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Good article Mike and highlights in many ways we don’t need to play in mega stadiums.

Can the A-League persuade fans to look up from their phones?

Good signing

Can the A-League persuade fans to look up from their phones?

We will go a lot better this year

Mariners awakening: Leadership meets community engagement

South Gosford FC otherwise know as the Flying Circus will be a force this year… however other teams this year have far stronger squads on paper and again on paper better coaches …

This means the smurfs IMO will struggle to be as dominate this year…. in what I expect to be quite a tight season…

Can Steve Corica co-ordinate another successful Sydney FC rebuild?

Mike, Nem, Fad and others..
I will copy below in part an article in the OZ, it says Optus have 700K Football fans … thats like huge and if this could ever be reproduced on a FTA station for Hal…
Thoughts guys.. as it sits behind a paywall I will copy parts.
“””Optus is looking to add more subscribers to its sports streaming service with the telco banking on its investment in exclusive sports content to contain the ongoing weakness in its core business.
The Singtel-owned telco has revealed that it has over 700,000 subscribers for its Optus Sport service, with chief executive Allen Lew saying that the upcoming season of English Premier League should help it pick up more customers.
“With over 700,000 active Optus Sport subscribers, and record numbers viewing the Champions League final, we are poised to continue this momentum into the fourth season of the Premier League which kicks off exclusively on Optus Sport this weekend,” he said.
John Stensholt

Very interesting Optus saying their sport (soccer) service now has 700,000 active subscribers. Not sure how that translates on a live game viewing basis – and if it means EPL at $65m a year is good value – but seems a significant number.
11:03 AM – Aug 8, 2019 ””

Finally, football in Australia is again on the up

hhhhmmmmm maybe but but…. hhhhmmmmrrr

The last time Hal was growing and expanding the Roar & Mariners put out decent sides with quality coaches .. The Roar a new coach who showed some promise and the Mariners essentially a sacked Socceroo coach said to have lost the room and be a tad to hard on some players…

Me things the “mew ow’s” and the mighty Mariners will be competitive again and if history repeats itself that is excellent news for the league…

Finally, football in Australia is again on the up

In those southern states its AFL all the way … thank the lord I don’t live there …

A-League independence is almost here but how commercially daring can it be?

How would an upgrade to Hindmarsh be a white elephant

A-League independence is almost here but how commercially daring can it be?


TWAS reading an article in the NYT the other day when they interviewed Garber who is the commissioner of the MLS…

When he accepted the role the MLS was on its knees and no one expected it to see another 12 months…

Garber’s in part of this interview said people running Football in the US had to be very aware of the hard core rusted on Football person in that they where very important … he when on to say their devotion to the game and only Football issues masks massive holes in their arguments especially their belief that the answer is simple … when in fact it’s actually quite hard ..

Garber indicated getting Football specific stadiums, backers with deep pockets who are media savvy and know how to run a sporting organisation and can build stadiums lays the foundations.

He also said it takes time from when things are build to being popular and its the kids who grow up going to Football Specif Stadiums who help drive the game…

Our market while similar is different, BUT BUT there are some common elements and IMO one is the over estimation of our market position…

We can build it but as of today its not there…

A-League independence is almost here but how commercially daring can it be?


You focused on one of my pet arguments… as bad as FFA where they are not and by no means the sole cause of our issues… many masked their efficiencies behind all the blame being on FFA…

Many in Football don’t accept that while our potential market is mega huge our actual market is quite small and we need to do a lot of hard work to make Football work…

The assumption by many that by simply saying and introducing P & R everything will be solved is IMO beyond dangerous… yes we must introduce P & R but lots of spade work on developing and growing our market base is essential so P & R can work…

A-League independence is almost here but how commercially daring can it be?

Ben we are going to surprise a few and if we sign the other Korean…

I think we will play in a 4 – 1 – 4 – 1 formation with a visa striker still to be signed and with maybe another back .

I love this and IMO we have assuming we sign K2 an amazingly attacking midfield…. the trick is getting both Oar & Silvera to drop back and this could mean Oar coming off at say the 60 minute mark and weeMac coming on as Oar’s older legs or maybe pushing Sanh-Ho out and Nisbet coming into the centre of midfield… put a decent striker in front of those four players who can all score and we are in for one hell of a season especially if we get a striker who can play back to goals… but the mid field will look something like this and by heavens there is goals in this set up…

………………… Eun-Sun……………….

Silvera … Sang-Ho …. DDS …. Oar

Subs ,… weeMac, Nisbet , Melling…

Do Wellington Phoenix deserve to be in the A-League?

Mike very very very true…

Some day people may understand how good he really is ….

