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Well done Roar Rookie the outsider, you are on track to becoming a Roar Guru! 😁 😁

NRL exemption in danger over bubble breach

Poor Paulie, he’s young and naive – leave him be.
Anyway the employer’s rules don’t suit him ‘n he has rights ‘n all too. He didn’t kill anyone did he?
He didn’t know the sheila was an “exotic dancer”, he thought she was his cousin or something when she knocked on his hotel room door.
Oh … wait … I think I might have my League boofheads mixed up … 😁

Should Paul Vaughan be made to serve his eight-match NRL suspension as Bulldogs move looms?

“attitudes towards race have improved dramatically in the last 50 years”

I guess you had to be there to understand those awful dark days – featuring Sir Nicholas Shehadie (Wallaby captain, Randwick’s own, Sydney Lord Mayor, SBS Chairman), Dr Marie Bashir (violinist, surgeon, psychiatrist, State Governor); Tony Mundine, Max Krilich, Rocky Gattellari, Lionel Rose (we loved him, you’d be fair dinkum flat out finding a sports fan who didn’t), Evonne Goolagong, Ben Elias, the mighty Arthur Beetson, Eric Simms and Kevin Longbottom of my beloved Souths, Bruce Olive, Larry Corowa, Spiro Zavos, Dr George Peponis (became a doctor under a play and study program created by a classic shameful, horrid Aussie bigoted white fella, Peter Moore; also became Canterbury captain and later chairman) – Greeks and Lebanese and Croatians and Aborigines there, all so obviously marginalised and cruelly prevented from succeeding.

'We're very proud of it': Matildas' special anti-racism statement before beating NZ

Barrett played the game at the top grade for 15 years, at representative level for 10 years, from Schoolboys to Kangaroos; and he has been employed as a coach for a decade. With that background he is obliged to know the rules as well as any referee – if not then you can name him incompetent and intellectually lazy.

Any head man who aspires to success, be he a trucking magnate or a magistrate, is in the same boat. Barrett could have answered the media commencing with “Section 15 covers it …” and spoken for about ten seconds – see Paul’s post below. If a Roar contributor can parrot the Laws of the Game then Barrett ought to be able to, without doubt.

At worst, if he was ignorant, he had 20 minutes or so to have one of his assistants find out and neatly write a briefing note – 50 words. … if he aspires to success.

Trent Barrett was just as bewildered by THAT half-time drama as everyone else

Another fine effort Lady League, well done. You chose an unusual subject and managed it well – the number and variety of responses is a good measure of your success in attracting worthy comment.

I did not like the initial invasion of dressing rooms long ago, believing it to be unnecessary and merely media seeking out more bloody, more marketable material. They, predictably, crossed whatever boundaries had been agreed because they are unscrupulous – Andrew Ettingshausen successfully sued a magazine in England for photographing him in the shower 30 odd years ago. I imagine the editors saw that as a small price to pay for the extraordinary publicity they generated.

How their forced entry advanced the interests of the game remains a mystery. Sports administrators are typically poor at assessing demonstrable benefit and in applying common sense. They are suckers for a “free” lunch though, and media executives are good at selling ephemeral ideas.

Then the league had to admit female reporters, on distorted equal opportunity grounds. I saw that as an unnecessary and unwelcome intrusion as well, serving no good purpose; and I was fabulously amused when that culminated in some appalled young wymminses reporter complaining about a semi naked player saying or doing something suggestive, on distorted “workplace” harassment grounds. The same young wymminses would find offence if she wasn’t approached in the same manner at the nightclub that night.

The original proponents bleated that wymminses were a centrally important supporter type and should therefore be allowed to enter places in which they had never before expressed an interest. In my time I cannot remember a girlfriend or wife who watched more than ten minutes of (my exceptional 😁 ) play, let alone lobbied for access to the dressing sheds! 😊

Dressing rooms are untidy, messy places, players are stuffed and talk gibberish. They enjoy each others company because they have worked hard at doing what they have just completed doing, and are inclined to relax with their team mates more than anyone else. The dressing room is their domain, no-one else’s.

We don't need to see what happens in the dressing room

“for me it’s more about relating and connecting to the players”

My interest is in what they do on the field – as good as Bradley Clyde was or Cameron Smith I don’t recall ever watching them go around and having my mind drift into how lovely a personal relationship might be. 😁

We don't need to see what happens in the dressing room

That photo denoting this post on the Roar League page – the player clenching his fist and screeching at the world.

These blokes look so angry in their reaction when something good happens – when they score a try or are awarded a penalty, for example.

How much more angry and bellicose do they appear when something really bad happens to them? It is bizarre.

Players of real talent – unlike these mediocre fellas – Fulton, Sattler, Coote, Gasnier and later John Cootes, Meninga and Mick Cronin barely changed expression after scoring a try.

