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I wish him well in the future and me thinks its good for both KM & MV..

Kevin Muscat steps down as Melbourne Victory coach

loved the article Mike and agree with you on how well we run grand finals … pity sometimes is many football posters can so wound up in FIFA models they can’t appreciate a real achievement

This will be the biggest A-League grand final of all time

Excellent post CS my vote for post of the year to date.

Will Raelene Castle survive the Folau scandal?

For me this has nothing to do with religion

Will Raelene Castle survive the Folau scandal?

Come on Glory

This will be the biggest A-League grand final of all time

Not at all I am saying there is a difference between doing something and ending his career … if you hand on heart not the other thing … think the only solution within 24 hours was to say he will be sacked then I accept what you say… but greatly question why other alternatives have not been explored… and their are many other alternatives …

Will Raelene Castle survive the Folau scandal?

From the outside and looking in it seems unreal that a management team can be so incompetent. In football we are use to poor management but how this has blown up is mega beyond mega.

Given the warnings from Fox to both union an football the timing is beyond poor.

For those saying there where no other options that he be sacked within hours I cannot help but say you gotta be kidding.

There where heaps of things they could have done differently and IMO should have.

Cannot understand in any way why such incompetence is being defended

Will Raelene Castle survive the Folau scandal?

The Roar's A-League expert tips and predictions: Grand final


Timely and well argued article..

This is hand on heart not the other thing… when we play the Drive By’s the over policing is beyond the beyond…

TBH I have found the Drive Bys fans, to be close to the best behaved fans .

Union and cricket seem to get away with nothing by the way of this kind of treatment .

Mike please take or write more articles on this.

Mike this may help you, one of my best mates works for the police department in HR and is a hard core rusted on Football fan…. he asked at a senior meeting once why the reaction by the police at A-League matches.

He was given I think quite a detailed answer and its speaks directly to your point.

Some back ground first so I can frame the answer and this was also in the answer my mate received.

Police and stadium management do not want things to get out of control. Reason being something small can lead to something big very quickly. Meaning a small incidence can very easily get out of control accordingly to police training and much of this takes on USA solutions to policing and it based on US training methods. This means if something minor happens even through the likelihood of it developing is small police procedures state stop it. The reason is the police would rather get it wrong 10, 000 times and over react 10, 000 times even more than let what they perceive what could lead to an incidence .

To the Football part of the answer, the perception see Liverpool back in the 80’s and Europe is Football fans riot. Meaning Football fans are Football fans the same the world over.. So the framing of Football is potential major incidents and accordingly if someone farts to loudly its an issue.

Police and stadium management, most stadiums management in Australia take their advise on crowd behaviour from the police and therefore take on the riot and major incidence as Football fans will riot … Most stadiums are managed by former Cricket, AFL, Union & NRL folk who happily agree as it suits their own agenda’s anyway.

The above all comes from senior police in casual conversations with a mate of mine who works in the HR department and for the record why he can get to these police is he is part of the OH&S team and they discuss such things as police safety at stadiums.

As to why other sports don’y get this treatment is because their incidence are not seen as leading to major incidence …

Essentially the belief by police in Australia is Football fans will riot and cause mayhem one day and they will not let that happen.

When is the A-League going to admit it has a problem with policing?


Tonight's A-League semi-final should be a celebration of Perth


I accept what you say if an employee is hurting your brand you should be able to deal with that.

This is where I now bring in my word “extreme” hand on heart not the other thing, don’t you believe there is no other acceptable course of action other than terminating him which effectively he can no longer earn and income aside from maybe selling coffee down at Bondi .

Also he posted this on a social media page and how far can this be taken could for arguments sake if you made a rude joke about a fat person eating to much sugar will coke say no more ads as Geoff is offending sensitive over weight kids and coke withdraw their ads..

Never mind about if code of conduct expends to social media how this could be used to fire people if they upset the wrong person…

By nature I am economically to the right and socially to the left, have not been to church in maybe 50 years …

Yep he posted something many consider wrong… but is that reason to fire him… and your point about sponsors may leave… that opens up all sorts of issues not worth considering…

Australia decides: Who would vote for Izzy?

I like PG, and have huge respect for Nick Tana & Tony Sage both have done a lot for Football and their contribution has been largely ignored by the Eastern media…

Tonight's A-League semi-final should be a celebration of Perth

I was there that day match should have been called off the pitch was terrible…

Tonight's A-League semi-final should be a celebration of Perth


Tonight's A-League semi-final should be a celebration of Perth

What a mess…

For me the punishment is well over the top, The idea you can let sponsors decide what your employees post on social media… FFS that’s beyond extreme… Where the extreme left and extreme right agree… I always worry…

The extreme right don’t do anything that can effect our profits…. the extreme left totally destroy this persons career because we don’t agree with his personal views if he expresses them…

I find this beyond scary

Colin Kaepernick in USA gridiron took a knee during the singing of the national anthem for “Black Life’s Matter”” his contract has not been renewed in spite of his ranking and he has been attacked by many for expressing his personal view.

