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Promotion and regulation: Timing is the issue

My reading of the tea leaves is the burning question of when and under what circumstances do we introduce promotion and relegation? There are three broad camps: first after 2034 when existing club licenses expire (but even in the current arrangements promotion and relegation is allowed), second after both Division 1 and 2 have stabilised […]

I hope Wonderland returns to its best but its a decision that needs to be made by their fans… each one individually ….

the leaders of the various groups need to step up or not step up …

Will be interesting to watch…

It's time Wanderers fans proved they're the best in Australia


I had a little to do with how the Northern Spirit connected to the player base… essentially its was thu regional associations….

Its not hard in the sense that each club has a committee normally of volunteers of somewhere between say 5 & 10 with a chair person … they run the local park team appoint coaches get the canteen opened, nets set up taken down etc.

These committees where what was used by the Northern Spirit to connect to the player base, and the connection to these committees was via the regional association and the regional association encouraged their park teams to follow first the Northern Spirit and in turn the NSL

How A-League clubs should spend Tony Sage’s predicted $80m windfall

Puts on helmet and awaits those who don’t look with unbiased eyes to rubbish.

The Northern Beaches is one of the few areas in Sydney where rugby both league and union is king.

Players numbers and street talk on and around the Norther Beaches is massive for the rugby codes…

This results in players being immersed in local pride and belief far more than any other team in Sydney … this has always had an effect and made Brookie a fortress…

Never underestimate the effect of games of touch on the beaches and beach grass areas and the talk and pride in the local shops … this does effect players and add a good coach …

How the hell are the Sea Eagles contenders again?

Gonna be difficult to get a reasonable crowd against some of those teams in big stadiums … maybe some games to Tassie & NT …. Nepal & Chinese Taipei in smaller stadiums where they don’t normally get to see the national team…

First Socceroos 2022 FIFA World Cup qualifying fixtures revealed

HHHHmmmm Johnny Warren, Les Murray , Craig Foster all have said similar things especially Johnny Warren so I guess you are right its glib, and you would never play the player always the issue.

Its actually on record how Perth Glory thu Nick Tana, and The Northern Spirit directly approached local regional associations and they were crowd wise quite successful in the NSL. But to the best of my knowledge they have been the only teams that have done this as a core of their marketing.

But back to the issue on P & R, I am happy to debate the timing introduction, and my preference is 4 to 7 years, and that time is used to develop both the infrastructure and the Football market down to a Div 2 / Div 2 maturity.

I don’t believe it exists today, but the potential to develop it quickly is certainly there as we have both a huge player base and huge general support for Football. Thus my 4 to 7 year timetable with lots of planning.

How A-League clubs should spend Tony Sage’s predicted $80m windfall

No one today or very few are arguing with you its difficult to find anyone not wanting P & R.

The devil is how and how quickly it can be introduced … and working on the creation of a Football market.

I guess there are three schools of through on P & R.

1. start from say 2020 when a second division is introduced, no barriers simply first past the post.
2. development of the second division and within a 4 to 7 year time span introduce P & R. An ad-junk to both 1 & 2 is as proposed by the Knights is you both win and also met A-League selection criteria.
3. development of Football in general with P & R in a 12 to 15 year span.

Personally I go with 2 but am happy to debate 1 & 3.

However and underlining all this are two critical things that need doing, first is connecting to the player base something no administration has done ever, and second is to create the infrastructure to a level where a div 2 side can move to div 1. Both these things are needed IMO to hhhmmmm broaden / liven up or whatever the Football market.

Simply saying P & R is akin to shouting a slogan … as I said I am in favour of the introduction in a 4 to 7 year time frame … and am happy to debate why … but I see connection to the player base as an essential first step…

How A-League clubs should spend Tony Sage’s predicted $80m windfall


In the new order of things we as many including yourself have said are in changing times as we move from fixed time set box viewing to variable screens and variable times viewing.

Hal will be no different and given the demographic of our fans then looking to what works with say the under 35’s as opposed to what works with the over 50’s is critical… however the over 50’s control the interpretation of whats working and they in general look to traditional methods and IMO we need to have a very broad approch.

The following link from The 2019 Global Video Trends Report, by cloud video specialists Grabyo, has highlighted that younger generations are increasingly favouring digital and social video content over linear broadcast TV.

At the bottom of the link the full article is available… its not Football specific but IMO very much applies to Football and Basketball in Australia more than traditional sports.

How A-League clubs should spend Tony Sage’s predicted $80m windfall

Where to start and what to say.

