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How many many many times do I have to say the ref abuse was wrong and he should have got more… maybe read what I have posted ….

As for Football players, you wan’t get an argument from me its by light years the worst part of the game.

Addin Fonua-Blake's 'punishment' doesn't go far enough


Why are you arguing with me about ref abuse in every post I said that was wrong and for that he should have got a lot more…

My post has almost been entirely about the media miking up everywhere and waiting for the meltdown in a high stress high emotion moment .. then ramping a comment made in such circumstances …

I repeat he should get more for ref abuse…

Addin Fonua-Blake's 'punishment' doesn't go far enough

I am not arguing official abuse … I think for that he should get more … my point is hhhhmmmm the media mike up areas of high stress and emotion wanting things like this to occur and then ramp it up… this in no way excuses the players behaviour nor what was said… but get me on a bad day, when everything has gone wrong and I like a lot of folk will say the wrong thing then clam down…

Addin Fonua-Blake's 'punishment' doesn't go far enough


I am not saying this was not stuffed up…

What I am saying is

1] comparing the A-League to the AFL when the AFL was in the middle of running a competition and roughly 5 days prior had been told the Vic hud was closed… so the AFL was due to leave anyway… Similar to the Storm… whereas the A-League was not in competition.

2] Why was its FFA’s job to move the clubs… i.e. costs, accommodation surely is on the clubs… was why is only FFA being blamed and the clubs the victim… for me if anything the clubs messed up.

3] Given from the ACT airport to the NSW / ACT boarder is about a 10 minute drive, how the 111???!!! the ACT airport folk could have said, catch a coach straight to NSW and don’t stop in the ACT, which I assume the clubs were going to do anyway.

Its just that I am so so so so so so so over if the nets at Woy Woy park are not put op on time its FFA’s fault… Steven Lowy is gone… Gallop is gone… a Football person is now CEO, a new governance model was introduced, an independent league was agreed but Fox stepped in an said no TV contract and then the pandemic hit…

I am not saying nothing has gone wrong but for the love of Mary why is this FFA’s fault alone and not the 3 clubs… or a mixture…

Three A-League clubs stuck in Victoria after border closes


Not wanting to argue what was worse or better….

My argument was more around the media put mikes in places waiting nay almost praying for such things being said so they can gather more clicks… this in no way excuses for what was said… but if you mike up everywhere things will be said in high stress emotional moments, often out of character …

One view is it helps as it illustrates to everybody the need for respect… I accept this argument…. an alternative view could or should a persons reputation be based on an emotional outburst in a moment of high stress …

Addin Fonua-Blake's 'punishment' doesn't go far enough

True but many of those arrangements were put in place prior to the announcement, the Vic gov last week closed the Vic hub.. so the AFL were already well advanced in their plans, and so was league as both had competition running…

Three A-League clubs stuck in Victoria after border closes

Open question.

The ACT is quite small, tiny by Australian standards…

I have driven to Canberra a number of times and the NSW / ACT broader for what it is ….. hhhmmmm maybe a 10 minute drive…

So a person or official in the ACT stopped a flight when they could have said get coaches to met the plane and drive straight to NSW… wear masks as you walk from the plane to your coach…

Three A-League clubs stuck in Victoria after border closes

Other codes were already on their way out to hubs as the Vic hub had closed…

Why is this FFA’s fault … why is this not the fault of the three clubs… why on Sunday night did the clubs not do a ring around and have one plane to leave at midday…

I feel we have not got over the civil war … anything that goes wrong is FFA’s fault… anything that goes right is sheer luck and because someone other than FFA did something…

Three A-League clubs stuck in Victoria after border closes


Decent article, if I may add a further dimension .

Its an old argument and to a large degree its the conflict between why are you blaming the victim against respect & human decency and respect.

To explore, if I had a mike on me or near me at my work place over the course of a few years, and caught me on a bad day at a moment of high stress then people would maybe look and say and I always believed he was a decent person.

But I don’t have a mike on me at those times, when lack of sleep, home pressure, client in need and you talk to a robot public servant and in the quite of my office after the call I can vent.

The media choose to have mikes in place just to catch these moments of high stress and emotion… further the media, choose as the click battle begins to promote the high stress emotional moment ….

So back too, blame the victim against human decency & respect.

