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100% the right thing to do… we have been calling forever to have international breaks…

The A-League's World Cup break: The right move or a missed opportunity?

In todays smh and I assume across fairfax is a an article by a journalist of Australia’s top books 25 books over the last 25 years… I guess in the journalist’s opinion.

I read the list and was gobsmacked at the number of books sold in the millions on the NY Times best seller lists and some made into movies and TV soaps overseas.

What it highlighted to me is how our media in general is very closed to anything outside very small windows…. I never knew some of these vary famous things were written by Australians..

Football fits into this as well, get away say AFL, NRL & Cricket and the knowledge by the media falls off…. and there is little interest shown… by people who work in the media…

The Australian media while there is some recent change IMO poorly reflects the face of Australia, if I catch the train at Central Station in Sydney…. and then watch the news or Australia media … there is little in common between Central Station and our MSM….

IMO that many in the media be it they are scared to rock the boat… or caught up in their own world don’t wanta go outside their little bubble…

The last non SBS, non Football journalist, who IMO actually had a keen interest in Football was a radio sports broadcaster way way back called Peter Bosely who ran on 2UE a nightly sports show… he was a journalist and not a former player.

The ABC IMO has developed over time an AFL bias soooooooooooo huge and sooooooooo obvious I have stopped watching offsiders …

Its a chicken and egg thing… the challenge for Football is to generate general interest… but its hard when achievements go largely unreported outside the Football world…

Read something some time back about the size and reach of Football world wide…. I find it curious how sporting journalist with little to no Football knowledge, often with a distain towards Football, seem to want to apply their chosen sport systems to Football …. and then because Football falls outside their sports system… somehow Football should change…

In closing I watch and study the MLS, as the position of Football in the US market is somewhat similar [but much worst] than in Australia… The MLS gave up on MSM some time ago and develop a lot of their content… maybe its time via Keepup we do the same…

The Socceroos have just reminded Australia of how much we love them

BTW sent a reply but had a youtube so who knows when it will appear

Brandon O'Neill is the latest player in the A-League's contract conundrum

For me the broadcast share was interesting only 24% for FTA…

The MLS as I am sure you are aware two days ago signed a in todays terms a very unique deal with Apple…

In brief, Apple pay MLS 250 million per year for 10 years for the streaming rights…. MLS so there own production estimated to be between 50 to 60 million per year…. so a net figure of say 200 million..

However MLS can onsell there matches to other broadcasters… i.e FOX, ESPN & Univision all traditional Football broadcasters… no one is sue what this will bring in…. however all three have expressed an interest in buying some games… Apple have no restriction on what and how many games can be sold by the MLS to existing domestic broadcasters.

Then Apple & MLS have agreed to create a subscription business… and over a non disclosed subscription number will share with Apple new subs…. and this applies to both domestic games in the US and overseas….

The MLS have said sports broadcasting future is subscription numbers and have essentially future growth in revenue above the 200 million to streaming… further MLS have said sports broadcasting relying on advertising certainty FTA and to a lessor extent cable will experience a decline as streaming increases its market share….

The upshot is Apple & MLS believe the change in viewing patterns will shift to streaming…

Youtube on the deal by MLS.

Brandon O'Neill is the latest player in the A-League's contract conundrum

Not big enough for a full topic but very interest…

Relevant… the vid is very relevant to our future…

Streaming captured record share of total TV time (31.9%) in the U.S. during the month of May.

The pie chart in the vid will interest many…

Brandon O'Neill is the latest player in the A-League's contract conundrum

Hey guys Midfielder here and have always believed you should go for a local domestic competition.

You may find the following interesting to your current position, also maybe not, …

To the point the MLS in the US has just signed a new deal with Apple for a 10 year broadcast for 2.5 billion with MLS spending around 50 million of that producing’s its own games …

That just the start of the deal and the way its structured could be of interest for any new domestic you develop.

