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Passionate sports fan, who'll watch basically any sport on tv, but am particularly passionate about cricket and rugby league. Committed to my 10 year old son, being as fanatical as me.



The Perth test is in school holidays and junior cricket has taken a break. So they don’t face the same issues. Adelaide mostly has d/n tests so the India test aside isn’t a comparison either.

Strip international cricket from the Gabba

Spruce your arguments don’t hold up mate.

Firstly it’s assessment period for school students. I’m not pulling my son out of school on Thursday to miss an exam. Secondly its the busiest time of year for many workers. Chat to a heap of tradies and see what the chances are they get a work day off to go see a test vs Pakistan. People have planned their leave for Christmas.

Then on Saturday it’s a club cricket day. Thousands of junior cricketers are playing cricket on saturday and their families are watching and then its warehouse cricket in the afternoon and grade cricket all day. If CA had any brains they would do a deal with local cricket associations to suspend all cricket for that day and provide $10 tickets to all junior and club cricketers. The Gabba would be packed. Instead you loose thousands of potential attenders on the day.

Then Sunday… Pakistan were three down. Like me many people expected the game to be over by lunch. It wasn’t but it was a fair assessment based on Pakistan’s first innings. Who’s paying full price tickets to come and watch a session of play? Why Day 4 is a Sunday is also beyond me. Why not start the test a day later so Sunday is day 3. It means your weekend days are prime time in the test match not Day 4 on a Sunday when it could already be over!

And then your comparison to other grounds doesn’t hold any weight either. Last year Perth had a test against India (much higher drawing team than Pakistan) in school holidays and day 1 they managed 20k. By Day 4 they only got 10k.

If Cricket Australia want to make the Gabba Test a success they need to schedule a day night test starting friday, suspend club cricket saturday offering cheaper tickets to cricketers and make Day 4 and 5 on Monday free after school for school kids.

But let’s go with your strategy and blame the fans and take a test away from our most successful ground. Good call!

Strip international cricket from the Gabba

Khawaja maybe but Harris I’m not sure. He had his chance against Sri Lanka last year and failed then. Lots of people don’t give Burns credit for making 180 against them, but are happy to overlook Harris failures and suggest he would do well against this Pakistan attack.

Burns must finally be respected by Test selectors

Ricky Ponting came out yesterday and basically called for Burns to be locked in as opener right through to the next Ashes in 21/22 in Australia. Short of his form falling off a cliff I agree. He’s shown what he can do, back Burns for an extended run. Outside of Warner you have to go back to Chris Rogers for our last opener with as good a test record as Burns. Renshaw averaged 33 and Finch, Harris and Bancroft were all averaging in the 20’s.

Burns must finally be respected by Test selectors

I’d rather pick a proven test performer than a guy who batted better in one game.
One poor game doesn’t remove Burns solid test record and better start to the shield season, just as a 49 from Bancroft doesn’t cover up his poor test record and poor start to the shield season.

Burns, Head and Neser deserved their Test call ups

Burns has played 16 tests with an average of 40 with 4 centuries and 4 fifties.
Bancroft has played 10 tests with an average of 26 with 0 centuries and 3 fifties.

In Shield cricket this summer Bancroft has made 57 runs at 11, Burns has made 202 at 40.

I think it’s pretty obvious.

Burns, Head and Neser deserved their Test call ups

Assuming Burns opens over Bancroft I don’t see why it would be a shock that he is picked.

Burns – 16 Tests, 4 centuries, 4 fifties, average 40
Bancroft – 10 Tests, 0 centuries, 3 fifites, average 26
Harris – 9 Tests, 0 centuries, 2 fifties, average 24

No one dominating shield. Pretty obvious choice I would think…

Burns earns shock recall as Australia names Test squad

Yeah 4 test hundreds in 16 tests is terrible from Burns… he can’t make hundreds at all…

Australian Test candidates flop against Pakistan

I love how you pick his last 11 innings to suit your argument. Why not pick last 13 innings where he averages 40. Or his past 17 innings averaging 40.

Burns hasn’t set the world on fire of late, but over the past 3 shield seasons he averages 45, has a test average of 40 and 4 test centuries. And he’s averaging 40 this shield summer. I don’t see a better option to open the batting.

Australian Test candidates flop against Pakistan

I like Neser and I like your logic behind him being picked and would have no problem if he was. But I also think there is no way it will happen. Cummins and Hazlewood are a lock like you said. I think in the selectors minds Starc, Pattinson and Richardson are all ahead of Neser in the pecking order. Whether that is right or not… I’m not sure.

I think Neser’s best chance is if they decided to bat him at 7 with Paine at 6 and go for 5 bowlers. A batting lineup of Paine, Neser, Cummins, Starc / Pattinson from 6-9 is just as effective as our last test which had MMarsh, Paine, Cummins, Siddle from 6-9.

Why Michael Neser must play in the first Test

Steve it’s not just in the UK that the AFL does better. They do better everywhere. My 10 year old has grown up watching league with me, but is now about to start playing AFL next winter. The AFL is smashing league with what they do in schools. The NRL could at least attempt to copy it. It’s crazy. He goes to one of the 10 largest state schools in QLD – almost 1400 primary school kids and the nrl presence is virtually none.