As an aside my understanding from people who knew him was Johnny Raper was a very decent man…. in I think a 60’s kangaroo tour of England he is famous for walking around a hotel with just a bowler hat on, and it was laughed off as boys being boys on tour, .. today the tour would almost be called off certainty tour management fired… Rodney Marsh broke Doug Walters drinking record on a flight from Sydney to London… both these drinking records were cerebrated at the time.

While I don’t excuse either of the above and understand times have changed… I am thinking and I repeat thinking that catching people in brief moments of high stress and then assuming their reactions need to be modified hhhhmmmmmm OK to a point ... but as I said catch me on my bad day, at the bad moment, ….

Addin Fonua-Blake's 'punishment' doesn't go far enough

I hope you are right

Why the A-League must remember the associations

Love it…

Why the A-League must remember the associations

thats the challenge talk about Australian teams

Why the A-League must remember the associations

agree astute post

Why the A-League must remember the associations


Sounds about right….

The trick if that is the right word is to get players when away from the training paddock to play and train for fun..being told when X moves to Y position you need to move to… it becomes, tiresome after a while and is near impossible to practice by yourself..

Why the A-League must remember the associations


The issue is to connect to the base … its been a riddle for 60 plus years…

Why the A-League must remember the associations


Largely agree…. I wonder if you can remember or know of the following…

Not long after the a-League was formed I think in BB’s time, Les Murray had discussed I think a French or the French methods for player development.

It went something like this, they divided players into two groups, first talented players or athletic players and social players.

After identifying the talented players from quite young they ensured these players had good training … essentially the top 1K or maybe a bit more per age bracket.. the social players can play and have coaches but not receive anywhere near the coaching in quality terms…

BB at the time to stem the flow of highly talented players migrating to other codes said Football was going to identify the top 50 or so players in each age group and direct coaching to them…

I think it was started and then the WC bid kinda took over management time and resources…

Why the A-League must remember the associations

good story

Why the A-League must remember the associations

HHHHHmmmm OK so your system is different but the issue is similar

Why the A-League must remember the associations

Agree its the answer yet no one tries to any real extent

Why the A-League must remember the associations

Thats the big challege

Why the A-League must remember the associations

I think you discount the effect of promotion by local clubs of the Australian Football.

Marketing folk will tell you the best people to market to are those with a similar interest and where there are people who actively support you .

Local teams are full of such people…

Why the A-League must remember the associations


As mentioned in a number of recent articles the number of Football journalist being cut, and with Simon Hill not resigned at Fox, its a worrying sign.

The Australian media landscape today consists of 4 key players, News / Fox, Ch 9 / Fairfax, ABC, & the 7 network.

None of these networks has been traditionally helpful to Football and I can’t see this changing….. those old enough will still remember the famous Ch 7 email to the AFL…. and how 7 has cleverly removed most of the images of that time from google…

I hope I am wrong but I see getting meaningful and consistent positive media from these four outlets near impossible… what I do see is if League or AFL have the smallest story on female sport this will be a huge story.

Climb aboard the World Cup bandwagon, there is plenty of room!

A combined Malaysia, Indonesia, Australia bid would be strong. Maybe add Singapore as well.

Only 3 Australian stadiums would net the criteria and be easily available, i.e. Suncorp, Homebush & Sydney.

But it would still be a great achievement.

Now let's try to host the men's World Cup

News / Fox, have cut many of their Football journalist and most of their best.

My guess is Archie who is signed is on a fraction of the income Hill wanted.

I tend to think Fox in their minds have identified AFL, NRL, Cricket, Super V8’s, as their main sports and are having a look at Football & Union at bargain basement prices..

The troubling aspect of this is once upon a time Fairfax stood as an independent media player but since the 9 takeover, they to have an interest in league and cricket and have no desire to help any other code.

Football is at a kinda tipping point or at a cross roads… it could go either way i.e. grow quickly or continue its down-would trend.

Do fans who want say 16 teams top division, P & R, with a second division… then we have the clubs wanting more money which is what started the civil war in the first place….

Will the broader Football community get behind this season or not and will the tone of articles change…

Simply will people unite behind Football this year…or continue on with what they want it to be and not support the current structure…

The leadership team, i.e. the current board and JJ have a job on their hands to turn the ship around… time will tell …. if they will…

My favourite Simon Hill commentary moments


Astute post

My favourite Simon Hill commentary moments