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Well said

Forget trophies, Jurgen Klopp is the best thing to happen to Liverpool since Shankly

12 to 15K stadiums are much cheaper to build per seat than larger ones…

If the Strikers are prepared to build a neat Football specific stadium then for me its a no brainier …

Hot property FC: Macarthur crosses the line in 2020


Thats an impressive growth rate … seems to make logical sense to put a team there.

Hot property FC: Macarthur crosses the line in 2020

Thanks Nick good pick up..

Hot property FC: Macarthur crosses the line in 2020

In my very humble opinion and based on years of coaching and working on committees through in some help with rep selection..

Let’s look in today’s environment, with who can coach our kids…

Whats happens is after registration, and you get the teams together to arrange coaches, managers, and training nights….. the kids and the parents gather with a club committee member to determine the day, and time training takes place ….

Next is select coach and manager, or maybe that gets done first and then the day or night for training.

So the committee person calls who is your coach and manager… no one steps forward and so the discussion takes place … often you finish with who has the time and very often that person has little idea on the game and no experience of developing skills in Football…

My club for a while use to run train the coaches nights and often it was coaches who did not need to come who turned up, and to our huge frustration the coaches who needed training who never turned up..

We have many coaches who see themselves as almost child minders ….

Its an area I feel quite strongly about …

Most A-League players can't compete in Asia. Why shoot the messenger?


Clap clap clap … well said mate..

Most A-League players can't compete in Asia. Why shoot the messenger?

yep to much work and posting in-between clients..

The point I was making is and you have picked up on is the media gatekeepers in the US are so bad they have stopped trying to appease them and instead have gone for the long game in laying the seeds for a gradual increase as generational change takes place… also hoping that the kids today will follow their local MLS team rather than their parents Mexican team as an example…

What do football fans want from an Australian second division?

Don’t think that what it means….

Its saying the best Football players and biggest Football clubs are not in the US whereas in the other codes the US has the biggest teams and the best players in those codes…

What do football fans want from an Australian second division?

For reasons I struggle to explain at times even to myself, I have been watching the MLS not from watching their games but looking at how they manage things and operate, for a number of years…

Maybe it has something to do with living and working in the US for a short time in the late 80’s and a small number of business trips I have made to the US… also I am a “””space””” nut and greatly admire NASA, and more recently SpaceX . You could add Blues music as well ..

Anywho, those that think Australian Football and Football in the US are alike are well off the mark… the way sports markets operate in the US is very different to Australia, secondly the media gatekeepers in the US make our media seem quite friendly… the old boys networks are beyond toxic and don’t try and hide it towards Football..Finally you need to build your own stadiums the idea the government will build you a stadium and then charge you a rent you can afford just does not happen…

The other thing not well understood in Australia is the MLS is in direct competition with the major European leagues … like I meant they play at the same time and who do you watch Man U V Liverpool or Red Bulls V Orlando … and many people who have moved from countries south of the US but still in the Northern hemisphere i.e Mexico etc they have mega followings …. and essentially if you rated the leagues in the US per viewership the MLS losses out big time to overseas leagues…

Its rough and needs more to explain but the US watching of Football leagues is something like this, Mexico, EPL, Spanish, MLS, Italian, German…

The A-League by comparison does not compete head to head with other major leagues in direct competition….

Having said that, there is also much to learn from their experiences and their long term planning…

What the MLS argue is you cannot overnight expect a market to change… move over it takes generations for markets to change….

As the Forbes articles illustrates Football among the under 35 and other studies in the under 25 market is becoming the number one code and these people don’t watch traditional media platforms… The belief by the MLS is to create the under say 30 year old market and in time this will build Football…

They have also cleverly defended Football cultural by making or getting a sponsor to make a series of IMO beyond clever youtube vids [by an indigenous Australian ] of Football culture ..

We can IMO have the best of both worlds, and use ideas from both Europe, Japan, MLS to make it work in Australia but we need a management team capable of putting the plan / pathway together and the leadership ability to get it through.

BTW just a couple of links on the how the MLS attacked [not the wrong word] and defended Football cultural and we could copy and just two of maybe 30 or more such vids by Calen Carr..

This link contains a link to a small number of these vids..

This vids is how to sell the home ends … imagine this is the RBB or Melbourne Terrace …

This IMO is what we could do … same guy same series … Calin Carr …

What do football fans want from an Australian second division?

Very good article and you have identified all the major issues and offered practical if not solutions, pathways to move forward.

I have commented a number of times on a Craig Foster SBS piece he did the week after Steven Lowy was appointed and it is very much in line with the theme of your article.

Craig said, in open advice to Steven Lowy… you have two choices one will cement you and your family as great Football people for Australian Football, the other will see the game go backwards and you leave with the game in disarray.

The first option i.e. to gain huge respect is to …. develop a plan… for the introduction of the introduction of a second division, P & R, and expansion…. he went to great lengths to emphasise FFA did not have to do anything for the plan, just develop the plan that was workable and made sense. Craig said if it means these things are 15 to 20 years away … it does not matter. Whats essential is there is a plan / pathway we can work towards and it must include everyone involved in Australian Football not just the existing 10 A-League clubs.

Further he said, try and run it all under FFA control as it has been by your Father to get the league established will result in Football going backwards and your families name will suffer.

Your article seems to argue the same point, lets say what we want, lets argue for a 32 team, 2 division league with P & R. If we agree this lets work out the best way to do this and establish KPI”s and metrics at various points… and if it takes 15 to 20 years then so be it …

In closing if we establish the goal and run it well I don’t think it will take 15 to 20 years….

