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13 Time marathon and 1 time Ultra Marathon finisher, played over 200 local Aussie Rules games (and coached 15) in Central Qld.



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Augustin Delgado would be another contender, an Ecuadorian who signed for Southampton and spent more time in his native Ecuador supposedly “recuperating” from his many injuries. When he did manage to get on the park he basically did nothing but waste a spot up front.

The five worst EPL signings you've probably forgotten

The deal they signed is dependent on the renovation/rebuilding of the Olympic Stadium which is scheduled to happen after the SFS is rebuilt. If the Olympic Stadium isn’t rebuilt, the contract is considered void and the NRL is free to reopen the bidding process.

Sydney is the most embarrassing city in Australia

Smorgan WAS the Bulldogs president, it wasn’t until the second coming of Peter Gordon (who Smorgan replaced in a bloodless coup in 1996) that the Ballarat deal was done.

Sydney is the most embarrassing city in Australia

Basically they were blindsided by Sydney FC who probably wanted something bigger than Wanderers did, yet have basically not filled the stadium other than for derby games.

Michael Daley might be doing rugby league a giant favour

The academy at the Swans (and the other northern clubs) aren’t NGA, they’re just normal academies.

The 2018 AFL draft transformation

The only consolation….at least we’re losing to tier 1 teams unlike France.

England stuff the Wallabies - again

So would they really gamble and play 5 bowlers, batting Paine at 6 and having either Agar or Cummins at 7?

Glenn Maxwell is not the solution for Australia’s Test batting woes

I had two thoughts when I heard Makinson won the award. The first like just about everyone else was WHO? The second was “Doesn’t he drive Rally Cars?” Not sure if anyone else found it easy to confuse him with Tommi Makkinen who won the World Rally Championship on multiple occasions during the 90s.

Confessions of a dreamer: I voted for Tommy Makinson

And it will be the same problem in Tasmania as well, a point that everyone seems to overlook.

Why can't the Gold Coast commit to its sporting marriages?

Strangely I reckon more people will be interested in how the Queensland Bats (namely Renshaw and Labuschagne) go against the first test attack today in Canberra than they would be in the game at Carrara tonight, whose cricketing claim to fame prior to this was having David Gower and John Morris fly a tiger moth plane overhead during a tour match on the 1990/91 Ashes Tour.

Limited overs: The single-use plastic bag of cricket

“Poor predictable Bart always goes Rock….”

In all seriousness, I’m glad they’re not in our local comp. There are times we’ve had to get captains to guess which hand a whistle is in rather than a coin toss. Wonder what the suspension would be for that?

English referee suspended after using scissor-paper-rock instead of coin toss

Well in a footy sense anyway, there has been other times where I’ve been able to smile even for a fleeting moment away from football (coaching a 3-12 reserve grade record in 2017 I suppose can do that to you).

The official AFL 'watchability' ladder

Having it live is basically the whole reason to go into the huddle. If it’s on delay we have to put up with Shane Heal or Homocide talking absolute garbage which hasn’t differed from what they’ve said or night or we have to put up with another Derwayne Russell zinger. Remember too that they can’t go into the huddles in the last 2 minutes of a quarter in any case. Personally you’d get more educated if they give some sort of explanation of what the coach has drawn up/said AFTER the timeout.

NBL to launch crackdown on swearing in timeouts

Sydney should be last by a street, every game at the SCG is a low scoring defensive stoppage borefest and they never work out the best way to use their best player (when he actually is able to do something, physically he’s not right). The fact they were embarrassing in the elimination final against GWS (the most hated club for Bulldogs fans like myself) actually made me smile, and I haven’t done that for 2 years.

A close second for the same reason (and bottom of a women’s rankings list) would be the Carlton AFLW team, who had arguably the 2 best attacking weapons in the comp but played even slower than the league’s slow tempo and refused to change their plan until too late in games. Perhaps the new coach may actually improve their game style, but I’m not sold yet.

The official AFL 'watchability' ladder

Biggest differences are that Cheika has been in the job before the 2015 World Cup where we fluked a finals appearance (Scotland should have beat us in the Quarters, England were pathetic in the pool games and we got lucky we got Argentina in the semis) so he has had an entire WC cycle to mould HIS team. Langer has had basically 2 test matches and a 8 ODI’s in the job so he still has a honeymoon period (heck if Scott Morrison gets a honeymoon period so should Langer). Plus Cheika has a bigger man crush on Bernard Foley than Langer ever will with a Marsh brother or any other WA player.

Why is Michael Cheika constantly hammered, while Justin Langer is blameless?

If they were going to go back to Bailey they would have done so when the whole debacle started to make him captain of all formats, that boat now seemingly has long passed him by. Not sure that I’ve seen that many fans suggest the names in the article be played ahead of Maxi, even if they don’t necessarily want him in the side.

For me the logical replacement should Maxi not be in the XI is M.Marsh, whose game is decently suited to 50 over cricket and in reality should be in this series instead of being told to play red ball cricket. Agar for me would then come in for Josh Hazlewood who doesn’t strike any fear into any batting lineup, particularly if M.Marsh can fill a similar role and the likes of Stoinis and Head (and Smith upon return who will come in for the WC) can make up the 5th bowler.

It is time for 'The Big Show' to be shown the door

Fittler’s reasoning has nothing to do with colour and more with manufacture and fabric used, which can be done with any colour.

The new NSW jersey is a cash grab, pure and simple

It actually was apparently the biggest ODI crowd for a November match anywhere in Australia.

Australian cricket fans voted with their feet in Perth yesterday

That was actually Mark West, who was an indigenous South Australian. He ended up having major shoulder issues and barely played after that 97 prelim which was arguably the game this life.

Robbie West did play for the Bulldogs in 1994, was a part of a reserves team that included the likes of Simon Atkins, Steve MacPherson, Rohan Smith, Brad Johnson and Luke Beveridge. Got delisted at the end of 94 and played for Port Magpies in 1995.

AFL Phantom Draft 2018: A very early top 25

Hughes had his average reduced by about 3 runs because of a poor run against the Windies which ended his career.

Australia on the brink of something special in UAE

Another new series destined to fail because there won’t be enough funds to go around.

Why the W Series deserves a chance

If there’s a race on the card that will be for everyday Australians it would be the Kosciuszko. More Australians identity with the bush battler rather than the tall poppies that own both the slots and the horses in the Everest.

The Everest is not the Melbourne Cup, and should stop trying to be

With all this rain forecast will the meeting go ahead? Heavy 10 today at Warwick Farm and suspect it will be heavy at Randwick with showers basically forecast until Sunday.

The Everest mega-preview and tips

Don’t be fooled, the freeze in betting hhad nothing to do with security, but with tthe scratching of one of the rubbers and subsequent replacement.

BREAKING: All betting for The Everest suspended

Publically probably when the team sheets are due for submission. Privately I’d suggest the coaching staff for the Chooks would be 95% certain of the decision.

The ultra definitive NRL grand final stats preview: Sydney Roosters vs Melbourne Storm