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Archer’s talent and performances to date are clearly of the highest calibre. The big question he’ll face in test match cricket is how well he can bowl in his third and fourth spells of the day. Particularly if the bat is on top or he’s gone wicketless in his first few spells. He would rarely if ever had to do so in first class cricket where teams are regularly bowled out in under a day.

And it will also be interesting to see how he goes backing during a long test series. Having said all that he may be good enough that he rarely has to bowl third and fourth spells in a day, because he’s got everyone out already.

Archer vs Smith will be worth the price of admission alone.

Archer can have a big impact on the Ashes

Yeah I find that one hard to fathom. He made a mistake. A very public mistake, but I have no problem forgiving Smith. I’d hate to never have forgiveness for all the mistakes I’ve made in life.

What he did won’t be forgotten, but hopefully once we move past this initial comeback series it isn’t rehashed every series and every time he bats. Hopefully in 10 years he’s remember as one of the all time great batsmen and Sandpapergate is a blip on his resume.

Steve Smith: Celebrating the man I condemned

I don’t think any Broncos fan genuinely expected the Broncos to even get close to the Storm last night. Even good Broncos teams that have made top 8 and top 4 generally get flogged or at least well beaten by the Storm at Suncorp. And this is not a good Broncos team.

The Broncos forwards have got them home against ordinary opposition recently, but they were never a chance against the Storm who always win at Suncorp and who never lose back to back games.

Seibold and Kearney under fire for Friday failures

I would’ve taken M Marsh over Stoinis every day of the week for the WC… He is a much better ODI player. He shouldn’t however be anywhere near the test team.

Maybe when he’s picked for the first test someone can convince him it’s the last tour game before the first test. He has impeccable form in those games.

Let's just make Mitch Marsh Test captain and be done with it

I think it will only influence line ball decisions. Smith could make a pair and Cummins could bowl pies and it won’t matter they’ll be in the first test team. It’s more about Burns v Harris and Pattinson v Hazelwood. Or perhaps Patterson v Wade v Labuschagne for the last batting spot.

You would think Warner, Smith, Khawaja (if fit) and Head are locks. Which leaves two batting spots for the XI and one or two more for the squad. Paine will play and be captain. Bowling it’s Siddle, Tremain, Neser, Bird all fighting out for one maybe two spots.

Five Ashes spots up for grabs tomorrow

With a test average of 40, 4 centuries from 16 tests (including in his last test) a good first class record and a century in the recent tour match why is Joe Burns less deserving?

Five Ashes spots up for grabs tomorrow

England couldn’t beat Australia, Sri Lanka or Pakistan in pool play either? What’s your point?

New Zealand were robbed in the World Cup final

There’s currently 16 teams. Boot 4 teams (Bulldogs, Manly, Sharks, Titans) and add one team (Bears) and you have 14 teams how? 16-4 = 12 + 1 = 13

The five expansion clubs that could replace the Titans

Let’s not get too hyped about the Knights form. The Broncos were atrocious last night and the Knights did everything they could to gift the game to them in the second half. Based on their second half performance a good team would’ve put the Knights to the sword last night.

Newcastle continue hot form with battering of Broncos

This is spot on Ronan. I’ve got a good mate who is a kiwi and we were chatting about the world cup the other day and I suggested to him that NZ were a good chance to beat us in the pool game but in the semi or final I questioned whether they had it together between the ears to beat us. He nodded and agreed because he knows its true. He bemoaned the fact that they can beat anyone in a pool game but seem to not be able to win big games. It’s interesting that their only world cup semi win (2015) was against a team that is even more mentally fragile in South Africa.

Losing to Australia could derail New Zealand's World Cup

Some interesting additional stats if NSW manage to win game 2 which really is a 50/50 proposition based on the stats…

There have been 19 deciders in Origin with two of those being draws and one played at a neutral venue. The home team have won 10 times and the away team 6 times. Looks good for NSW if they manage to win game 2. However that is where the good news ends for Blues fans. QLD have a 13-4 lead in deciders with two draws (QLD retained the shield both times). So out of 19 deciders NSW have only been victorious on 4 occasions.

