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very true…

We must never forget that women's football is worth it

Hopefully some good will come out of all this mess….

Not related to this issue and at the time all innocent…. well I think all innocent…

I was working for a very large steel fabrication and erection company…. the company had multi large projects across Australia at the time….

WE had had a very successful year, it was Christmas, we always shut down for 3 weeks over the holidays… and always had a big end of year party…

WE went to the city for a meal and after the meal those kinda running the show suggested very strongly we all go up to the Cross to a strip club… even as one of the youngest I through this is not fair to the girls and even for some of the boys…. huge pressure was placed on everyone to attend … most did but I think most also fell uncomfortable …

The time was 1973, or could have been 74… and things have changed a lot but the underlying theme for many years is people in power always try and force their will on others… and in sport you don’t get to many chances…

We must never forget that women's football is worth it

Does Brad Smith fit the bill he is getting heaps of game time in the MLS

Keep your head up, Aziz - we’ve all had days like that

Man City & Newcastle given their owners will dominate the EPL within a few years… teams like Man U, Liverpool etc will not be able to match the revenue spend…

Some may say to the bigger English clubs so what, the bigger clubs have always out spend the smaller clubs so they are getting a taste of their own medicine…

My concern is over time maybe 30 beyond wealthy owners buy a number of clubs across Europe and that the Super League is only a matter of time ..

Newcastle's new owners are symptoms of a wider sickness


What inside info do you have on the refs… from the Mariners Forum…

Professional Football Referees’ Association Inc.
United for the good of the game.
Media Release: PFRA A-Leagues Referees make themselves unavailable for FFA Cup Matches and A-Leagues trial matches
12 October 2021
On Monday, 11 October 2021, the Professional Football Referees Association (PFRA) Executive Committee advised Football Australia that PFRA members would no longer be available to officiate FFA Cup Matches and A-Leagues trial matches.
The PFRA does not take this decision lightly and comes on the back of more than three months of discussions and efforts to resolve several topics.
These topics include:
1. TheA-LeaguesLeadershipandCoachingdepartmentdidnothavetheircontracts renewed as the League separated from Football Australia in July 2021.
For the past three months, the A-Leagues referees have had no direction, coaching / instruction, and no fitness coaching. We are now just weeks out from the start of the season, and the referees find themselves in a position without any form of coaching and/or preparation.
2. TheA-Leaguespanelswereannounced,andmemberswereunfairlyremoved from their position without any due process or warning.
There was no performance management or even an indication that any members may have been in danger of losing their position. Yet, the FA Referees Committee saw fit to remove these members of their own accord without following any apparent process.
3. Finally,theA-Leaguesrefereesarewithoutacontractforthecomingseason.
This has been an ongoing issue for referees and despite constant efforts to have this resolved – there are no current contracts in place for the coming season.
PFRA President, Paul Cetrangolo, said “The PFRA A-Leagues referees sacrifice an enormous amount for football in the country and it seems staggering that we find ourselves in a position without basic items such as leadership, coaching staff, fair processes for changes to panels, and a standard contract.”
Paul also commented that “The PFRA remains committed to solving these issues but will not officiate further matches while these items remain outstanding.”
The PFRA was incorporated in 2013 as the exclusive professional association to represent match officials operating on the A-League.
PFRA Media Contact:
Paul Cetrangolo, President PFRA

FFA Cup Round of 16 preview: Adelaide Olympic vs Adelaide United

Part of the reason was the wide backs were caught unfield ..

We all know, hold the ball, take your time on throw ins… go down hurt etc… keep your backs at home…

Most of all the last 15 minutes had huge spread between the lines… just made for a faster better passing team…

A tie and remaining six point clear for most coaches in this position would have been the choice of most coaches at this point of the game… especially given they were faster …

'Really great, intelligent football': Arnie's weird boast as Socceroos' Japanese jinx continues

Mooy & Rogic have never worked together… why they we chosen is only known to Arnold…

We were outplayed for most of the game and our backs looked to be struggling …

I am most amazed when there was say 10 minutes to go…. with Japan having had a number of decent shots during the game… why we kept trying to attack, especially given player for player they were faster than us…