To make more of grand final week, the NRL must start internationally

Sheffield Shield form 2018/19

Neser 481 runs at 43, 33 wickets @ 23
Marsh 467 runs @ 35, 13 wickets @ 40

Admittedly Neser had 5 not outs which bumps his average a bit, but would be a perfect No.7 if we bat Paine at 6 then still have 5 bowlers.

Dropping Head for Marsh was a mistake

We’ve really had four consistently good players this series. Smith, Labuschagne, Cummins, Hazlewood. Others have chipped in here and there but these four have been the standouts obviously with Smith as player of the series already.

We’ve also had some genuine passengers in Warner, Harris, Bancroft, Khawaja.

Australia fourth Ashes Test player ratings: Smith, Cummins and Hazlewood put in star turns to retain the urn

When my Broncos get knocked out in week 1 (week 2 if we’re lucky) I’ll be jumping on the Raiders bandwagon. Reasons why:
Roosters: Can never support them. Ever .
Storm: Over both their wrestling and their winning.
Souths: I would… but Wayne .
Parramatta: too many mates who are Parra supporters. Will be no fun if they actually win it.
Manly: Almost likeable now, but no they are Manly.
Sharks: Gallen, Fifita, Dugan…
Which leaves the Raiders, they haven’t won it in a while, I like the way they play, they are not from Sydney and Ricky Stuart doesn’t annoy me as much as he used to… probably because he’s not coaching the Roosters, Sharks or Parramatta.

A bandwagoner’s guide to the 2019 NRL finals series

I would argue companies wouldn’t go near De Belin for TPA’s regardless of whether he was stood down or not. I can’t imagine a company wanting to personally sponsor a player charged with a serious criminal offence. It’s the charges hanging over him not the stand down that’s going to cost TPA’s.

Details of the NRL's draft punishment matrix revealed

Archer’s talent and performances to date are clearly of the highest calibre. The big question he’ll face in test match cricket is how well he can bowl in his third and fourth spells of the day. Particularly if the bat is on top or he’s gone wicketless in his first few spells. He would rarely if ever had to do so in first class cricket where teams are regularly bowled out in under a day.

And it will also be interesting to see how he goes backing during a long test series. Having said all that he may be good enough that he rarely has to bowl third and fourth spells in a day, because he’s got everyone out already.

Archer vs Smith will be worth the price of admission alone.

Archer can have a big impact on the Ashes

Yeah I find that one hard to fathom. He made a mistake. A very public mistake, but I have no problem forgiving Smith. I’d hate to never have forgiveness for all the mistakes I’ve made in life.

What he did won’t be forgotten, but hopefully once we move past this initial comeback series it isn’t rehashed every series and every time he bats. Hopefully in 10 years he’s remember as one of the all time great batsmen and Sandpapergate is a blip on his resume.

Steve Smith: Celebrating the man I condemned

I don’t think any Broncos fan genuinely expected the Broncos to even get close to the Storm last night. Even good Broncos teams that have made top 8 and top 4 generally get flogged or at least well beaten by the Storm at Suncorp. And this is not a good Broncos team.

The Broncos forwards have got them home against ordinary opposition recently, but they were never a chance against the Storm who always win at Suncorp and who never lose back to back games.

Seibold and Kearney under fire for Friday failures

I would’ve taken M Marsh over Stoinis every day of the week for the WC… He is a much better ODI player. He shouldn’t however be anywhere near the test team.

Maybe when he’s picked for the first test someone can convince him it’s the last tour game before the first test. He has impeccable form in those games.

Let's just make Mitch Marsh Test captain and be done with it

I think it will only influence line ball decisions. Smith could make a pair and Cummins could bowl pies and it won’t matter they’ll be in the first test team. It’s more about Burns v Harris and Pattinson v Hazelwood. Or perhaps Patterson v Wade v Labuschagne for the last batting spot.

You would think Warner, Smith, Khawaja (if fit) and Head are locks. Which leaves two batting spots for the XI and one or two more for the squad. Paine will play and be captain. Bowling it’s Siddle, Tremain, Neser, Bird all fighting out for one maybe two spots.

Five Ashes spots up for grabs tomorrow

With a test average of 40, 4 centuries from 16 tests (including in his last test) a good first class record and a century in the recent tour match why is Joe Burns less deserving?

Five Ashes spots up for grabs tomorrow

England couldn’t beat Australia, Sri Lanka or Pakistan in pool play either? What’s your point?

New Zealand were robbed in the World Cup final

There’s currently 16 teams. Boot 4 teams (Bulldogs, Manly, Sharks, Titans) and add one team (Bears) and you have 14 teams how? 16-4 = 12 + 1 = 13

The five expansion clubs that could replace the Titans

Let’s not get too hyped about the Knights form. The Broncos were atrocious last night and the Knights did everything they could to gift the game to them in the second half. Based on their second half performance a good team would’ve put the Knights to the sword last night.

Newcastle continue hot form with battering of Broncos

This is spot on Ronan. I’ve got a good mate who is a kiwi and we were chatting about the world cup the other day and I suggested to him that NZ were a good chance to beat us in the pool game but in the semi or final I questioned whether they had it together between the ears to beat us. He nodded and agreed because he knows its true. He bemoaned the fact that they can beat anyone in a pool game but seem to not be able to win big games. It’s interesting that their only world cup semi win (2015) was against a team that is even more mentally fragile in South Africa.

Losing to Australia could derail New Zealand's World Cup