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I would like see time out while setting up and kicking for goal. From the moment the kick at goal is selected till the kick off. Especially in the last 10 minutes of the game.
Even though I was a forward and I enjoy most forward play, I do not like the maul rules where ball is effectively shielded from the opposition. There needs to be a fair contest for the ball.

The Thursday rugby two-up: How the law variations have made an impact, and the ones we want to see next

I cannot believe all the discussion on personal changes and the suggested possible changes to the team DR is putting on the park.
In truth, if the players that were there last Tuesday played to their capability they would have beaten the French. The French profited from the Wallabies mistakes and even then only scored one try to 2.
Changing the personnel will have no impact on the result until whoever is playing eliminate mistakes, improve support play and accuracy at the breakdown.

'Deserves a crack': Everything Rennie said on Tate, tactics and his Wallabies overhaul

One thing that frustrates me is the tendency for Australian players to sit back and watch when one of their number makes a break. How may times do our breaks lead to turnovers because the runner is on his own. You see the All Blacks make a break and the runner has a wealth of options because other players SPRINT to support him. Only Hooper made sure he supported the break last night and he scored a try.

Reaction: Rennie to ring changes after emotional French end 31-year hoodoo

I was hoping Maddocks might get a go.
At least DHP does make something out of nothing at time, haven’t seen that from Banks

Tupou promoted as Dave Rennie makes five changes to Wallabies team for Argentina clash

I have few issues with the proposed team.
I agree we should start blooding new locks, maybe if we lose this weekend we do so in the last game.
Hopefully White is better at getting to the rucks and mauls this weekend.
My biggest issue is how bad the competition for fullback must be. Tom Banks is too slow and has done nothing in the games he has played so far. He is safe under the high ball and kicks for touch with penalties but we need more than that

Tupou promoted as Dave Rennie makes five changes to Wallabies team for Argentina clash

I wouldn’t replace Tomoua or move him, but hopefully the coaches get in his ear about his kicks in play that just handed over possession when we were in an attaching position.

What changes should the All Blacks and Wallabies make for Bledisloe 2?

Well said Steve
Couldn’t agree more

The thing no one wants to say about Israel Folau

He was paid to be an ambassador for rugby and hate speech while he was engaged to do that was not acceptable
If he couldn’t represent rugby the way rugby want he shouldn’t have signed his contract. He was not honest there
I see many rugby players forming circles and praying after matches and rugby has not mentioned anything about them
Now he is not being paid by rugby as their ambassador he can say what he likes, because there is freedom of speech it Australia
Go fund me have a broad client base and should have the right to protect that client base against hate speech on their site. They are not saying Falou can’t say it anywhere else on the Internet

GoFundMe removes Israel Folau's fundraiser over terms of service breach

I do not believe Scott has a hidden agenda. He is the most focused on facts of any of the Aussie writers I have seen.

That is not to say that he is perfect, none of us are.

So analyse and challenge his articles but do not resort to unsubstantiated claims her has an agenda.

The Wallabies take three steps backwards

While I do not think it was a bad article, it was more emotive than Scott’s normal articles.

His points were valid, but very focused and therefore did not support the headline well.

I agree with Scott on the body positions in the scrum and believe Blades is past his used by date.

I said the other day that I felt there were adjustments made to the defence at half time and it worked better. I was also really happy to see that adjustments were made because the lack of adjusting the plan has frustrated me for a number of years now.

I am looking for further defensive and offensive adjustments in the coming matches. If they do not happen I will then start to get concerned.

The Wallabies take three steps backwards

While accurate in your analysis of those points you chose to highlight, I believe the issues about attack and defence need to be viewed over the course of the test matches to come.

Until just over 2 weeks ago Cheika was planning for next year’s S15. He and Grey understandably would fall back on what they know best and the team needs to gain an understanding of that.

The important point for the future is whether we see adjustments in the following games. Do Cheika and Grey have the ability to analyse strengths and weaknesses and adjust?

I am frustrated with Blades and would be very concerned if he remained on staff after the tour. He has had plenty of time to address the middle row issues and nothing has changed. We need a change there.

The Wallabies take three steps backwards

I hate articles like this.

I want to see continued improvements in the Wallablies play more than a clean sweep. Cheika needs to find his feet at international level and get first hand experience with many of the best players in the country in time to make a run at the RWC. If a match is dropped in doing that it should not be viewed as a disaster.

Talk about clean sweeps after one match takes the focus away from what it more important. It is setting the writer up to criticise the team and coach if they do not have a clean sweep, or seeking glory as being the first to talk about it if they do clean sweep.

At least Cheika is having nothing of this.

Cheika's perfect start has Wallabies eyeing a clean sweep

See your point Jesnez

I think real test experience is invaluable. Getting him to 25-30 min for England and the experience of playing 2 of our pool competitors and at Twickenhan is more important than 2 or 2 weeks of extra conditioning back in Australia.