First of all a decent article and helps with being positive about our future. As a side note Mark Ella [ he is a former rugby union international and considered one of their greats] has look at the A-League / FFA separation and has given it huge praise saying rugby should move this way as well…

We have had three new starts in Football, the NSL, the A-League and now today a rebirth of the A-League.

We have new board operating under new governance procedures, its expected the A-League will grow to 14 teams reasonably quickly, with 16 teams talked about, a second division looks to be coming, former NSL clubs and FFA in open / positive / discussion about future directions.

The A-League will separate from FFA which should result in both being run better as they can focus on very specific areas.

So lets move forward, at some point we have to say we have arrived lets move on… the new Hal is different from the old Hal and the new FFA will be different from the old FFA.

I have always …… always and forever said our answer lies with the player base..

The question of questions is how does Hal connect to the player base… the answer is via the regional association and thu them the park teams they represent…

Marketing folk will tell you that when you market to people who already have an interest in what you do it has a higher success rate than say a scatter gun approach on TV advertising, why in many ways google and facebook are raking in billions in advertising revenue.

How to connect to the regional associations and their park teams is the billion dollar puzzle … solve this puzzle and Australian sport will change overnight.

My two cents worth after reading the Tea Leafs and Tarot Cards is direct connection between associations and Hal clubs followed up by some clever youtubes with maybe some TV advertising but this is in support of an online youtube focus.

How A-League clubs should spend Tony Sage’s predicted $80m windfall


Agree 10000000% on youth development

How A-League clubs should spend Tony Sage’s predicted $80m windfall


thats not a bad lisit

Confirmed: David Gallop stepping down as FFA CEO

Nem for the new CEO

Are Sydney FC just trying to annoy their A-League opposition?


R U happy with the choice of coach

Are Sydney FC just trying to annoy their A-League opposition?


The Seoul Brothers will make an impact both playing in the K league and at great ages as well they are Kim Eun-Sun and Lee Sang-ho. They got caught drink driving and have been fired by their clubs…

Sun a 6 and Ho a roving attacking mid this is a vid of Lee Sang Ho… he is quick and good ball control.. We are in the process of getting clearance from their clubs the K-League and FIFA..

Also talk of a striker from one of the Balkan states not sure which one I think Croatia

Are Sydney FC just trying to annoy their A-League opposition?


So you thinks South Gosford FC are a chance this season….

The Seoul Brothers and the ginger wall may have a say in the proceedings…

Stevie C impresses me if I am honest, did his time, was a reasonable player and bled’s sky blue ..

I think for once if the rumours are right, we have taken a SFC player to the Coast, watch this space..

Are Sydney FC just trying to annoy their A-League opposition?


Great interview with Tony Sage …

Enjoy …

Promotion and regulation: Timing is the issue


You have my vote.

The point of highlighting the Knights white paper is that as I see it it bridges the gap between the two camps who want the same thing except have different pathways to get their.

Promotion and regulation: Timing is the issue

The advantage of the MK’s system is it allows for the second division to be capitalised and for investors to fund and develop football better than any other structure I have read about in The Australian context.

Promotion and regulation: Timing is the issue

Great article mate and those stats about viewing numbers and revenue are amazing

Finally, football is becoming everyone's game

hehehe hahaha think you are spot on …

But we have perfect examples before us on how to do it with the Great Waste of Space and the Fold Coast.

An independent A-League: Who will the casualties be?

Looser’s will be negative people especially the media

An independent A-League: Who will the casualties be?

Casualties will be anyone stuck in thinking the way to run the league is to copy / mirror AFL & NRL formats.

The winners are those wanting change.

The disappointed will be those wanting it to happen overnight.

Middy’d predication, crowds and ratings to lift, Gallop to resign and or be replaced by a more Football knowledgeable person as the role of FFA will change to a more specific national issues and national teams focus which are not his strong suit.

Finally me thinks P & R could happen within 5 years … yep within 5 years or within five years of Gallop going…

As an aside Gallop IMO has coped the blame for much of the decision making of the previous board… this is not excusing him or saying he is great … more the problem was the previous board not its CEO… having said the role of FFA will change and this means FFA need a very knowledgeable Football person…

An independent A-League: Who will the casualties be?


No one starts as a hard core rusted on … it develops over time… so getting new people to games is important as a percentage will stay …

FFA reaches in-principle agreement for independent A-League

you could also add

Mile Jedinak
Mitchell Duke
Alex Wilkinson
Danny Vukovic
Storm Roux
Lachlan Wales

FFA reaches in-principle agreement for independent A-League

Let’s hope so

FFA reaches in-principle agreement for independent A-League


Think you are right

FFA reaches in-principle agreement for independent A-League