As an aside and I don’t have the time to explain the reasons if we create the right systems Football will grow quickly … my link below is an article from Forbes Business in the USA that looks at Football from a USA stance and much of what they highlight equally applies in Australia. [Nem you have often mentioned the discussion points in this Forbes article, I think it endorses much of what you post]

What do football fans want from an Australian second division?

“””the logical outcome is a formal East/West split with Oceania rolling in to AFC East”””

Yep 100% agree

Should New Zealand join the AFC?

I love it an going to buy one…

Matildas unveil their first ever exclusive kit for the World Cup, and it's... interesting


Great read…

You can trace our issues back to the current owner… he has made I think two major management errors… first he has tried to run the club on a shoe string budget ..

Because of the first point i.e. the shoe string budget the second point is mega… he has tried to run the club from England with high profile English managers flying in and flying out and leaving local management with little decision making ability and little local knowledge by the fly in fly out management.

Our key problem is with our owner and I hope he either sells or places more faith in local decision making and management.

As to being the most important club in the league … I fully agree because if the Mariners can make it in traditionally a league area and make Football work they will be an example for all other regions to copy..

Why the Mariners may be the most important club in the A-League

are you serious ….

After a year of progress, here's what women's sport needs to work on


I understand we have four national sides in womens Football and with China, Japan & South Korea all in the top 10 and regular matches ….

There is something about both Football & Basketball its like almost magical a power of some kind that says Australian journalist should not comment to much … must write mostly and mostly praise AFL & NRL…

After a year of progress, here's what women's sport needs to work on


Great article and agree… well written mate…

Football is the biggest loser from Sydney's stadium debacle


I do like your work…. however you seem to be falling for the three card trick … your recent articles pay a lot of attention to AFL & RL…

Football & Basketball competitions were we have men’s and women’s competition running for quick some time with major international games and many with major overseas clubs particularly in Basketball.

Yes all women’s sport should be celebrated but perhaps a tad more on the Womens World Cup in 3 months …

I am not trying to create a code war, its just that both the Football & Basketball leagues have been around for yonks… and play a reasonably long season and both import overseas top notch female players … with many players in both leagues actually playing overseas when the Australian leagues finish… surely these two codes arguably along with cricket set the bar. Yet most articles are about new, short, local leagues … maybe thats the Australian way …

After a year of progress, here's what women's sport needs to work on

The crux of what I am saying is most successful traditional competitions have evolved out of a region ..

Over time many clubs no longer look like the region they evolved I accept.

Football and I speak from my knowledge of Sydney especially Western Sydney and NSW country especially the Newcastle / Hunter area.

My main point is we need to connect to the player base and IMO the best way to do this is via regional associations and their park teams and players…

Further its way to late to establish regional teams in the tradition way… meaning we will end up with franchise tams… and we need to determine how the franchise teams can connect to the associations… Lyall Gorman at both the Mariners and WSW was arguably the best at connecting A-League teams to the playing base…

However we should look at both the MLS & J-League for how to develop franchise based teams…

Why Australian football must stop trying to conquer the past

Those bringing up arguments pertaining to size of Australia compared to the US are missing that is is happening now and the second division will be up and running by 2020 according to many.

My point is simple, our best way of growing our market is to connect to the player base and their friends / parents etc… To date no group that has ever had control from the 50’s till today has never made a real attempt to do so.

Why Australian football must stop trying to conquer the past

How where they community clubs…. Apia replaced the local association team… Apia did not represent its local area… as was most of the ethnic based clubs they were privately funded and sat at the start outside the regional associations controls.

BTW I am not having a go at the ethnic clubs I am simply highlighting that by what ever name you wanta to call them the teams like Hakoah, Budapest, Yugal, Prague, Pan-Hellinic etc where privately funded and closer to being a franchise than being the regional association rep team..

Its the way we have always been, and the old guard in time went broke as they could not compete with the money and quality of the new teams.

IMO the fact that Football in Australia has always been run by who ever runs the latest franchise model …. we need to determine how to connect the franchise teams to the regional associations…

Why Australian football must stop trying to conquer the past


enjoyed the read and think you are right on most things…

BTW whats happened to Nem …

Western Sydney Stadium is the feel-good story the A-League needs


Don’t upset the little dear’s …they actually what you say is true ….

Western Sydney Stadium is the feel-good story the A-League needs


Timely article… I am at a lost TBH on where our ratings are going…

I have been banging on about this for 25 years … but the answer to our rating and growth lies with the district association and their park teams..

Alas, since the mid 50’s we have had franchise based systems of one form or another … P & R will and can happen but not without growing the Football market and the key to that is in the player base … and thats what people give lip service to, but no plans on how to do it..

The solution is staring us in the face .. its just that everyone running Football starts from essentially an NSL cub level or higher … and thats not where the player base is…

What will A-League expansion mean for the A-League TV deal?

that would be quite a few

Have the A-League's ratings tanked because people no longer watch TV?

Yep its Football.

HHHmmmm aaarrrr

We will never get and most would never expect us to be a top 10 league.

But there is a tipping point according to that MLS research when Football fans will watch …. The MLS research seems to be saying if in the minds of the general public the MLS can be seen lets say generally precised to be equal to the Mexican league…

I have no idea what level the A-League needs to reach to get Football fans to watch… my guess is to be considered one of the top leagues in Asia…. and for the A-League to be competitive in Asia…. but thats a guess on my part the new powers who take over the A-League should do the research.

Have the A-League's ratings tanked because people no longer watch TV?