Ange Postecoglou is still the most interesting Aussie coach around

I look at his appointment very differently to most in that he wants a career in coaching my guess he wants one day to go back to Liverpool and be on the short list to be their coach…
He needs this to work so he can move on with his career and IMO he will be your coach for maybe 3 years and by thing he will have proved he has what it takes…
Similar in many ways to Arnold when he went to the Mariners …. Arnold had to prove he was good enough…

Will Robbie fall fowl at the Roar?

This always gets things going this topic.

Lets put the actual facts on the table. Australia wanted to leave Oceania to join Asia and this would mean in the words of Les Murray regular meaningful games for our national teams… beyond this participation for our professional national competition in the Asian Champions League. This move was / is the single biggest event over the last say 50 years to grow and improve Football in Australia.

To leave we needed Oceania to agree which they did not…. Frank Lowy struck a deal with NZF that he would look after and ensure a professional team in NZ as a way to get NZF to agree.

We should never forget without NZF we would still be in Oceania and IMO Hal would have died if this had happened.

The counter to this was the NZ professional team would met and maintain certain standards and NZF would provide full support to the NZ team in the to be created new Australian National Domestic Competition.

Their are two questions, the first is how long does Australian Football need to support NZ Football for our escape to Asia… the second is has the NZ professional team maintained and met the standards expected.

The first question from Frank Lowy, was 10 to 15 years and by then the NZ team should be able to earn its place on merit and NZF should be stronger… NZF has if anything gone backwards …

The second question have NZ professional teams over time met standards required, by my cals have had about 4 solid years, 6 terrible years and the balanced mixed…. on balance IMO they have come nowhere near meeting there end of the deal.

We should never forget without NZF releasing us from Oceania, Football in Australia would struggle hugely … having said that and using Frank Lowy’s 10 to 15 year time table, me thinks the Nix’s need to no longer show they have potential but become a powerhouse in NZ and be very competitive in Hal … otherwise they become a bad joke…

Do Wellington Phoenix deserve to be in the A-League?

IMO he will surprise a lot of people he will be very successful…

Will Robbie fall fowl at the Roar?

Fair point

A-League hope springs eternal: Part 1

Its been a while, but for the first time in quite a while my gut tells me the Mariners will have a reasonable season.

Not mentioned or talked about much is the Seoul Brothers, two K-League players, who have been training with us with paper work being completed with one hopefully finalised this week and the other within two weeks, and we are looking to add another visa player… most think a striker…

A-League hope springs eternal: Part 1

Sharing an interesting article today sorry Jack off topic…

Netflicks and Fox getting together according to an article on the News site ..

This bit I found interesting in the article…

In its latest financial results released in May, Foxtel lost 100,000 broadcast subscribers from 2.5 million in the previous quarter to 2.4 million but had encouraging growth in its streaming products Kayo (209,000 subscribers) and Foxtel Now (505,000 subscribers)

Craig Foster, football needs you

For me we need someone like Craig and I would love for Craig to either be in charge or very close to decision making… his downside is he gives the impression its either his way and his systems and he can be very forceful… its great when you are right but when you get it wrong is causes more harm than good … Lowy is the perfect example of this ….

Hal 1 to 5 was needed but about Hal 3, plans and future directions needed to be put in place to take Football at a reasonable pace in a different direction …. by Hal 7 … 8 at the outside the need for change was screaming off the page… but the dominate power at the time held firm…

I would love Craig on a board or boards setting policy and directions but never solely his call…

Craig Foster, football needs you


Spot on

Craig Foster, football needs you


great comment

Craig Foster, football needs you


Very true as much as I like Craig not everything he says and does makes sense.

Truth is nobody has all the as answers.

Having said that h assving Craig at the table would be a step in the right direction.

Craig Foster, football needs you

Yep the modern issue simple answers to complex problems

Craig Foster, football needs you

Stuart plus Nem & Waz
Off topic and a little gift for you… could make a great article in the future..
Its a very very very interesting article on viewing in the US … my guess is we are similar … this certainty highlights two things IMO one you must be broadcast in clubs, pubs, etc so Fox, Optus or even things like Bar TV are important and to be both streamed and on fixed broadcasting the articles looks at age groups and how they watch.
First bit copied… lots more in the article including charts and stats…if interested in this kinda stuff…
Younger consumers, typically Millennials, are always on the go—from visiting family to working out to connecting with colleagues at happy hour. While they live busy lifestyles, they also like to stay connected to what’s happening with their favorite sports teams. And that means these highly engaged viewers look for ways to stay connected to the latest scores and catch a game regardless of where they are.
Across the many places to catch a game, restaurants, bars and someone else’s home are top destinations for fall sports viewing and social engagement.

VAR, handballs and the ‘natural silhouette’

I hope Wonderland returns to its best but its a decision that needs to be made by their fans… each one individually ….

the leaders of the various groups need to step up or not step up …

Will be interesting to watch…

It's time Wanderers fans proved they're the best in Australia