunately it’s for AFLW.

Sorry Brad and Wayne, North Melbourne is not a destination club

The team I thin under most pressure is Melbourne, and not because of recent history. Yes on paper the games they have seem easy coming up but after St.Kilda they have a tricky game against Freo in Darwin, then the Bulldogs game is tougher because we (Dogs) often struggled to re-adapt to Melbourne weather coming back a week after a Darwin trip (and conditions are far different compared to the Alice, expect 26 degrees with 75% humidity as a best case scenario for Darwin, compared with 12 degrees at home) and I’d expect it to be no different for Melbourne, then 2 road games at Geelong where they’ve won once in forever and Adelaide to face a desperate Crows. They need to finish this spell with at least a 3-2 record or even 4-1 to feel safe especially as their last 3 (after what should be an easy week against the Suns) are hosting the Sydney teams around a trip to Perth to play the Eagles which could easily be 3 losses. This is based on 13 wins being the figure to guarantee a place in September.

The table is set for a two-month feast of high-stakes AFL football

16 a side doesn’t solve anything. In general play playing a 16 man full ground defensive zone in reality is no different to playing against an 18 man zone, but attacking with 2 fewer players against a 16 man zone is massive (AFLW proves this, because the players simply struggle to find an option to break the zone as there’s nobody to bail out to. The 2 extra players would at least provide that contest to at least clear the back half. Sure the skill level is superior in the men’s game but the tactics used are similar).

Then there’s the issue of rotations. Having coached 16 a side, a knee jerk reaction to so called lack of numbers when by the end of the season I had 27 players excluding myself for 22 spots, the worst thing was rotating enough to give everyone enough game time. It will probably be as bad as it is now if the bench remains at 4 or (as I suspect of would be) if it increases to 6 watch the bench basically become chaos central regardless of the arbitrary number placed on how many can be used (as directed by sports scientists and fitness staff rather than coaches).

Are zones or starting positions going to make the game better?

Actually they generally don’t have their forwards on the edge these days. They usually lineup closer to about 40 from goal in order to attempt to negate the Plus 1 most teams employ from a rare quick clearance. Once it’s bounced they then go elsewhere often leaving the Plus 1 to dictate.

Are zones or starting positions going to make the game better?

Same boundary umpires at centre bounces are too busy looking for centre square encroachment then have to spread quicker than players to perform the primary function (adjudication of whether a ball is in or not), and goal umpires struggle to see at ground level what goes on 50m away, they’d be guessing if someone is in which is more dangerous than what we have now. Plus the money involved in the game would halve if replays were abolished, remembering that several Fox games are FTA games outside of Victoria, so they need time for ads too.

If AFL rule change is inevitable, don't be hasty

If I was coaching an AFLW team I’d instruct the 2 centre players to line up on the back edge of the square, as long as they’re in that zone to start it doesn’t matter if they’re wings or half a kick behind. Then you either have virtually 7 on 5 defensively or you have a congested 7 on 7 should a woman marking system be used.

If AFL rule change is inevitable, don't be hasty

It’s worse when you try to rotate the 6 to give them decent game time. I coached 16 a side last year (an overreaction to a so called lack of players at reserves level) and there were times I spent too much time worrying about who goes on at what time and who/when/for how long I rest someone instead of thinking of ways to win games to sneak into finals.

Add to that the fact that 16 a side has a bigger impact on an attacking side than a defensive side. In today’s zonal marking era the 2 players missing for bail out kicks to retain possession would be gone, leading to packs, ground ball or throw in, congestion. Then the ruckmen will again try to palm to virtually static players at a stoppage (that’s how they’ve been coached) leading to tackle, 2 metre handball, tackle, stoppage or free kick where the ball is released so slowly the defence has time to reset, and repeat process.

And yes I am a Level 1 coach current until 2020.

If AFL rule change is inevitable, don't be hasty

They’re trying to grow that years too late knowing their traditional revenue stream (leagues clubs) are on borrowed time through anti gambling, anti smoking and anti alcohol legislation combined with the demands of modern life for the fan.

Damian Barrett scores 7/10 in his ways to fix footy

The biggest issue is not with the broadcasters but with the players. Constantly changing the draw increases the likelihood of the abolition of mandated 6 day breaks, and at a time where relations between the league and the AFLPA are at an all time low despite new deals done for renumeration changing the goalposts for them will kill the game.

Damian Barrett scores 7/10 in his ways to fix footy