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What a game

'That was for you, Australia. SEMIS BABY!': Perfect display of why we love the Matildas

Second post and JJ again…


Very long and will post opening bullet points but article is huge including FIFA international breaks…

The Australian football season (29 October 2021 – 28 October 2022) is designed to unite the game at all levels – organising domestic football over 52 weeks
For the first time, A-League and Westfield W-League will break for Men’s and Women’s FIFA International Windows
‘Transfer windows’ enable the registration of players for all applicable competitions in alignment with FIFA requirements
The Men’s season will commence with the A-League opening the 2021/22 season and finish with the FFA Cup Final as the last match of the season
The Women’s season will commence with the Westfield W-League and finish with the NPL Women’s Finals Day
NPL competitions to align finish dates across the country to maximise connection with an NPL Finals weekend for NPL Men’s and NPL Women’s respectively
A placeholder for the National Second Tier (NST) competition as an important first step towards bringing this competition to life

Danny Townsend and James Johnson are the best management team in Australian sport

Two bits of news coming outta of FA today…

JJ is slowly moving things…

First posts…. more in the article…

Football Australia adds national second tier to football pyramid in calendar restructure

he introduction of a national second tier has taken a significant step forward with Football Australia inserting a placeholder for the competition into the nation’s domestic football calendar for 2021-22.

The new schedule will be unveiled on Friday and will see an aligned Australian football pyramid played year-round through 2021-22, beginning with the A-League season on Oct. 29 and concluding with the FFA Cup final on Oct. 28, 2022.

Football Australia will also introduce other reforms for the international breaks and to the National Premier Leagues (NPL).

The women’s season will commence with the 2021-22 W-League, before ending on Sept. 25, 2022 with a newly nationally aligned conclusion to the country’s state-based National Premier League Women’s (NPLW) seasons.

The men’s equivalent of those games will occur on Sept. 11; the new “finals days” ensuring that NPL’s season across the country will align to conclude on a uniform date — part of Football Australia’s push to greater connect the game across the country, raise the competitions’ profile and, it hopes, increase their prestige and value over time.

Envisioned as running largely in parallel with these NPL competitions, the placeholder dates for the second-tier competition — previously mooted to be called the Championship — have been pencilled in to commence in January 2022 and conclude in May.

However, with a final model still to be settled and more consultation needed, this timeframe may shift when the federation seeks to commence a formal competition in the following years.

“The placeholder is an important first step towards the creation of [a national second tier],” said FA CEO James Johnson. “[It allows] for its ongoing development and, subject to finalisation of the model, can be adjusted within the [domestic football calendar] framework.”

A Football Australia spokesperson confirmed to ESPN that the competition remained a priority to the federation, while its chairman Chris Nikou declared in May that he was “expecting [an NSD model] to come to the Football Australia board in the second half of this year, and I’d love to see a second division up for the 2023 season.”

Danny Townsend and James Johnson are the best management team in Australian sport


Two questions,

1] Blown our minds in a good way or a bad way…

2] R U suggesting WU wanta purchase and upgrade the M Knights stadium… and further there could be a relationship forming…

Someone needs to be accountable for Western United's embarrassing stadium fiasco

Thats Popa’s style … ie functional…

Melbourne set for Victory in the A-League under coach Popovic

Waz & Others

What has not been talked about to date with APL is overseas sales.

In the DT interview he speaks of the number of countries taking the A-L…. further I have read in an APL doc that overseas sales are expected to be 2 to 4 mill but they think that figure will grow to much larger in the next few years.

I can only assume negotiations are ongoing, however I am looking forward to seeing this play out as Fox seemed to a lot of control over this…

Danny Townsend and James Johnson are the best management team in Australian sport


Very true i.e 13 mill V 40 mill seems a tad low…. and if you add FA … 100 mill over 3.5 years say 30 mill per year thats 70 mill…

However I would point out that the NBL is not critical in Fox moving forward … Today Football is to CBS…

Further and as most are aware, this media deal was completed following 3 to 5 years of a civil war that resulted in undeliverable negativity about Australian Football… rating and crowds in free fall..with many predicating if we wanted to be broadcast we would have to pay the broadcaster.