There are times to say, lets close this game down and remain 6 points clear…

'Really great, intelligent football': Arnie's weird boast as Socceroos' Japanese jinx continues

I worked in the US on two different projects and had an extended holiday over there on a third trip…

I find those that criticize the MLS don’t have an appreciation of the US media markets and their general sporting environment…

The pitfalls facing two young Aussies on list of world's 60 best young talents

I had a client who was a professional coach, across a number of sports he specialised in fitness and returning players from injury… he was very good and finished up in the US…

He said across all sports that the champions at say 12, 15 etc mostly do not carry on into their 20’s…

He had three things he believed happened, first at say U 5 thu to say U 15, many players you played against were not that good as you when higher in the age bracket it was much harder to do the same things and a confidence just fell…..

Second, a players age…many champions in say U 15’s are born early in the year for example say January and other players are born in December… that 12 month age advantage gives the older player a huge advantage but get past say 18 to 20 and it evens out.

Finally boredom some people just loss the desire they become so bored, this coach used to advise play as many sports as possible and get healthy interest outside your sport…

Just sharing… he was a very interesting client have not seen him in maybe 15 years now.

The pitfalls facing two young Aussies on list of world's 60 best young talents

Growing up in Fairfield which has Australia’s highest number of races and working for years in Liverpool almost with as many races…

I sorta understand the hhhmmm call, draw or by whatever other name … the call of the old country is powerful…

Divided loyalties: Fran Karačić's unusual Socceroos circumstances

Japan in Japan in a must win game for Japan… this is a huge test for us especially if you consider the talent they have on the park…

The Socceroos must be better against Japan

I am always nervous …

A couple of media side notes…. Its on Bold i.e Ch 1 tonight ….

Second and IMO very sad is the TWG site only has things that concern their programming, i.e nothing on the Socceroo’s nor A-Leagues

The Socceroos must be better against Japan

always nervous about these matches… thank heavens its on at a decent time…

The Socceroos aren't Japan's biggest rival, but Arnie's men can change all that

You gotta assume Man City and N/Castle in a few years will always be one and two … it getting scary when teams like Man U & L/Pool can’t match the cash…

'Please let us have this moment': Fan's reaction as Saudis takeover Toon

Japan away
SA… home
Viet… home
Oman … away
Japan … home
SA … away—-AFC-M-Stats

For the 2018 WC … 15 & 19 points in the third round made the WC

Australia tied with SA on 19 points but came third on goal difference.

Meaning I guess that 20 points should be enough to qualify and we need 11 points out of the remaing 7 games… thats 4 wins… then we are 21 …

A win against Japan or SA should see us make the WC

HISTORY MAKERS! Socceroos charge on with record 11th straight World Cup win, as Japan falter again

Ryan, Rogic, Sainsbury, Duke … all started at the Mariners…

HISTORY MAKERS! Socceroos charge on with record 11th straight World Cup win, as Japan falter again


Spot on

Football Australia to investigate treatment of female players after legend's sexual abuse claims

The A-Leagues today announce the signing of Isuzu UTE Australia (IUA) as the first naming rights partner of its men’s competition, which will be officially known as the ‘Isuzu UTE A-League Men’.
The three-year partnership marks the latest milestone in the A-Leagues’ ambitious growth and commercial development strategy.

Commencing with the upcoming season (2021-22), the partnership also includes naming rights of the A-League Men’s Finals Series and becoming the Official Automotive Partner of the A-Leagues’ Men, Women, Youth and E-Sports Leagues.

The A-Leagues, formed in 2021, have responsibility for the operation, commercialisation, and marketing of professional football in Australia, including the A-League Men, A-League Women, A-League Youth, and E-Sports Leagues.

The partnership with IUA follows on from its recently unveiled content partnership with ViacomCBS’ Network Ten across both free-to-air and their new streaming service Paramount+ and comes just nine months after the APL took over the running of Australia’s elite club competitions.