Our own Julian, is in jail with the USA trying to get him for what in previous times he would be admired and praised … but the left because of Clinton and the right because of the war drops want to jail him for life.

There where and are plenty of other ways this could have been handled… lets not forget some legal stuff like does a code of conduct now over ride or can be enforced in employment law…

I don’t agree at all with what he posted… but the reaction by those wanting his head scares the hell [no pun intended] out of me…

Australia decides: Who would vote for Izzy?

The ratings for this match are off the planet across the world and i have watched highlights in Russian, Arabic , Italian, German, Chinese …

Tis so sad some people can come in from AFL, and try to pretend its not what it is…


Liverpool stun Barcelona to reach Champions League final


Liverpool stun Barcelona to reach Champions League final


I noticed the smaller crowd at the semi and wondered if it was ticket price’s or similar.

However leaving that aside, I posted this on 442 and re-post it here as me thinks arguments about the finals are counter productive in the long term.

What I posted and it was in reply to a different topic so stay with me for the first couple of lines.

I think the defenders and the attackers of the current system are full of it and both wrong.

There are some out there who think a change in operating models will suddenly engage the nation and Football will rise from the ashes… others who see changing to much to fast cannot be paid for and will see us fall over… both are extreme positions nowhere near the truth IMO ..

In simple terms in any population you have a certain % of people who watch sport, in Australia the chosen sports are AFL, NRL & Cricket with everyone else trying to get traction…

For me its always been simple, engage the player base and to do that you need to engage the regional associations and their park teams.

For me the best way to engage and impower an engagement of the player base is develop a model we can all sorta agree with, say for arguments sake, 32 professional teams over two divisions both male and female with P & R between them and with enough funding for national programs and national teams.

Lets not burden the model with other issues, like salary cap, transfers, finals, etc… just simply agree this is what we want and say we have to make this work and assume it can’t happen overnight, equally we don’t want it in 50 years, so set an achievable target time frame and chip away at it year on year.

Other issues like the salary cap, transfers etc will work themselves out as the model develops.

If we continue with our dick measuring positions in that my ideas are better than your ideas we will continue to be divided and that means failure .

I hope, pray, wish, not sure if I believe, that someone or some group will come along and take control of the conversation and set us up, as if we continue the toxic environment and infighting, we have now no one or very few will want to deal with us …

My reading of the tea leafs is we have a lot of hard work in front of us and there is no easy answer and we have to earn hhhmmmm better word is command respect from the public, we can’t demand a system change and expect people to come flooding in… essentially command not demand respect and to do that and engage the associations we need a model to work with and a leadership team to drive it.

The A-League's best football takes place in the finals


Tend to agree and whether we like it or not as hard core rusted on Football folks, the finals do get crowds and ratings and media much better than during the season…

The A-League's best football takes place in the finals

I concur
You and some others are rational and reasonable but way to many Football fans have an inflated opinion of the current Football market, meaning today size of the Football market and further assume the amount of work, and hard slog needed for Football to reach its potential is minimal and the reason we are not where they want is all down to one family essentially and that is scary crazy.
Add to this other codes especially AFL constant sandbagging Hal…. very often copying Football and having the hide to claim Football things as there own and they developed them…
For what its worth, my solution is to go back rather than forward in that develop a conceptual framework that sets common rules for all… then develop a model we can all agree on…
Then armed with a model, and with rules in place on how to develop and act within the model, just steadily chip away at it… if it takes three years or fifteen it matters little as long as each year we get a little more closer

The A-League's divisive nature is harming football in Australia

Sometimes tis worth listening to an analysis from a person with a genuine interest but wanting a bit more delivered.

A couple of points I think are very valid, hat when Hal started there was, cricket from late November but mainly mid December to say mid Feb, add Tennis during the Australian Open and your could add the Bathurst Car race one day, and the Melbourne Cup one day mid week.

Hal started to rate and other codes reacted, cricket greatly expanded its schedule, AFL almost in panic developed its women’s game and short version game, league is developing its international matches against Oceania nations.

IMO to many Football fans have assumed that this should not have effected Hal and blamed FFA in many ways… this is in no way offering any excuse for FFA simply saying these things happened.

Further when Optus won the EPL rights, it spilt those people who prefer the EPl but also watched the A-League to choose. Again outside the control of FFA.

Throw in three years of civil war and negativity we are where we are.

I have near given up on social media even attempting today to discuss our major issues as if you dare suggest every single issue was not the fault of Steven Lowy then you where declared an apologist for FFA.

Until we as a community are prepared to rationally discuss our position rather than to run off near crazy slogans we will never reach our potential. Many people are openly cheering Hals failures as they want Hal to fail… the reasoning is a new model will rise and take its place, and debating, this increasing group,is pointless as almost in blind faith they believe destroying Hal is the answer.

