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IGuido, f the International Rules series was played with a Sherrin, I suspect that the Australian side would completely dominate and the result would be too one sided.

Why International Rules is the black jellybean of sport

Yes, I made the correction, well spotted. Although strictly speaking the Blues were unbeaten and uneaten while playing interstate this year. And a good thing too, I know I don’t like to be gnawed on while away from home.

First week of AFL finals go to script

Good point Seanoroo, Adam Goodes is an unebelievable player. One of his teammates was interviewed on radio yesterday (can’t remember who it was) and said that Goodes may play 400 AFL games.

In any event, fantastic player. I wrote another Roar article last year on why I feel he’s the most complete player in the game. Check it out at…

Who is the most complete player in AFL?

First week of AFL finals go to script

Buddy is the bigger name player, but if Cox doesn’t play this weekend, he will be just as big a loss for the Eagles as Buddy is for the Hawks. After the Eagles played out of their skins against the Pies, do they have another big effort left in them this weekend? I sure hope so.

As for Carlton fans saying post-match “Bring on the Cats,” I think that their first finals win in a decade might be getting to their heads a bit. Got to keep the faith though I guess.

First week of AFL finals go to script

Should be a great weekend of AFL football. Especially keen to watch tonight’s Geelong vs Hawthorn clash, but all games will have plenty of interest. Not sure which side the wet weather will favour for tonight’s clash. Maybe Geelong?

Massive weekend kickstarts the AFL finals

I stand by the comment regarding the importance of sides having momentum in order to win finals and therefore premierships, not just for Geelong in the past four or five years, but in a more general sense for all teams in all years. Sure, there will be exceptions from year to year, but, on the whole, it is important to have momentum heading into the finals.

I could conter-punch here on the specifics, and indeed started doing so, but instead I feel it is worth simply pointing out that winning form is good form. If Geelong loses tonight their form line will have tapered off in the past four weeks, and I feel that this bodes poorly for them for the finals series this year.

Enjoy the game.

Why Geelong must win tonight's Mockbuster

You’re quite right, I’m not sure how I’ll manage if your Pies go back to back this year, but I don’t think I’m alone there.

If Collingwood does get up in the big one, I’ll be keen to see if Malthouse does take a parting shot at Eddie before retiring to the back of the coaching box.

Glad to hear the Roo boys are up and firing. Great memories.

Four things that can stop Collingwood winning

Just for the record Martin, I could have been one of the great business minds of our generation if it weren’t for my inability to count past ten without removing my shoes and socks.

So keep an eye out for me in the next BRW Rich List. In the meantime, if any Roarers have any ideas on how I might feature in the list, drop me a line via the Roar editors. Any advice will be greatly appreciated.

AFL tanking admissions threaten integrity

Gary Lyon has a sweet setup with his media commitments, so can’t see him coaching Demons any time soon.

Dean Bailey gone after disgraceful loss to Cats

No, of course not!

Malthouse is a special case because he has achieved sustained success over a long period of time, plus he is obviously closer to the end than the beginning of his coaching career, so there is all the more reason to go out on top. This would contrast with a young coach who took a side to the flag early in his coaching career obviously.

Mick Malthouse should leave at top of his game

I covered that and other points related to sports gambling in an earlier Roar article. Check it out at…

AFL's exotic bets have backed them into a corner

A question for Roarers – suppose Hawthorn make the AFL grand final and key forward Lance Franklin is under an injury cloud ahead of the big match. He knows that he is very unlikely to play, but the coaching staff name him in the side anyway.

If Franklin discloses the fact that he doesn’t think he’ll be fit to play in the GF to family and close friends (while the Hawthorn staff publicly say otherwise), is this considered to be the disclosure of sensitive information? Must Franklin keep his disappointment at being unlikely to play from those closest to him? If he does discuss this with his family, is he running the risk of being cited as giving his friends and family an unfair advantage in betting on the match (or first goal scorer in the GF?)