NRL Round 19 teams: Papenhuyzen, Luai, Ferguson all return

You are so very dismissive of the mere mortals who attend her, who bathe in her reflected glory, who it seems deserve none of that “respect meee” stuff that ignorant beings like this lump throw about so readily.

Invariably they offer no visible or audible evidence of their deservedness – quite the opposite.

UPDATE: Cambage quits Olympics after 'multiple incidents'

Some princess player girlfriend was sobbing on tonight’s TV news about the utter heartbreak of a free holiday in sub tropical beachside five star forcing a delay to her me, me, me wedding and the NRL is to blame!

Together with:
1. a senior player on $800,000 a year hosting a prohibited house party and later admitting he expected no-one would notice;
2. a State of Origin turkey claiming his hired in quarantine breaching exotic dancer was visiting for polite conversation only; and
3. several drongos driving halfway across town to drink schooners on Sunday, when the whole city has been commanded to stay home, later claiming they couldn’t read the memo, let alone understand it;

you’ve got to conclude the kiddies do not appreciate or deserve a single concession.

Normal people are flat out paying the rent and feeding their families yet player wives expect a valet to attend and lead them by the hand to the resort health centre for their mudpack!

Shut the competition down for a year I say, until the virus emergency is past. These bogans ought to be made to face the reality of temporary contract suspension and a place on the queue to Centrelink just like everyone else.

Ten things about rugby league changed forever by the pandemic

When half a million a year to play you-score-I-score for 6 months or so, fly about in business class and stay in nice digs is nowhere near enough. Poor diddums.

UPDATE: Cambage quits Olympics after 'multiple incidents'

Oh dear, dear, dear – you don’t like me?

Why didn’t you say so? I could have de-coupled you from reading my observation.

UPDATE: Cambage quits Olympics after 'multiple incidents'

I trust they give it the shunt – a nasty r-eight-cist who in no way represents me.
Why should I pay taxes to finance this type wandering about the world to “follow their dream” and snarl at the ordinary working people who made it possible?
More and more I am offered reason by privileged “competitors” to give the Tokyo Olympics the swerve.
Further development:
Our Lovely Lizz just made herself even more important than the game!
From Fox Sports at 14:48:
Superstar goes AWOL: Cambage walks out on Opals amid Olympic bombshell over behavioural issues

Opals star Liz Cambage has left the Australian team camp in Las Vegas as she faces multiple allegations, which are currently under investigation.
… Cambage is no longer in camp and teammates and officials don’t know where she has gone as she faces being booted from the Tokyo Olympics.
… just hours before the team’s final exhibition game against Team USA from 4.30am (AEST).
The Australian Olympic Committee will make the final decision on Cambage’s fate …
… physical altercation during a private scrimmage against Nigeria, which resulted in heated verbal abuse.
… reportedly also broken team protocols to go out in Las Vegas … while it’s understood there is another incident being investigated by team officials.”
Now she is behaving as if she is more vital than Sean Penn or someone! 😁
The AOC has equally unpalatable options – which big red button to push?
Button 1 : “Sack the Cabbage and be accused of r-eights-acism”
Button 2 : “Accuse Nigerian basketballers of r-eights-acism”.
I’ll not be surprised if the AOC Club Ratings Committee overrides and announces a “no bill” – the modern day event is only about money after all. Integrity is so last century.

UPDATE: Cambage quits Olympics after 'multiple incidents'

Our Bono would forbid the hunters from cooking and eating their bounty though. He will have brought along choko soup and maize rolls and an ethically picked apple for desert, I know that, ‘cos he has scrupes ‘n morals ‘n such.

VOTE: Your chance to rate the Wallabies players vs France

“Josh McGuire’s interview”
Thank you Phil – I hunted around and found it, comedy squared! 😂 That fella is 30-ish going on 15 years old, the other is a card carrying member of Dopes-R-Us at 25. As Tony says, utter airheads.
They are ever so fortunate rugby league came along – without it, along with de Bell-end and the rest, they would be flat out getting work as an unskilled civil works labourer assistant – couldn’t tell the time on an analogue clock.
There is hope for some – I have read that about 20% of current players earn university degrees while playing (RLPA reports).

Why are the NRL bending over backwards to accommodate the Dragons?

” ‘supercoach’ Fittler” is way off track! Fortunately he will not be seduced or influenced by the hyperbole.

As impressive a fellow as Brad Fittler is, his record as coach is mediocre. I believe he came to coaching too young and wholly inexperienced, the short stint with Easts and his unceremonious dumping would have flattened a less balanced man.

That was a decade ago and I trust his coaching fortunes change markedly. He has proven to be an intelligent and thoughtful critic of the game, who imparts a real purpose and discipline – even when he first emerged his thinking on the run was outstanding. He and the sharp and clever Laurie Daley together were excellent, a joy to watch.

I am not convinced the young hopefuls properly appreciate the fine opportunity they have being taught by these good men. For a start they are considered ruly, ruly old and they don’t appear on continuous feeds from Faceplant, eHarmony and My Vacuous Day. I have seen Brad Fittler speak disparagingly of anti-social media.