I know its very early, in lets say the reboot …. I have never in my lifetime seen a combination of things like we have now… First we have knowledgeable Football people in charge, Second neither are connected to old war games, third both are or appear to date very competent, fourth the media deal on FTA and Paramount is by light years squared the best media deal we have ever had. Fifth both JJ & DT have detailed plans moving forward and these plans are largely set not for debate,

In brief, Australian Professional Football, has never been in a position where we have Knowledge, Independent, Football people supported by a FTA commercial broadcaster were Football is also critical to them.

All this backed up by a 30 million dollar investment in the development of the game.

If anyone say six months ago wrote that this would be our position today they would have been attacked for being so inept…

Sometimes, mate, some unexpected people just get it right…

The challenge now is to take advantage of this position,

Danny Townsend and James Johnson are the best management team in Australian sport

astute post mate and lets hope we can unite together this time

Danny Townsend and James Johnson are the best management team in Australian sport

My title was changed by the mods …

Danny Townsend and James Johnson are the best management team in Australian sport

Thanks Para + Ten

Never in my lifetime have I heard plans to finally connect to the player so well advanced and through out..

Danny Townsend and James Johnson are the best management team in Australian sport


As always astute observations …

Agree with your analogy re as you said “””
You’ve had football people in charge and non football people in charge, but I’ve never seen a period where you have knowledgeable football people in charge, talking about creating a wholistic football environment, backed up by a broadcaster, with as it stands today a commitment to growing the game.
Best chance ever structure wise IMO for football to progress in Australia.”“”

The proof will be in what can be delivered and how people react to it as you said… but never in my lifetime have we been so well set up to achieve..

Also and I keep stressing his discussion on IT and AI was IMO very insightful and is light years ahead of any other code in Australia.

I suggest for anyone that has not to listen to the DT link in the article… for ease I will link it here again… its very very very very long… the first say 16 minutes is on the CBS media deal and the last 30 minutes covers lots of areas but does say how they plan to do things and for me its very impressive…

Very well worth the listen if you have not…

Danny Townsend and James Johnson are the best management team in Australian sport


Massive respect for both your knowledge and passion… however DT has delivered the A-L IMO its best ever media deal Football has ever had in Australia, at a time when many believed Football would have to pay a broadcaster to even show the games. He convinced the owners to invest 30 million into developing a kinda one shop web site for Football fans… which is the centre piece to his fan engagement plans….

Further he has put the fan at the core of everything he is doing….

The two stand outs for me are first he has made Football critical to CBS in Australia and second he has put the fan and connecting to the fans at the core of A-L development… aside from Perth Glory under Nick Tana no one else has ever done this and IMO its been the bleeding obvious thing to do for years.

It may still all fail and the investment lost and CBS tear up the contract for lack of performance… lets hope not… also an as an aside my second vid is an interview between Lucy & DT on SBS… the first two maybe three minutes are interesting… Lucy praised DT in a way no other Football person aside from Lowy at the start …. whether or not he succeeds he seems to have the Australian Football media support … as I said something JON, Buckley & Gallop never had…

Danny Townsend and James Johnson are the best management team in Australian sport

Mariners were actually “The Northern Spirit” relocated to the Coast

Danny Townsend and James Johnson are the best management team in Australian sport


Please watch the vid, DT goes into massive detail pertaining to your post.

Danny Townsend and James Johnson are the best management team in Australian sport

Just on streaming, DT as I suggested above to me is light years ahead of his rivals in other codes… I lack the word skill to compress what he says in his interview into a couple of paragraphs … watch the first vid and that will demonstrate why.

But back to streaming, 7Mate are putting out some amazing stats regarding the Olympics and streaming numbers.

How we measure sports is now changing…. personally I don’t know the solution.

But put simply, FTA TV rating will remain measured as they do now… however streaming will be very different and the two best examples are 7Mate and Optus both have massive view numbers…

How do you measure a view as a view could be 1 second or the entire match, and some will come in and out of a stream just to get the score… and many will watch multi events at the same time or even mix sport with E-games.

