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Sorry, I should clarify. My issue is not with the idea of list changes throughout the season, my issue is with the idea of a draft from bottom leagues. I’m actually supportive of a midseason trade & loan period as its the global norm and would solve the problem of injuries much better than a draft could.
The issue here is that a midseason draft will cannibalise the state leagues for little to no gain in the AFL. We already had 2 drafts at the end of last year where teams all said that these players had no future in the AFL. what could have changed in 6 months that would make these players adequate to step in, having not trained with these teams previously, and fill the role of an AFL starter for the last 12 weeks of the season?

The mid-season draft is the AFL's worst idea yet

Any SA footy fan will tell you, season form has no bearing on a Showdown result. Its all about desire and who shows up to play on the day. On paper, Adelaide is a clear favourite, but that won’t matter once the siren sounds.

Get set for a massive Showdown this Saturday night

Hi Train,
I agree with you that it is unlikely that CFC would have found a player of Gibbs’ Caliber at pick 13, regardless of the depth that this draft is speculated to have. However, they are looking to get a player that will have a similar output to Gibbs over the rest of his career.
Realistically, Gibbs has likely 5 years of football left in him. Although he is rarely injured, He does not have the stand out ability to play deep into his 30s, a la J Lewis, S Burgoyne, and S Mitchell. Thus they are looking for a player that will give them at least 120 games, and probably 30 Brownlow votes. It is not a stretch of the imagination to expect them to find a player at pick 13 capable of achieving that.
The Crows offer was market value at worst, good amount overs at best. Carlton should have taken it and run.

War of words between Carlton and Adelaide over Gibbs heats up