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A lot will depend on who the broadcast partner is..

If Optus, whether its live or not will not be critical…

If Subscription provider, say Fox then live is important.

FTA its obvious…

So if we have a streaming provider and I am not sure what Stan are…. or what they want to be but if we assume they plan to stream and are happy to broadcast multi games at the same time….

The summer questions becomes a question of timing…. from say mid December to mid February all games to start no earlier than 7:30…. Its obviously cooler for both fans and players ….

On the Coast we have had many games especially on Sundays starting at 15:00, given most people on the Coast are less than ten minutes from a lake, river, bay or beach… daytime hot summer days is beyond crazy as most if out… go to the water …

The questions is if we play in summer, do we start early or end late or a bit of both…

For me starting the season leading up to and including the AFL & NRL finals , is pure madness…. Tis way better to finish at the start of the AFL & NRL seasons … For me October to late May or early June and this allows for international breaks.

Despite its clear quality, the A-League is being swamped by revitalised winter codes

“””‘if anyone actually pays attention to my posts”””

Group hug needed

This season has made me fall in love with the A-League all over again

The sad hhhhmmmmm could be the wrong word… but this is a season that is such a joy if we had this kinda season in 2012 or 14 when we still had crowds and ratings I am sure we would have grown the league.

But so few are watching and we have so little main stream media only those left standing are still here to appreciate it.

It should be a wake up call to the clubs, get lots of kids willing to run their socks off and give it their all supported by some seasoned hard heads and coaches not scared to attack…

Just on the media deal… reports suggest 9 name bidders are talking APL … the fav seems to be the 9/ Stan/ Fairfax bid…. Personally I would like us to be whoever has the EPL as they seem to feed off each other with the Sum of the whole greater than the sum of the individual parts…

But if Optus what FTA station… for me its either SBS OR 10 with 10 tied into a partnership where key sports decision makers are Football folk not AFL folk from Melbourne…

Also I hope whoever gets APL also gets the national teams…

Personally I think the ABC has failed Football, even with A-League & W-League matches, Football gets very little coverage. Aunty’s passion for cricket and anything to do with the AFL shines through…

This season has made me fall in love with the A-League all over again

Again Extreme anger with editor changing the title which has totally changed the conversations taking place.

Note to editor, maybe history shows by having a title how to fix football gets hits and views, so lets put that heading on it.

Only Roberto B has understood and reacted.

The thread has resulted in an endless rehash of this is what we should do….

My belief is delivering what people want and change 50 years of a system is difficult… to achieve in a short time is all but impossible.

Thus should we put up a grand plan to work towards ….. and give it timeframes and metric benchmarks.

However, by many wanting perfect now it can actually stop good happening which overtime will deliver..

Editor, IMO this thread would be mega times bigger if you actually understood the article and left the title.

Is what's perfect getting in the way of what's good for football?

My Extreme Non Thanks to the Editor…

Many of the posts I agree with re its all been said before.

The title I sent was.

Does being Perfect stop the Good.

My intention was to identify what most would be happy with, and then say if we don’t have this does that mean that we can’t acknowledge improvements and work towards what we want.

However by changing the title the editor made the article like lets do this to make changes.

So hopefully this gets it back on track..

The question is simple should we clarify were we wanta go and accept we can’t have it yet or do we demand from the start the perfect … meaning wanting perfect can get in the way of having good changes

Is what's perfect getting in the way of what's good for football?

IMO the answer is simple but the process of doing the simple is complex.

The civil war was won and then the Pandemic hit, revenue especially broadcast revenue collapsed and with a rating fall, sponsors revenue fell and crowd revenue as well.

WE no longer had three and a half years to rebrand the A-League .

So today we are faced with vexed question of what do we want the league to be and IMO the biggest issue is … The Perfect is getting in the Way of The Good…

WE have to unite and get behind common goals but we are arguing everywhere.

IMO we either accept getting to the Perfect will take time and lets put a workable plan in place … Or we insist on the Perfect now and keep arguing..

The choice is ours… one way there is hope the other way will see a continuation of the decline of Professional Football in Australia…

The future of Australian football: How to rebuild interest in the beautiful game


Deep down in my soul I hope we reverse the trend.

Part or something that’s needs to be done IMO is a uniting of the factions to a common cause.

The effort to rid the A-League of Steven Lowy united strange bed-follows, ie union and clubs & former NSL, State Feds etc.

Are we letting the …Perfect get in the Way of the Good… I have read and this is the sticking point…. for many…. we all want a better system and structure …. but for a better system i.e. P & R, two divisions etc we need to stabilise the professional league and get it to 16 teams, with a strong second division of at least 10 strong teams…

WE can’t get to perfect without going thu a process that will take time… we either accept this and work within to build or just keep arguing … the choice is ours…

Has Victory's dreadful season doomed the A-League to dire metrics?

HHMMMMMM poised on the edge of that Eastern Sydney Gap… and over they go…

SFC still a danger with many players who would be first team players in most teams…

Think your keeper is you weal link this year and a keeper that does not have the full trust of the team often sees structure changes during the game…

Is the A-League's final top six already set?