AFL's exotic bets have backed them into a corner

Well put Swampy.

AFL's exotic bets have backed them into a corner

“No different to sitting on the boards of ASX companies?”? Hmmm, I couldn’t disagree more Brian.

These guys kick arond a pig skin. As I note in my article, the landscape has changed, and it is the gambling industry which has changed the goal posts. Are we approaching the day (or have we reached it already) where footy talk becomes insider trading? I sure hope not.

AFL's exotic bets have backed them into a corner

You make a good point, the AFL players don’t have any ready made alternative to change sports if the money isn’t good enough.

However, my article is less about whether the players deserve more money or not, and more an examination of how we view our professional sportspeople.

AFL players can’t win PR battle on pay rise

My point exactly Matt F, well put.

Are we are too quick to judge AFL coaches?

As others have pointed out, there’s a distinction to be made between having four teams who have cleared out from the other sides, and having a boring competition. By this reasoning, every season of the English Premier League would be considered “boring” as only a few sides can win it, and I don’t believe that this is true either.

Plenty in this year’s AFL season to keep everyone interested.
* Will the handover of Collingwood coaching reigns at end of season unsettle the Magpies?
* Can the exciting Suns claim another few scalps this season?
* Will the Saints make a late season surge into finals action?
* Will Essendon play finals in James Hird’s first season as coach?
* Is South Australian football at its lowest ebb?
* How far can the West Coast Eagles improve on last season’s wooden spoon?

AFL premiership contenders in a race of four

Hird seeking out Bomber Thompson as coach was definitely a wise choice. I think you have to have a fair bit of pride and self belief in the first place to feel that you are capable of being a senior coach without any previous coaching experience of any great note (as is the case for Hird and Voss.) I think Voss just completely misjudged where the Lions were at after his first season in 2009, and has paid the price since.

Voss out Malthouse in? I think Malthouse is very keen to stay in Melbourne for family reasons. He’s far more likely to move to Carlton if Ratten has a poor year I’d say.

Are favourite sons coaching a good idea?

A lot of sports websites, news websites, newspapers and magazines and radio shows have paid segments or advertisements from gambling agencies.

This makes it very difficult for any of these outlets to be impartial about the issue of sports gambling, or to write anything even remotely critical of sports gambling.

The inside tip on sports gambling

I think kids growing up watching sport will just assume that sports gambling has always been so closely linked with the coverage of sport, which is sad. Gen Y or Z may be the generation of sports punters?

The inside tip on sports gambling

Good point Hanzo. I find it irritating when the bookmakers cry poor when a favourite gets up and wins. Comments like “we got taken to the cleaners by punters” and the like.

The inside tip on sports gambling

Great article Michael. If the AFL is serious about spreading the game to parts of Australia which are not traditional AFL territory, then it must undertake some measures to make the players more available for media interviews to “spread the word” and increase the exposure of the sport.

AFL clubs should open their doors to the media

Crows have a very soft draw, which will see them make the eight. Top four? Maybe an outside chance, but they would want to improve a lot from their performance against the Dockers.

Contenders, pretenders and cellar dwellers emerge

Agree largely with the points you have made Matt, thanks for your input.

Have Geelong improved? Probably not, and maybe this will prevent them from winning the flag this year. In the absence of Thompson and Ablett, the Cats are still remodelling their game, and may show some improvement further into the season.

Contenders, pretenders and cellar dwellers emerge

Short of having 17 categories for the 17 sides, there will always be some form of overlap between groups or teams in each group Redb. St Kilda are still “hopeful” of making the top eight, despite their poor start to the season. Essendon are also “hopeful” of making the top eight, and have had a very good start to the year.

Essendon and Adelaide were the two hardest to pick at this stage of the season. I’ve been enjoying watching the Bombers play, and hope that the good run of form will continue, but they’re not top-four contenders (yet). I do feel that the Bombers will make the eight this year, which is a change from my pre-season prediction.

Contenders, pretenders and cellar dwellers emerge