Base Figure from Apple………… 250 million

Less MLS Production Costs… ….50 Million

Net Starting position ……………….200 million

Plus Sale to other Broadcasters ????? [USA based, Fox, ESPN, Univison]

Plus % shares of Sub’s growth … ????

Plus % shares of Apple O/S sales . ???

This now comes down to MLS & Apple being able to grow the game both in numbers and subscription fee charges. In a sense with inflation you would expect the base value of the streaming fee increasing and MLS would benefit from this.

Mega incentive for MLS to grow subscriptions…

Youtube on the deal if interested… is this the way sport is going to go…

Rugby News: RA threatens to quit Super Rugby, Skelton 'hurt' by England tour snub, Ella feted as Cook Cup name axed


Only made a handful of posts in months.

Many posts I made never got published and some articles never got published.

One day it reached when I think four posts in a row went to the Mods… So posted a last post saying I was gone for a while.

Enough with the Socceroos niceties. Cop that, Peru!

They are becoming an Asian powerhouse … maybe better than Iran…

Enough with the Socceroos niceties. Cop that, Peru!

Don’t forget tonight at 11:00 the U 23 player a semi final in the U 23 Asia Cup… broadcast live on Paramount and I think 10 play

Enough with the Socceroos niceties. Cop that, Peru!


Enough with the Socceroos niceties. Cop that, Peru!

Apologies in advance as I am sure my word skills we fail me on this post.

Craig Foster, has led the charge over the years for Australia to be far more technical and rely less on speed, strength and fitness.

Ange tried to play a more technical game than many before him.

Arnold, seems to say, this is the squad, these are their skills. This is how to play to get the best out of this squad.

Until at under 9, and up to under 18, we give preference to smaller technical players, and less preference to big strong fast players we won’t solve the issue

Enough with the Socceroos niceties. Cop that, Peru!

Something on some other sites are saying is the Peru keeper had notes written all over his water bottle and Redders noticed this…

When he was in goals next he tossed the bottle with the notes into the Aussie part of the crowd…

Clever if true

The road to Qatar is paved with Grey Wiggles

Maybe not the golden generation …. this is the A-League generation…

Most players in the squad started in the A-League….

Of this we should be very proud….

Shouts out to Graham Arnold, I like so many others questioned his ability….

We beat the 5th placed South American team, away from home… and a side that beat us the last time we played…

Just an aside, Mariners, Roar & AU continue to produce new Socceroos …

'Who are these blokes?' Hopefully, Will Swanton now knows a few World Cup-bound Socceroos

The sadness is not Arnold…. its the inability of FA to both afford and find a decent coach…

Arnold at his best is a good club coach, at the Mariners he was handed by Lawrie McKinna, arguably the best youth team Australian club sport has ever seen [Ryan, Sainsbury, Amini, Oliver Bozanic, Jedi, Pedj,] … plus some very capable support staff… at SFC he had the best squad in a cough cough cough cough cough salary capped league….

But none of this is Arnolds fault…. he is what he is… its who left him in charge and why if money is the answer the inability to raise the necessary funds to replace him…

On the local seen, I can’t think of a single coach who can replace him…

What we have is a complete lack of youth development by most A-L teams, notable exceptions, Mariners, Roar, AU, Jerks…. no youth structures…. allowing clubs to bring in over age and mostly pass it visa players….

Arnold is not the problem…. his appointment being allowed to stay, the lack of any local alternatives is the problem … this is a failure of FA …. Arnold is an example of their failure…

Graham Arnold doesn't know his Socceroos best XI and that is his greatest failure


I did not say do nothing… I said the solutions are complex not simple… many think just a tinker here and a tinker and its fixed….

With a turbulent first season in the books, it’s over to the APL to get football back on track

In a perfect world your points make sense.

However where we are today they are a wishlist, and your wishlist.

Until we accept the solutions to our issues are complex, not simple. Further that there is no magic thing we can do we are doomed to repeat mistakes of the past.

