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Live the dream. A bit of a sports fan / diehard, I love nothing more than watching the Brisbane Broncos, Manchester United, San Francisco 49ers or any competitive sport available at the time. MMA will be the biggest sport on the planet in 20 years.



Agreed – it’s a bold move for NRL clubs but is something that makes absolute sense in this situation. I don’t see stars being loaned out like the EPL and La Liga but it can definitely work with fringe level players.

NRL loan deals are the next evolution in player movements

Interesting point – in the Soccer version of this, the parent club usually sorts out the long term injuries (i.e. season ending etc) and the other club manages if it’s short term.

NRL loan deals are the next evolution in player movements

I associate that phrase with Greg Bird, personally

Who sank Todd Carney’s career?

You missed the following sentence – “The NRL and the Broncos are due for one.”. Darius is least likely to attract that sort of issue but I’ve been proven correct re: club being due for one, see Joe Ofahengaue. A cynical view but ultimately a correct one.

What to do with Darius Boyd?

As a person, I can’t fault him but you don’t get picked because you are a good bloke

What to do with Darius Boyd?

Agreed – I’m not walking away from a million bucks either

What to do with Darius Boyd?

Assuming Seibold goes with Turpin, who is surely capable of 80, who do you put in the last centre spot? I don’t see a better configuration with Bird not playing centre but that’s just me

What to do with Darius Boyd?

Where would you play Bird?

What to do with Darius Boyd?

Yeah, I think it’s fair to say all teams do it and have since the dawn of baseball. The technology angle I find very interesting and I wonder at what point individual punishments, if at all, get levied.

The Astros have thrust baseball into another scandal

I don’t care how long a decision takes as long as it’s the right one!

The future is more video replays, get used to it

“But how about Billy Slater’s cheap shot elbow to the kidney of a defenceless Josh Morris? I can’t believe that wasn’t a penalty, and it did nothing for Slater’s reputation as one of the game’s biggest grubs.”

It worked out in the end, in my opinion, given that the penalty for head contact was about as soft as they come. The penalty should have been given for the flop by Slater but that requires referees being consistent, which they were not. Both teams were perplexed by poor decisions which is sadly the storyline for the NRL in 2015. Consistency is the key yet it feels like it’s getting worse each year.

As you say, the NSW should have dominated proceedings but Fifita, Tamou, Woods and co went missing in the second half. That should light a fire under them for game 2!

Five questions from State of Origin I

A lot of good comments below, my 2c is that yes Graham, Klemmer and the fans reactions were abhorrent. The reason such a culture exists is the ineptness of referees and what I view as a lack of investment in their profession. The on-field refs get a bit of a pass mark from me but the video refs with more than enough chance to watch replays have been shocking this year.

The NRL's noxious culture of ref blaming

As much as I want to believe the Ghost can win, I just can’t see it 🙁 Also keen for Guerrero Snr vs Mayweather Snr

Mayweather will be too good for Guerrero

To be fair, Ortiz did headbutt him.

Mayweather will be too good for Guerrero

O’Neill, Nielson, Barba, Yow Yeh (poor bugger) to name a few.

State of Origin 2013: where’s the sledging?

He should topple Guerrero fairly easily on the weekend, I’m not sure where the Ghost can win that fight. Looking forward to possibly Mayweather vs Canelo…

Floyd Mayweather's legacy and its impact on this era of boxing

Post-career is different to being still active – and agree, it should be a non-issue.

NBA follows Collins towards tolerance and acceptance

Collins is the first US athlete amongst the major 4 sports over there to come out while being an active player. Yes Roberts did this 20 years ago but it’s significant for Americans, gay people/athletes and basketball fans in general.

NBA follows Collins towards tolerance and acceptance

Definitely close to the worst team of the NRL era – worst team I’ve ever seen was the Crushers from 1997 or Wests in 1999.

Eels the worst side of the NRL era

Wade Graham might be the least likely selection I’ve heard of in recent times.

If I was picking the Blues team today ...

Same with Gidley being captain, but getting subbed for Buderus, strange stuff indeed.

Are two dummy halves better than one?

Suits me – going to the Broncos game, nursing a hangover watching the unbeaten Rabbits and Storm. I have Foxtel purely for sporting events, well worth the cost for me.

Storm v Rabbitohs: Round 6's forgotten blockbuster

Taylor has always had attitude problems, it was clear when he was at the Broncos.

Rugby League players shouldn't take what they have for granted

Nightingale and Perrett should provide adequate cover on the wings, Hoffman at fullback. I don’t think Beale gets a run even if he’s fit

SBW’s new career, Blues silly, Benji’s moon boot

The one thing I really believe in about City Country is taking footy out to the sticks – so many great players have come out the country, and the fans definitely deserve at least a game out there.

It's Origin time once again