Watching this match I was beyond disappointed with the low crowd turn out for arguably the biggest match on our calendar …

Big Blue defeat for deplorable Victory

Better to loose him to Europe for a fee than another A-League team for free…. we need the transfer market fixed…

Mariners secure thrilling victory over Adelaide

Nizzy is also on the radar of some overseas clubs.

Mariners secure thrilling victory over Adelaide

Was a great game really enjoying watching the kids from all sides

Mariners secure thrilling victory over Adelaide

Will be a great contest between Mauk and the HMAS Adelaide which is a sunken wreck off Avoca beach.

Who will have the most dives… the HMAS Adelaide and scuba divers on the day or Mauk at the stadium…

Adelaide Andy tried to tell us how good the Reds were, but no one listened

My two previous comments away with the mods…. come on guys

Adelaide Andy tried to tell us how good the Reds were, but no one listened

Here is Mauk showing the others best practice for game day

Adelaide Andy tried to tell us how good the Reds were, but no one listened


Another great article…

My reading of the Tea Leafs & Taro Cards and simple observation for over 60 years … Football fans in Australia have a rare condition… the condition I speak of is called….” IF ONLY””

The thing… with… “If Only”, is we are never allowed to be good we must always be perfect, in the eyes of many…

AS an example many people bag out the A-League… rather the cerebrate the good and then build to something better… many say its “Not Perfect” and “If Only” . and so on and on and on the bagging’s goes… this is not to be used as an excuse not to point out issues and problems …

The excuse of the Perfect over the Good… is the Perfect will make many valid statements and as I said we should never shy away from pointing out wrongs… However when being perfect over being good becomes a major issue… it hurts Football and always has…

The phase I often use is the old Moody Blues song … “”A Question of Balance””

We let the perfect get in the way of the good… and because we are so so so divided we make it easy for other codes and media with an agenda to both ignore, attack ..

It's high time football started to stand up for itself


You said..

“””They are not infallible. I fancy a scrappy win for Mariners with Ziggy Gordon bundling in from close range””””

Ziggy plays for Poachers FC… he joined the Poachers roughly six weeks prior to the season starting…

The Roar's A-League expert tips and predictions: Match Week 14

Well said S

Australian football’s first free of charge international football academy is astonishing

Astute and well said Buddy

Australian football’s first free of charge international football academy is astonishing

I like the idea of Cains… Townsville has always been a league town but Cains has mostly been a Football town and that does help.
BUT BUT BUT the main reason I like Cains is its regional QLD…
Sorry to states outside NSW & QLD …
BUT BUT regional NSW & regional QLD add the ACT … have a bigger population that WA, SA, NT, Tassie combined and almost as much as WA, SA, NT & regional Vic…
If we can get teams in regional QLD in a Football friendly area, Newcastle [Football heartland] Central Coast [Today Football friendly], Canberra Football friendly, and maybe the Gong Football could start to market itself to regional NSW & QLD … people in the southern states just don’t understand the size of regional especially QLD but also NSW…

Why shouldn't Cairns be home to an A-League club?


You are right when you say when your team is going well you feel better about the league and if I compare this current side to the side Arnold had its chalk and cheese… that side produced Ryan, Sainsbury, Rogic, Musty, Ibini, Bozanic, and Matty Simon all made the Socceroos, add NZ international McClinchey, … add in Josh Rose & Sterjovski & Zwaanswijk…. also prior to this Jedi & Danny V in goals…

But as discussed many times on this forum, with Japan, Korea, China, the US, the Middle East, and more recently India buying retiring players from Europe getting quality players is becoming harder… add to this the money on offer in areas like the above means keeping players in Australia is harder especially as media revenue falls…

But having said all the above I have enjoyed this year and find games hhhhhmmmmm just better …

Matt Simon can be the hero this A-League season needs


I won’t argue about Matty, he is what he is and is having one of those seasons and has a skillful player alongside him both creating for him and drawing markers away.

However on the quality of the league this year I disagree, for me I have found games better to watch.

How do you judge, I am enjoying watching this season more than most recent seasons. Whether or not the play is technically worse I am not sure but the closeness and the energy, being put in by the teams I find more entertaining. I have also enjoyed watching the young players.

Matt Simon can be the hero this A-League season needs

Matty is playing the best he ever has…hats off to Staj who has a few players in career best form…

Matty is a very knowledgeable player something he is not given credit for as his aggression is often pointed out…

Matt Simon can be the hero this A-League season needs

This is a crazy article….

Rugby was on its knees with Fox.

The 9 / Stan / Fairfax/ Radio network has not only stopped the slide but for the first time in years the graph is heading north not south….

Removed article


Can I call upon your knowledge…

TWAS, 1977 I think… anyway around this time…. I was playing in a park Silverwater side and we were OK for our standard AA Div 3…

AnyWho North Rocks had a Federation side but no AA sides and North Rocks approached us to become an AA side to encourage others in the area.

To encourage us they provided a coach and given we did not have a coach we accepted.

The background passed, the coach was a systems based bloke and he had copied a single page of coaching advise from a Liverpool coach he said …

The method was so simple and so very effective… when you lose the ball everyone behind the ball and either mark a player or space and when you win the ball everyone break free from the player you were marking and show for the ball… the person with the ball MUST have at least four easy passing options…

I can’t recall who the Liverpool coach it was who had this published system… do you recall both the system and the coach…

How do Melbourne Victory save themselves from ruin?