If NSW lose game 1 and force a decider they have a 2 win, 7 loss, 1 draw record. On the other hand on the occasions QLD has lost game 1 and forced a decider they have a 6 win, 2 loss, 1 draw record.

Further in deciders won by teams who lost Game 1, the home team has only won twice and the away team has won 5 times with one decider (won by QLD) being in Melbourne.

NSW have never lost game 1 and then won a game 3 decider at home.

The Blues will have to defy history to defeat the Maroons in 2019

Really Emcie, the only Brisbane born player to represent NZ in the past 20+ years is Gerard Beale. Only two others born in QLD being Nathan Fien (Mt Isa) and Josh Hoffman (Mackay). Really only Fien doesn’t have a legitimate claim to play for NZ.

Hey Freddy, NSW only lost Game 1 by four points. Wholesale team changes weren't needed

Totally agree Ronan. Whilst MMarsh is rightly much maligned in terms of his test career he is a far better ODI player than Stoinis. Australia has stumbled after good starts of late without the ability to accelerate at the end of the innings. A MMarsh, Maxwell, Carey 5,6,7 (mix the order up how you please) looks a lot stronger in terms of finishing our innings well.

Top 4 remains Finch, Warner, Khawaja or SMarsh and Smith.

Mitch Marsh must replace Marcus Stoinis

Since the new Suncorp Stadium opened in 2003, QLD have not had a crowd under 50 000 (capacity 52500). In the same period at ANZ Stadium NSW have had 9 crowds under 80 000 (capacity 83500) including 5 crowds under 70 000.

The reason why QLD games sellout slower at the moment is because of the jacked up prices. Once the cheap seats sellout, ($50 at both Suncorp and ANZ) the prices for the Suncorp tickets are significantly higher. Silver starts at $165 at Suncorp compared to $95 at ANZ. Gold $190 compared to $140 and Platinum is $255 compared to $190. That’s the kids prices for those seats!

NSW won 3 series in a row from 2003 – 2005 and then won the opening game of 2006. According to the media Origin was on the verge of being dead. Want to guess how many people turned up to Suncorp for game 2? 52 468, virtually a sellout.

Taree Raider you obviously hate QLD, that’s all good we hate NSW just as much, but at least just admit you hate us rather than making up rubbish that anyone can see has no facts behind it.

Of course Queensland will win Origin. They always do

It’s amazing to hear a strike rate of 83 described as dawdling. I remember when it was an exceptional strike rate in ODI cricket. Having said that you are right Ronan and I totally agree, just interesting to see how much the game has changed over the last decade or so.

Australia need a more aggressive Steve Smith

I think it’s worth noting that each decade has generally only two immortals. This is the way it should be with the occasional exception for a third in extraordinary circumstances. E.g. Dragons team of the 60’s. Otherwise the concept is devalued.

Pre War – Messanger, Burge, Brown
50’s – Churchill, Provan
60’s – Gasnier, Raper, Langlands (he could also be 70’s)
70’s – Fulton, Beetson
80’s – Lewis, Meninga
90’s – 00’s – Johns

So really we could add another 3 immortals from 90’s and 00’s and maybe an exception with 3 from this current decade.

Like Johns, Lockyer is more from the 00’s so there is room for at least one or two from the 90’s. In contention would be Lazarus, Daley, Langer, Fittler, Clyde. I think Lazarus is the greatest prop of the last 30 plus years and unless we plan on only picking spine players from here on out, should definitely get serious consideration. Not sure if the others are there as immortals but they are close.

I would think the 2010 onwards era is Thurston, Smith & Slater. It would be the first era since the Dragons of the 60’s to have 3 immortals in one decade and considering what they did in the game is quite fair. I don’t have room for Cronk or Inglis but they are walk up starts to the hall of fame.

