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Sam Mayes never grasped the concept that opponents were allowed to tackle him when he had the ball.

How deep do the Lions bat?

Great write up! I’m going with all your picks 👍

2019 AFL season: Round 23 preview

Wait till the All Australian squad comes out and you get to see names like Harris Andrews, Hugh McCluggage, Daniel Rich and Mitch Robinson who are all part of a team sitting 1st on the ladder. Lyons and Gardiner are smokeys for the 40 too. Talent on every line.

2019 AFL Power Rankings: Round 22

I agree with Eddie Tom!!
We can win 13 straight to take home the flag!!!! Gooooo Lions!!

Five talking points from AFL Round 22

As Dingo pointed out, the Lions love ticking off wins against bogey sides. Hadn’t beaten the Cats since 2013. We’ll beat West Coast at the Gabba in the first qualifying final and the Tigers will beat the Cats so we won’t meet again till the GF and that’ll be a cracker!

Five talking points from AFL Round 22

9 on the trot will do wonders for your consistency! And we can lose to the Tigers and still finish top 2. Fear no one hosting a final at the Gabbatoir

Five talking points from AFL Round 22

Lions on top of the ladder with 1 round to go!!! I’m on the Teague Train for the Blues to knock off the Cats in a thriller and we can finally add a minor premiership to the trophy cabinet along with this year’s cup!!! Lincoln McCarthy you bloody beauty!

Five talking points from AFL Round 22

They only turned it over due to setting a new world record for out on the full. Still good enough to win. Against the ladder leaders and stole their spot. Love playing after a bye. 2 home finals. Fagan will have the silicon out to shore up those holes.

Five talking points from AFL Round 22

The Lions poached Gold Coasts list manager Dom Ambrogio and it was he that struck the Lyons deal. lol

Five talking points from AFL Round 18

I’m a believer Peter! The only teams that have toweled us up this year are the Pies and the Bombers who destroyed us on fast paced turnovers and centre clearances. Fages fixed that during the bye and now my only concern is a clinical Eagles or rampant Tigers but they’ve got to get there first. Round 23 vs Richmond should be dead set cracker!

Five talking points from AFL Round 18

Brisbane are on a 5 game winning streak only rivaled by Richmond and Essondon. Geelong are falling apart, West Coast are just scraping through and the Giants have had to bring flankers into the middle to cover their losses. The Colliwobbles have kicked in for the Pies and Adelaide are just making up the numbers. Brisbane should be 3rd on the line of betting: in form, no injuries, top 4, home games galore, superbly coached, have luck on their side and Hodge in their side. They beat the Cats in round 22 and they’ll be minor premiers, get 2 home finals with a packed out Gabba and give anyone a run for their money in the GF. Go Lions!

Five talking points from AFL Round 18

Neale is on record as saying that Fagan was a huge influence in his decision. Lachie already has a cert 2 in coaching and believed Fagan would be the perfect mentor in his aspirations to one day be a senior coach himself.

Thriving culture the key to clubs’ success

No one else would have asked Hodgey other than Fages

Thriving culture the key to clubs’ success

Definitely not shoe-ins. Improved yes, certainties no.

Brisbane Lions mid-season review

Brisbane went 4-6 in the back end of last year and didn’t improve their percentage by much. My entire article outlines where they have improved and where they have not. More to the point, I’ve watched every game and I stand by the statement: They have improved significantly, particularly in their structures, that has them with a positive percentage and win/loss count. Nuff said

Brisbane Lions mid-season review

Medical and High performance teams at the Lions are magicians!! Jarrod Berry would have gone to Cripps if available but even then may have lowered his colours. Brisbane don’t have that relentless annoying tagger that gets under Cripps’ skin. Fagan is much more a people manager than a strategist. 2 Ruckmen work when McInerney takes marks and the belief is that kicking down the line reduces costly turnovers. Still a young side so they do get it wrong.

Brisbane Lions mid-season review

Lions Home Games: Eagles, Power, Pies, Swans, Crows, Hawks. 4 top 8 sides and 2 perennial finalists. All easy huh?

Which AFL coach should be the next to go?

He certainly knows how to put bums on seats in a state not known for attending sport. Worth every dollar they spent just on membership and gate takings. As you say, the roll on effect through the junior ranks could well be his greatest legacy. Hope he plays another year or 2 wherever that may be

The Buddy effect

How good was Liam Ryan’s Hangar!!!! Put big Maxy face first in the dirt too. Great stuff!

Outrage is ruining our game

The Lions vs Crows game was a cracker! Only 1 point in it but the Lions didn’t look like losing it. High pressure 4 quarter game from both teams was really enjoyable to watch. Lions in the top 4 with Freo, Hawks and Blues before the bye.

Five talking points from AFL Round 9

It wasn’t a pretty game to watch. At one stage in the third qtr we had 75% time in possession and had kicked 1.4. Wins a win tho and a win clear in the top 4 is kind of exciting

Eight talking points from AFL Round 7

Can’t believe I just tipped Freo

The Roar's AFL expert tips and predictions: Round 7

I second that nomination

Who will be racing's next champion?

RA has handled this appallingly.
Izzy is entitled to his opinion regardless of his intentions.
RA should have come out and simply stated that they don’t agree, condone nor support Izzy’s beliefs and in fact he is paid by people who contradict his beliefs ultimately making him a hypocrite.
This would undermine his stance rather than radicalising it.
Then they should have made sure every time Izzy gets on a Qantas jet he is served by gay men wearing t-shirts saying “I’m going to hell, would you like some tea?”

Folau speaks for the first time since sacking announcement

I’m at 8 and that’s only coz I don’t know what 3 of them mean!!!
Heaven sounds like it’s the most boring place to ever exist in someone’s imagination

Rugby union would be a more inclusive, kinder place without Israel Folau and his backwards views