Meaning the traditional methods of measuring subscriptions is meaningless today.

DT seems to understand this and has plans around it. Again see the first vid

Danny Townsend and James Johnson are the best management team in Australian sport

Why do I think they are the best management team in Australia.

First they are both Football people with lots of knowledge of Football.

JJ first, the women’s world cup, advance talks on an Australian transfer systems, advanced talks pertaining to a second tier hopefully leading to a second division and in time P & R.

DT, watch the first vid OK OK its very long 46 minutes long… watch especially from the 16 minute mark … he has a clearly identified plan to connect to the player base and the Football watcher who does not watch the A-League… his discussion regarding IT & AI and this becoming arguably our major source of funding is jaw dropping…

Given aside from FTA TV ratings, the existing rule book for streaming is meaningless…. DT has a plan to develop income streams and partnership light years ahead of the other codes heads.

The TV deals…. the Fox deal for 12 teams was 60 million per year… this new combined deal is 70 million per year…. but more importantly Football has become critical to TEN and for the first time ever we have a commercial FTA partner where Football is a major investment for them…

If you have time watch the first vid in full …..

AS an aside in my practice, I have some clients very much into sporting systems analysis …. they say DT is a real threat to other codes …. they have said if he can actually do what he speaks about in the vid he will forever change sport in Australia…

Danny Townsend and James Johnson are the best management team in Australian sport

good post

A 2-0 win over Argentina! Is that Arnie's best-ever result?

One day and I hope soon this will happen Grem

A 2-0 win over Argentina! Is that Arnie's best-ever result?

wow wow wow

This maybe somewhat controversial..


I really feel this win deep within my soul… this win and the skill the players showed and the coaching staff showed was all developed in the A-League.

Way back in say 2005 to say 2008 / 9, the constant theme was we are not developing players…

The Mariners in 2005 announced grand plans for a training academy equal to anything in the world and called it .. “”” The Mariners Centre of Excellence””” or COE for short.

Around 2009 / 10 we introduced the Dutch training system and at some stage Pim came in and added to it.

All the players aside from our Scottish boy trained and were developed under this system..

EQUALLY so was Arnold, and all his coaching staff… Arnold first at the Mariners and then at East Sydney FC….

The Arnold pre Mariners and East Sydney is a shadow of the coach he is now…

Pim said it would take 15 years before we started to see the benefits…

I am so so so so so proud of this win..

But unlike big wins before when player skills where often developed overseas clubs… this was a fully local effort…

I remember a long term poster who changes his call name to support whoever is the broadcast partner… but KB as he was know back then argued long and hard we had to be patient…

Mike as to your question … this is to date Arnolds greatest victory…

But equally I feel I also kinda own this victory…

A 2-0 win over Argentina! Is that Arnie's best-ever result?


Brilliant and I feel its our victory as most of the players started or are still in the A-L… this is the result of a 12 year starting hhhhmmmm 2008 in proper in 2010 of the Dutch training system….

I am so proud and so proud of all the A-L current and past players…

Finally go the Coastie boy …

'Tonight we shocked the world': How Arnie's Olyroos rocked Argentina

I can hardly wait to the A-L has transfer fees … development clubs like the Mariners will get revenue for players developed to even out the budget variances…

The A-League's transfer carousel of concern

Thanks for the article … would not have known…. not showing on Sevens program guide … a mistake I guess …

Good to see us against NZ … will be a tough game but the easiest game me thinks we have

Prime-time Matildas set to kick off Olympic extravaganza against ancient rival

Its hard to see us getting out and the fall since Staj was sacked is alarming…

Seriously, how stacked is Spain? Frightening prospect facing Olyroos in Tokyo


Which coach, current or prior…

Seriously, how stacked is Spain? Frightening prospect facing Olyroos in Tokyo


Great to see …. me thinks under Danny Townsend & JJ we are in great hands and I am loving how the deal with CBS is working out…

Western United sign John Aloisi as manager, but why?