The burning question: Is Cooper Cronk an Immortal?

The thing about Lockyer at fullback is he just ran so smoothly across the park. Whereas Slater had explosive speed where he was just gone, Lockyer would have his opponent thinking they have him covered and then just glide right past them. It didn’t look as though he was running that fast but they couldn’t lay a finger on him. It was beautiful to watch.

The burning question: Is Cooper Cronk an Immortal?

Pearce is a very good club player, but that’s it. And his white hot form of late? It’s been good, but Newcastle have had comfortable victories against Parramatta, Warriors, Bulldogs and a woefully out of form Dragons. If he had nailed victories against Roosters, Storm, Rabbitohs, Raiders with the game in the balance it’s a different story.

You’re game 3 scenario is my wish as a Qlder. You would only need Cameron Smith on the bench warming up and it’s a QLD victory!!!

Mitchell Pearce deserves his shot at Origin redemption

The poor Roosters have to travel to Newcastle this week too and then later in the year they have to go to Canberra!!! In August. It’s going to be cold! So they have 6 games outside of Sydney this year (Mel, Bris x 2, Newcastle, Canberra, Adelaide). Such a rough deal for the chooks. Really feel for them.

Was anyone complaining when the Titans played in Sydney two weeks in a row then flew back to the Gold Coast then out to Auckland with a 5 day turnaround?

Please, Roosters have it made.

The Warriors are loving Kodi Nikorima and the Broncos are better off without him. Go figure!

I don’t understand why the Gabba test isn’t a D/N test? It’s in the middle of November with the first two days on work / school days and everyone has junior and club cricket on the Saturday. Can’t see them getting more than 10k people to the ground but then CA will claim the Gabba needs to get bigger crowds and refer to the other tests where they either have D/N tests or play in the middle of school holidays. Makes no sense at all.

Day-night Perth Test, March ODI series confirmed as CA reveal next summer's fixtures

Does anyone know if these games are open to the public? I can see that they are being played at Allan Border Field. Monday is a public holiday in QLD so I imagine a few people might want to head down for a sneak peak.

Monday is D-day for Steve Smith and David Warner

A team won a premiership with Shane Perry at 7 (granted he did have Lockyer at 6 and pretty good overall team) so anything is possible.

Sadly, after just six rounds it’s already a two-horse race in the NRL

Just remember the 2016 season Ryan. After 6 rounds the Broncos and Cowboys (2015 Grand Finalists) led the competition and everyone said stop the fight these two will be the grand finalists again. And at round 6 they were streets ahead of the competition. At round 10 they were still top of the table. They faded to finish 4th and 5th with the Broncos bowing out in week 2 and Cowboys in week 3 of the finals. It is a long season and I look forward to you being wrong… because I think at least one of these teams will fade away at some point and also because I hate the Storm and the Roosters.

Sadly, after just six rounds it’s already a two-horse race in the NRL

Yeah BA I feel a little the same. If you asked me who I would rather in my team Inglis or Meninga I’d probably pick Inglis in terms of pure skill level. Having said that I think Mal contributed more to the game as a player, particularly as a leader and it was a different era so it’s very hard to out and out compare players just on skill alone. It seems illogical to me but I feel like Mal should be an immortal but Inglis is not quite there.

Should Greg Inglis be made an Immortal?

It would appear that Joe Burns is going to get screwed over again. Yet he’s the incumbent opening test batsmen who made a century in his last test, averages 40 and has 4 test centuries to his name in 16 tests.

Unless he’s a lock for the Ashes squad (his lack of a CA contract makes that appear unlikely) why wouldn’t he be given the opportunity to play in the A series. They haven’t even picked another opener in the squad. I’m baffled, yet not at all surprised, this is of course the Australian selection panel, so nothing surprises. With Warner and Smith returning I’m not saying he’s an automatic selection but if he’s not even given the opportunity…

Australia A squads headlined by Test regulars and Ashes hopefuls