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19 Time marathon and 3 time Ultra Marathon finisher, played over 250 local Aussie Rules games (and coached 15) in Central Qld.



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Personally with the playoff overtime rules meaning your fate is virtually determined by a coin toss (lose that and you’re basically toast barring a monumental stuff up or have Matt Hasselbeck opening his gob), I’d much rather take my chances with winning in regulation.

The bizarre coaching decision that might have cost the Packers a Super Bowl

I can understand the thinking with 3 timeouts and the 2 minute warning to stop the clock and hope the defence can force a three and out or a turnover. It’s just that their D came up short.

The bizarre coaching decision that might have cost the Packers a Super Bowl

Just looked at that Brothers side, I may be guessing that the two that did not play in the Sydney comp the next year were halfback Greg Smith and centre Jeff Burns. Four went to St.George (Clinton Mohr, Mark Coyne, Peter Gill and Trevor Bailey), a couple went to North Sydney (Tony Rea and Gary “Too Easy” Smith), the Broncos eventually snapped up a pair (Joe Kilroy and Brett Le Man), prop Steve Carter went to Newcastle, other prop Jim Stafford went to Wests and Rob Grogan played for Gold Coast.

History of Brisbane Rugby League: Endings and beginnings (1987 and beyond)

Predictable considering public opinion wants these crowds to be zero

The Roar's A-League expert tips and predictions: Match Week 3

That sounds so much like Jacko….As for Friend, wasn’t he part of the baby broncos that played at Campbelltown? If so the first tryscorer from that game was a bloke called Robert Tanielu, who according to Vossy on the sideline that night worked at a fruit or fish market and was given a week off to prepare. The coach that night with Wayne coaching Qld? Some bloke called Bellamy.

The forgotten players: Brisbane Broncos

Was in the same high school graduation class as “Blocker” Lacey. Probably would be pigeonholed as too small to play first grade these days. Converted half back. Another forgotten Bronco that was in the same graduation class was Guy Williams who made about half a dozen appearances as a second rower off the bench. Holds the games appearance record for the CQ Crappas……I mean Capras before moving to Brisbane to play and coach with Norths (at the time the Capras were aligned to the Broncos, but only a couple of players like Ben Hunt and the Coal Train [Dave Taylor] would come back to play when dropped).

The forgotten players: Brisbane Broncos

Looks like a plan B is there…..B for Bunnings. Sponsorship deal signed on Wednesday related to the ladder, although the reactions are more to do with the jibes rather than positives for the league. Examples include “Lowest crowds are just the beginning” and “if you find a league with lower attendances, we’ll beat it by 10%”. Not to mention the sauce bottles at Gosford seemingly now having a practical use (onions below the snag of course).

Victory also will have a 50% crowd limit to their home games, some apparently having issues booking family seats for their first home game which is a ticketek issue. Suspect the same will apply for City and Western Nomads who’ll have more home venues than Malcolm Douglas this season.

The A-League better hope it has a Plan B

The Woorabinda Wiz himself, biggest name ever to come from the Indigenous Settlement which has a population of about a thousand. Went on to be fullback in the Queensland Cup’s 20th anniversary team spending a long time at Burleigh.

The forgotten players: North Queensland Cowboys

Kerrod Walters was Rams skipper, probably would have struggled to get a run at the Mariners.

The forgotten players: Hunter Mariners

It’s arguably 5 more than normal….

The A-League has a new look, but can it win back some old fans?

Let’s not forget the ultimate forgotten coach, Phil Economides. ARL Coach of the year in 1997.

One of the best memories of the Chargers (as they were then)… early in 1996 in Darwin we got the Continuous Call team on community station Top FM, and one day they were beating Parramatta. Ray Hadley after every around the grounds cross kept going one about how the $2000000 team (having attracted ex-Canterbury players Smith, McCracken, Dymock and Pay in the off season) was losing to the $2 that the Chargers basically were. I still joked that Martin Bella was probably worth 50c of that $2.

The forgotten players: Gold Coast Chargers

Looking purely at strike rates I’d never have picked James Hopes as a high strike rate player, especially when I generally saw him as a bowling all rounder.

Analysing Australia's most successful ODI batsmen

I’m guessing the Hobart games are to make up for no international games being played there this season….

Dear CA, what were you thinking?