“This is an historic day for the A-Leagues and we’re proud to have partnered with Isuzu UTE Australia, one of Australia’s top-selling automotive brands, with rapid growth across its D-MAX Ute and MU-X SUV ranges. We have an ambitious vision for the future of professional football and IUA will be a key partner on this journey,” said Danny Townsend, Managing Director, A-Leagues.

The A-Leagues are a new addition to IUA’s sponsorship portfolio which also includes Surf Life Saving Australia and its own Local Sports Sponsorship Fund, which has been supporting grassroots sporting clubs in local communities across the country for many years.

“We are delighted to be joining forces with the fastest growing sport in the country. The A-Leagues bring together the best of football in Australia – the game’s unparalleled diversity, reach and participation is key to our strategy to connect with modern Australia,” said Hiroyasu Sato, Isuzu UTE Australia, Managing Director.

“We recognize that football is a great vehicle for bringing families and communities together, from amateur weekend players through to the professional A-Leagues. It’s a natural fit with our customers who share that spirit of excitement and adventure with football fans, and we look forward to being able to support the A-Leagues and Network 10 to bring football to all Australians.”

“The A-Leagues are all about inspiring everyone to play their own way, on and off the pitch, so there is a natural fit with the Isuzu UTE brand values of adventure, reliability and performance. Football fans and Ute and SUV lovers live for the weekend and so we are excited to explore this connection with our audiences,” said Ant Hearne, Chief Commercial Officer for the A-Leagues.

The naming rights agreement covers a broad range of marketing opportunities including player kit branding, signage and branding rights across all A-Leagues channels, digital content and activation rights at all A-League Men’s and Women’s matches. IUA have also committed to providing vehicles to the APL and the A-League Clubs for on-the-ground support.

Isuzu UTE’s naming rights partnership kicks off from October 6 2021 ahead of the scheduled first match of the Isuzu UTE A-League Men on November 19 2021.

'The best technical players in Europe': The A-League’s bridge to the Balkans

Official now

'The best technical players in Europe': The A-League’s bridge to the Balkans

Its getting harder to find fault with the new admin….

'The best technical players in Europe': The A-League’s bridge to the Balkans


AS you would be aware the number of Socceroos with Croatian backgrounds is way way huge compared to their percentage of the population…

I think these areas produce also some of the most loyal fans as well… look at the Knights & Sydney United as examples…

'The best technical players in Europe': The A-League’s bridge to the Balkans


Sorry to break in with a non topic related issue…

Inside sport are reporting…

1] Japanese motoring giant Isuzu will be unveiled imminently as the A-League’s new multi-million dollar naming rights sponsor, replacing Korean car manufacturer Hyundai…. its said to be a 4 million dollar deal with the Hyundai deal estimated to be 6 million… but given the state of play a good deal.

2] They are also believed to be in advanced talks over bringing one of their four major banks on board fir the new season.

'The best technical players in Europe': The A-League’s bridge to the Balkans


Through provoking… and yes we do need more physical players …

More later just need to finish something.

'The best technical players in Europe': The A-League’s bridge to the Balkans

details sent

Why do some people enjoy rubbishing the Socceroos?


I hugely respect, you’er knowledge, you’er inside information, you’er knowledge of Australian Football history, you’er knowledge of players, and finally you’er knowledge of Football in both its global aspects and its technical aspects. Further you’er deep passion for Australian Football.

Having said the above, and acknowledging Australian Football still has a way to go to reach anywhere nears its potential…

My issue is at some point all businesses need a fall back starting position.

By this I mean, from where we are and how we are structured we should improve…

IMO we have reached this point, where we have for better or worst a spilt between FA & APL, we have IMO two capable leaders in DT & JJ… we have the best media deal we have ever had and IMO for the first time ever we have a workable plan to connect to the broader Football family…

I think you don’t see it the same as me… thats OK…

My issue is within the Australian environment over recent decades getting to a perfect starting point is impossible if for no other reason than there are two many perfect starting points.

I think its time for everyone to get behind the game and work from within to improve… its not a time any more to be constantly pointing to perceived errors… not don’t be critical but just maybe in an analysis look to why decision have been made as well… and how these can be improved…

Love your thoughts…

Why do some people enjoy rubbishing the Socceroos?