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How the FFA can expand successfully


One reason NSL players hhhhmmmm were arguably more Football focused was because the European migrant Dads trained them… since around the early 80’s our migrant mix has changed we no longer have tens of thousands of Football Dads to run training.

Very often the coach today is the person who can get off work and often with little Football knowledge …

The asset those European Dads brought to our shores is still there but in much smaller supply…

How the FFA can expand successfully

Great article and some great memories

How the '80s made football my life


As of today you could buy 7 for under 100 million.

I don’t believe the broadcasters will have the balance sheets and or revenue streams to pay sports…

Only Optus & Telstra will be in a position to bid IMO in large dollars…

Feeling sorry for out of work A-League players? Don’t


I feel very much the same way….the PFA have never been into reality…. way back after the 97 WCQ lost to Iran, Craig Foster lead the players on demanding massive increases in match payments…

His argument was we play … now aside from the one game every four years in those days the Socceroos did not draw huge crowds….

The PFA won and the then Soccer Australia could no longer afford to play internationals… this is arguably a crude way of putting it as Foster believed the money issues with SA where of their own making largely and why should the players suffer because of inept management.

But the PFA effectively shut down the Socceroo’s… for regular games…

Feeling sorry for out of work A-League players? Don’t

Nice article, we are used to recovery but I hope it does not get to that.

The A-League: Crusader moment or resurrection?

My gut tells me the traditional broadcasters will struggle…. fox subscriptions will fall and FTA ad revenue will fall.

The traditional broadcasters have high fixed costs and I think will be bleeding money today.

My reading is Telco’s will emerge as the new broadcasters and it will start with the smaller codes and Football…

E-games will grow even stronger …. and they are IMO the biggest worry traditional codes have…

The future of Australian sport Part 1: Bigger isn’t better

it was

How the 1970s made me a football tragic


If you can get hold of it… Netflicks made a series about how Football evolved to professional teams …. its an unbelievable series over 6 one hour shows…. in the background the whole time is the FA cup.

How the 1970s made me a football tragic

Another favourite of mine was the Craig Johnson goal in Liverpool winning the FA cup .

How the 1970s made me a football tragic


Only just saw this amazing article… like you the FA cup was one of the things that got me hocked on Football..

Some years ago in an interview by Matthew Johns [ of Newcastle RL fame]. Matthew like his brother also played Football in Newcastle and anyone who knows the Hunter / Newcastle will tell you people support both codes.

Anywho, Matthew was asked about influences in developing his RL career and he gave a couple of Football references… and the interviewer asked would he have enjoyed playing Football instead of league. He said we he was starting out Football was in one of its bad times so he choose league… He added but he would swap his NRL grand final and premiership medals for and FA cup medal.

How the 1970s made me a football tragic


Agree and would add, will key sponsors and networks survive …

The US in particular could be in for a reset as they have between Basketball, Baseball, Gridiron and Hockey over 100 teams with mega budgets… and most are privately owned ..

Equally Football world over, has maybe 200 plus huge clubs on huge budgets but in competitions I think and don’t quote me but 153 professional leagues … average out say 20 teams a league over 3, 000 clubs…

Interesting times indeed… but I repeat sporting clubs will survive … but the governing bodies and management structures may not…

As sport goes into lockdown, what do you want to read on The Roar?

Sport will survive of this there is no doubt.

What may fall over is the current structures governing professional sporting bodies.

Leave aside Sydney & Brisbane AFL teams … all other AFL teams if they fall over, when life returns to normal fans will get them going again…

Same if league, the fans will start up the teams…

Football has reinvented itself a number of times…

Only rugby will struggle.

But the CEO’s of major sporting brands, 200K to a million plus per year player contracts will go.

I grow angry at the heads of sporting bodies saying them loosing their jobs is the end of the world as we know it… when in fact many industries in the entertainment area, i.e music, concerts, DJ’s at parties etc museums.

Now there will be new DJ’s and new bands and equally there will be new players and new CEO’s most paid less than today and many in their positions today won’t survive …. however they have no more entitlement to special circumstances than cafe workers and small business owners who could loose their houses…

As sport goes into lockdown, what do you want to read on The Roar?


You make a good point…

Equally it would be hard for sport to play the we are just a sport so help us… why is sport any more entitled than small business owner…

Should the A-League still be on tonight?

If I am reading the tea leafs correctly… Fox wanta use this as a way of cancelling contracts….