We need leadership badly, and we need models we can all get behind…. and to do this we also need to understand and accept what are our strengths and how we can convert those strengths into a sustainable league..

One of the first steps is to accept analysis like this that say, in 2004 this was the environment in 2010 this was the environment, in 2018 this was the environment .

Until we do this, the errors of others is masked, and all blame sited to FFA hides many failing by others.

PS no one wanted Steven Lowy out more than me and what I want is reasonably well known, a 16 team male and female Div 1, the same in Div 2, Hal running itself, and FFA funded to run programs we need FFA to run, with P & R between Div 1 & 2.. But I repeat to lay at blame at the feet of one man and one group without even analysing the changing environment is light years away from developing workable solutions.

The A-League's divisive nature is harming football in Australia


It makes sense as long as we end the constant negativity that seems to have become embedded in both social media and Footballs MSM as well …

We need someone to say this is the vision and this is whee we are going…

The A-League finals can help redeem another difficult campaign


Lets hope next year is an improvement.

I have long and often said, if we are ever going to create something special in Hal we need 3 things, first to be united, second is for the Football media in general to look for the good as well as the bad and cerebrate sometimes what we have, and work towards what we want, and to make the first two work some kind of vision that we can unite behind, and the media can support.

Tis not all doom and gloom, Ch 10 is being reported in the Fairfax press as wanting more Hal games as well as internationals and seems willing to pay.

People still want to join Hal and the second division is coming along at a reasonable pace.

A decent finals would be nice and a PG win would be good…

The A-League finals can help redeem another difficult campaign

Maybe it got something to do an article by Gatty in the Oz over the weekend…
this is the article as it sits behind a paywall.

In the current climate of Australian soccer, you have to have a crazy streak or to have lived in another universe for much of the past 10 years or so to want to be involved in the A-League.

Amid dwindling crowds and terrible television audiences, and with club owners having lost millions of dollars since the league’s inception in 2005, it is little wonder it is in need of urgent repair.

None of that, however, seems to scare off Anton Tagliaferro, whose passion for the sport knows no bounds and who is now looking to help resurrect the fortunes of Central Coast Mariners.

The investment director for successful Australian funds management company Investors Mutual, Maltese-born Tagliaferro was recently invited on to the board of the Mariners by owner Mike Charlesworth.

Charlesworth spends most of his time back home in England and Tagliaferro says he wants to help by being “the owner’s man on the ground” in Australia and is determined to do his best to lift the Mariners out of the doldrums.

The Mariners are staring at a second successive wooden spoon this season. Fans have deserted them and there are fears about their future.

Tagliaferro understands the angst and disappointment among the Mariners faithful, given his involvement as president and main sponsor of Maltese Premier League club Balzan FC.

It is why he doesn’t mince his words when talking about what needs to be done if the Mariners are to get out of the terrible predicament they find themselves in.

So why throw himself at something many believe is a lost cause?

“I am a football tragic and I want to help the club,” Tagliaferro tells The Weekend Australian.

“I have always wanted to be involved with a club here and try and make a difference.

“The Mariners fans are frustrated and I don’t blame them. It has been a tough and frustrating last three or four years.

“I won’t make any bones about it, there’s a lot to do at the club.

“From what I have learned from helping run a football club you have to plan thoroughly and plan ahead. It feels to me the Mariners have jumped from season to season without a lot of planning.

“The Mariners, when you look back the last two or three seasons, have made particularly big mistakes with recruitment, particularly with their visa players.

“That is one area where I can help through my connections in Malta because we have contacts in places like Serbia where there is some excellent talent.”

Despite the outside negativity, Tagliaferro says he, along with another new board member Kamran Khan, is optimistic he can help bring about significant change. He says, however, you “just can’t click your fingers and make it happen”.

“I’m optimistic we can do better because we have all the things in place needed for a successful football club, including some excellent facilities and a very loyal fan base,’’ he says. “I strongly believe that with better planning and recruitment we should be able to have better seasons ahead.”

An example of what can be achieved with some nous and forward thinking, Balzan climbed from the third division to the top tier in Malta.

Tagliaferro says: “Last year we played in the Europa Cup qualifiers and beat Slovan Bratislava in the first leg 2-1 at home before succumbing 3-1 away and being eliminated by the narrowest of margins,” he says.

“Balzan are now among the best teams in Malta, after coming from nowhere.”

Tagliaferro is also a Mariners sponsor. But is he prepared to go further and buy a stake in the club?

He says: “I have been a sponsor for the past 18 months and I am looking at exploring the option of doing a bit more. I am trying to help Mike because he is a very good guy and has been carrying the club on his own for along time.

“Maybe we can see if anyone else is interested in joining us in turning around the club’s fortunes and we will see what we can achieve from here.”

Has the man responsible for the Matildas' 'toxic culture' repaired one at the Mariners?

A lot will depend on the budget given …. my hope is we can spend the cap and maybe a little more …

Has the man responsible for the Matildas' 'toxic culture' repaired one at the Mariners?