From what I believe he’s lost a ton of weight in recent years too, the return to limited interchange finished his career at his playing weight.

Ray Herring I best remember for being the Broncos Reserve Grade skipper in 1990 when they won the Magoo’s in extra time denying Canberra a sweep.

As for Tony Hearn, many believe he could have come to the Crushers as a test rep if it wasn’t for headbutting Mark Carroll in the 3rd Origin of 95 (and somehow winning the penalty, let alone staying on the park).

The forgotten players: South Queensland Crushers

Tony Chalmers also has a premiership medal (as they were in 1986), replaced another forgotten man in Mick Delroy who according to Sterlo somehow survived an Andrew Farrar head high.

I actually have a nomination, an English half by the name of Chris Thorburn who came from the Sheffield Eagles and played a year out here in 2003 I think. Didn’t make many appearances.

The forgotten players: Parramatta Eels

Darren Junee….best remembered for scoring a ripping try in that controversial Monday Night game Vs the Broncos in 1996, chip and chase past Michael Hancock, then beats Kerrod Walters before diving through a Willie Carne tackle to score in the Mark Coyne corner of the SFS.

The forgotten players: Sydney Roosters

Barrie-Jon Mather played in the centres for Wigan in their 1994 WCC team, arguably the best team assembled in many years from that part of the world (internationals everywhere).

The forgotten players: Western Reds

Recall one of if not the first game for Mark Reber was a knock out semi in 1995 Vs Newcastle when a depleted Norths side (with the likes of Adrian Toole recalled from the wilderness and Luke Eranavula getting call ups, and coming off a draw with the Gold Coast Seagulls 5 days earlier) were no match for the Knights at Parramatta.

The forgotten players: North Sydney Bears

David Boyd perhaps should be forgotten by Canterbury fans, it was Boyd that gave away a second half penalty that resulted in what was the winning Cronin penalty goal in the 86 GF.

The forgotten players: Canterbury Bankstown Bulldogs

Bradley Clyde’s second win in 1991 was easily as if not more controversial, not so much for performance reasons but for the fact the votes were collated with 20 minutes to go when Canberra were still leading 12-6.

The five most controversial Clive Churchill Medal winners

I think the confusion is between Adrian Vowles (who played 1 origin as a late injury call up, G2 1994) and Terry Cook (one of Fatty’s Nevilles coming off the bench for the entire series, setting up Adrian Lam’s G2 try).
You could probably get a forgotten XVII full of outside backs but here’s my effort.
1. Rhys Wesser
2. Ty Williams
3. Danny Moore
4. Stuart Kelly
5. Joe Kilroy
6. Alan Smith
7. Ross Henrick
8. Tony Hearn
9. Kerrod Walters
10. Craig Smith
11. Gavin Jones
12. Wally Fullerton-Smith
13. Ashley Harrison
14. Darren Fritz
15. Steve Jackson
16. Craig Teevan
17. Steve Stacey

Forgotten Origin players: Queensland Maroons

A team that could rate a mention is the Wigan WCC team in 1994. Gary Connolly, Jason Robinson, Barrie-Jon Mather, (can’t remember the other centre, but Dean Bell I think was at lock), Martin Offiah, Frano Botica (10-12 pts per game), Shaun Edwards. Shame we never got to see that team against the 94 raiders team, even though a few of that side went to Auckland in 1995.

My greatest club back line

The key now that the pace is at the world class standard is to get the mental side of Olympic racing down pat. With no pacemakers generally employed getting the tactics right is crucial (who to follow, when to make a move, where to position themselves early to avoid being wide yet avoid being snookered). It’s something that has been the barrier between our high quality runners being a step above being respected by the Africans possibly since Mottram retired.

Are we in a renaissance of Australian distance running?

Wigan vs St.Helens and Manly vs Western Suburbs…..not quite end thread but as far as club rivalries are concerned….

Rugby league's four greatest rivalries

Ah that Game 7 where Portland lead by the length of the straight, couldn’t hit a bucket in the 4th quarter despite Steve Smith, Bonzi Wells, Detlef Schrempf and Rasheed Wallace having good looks, then when they looked like settling Arvydas Sabonis (who was the only bloke they had who could physically match Shaq) fouled out and that was pretty much that.

What happened to the Bulls after The Last Dance?