Some leadership from the top would help with a simple statement from government saying contracts can’t be cancelled because of forced closure caused in these times…

Should the A-League still be on tonight?


A-League and national codes' stubbornness shows where priority lies in Australian sport

Something tells me that the AFL & Football have the structures and survival instincts to be standing at the end.

Personally two effects not mentioned in the article are E-Games and squad sizes…

I can see a huge rise in E-games and the worlds biggest E-games are Football, Gridiron & Basketball … I think Basketball & Football E-games will steer some [I said some] fans from AFL & Rugby to either Basketball or Football. They will also help keep up an interest in those codes.

Squad sizes is a huge advantage to Football, teams can get bye of 23 players and I think they are allowed to go down to 21 and my guess if needed squads to be reduced to 18, and draw upon youth leagues.

Just on Rugby management, I think people are totally under estimating how good an operator R Castle is …her biggest issue in the next broadcast deal is how healthy will be various bidders be… Only Optus & Telstra have the business models / structures that will have lots of cash available. Others may also be on their knees …

How well are the football codes placed to bounce back from COVID-19?


You could be right …. Cameron Smith the captain of the Melbourne Storm RL team gave quite a logical reason for the season closure I heard it tonight .

FFA suspends grassroots football as Wellington Phoenix head to Australia

An old business adage goes something like this, to succeed, be first, be smart or cheat.

Being first IMO is smart as others will follow, especially indoor games …

JJ to date has impressed me, his idea of finishing the competition within five weeks including finals is also smart as more than likely Hal will get to broadcast its entire season thereby protecting broadcast revenue streams…

FFA suspends grassroots football as Wellington Phoenix head to Australia

Simple economics will apply to lots of sports and whether they want to admit or not yet salaries will be reduced.
Fox can’t show sport…. subscriptions fall…
Even if Fox wanted to, they will not have the money to pay their contracts.
Ditto FTA, without games and advertising revenue ….
Betting sponsorship’s … no games to bet on no income. … similar to most other sponsorship’s.
Crowd revenue gone.
E-games who already have a huge following will increase their market share.
This has the potential to do long term damage… to all traditional sporting codes.
Given how small business is hurting and tourist towns it would be a brave government that agree to bale out a sporting code.
Maybe today if I was NRL & Rugby I would be approaching Gridiron in the US to see if they could in some way modify one of the Gridron games to a rugby format, the list of games is
AFL, should also look to quickly developing an E-game …. to help hold fans.
Football has an E-game … and me thinks a huge shift to it may occur.
If this goes for over two seasons it will get very interesting.

When life’s great distractor can no longer distract

From FFA

What happens if there's no more A-League?


TV revenue, sponsors, crowd revenue are all up for discussion but its hard to see revenue not being affected.

Stadium hire in Australia is normally long term and service providers at stadiums who often pay huge up front fees …..

Then the clubs, players, coaches, back room staff, ongoing leasing and rental costs.

I doubt there is a code that can survive a prolonged break….

Rugby Australia according to Ch 9 have approached the federal government saying they can’t survive and seeking funding…. with NZ closing its boarders and South Africa in somewhat of a state of chaos with large numbers of poor in slum type conditions its uncertain when Super Rugby will start again.

I think the A-League maybe able to play games at almost local grounds and hire in some lights… to reduce costs… many regional association teams have decent playing surfaces…

If games are not played then its obvious Fox will loose subscribers, and given the money they owe AFL, NRL, Cricket and other sports Fox won’t have funds to meet their obligations…

Its going to be an interesting time and I highly doubt given other issues if governments will bale out sport to anywhere near current revenue levels.

Very much a wait and see… interesting in many countries pubs and cafes are being forced to close … so the idea that sport could win over small business and the bush fires for relief funding is IMO unlikely ..

Would make a great general sports article Mike …

What happens if there's no more A-League?


Just saw this article my time on the Roar has lessened over recent years.

Great work and I will comment more latter…

A discussion on potential broadcast rights structure for the A-League


Australian sport in doubt as government advises against large public gatherings - from Monday

TWAS how I replied…. as for Man U tis always a conflict for me as my two teams in England have always been LFC 1, and Man U 2…. from the Big Match I liked both sides… usual I know…

Interesting topic is how many current Liverpool players would make the Man U treble side… for me only 3… DDV, Mo & Mane….

How will the A-League weather the coronavirus storm?