The answer I don’t know, but there are some things as it stands today will not work despite what people want.

With a turbulent first season in the books, it’s over to the APL to get football back on track

Always said I would come back every now and then when something grabbed or interested me.

Stuart, your treatment is not uncommon, and its across all areas, as an example in the past on the old 442 forum & SFC forums to quote an article from this site led to a torrid of abuse.…so much so people stopped posting anything vaguely related to this site.

The active support groups and many in Football have very loud opinions, and are very aggressive… and your response to simply walk away is by light years the common reaction….

Expanding this concept to other areas, like R & P, it is difficult to get a conversation going as the “”” I want it, and I want it now””” overrides other discussions and people simply walk away who generally support things like R & P but have different journeys to get there.

The end results are little is achieved, due to the over-the-top reactions of many….

We could actually learn a lot from the MLS in this regard… they have very similar issues to us but are filling stadiums… and growing…

Stuart, you should come to Gosford…. And support a team with an identity i.e. youth development and community involvement.

As an aside, IMO Lewis Miller should be selected as a right back for the Socceroos…. Also AA still think Monty is a terrible coach….

For those that have not seen it or are aware, our new Chairman / investor Mr Richard Peil, below is a two and half minute vid on why he came to the Mariners and what plans to do.

Say goodbye for a while again…

An A-League Men finals series sans Sydney teams? Pinch me, I’m dreaming!

good on him

Valkanis becomes the latest Australian coach to land a first-team role in Europe


Don’t be…. use this to create change …. the readership of this site is in decline and in part its because its become way way way to cautious…. almost as if it wants to offend no-one ….

Football needs some hard hitting articles that ask difficult questions… and for me this site won’t… however it has always allowed AFL negative posters who have no interest other than to derail….

I will keep reading and wait for change and if it improves come back but not for now…

It was meant to be a week of pride for the A-Leagues, but it has turned to utter embarrassment

Maybe but a human should read what the computer rejects

It was meant to be a week of pride for the A-Leagues, but it has turned to utter embarrassment

LH/Chris/ Buddy

Thanks for the kind words……

Maybe I am having a bad day…

But its by no means the first time my posts have never been published and given my background I am always careful not to put either the site or myself even in close danger of it being challenged…

Seems to me roughly four years ago some major changes with editors and what could be said changed….. the site IMO has gone downhill IMO ever since and IMO without AA and what he brings the Football aspect of this site would struggle…

But its the inability to get first key messages out… secondly as I see it the new editors not being Football knowledgeable and therefore some really great articles get lost and others of low value get well placed….

On balance I am tied of posts going to the mods and published some time latter or not at all…

So for now I am over this site … but good luck in the future….

It was meant to be a week of pride for the A-Leagues, but it has turned to utter embarrassment

Bye All

Part of Football and the excitement of Football is media coverage and in recent history forums were you as an individual can have your say.

I have supported this site since it started maybe written over 50 articles…. many have been the most viewed on the day they were published….

Today I have posted two posts which have gone to the mods as for some reasons my posts do…. neither have been published…

Mods in a declining market, I admire your bravery, what I posted was not bad, no suing could be done…. it may have been hard hitting but I can assure you worst has been said and what I posted will be a major article soon ….

So here we are you refuse to post my posts…. so for me its over…. as my posts were IMO OK….. further I will stop telling people to read and refer to this site…

It was meant to be a week of pride for the A-Leagues, but it has turned to utter embarrassment

Very sad for the game it looks bad …. and whats not being talked about much is Leckie should hve got a second yellow with MC down to 10 for the last counting extra time 15 minutes…

It was meant to be a week of pride for the A-Leagues, but it has turned to utter embarrassment

if this was in India thee would be a police enquiry

Farcical VAR incident overshadows City win over Mariners

Var did its job last night… it ensured MC won….

Farcical VAR incident overshadows City win over Mariners