No clean sweep for 'supercoach' Fittler as Queensland win Game 3

“Fight erupts …”

That wasn’t a fight! They were pulling at each other’s jersey looking for a bloke wearing the right size for them to do a swap that would fit.

The makings of a real fight are Wally Lewis gobbing off at 500 words a minute attempting to have Mark Geyer send himself off, and Geyer not knowing whether to job him or to ask for his autograph! 😁 😁

Fight erupts as Origin 3 finishes with a bang

I appreciate your response NickoM.

Your points are well made – on the face of it they can sign but qualify their statements; and observers must be suspicious of any refusal or obfuscation by player signatories.

These palookas have demonstrated by their instinctive actions when sprung that personal integrity means nothing to them therefore one must assume there is more to this chapter than has been revealed.

Why are the NRL bending over backwards to accommodate the Dragons?

“AB`s have beaten up Hooper for years”

They used do the same to li’l Bono too but to say so is frowned on in Australian sports sites. As for the other bloke Thierry Dusautoir and Schalk Burger towered over him!

Neither of them met the superlative standards set by Poidevin and David Wilson, Cockbain times two, Steve Tuynman, George Smith and others – Owen Finegan at his laziest streeted them. Not one of those blokes ever got tossed about – manhandled out of the contest – by the All Blacks as they did to Bono and the mediocre Hoopla! 😁 😁

VOTE: Your chance to rate the Wallabies players vs France

Nah, not available. I hear he took a good job up in the Pilbara driving a back hoe, ripping the guts out of hillsides and creek beds for the iron ore tipper trucks to get through. 😊 😁 😛

VOTE: Your chance to rate the Wallabies players vs France

Oh do grow up and go away, you are merely a nuisance. Be off.

Why are the NRL bending over backwards to accommodate the Dragons?

My, my, my – you are thick to boot.

Jacko at 1:01 pm and Jacko at 12:59 pm right next to each other just up the page is a bit of a giveaway. Look, go and have a liddle sleep now, before mummy comes to pick you up (reluctantly I venture).

Why are the NRL bending over backwards to accommodate the Dragons?

The difficulty I see is that your comment wasn’t funny!

Keep on repeating yourself though, you’ve succeeded at that I see.

Why are the NRL bending over backwards to accommodate the Dragons?

“There are many reasons why players legal advice would say don’t sign a stat dec (or other doc).”
That’s a fact. When I saw the news I thought “Here we go, the lawyers are on their 4 minute fee timers.” Now the imbroglio becomes a clash of egos in suits, crafty Latin expressions and capitulation by the big dog which has a public reputation to protect (unlike many players, who have yet to learn how to spell “integrity”).
These kiddies sign binding contracts, just like buying a house, and they dictate all manner of opportunities and limitations. Contracts law is the first thing they teach at law school and it has as many different routes as the Sydney street directory.
I am amused at the different disguises worn by the actors in League. One moment the 25 year old adults are pardoned for their crimes – piddling in the flower pot because they couldn’t read “Mens” on the toilet door and so on. They live as 13 year old school children, naive, simple minded and best dealt with using Children’s Court practices.
This is no surprise – in years gone by St George Chief Constable Frank Facer demanded the players drink at the leagues club, not at the Allawah Hotel or Millers Brighton, so that he could monitor them, much like playground duty. The difference then was that they did what they were told, demonstrably finest footballers in the land ‘n all.
But then, at the sound of “ka-ching”, seamlessly the modern young donkeys transmogrify into serious minded businessmen, acutely aware of dollars and other entitlements in their contracts and under the law, and accompanied in public by their legal team¹ and media consultant.
¹ the modern words for “my solicitor”

Why are the NRL bending over backwards to accommodate the Dragons?

Max power – stop whinging, write a superior substantiated piece yourself. Facts and data are ever so helpful.

Don’t allow limited literacy to hold you back, find someone around 14 years old to edit your English expression before submitting it to the Editor.

Why are the NRL bending over backwards to accommodate the Dragons?

A good move? You bet!
With the dimwit momentary multi-millionaire budding alcoholics, rooters, liars, piddlers in public and dedicated rule breakers banged up together at the Mercure on the featureless flood plain, with Jupiters Casino almost within sight and Hollywood Showgirls, it will be a feast. The Gold Coast Bulletin reporters just up the road can put their feet up and simply wait for the sighting texts and tweets to flow in.
The cheeky young pups – heh, heh, heh 😔 – will mess it up for sure, and make it difficult squared for the serious minded adults who are toiling earnestly to sustain the game and keep them off the dole queues. Already they are whinging about families/no families and room service and baby births and in which corner of their suite they should throw their dirty clothes.
Life can be ever so difficult when you are famous and important.

Was the NRL's Queensland relocation a good move?