I agree that once he gets back an investment in getting him right before next season is essential and must start immediately.

So we just agree with the same objective, just vary on approach

SPIRO: 10 out of 10 for Wallabies against Wales

Can’t agree Jenez

If Skelton has better stats than all but 2 of our other forwards and in less time, and he needs to leave the tour early to get fit, why aren’t we sending all but the other 2 o our forwards home early as well?

I believe he should train hard this week, have the coaches work on his body positioning and with the run last week added to the weekly training we should be able to get more out of him next week. And again the next week.

We need to build him for England, because we do not have any other wrecking ball.

SPIRO: 10 out of 10 for Wallabies against Wales

Yeah even our commentary team didn’t point it out. By the sounds of things the Welsh commentary discussed it quite a bit, obviously they have a better understanding of these things. I think it is too easy for armchair critics to see a scrum going backwards and automatically believe it is the scrum going backwards that is at fault. Unfortunately it seems that the referees fall into that category too often as well.

SPIRO: 10 out of 10 for Wallabies against Wales

Was talking about the traditional powers of rugby home countries and France and ABs, SBs and WBs

Bok embarrassment as the gap between the North and South closes

One thing is still true – SH occasionally lose a test when playing NH teams in the NH, but NH teams rarely win when they go to the SH.

Hopefully this was the only anomaly this year.

Bok embarrassment as the gap between the North and South closes

I am concerned about the criticism about some aspects of the Wallabies game. It is just over 2 weeks since they have had a new coaching set up and they are having to work out some adjustments to their game in the boiling caldron of test rugby with little time for preparation.

I thought the defence improved from the Babas game and hopefully will improve again next week with another week for the coaches to review what worked and what still need work. It certainly improved in the second half, so obviously Grey made some adjustments. It has been one of my biggest concerns in recent years, the lack of halftime adjustments, so that in itself was a positive IMO

Skelton did some good things despite what many say, and this week they need to get his body right in the scrum.

I agreed with the Welsh commentators that the second penalty leading up to the penalty try should have been awarded to us. The Welsh prop and hooker stood up destabilising the scrum. The other two penalties were fair.

SPIRO: 10 out of 10 for Wallabies against Wales

I did not hear the Welsh commentators, but I tend to see the game the way you have described it.

SPIRO: 10 out of 10 for Wallabies against Wales

I agree DMac, it was not a box kick tat went 10m and allowed the opposition a good shot at the try line like White did with the AB’s it was a long kick that allowed our defence to keep them away from the try line. You did not want a turnover or penalty to the Welsh in our 22.

Too much criticism of that kick in my opinion, and I have been harping on about bad kicking for a while, but this was not one.

But Foley’s two grubber kicks were bad and poorly executed.

SPIRO: 10 out of 10 for Wallabies against Wales

I agree about the kicking coach Scott.

I have been saying for a long time, for a country with the best kickers if an out of shape ball in the world, we are hopeless at kicking the ball in rugby.

I would spend some of the ARU’s limited funds on engaging an AFL kicking guru to work with our kickers from the moment they return from the tour right up to when they depart for the world cup.

What can we expect from the Cheika led Wallabies?

You know I just looked at the ARU website and there is still nothing on it about the announcement of the coach or team!!!!!!!!

Talk about media savvy………..not

Michael Cheika named Wallabies coach - to take team to 2015 World Cup

Well go somewhere else then

You are just showing your ignorance

Michael Cheika named Wallabies coach - to take team to 2015 World Cup

I agree Brett, the state bias in many posts is crap and does nothing to promote a positive go-forward position.

There is an on field leadership issue and it is not solved by taking a state view. If Hooper is inexperienced he needs help with his role from the coaching staff just like a player needs help from the coaching staff to improve his performance.

Maybe former captains can come in to assist the leadership group by evaluating decisions and providing advice.

Lack of on-field leadership lets the Wallabies down

I have been going to Wallabies matches since the early sixties, and have endured the downs (too many to mention) and enjoyed the ups which were all the more satisfying because of all the downs. In the long run, this is just another downs to be endured and hopefully the start of another period of success.

Most people on this site have only experienced a short period of time with the Wallabies and think the current situation is the end of the world.

I have also been a Waratahs supporter since the early sixties and the wheel turned there. If you really want to know how I suffer, I am a supporter of the Oakland Raiders in the NFL (worked in the USA quite a while back) and they are currently the worst team in the NFL.

Hang in there Australian fans, the wheel will turn and even if Cheika does not succeed it will come again.

The main point is we need to support the new coaching team and the team itself and give them a chance.

At least Cheika starts off by going straight to Europe and out of this current cess pool. Should get him some time to immediately acquaint himself with the current team, assess strengths and weaknesses without worrying about the ARU management issues.

Michael Cheika named Wallabies coach - to take team to 2015 World Cup