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To sack the most successful Australian coach of all time.

Must be something huge me thinks FFA should release more details

Without specific knowledge tis impossible to comment other than assume it was or is the right thing to do.

To me rumours will start and it would better for all concerned to release a statement with more details

Matildas coach Alen Stajcic sacked, five months before World Cup

He is at every home game and such a nice bloke …

Active support works best when it actually involves support

Mike & the Forum … our greatest fan Banksy addressed the squad the day before our win… many are putting this incredible mans speech as to what fired up the players …

Mike as this is a fans article… Banksy would be no matter what team he followed be considered a great fan…

If you listen to the entire speech and read the captions underneath you will understand.

Enjoy …

Active support works best when it actually involves support

Astute article Mike, balanced and questioning…

Consider the Home Ends challenge in Australia many things around them but don’t want similar analysis of themselves….

Active support works best when it actually involves support

Slightly off topic …. but quite apt pertaining to this article..

On the Mariners forum our CEO posted the following today..

Hi everyone

I thought I would get on the front foot here as many knew that yesterday we were meeting the FFA who came to the match. David Gallop, Greg O’Rourke and a couple other senior management came to the match met with the Council as well pre-game. The discussions were open and honest with a view to walk through some of the long term prospects for the club and the Central Coast. Key topics were: the Stadium, the COE, W-League, potential new CCM board members, a general club update and how to bring these altogether.

This meeting was requested by Mike Charlesworth who had met with everyone separately on his last visit and when he is back in a couple weeks intends to follow up with everyone to keep progress on some key topics. This was a very positive set of meetings and allowed the FFA to meet the new council and additional topics such as Matildas games, E-league and plenty more was all discussed. It was great to get strong support from the FFA and council, whilst much of what was discussed is still in conceptual stages this gives us the confidence to progress concepts into formal long term collaborative strategies which was the purpose of bringing everyone together.

Please know we will look to make announcements to members as things become concrete and we are working hard to turn idea’s and opportunities into realities that will help the club grow faster. There is no sense in talking publicly about things we are considering, get hopes up and then if they fall through it becomes a negative moment for everyone.

We are looking now at dates that we can host our Family day that was washed out at the start of the season, our aim is to have some key topics progressed by then so we can share them with everyone.

Thanks for everyone who came last night on what is a night that will be remembered. Whilst the crowd figure was small the passion and volume wasn’t – I want to personally thank everyone person to chanted, clapped and stood up last night because it genuinely made a difference.

See you on Sunday

The case for a Moreton Bay A-League bid

Some questions..

Is there another national team???… No

Does it have the right size stadium ??? … appears so .. so Yes…

Stadium Rent … is it affordable ???? if council own it maybe very cheap but I don’t know…

Should be explored in the light of no new funding …

The case for a Moreton Bay A-League bid


I very much enjoy your articles and will miss them…. great news on the ABC job… I wish you well in the future I won’t say good luck as it will be hard work and skill that will make you a success.

Sad to see you go but happy for you at the same time.

Back to the article… me thinks if Leckie gets fit he could be the choice to lead the attack…

An illustrated review of Australia's 3-2 win over Syria, and my last column


Two things, first don’t read and don’t respond to those who should not be mentioned.

Second, you gave a run down of what you believed would be how Football moves forward over the next say 6 to 8 years… has that changed or you still think 32 teams across two divisions, with P & R around the mid 20’s.

Whatever happened to supporting your team no matter what?


Don’t over read what I said, no one is denying the troubles you are talking about.

I have never denied them and often spoke about them.

You on the other hand, seem to what to ignore what constant negativity has and is doing…

Every time its mentioned you attack as if that is the only thing the writer has to say.

Try and run any business that has our media…. for once think more broadly and beyond its all managements fault …

This article is about getting behind your team and in that sense writing about endless social negativity is very apt ….

Again no one is in any way shape or form excusing FFA or club managements its simple if most things said are negative then is really hard to move forward…

Whatever happened to supporting your team no matter what?

Yep… I often say we are at times our own worst enemies …

We have torn the game apart over the last 3 or so years … the civil war for want of a better term has created a sense of negativity around Football in Australia…. seemingly many stories and post are negative ….

Everyone needs to do their part and yes some more than others and yes some managements still need a kick up the backside …

From where I sit and see things its as if anything we say is OK as it does no harm seems to be what is believed … however in time it does have an effect…

Whatever happened to supporting your team no matter what?

Kruse will struggle to get back into the starting 11

Socceroos defeat Palestine 3-0, Sainsbury suspended


yep and even more we looked slow and lost for ideas … In Jamie Mac we have a short very fast striker and Jordan had tall slow defenders yet we played in the air not on the ground or from deep where he could use his pace .

I would start Musty as the 10 in place of Rogic and Irvine instead of Milligan .

Very disappointed in tonight’s performance

Arnie's second coming is off to the worst possible start


Great post

2019 is a big year for Australian football


Not sure if I am right but it seems no FTA for the Socceroos of the Asian Cup.

In lieu of this I have looked at the my football app.

$100.00 for 12 months of all Australian Football if a non Telstra customer and free if you are.

Wonders aloud if the FTA’s have made error of errors.

The my Football app looks amazing value and what it can do has the potential and price to hurt traditional media had.

2019 is a big year for Australian football

we all have our part to play.

2019 is a big year for Australian football


Yep aside from Basketball we have the only world sport full of international programs supported by massive domestic competitions.

2019 is a big year for Australian football

Well said Punter … but tis not as rosy as they think in their homeland… they have some real issues…

2019 is a big year for Australian football

What bad luck for the kid

Boyle to miss Australia's Asian Cup defence

Very impressed and love get many in the box way of playing

Australia smack Oman 5-0, but Asian Cup predictions remain foggy


Keep and eye out for an article I will send in tomorrow, say Tuesday to Thursday if published, tis about Footballs future growth

The developments posing fresh challenges to A-League expansion


That would be music to my ears…. I hope your sources are correct…

The developments posing fresh challenges to A-League expansion


Love your insights, any ideas on team numbers, a second div & P & R.

The developments posing fresh challenges to A-League expansion

Excellent article…

For me this report seems to want to maintain the “Status Que”… essentially no new teams are wanted.

The cost for a start up to hire Suncorp is such that it is difficult to see new teams starting…

IMO beyond inept framing of the report unless it was framed on purpose in the manner it has been.

The developments posing fresh challenges to A-League expansion


One very sick puppy … My suggestion is you don’t read his posts nor react .. I am actually starting to feel sorry for him

Is the A-League ready to be rid of the FFA?

Nice article Mike

All I want for Christmas is a fully-functioning A-League