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A Hawthorn four-peat looks inevitable

A Hawthorn four-peat looks inevitable

5 Oct 2015

Well I give up. In the hours since their clinical grand final performance, I’ve run through all the potential contenders, and I seriously can’t find one I’d happily put my money on to stop Hawthorn winning a fourth successive flag in 2016.

"Hawthorn are good things to win the flag"

28 Sep 2015

It hasn’t worked out the way I thought it would, when all those weeks ago I declared Hawthorn were virtually good things to win the AFL premiership. But here we are at grand final week, and guess what? I still think Hawthorn are good things to win the flag.

Adam the Great deserved a better send-off at the Swans

21 Sep 2015

I had a conversation with a colleague yesterday about the news Adam Goodes had announced his retirement for football. The response I received when I brought up the topic baffled and angered me.

Hawthorn the only threat to an all-Western Australia grand final

14 Sep 2015

Some call it a ‘darby’. Others go with ‘derrby’ or ‘derby’. It doesn’t really matter whether you go with a hard E, a soft E, or an E that sounds like an A.

Eagles and Swans will give Hawks a fair fight

7 Sep 2015

So here we are again. September. And while all the teams this season got to play September footy, the real stuff begins on the second weekend in the ninth month of this year’s calendar.

No wooden spoon, but Port were the biggest losers in 2015

31 Aug 2015

Well there it is for another season, and all with a round remaining.