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Wayne Bennett is a harsher taskmaster than most, especially when it comes to a star player splitting ranks and signing with another team.

Bennett dropping Ben Hunt to reserve grade recently doesn’t have any reflection on Ben Hunt’s ability to deliver, he has been one of the form halves in the comp for the last two years. Plus I don’t think the QLD selectors are paying to much mind to Bennett after the threat to not release Milford

NSW don't get Cherry-Evans' omission and that's the way we like it

Sorry Wild Eagle I wasn’t looking to cheap-shot Bozo, I wouldn’t pretend to know enough about the bloke to judge his achievements. Never saw him play and have never followed Manly all that closely.

Was just commenting on how the NSW media lambasted him for his supposed failures as a selector and would love to give the same treatment to the current QLD selection panel

NSW don't get Cherry-Evans' omission and that's the way we like it

His hammys wrecked though

If not Marika Koroibete, then who?

Blacklock, Schifcoske and Carne went over way too late – Saffy is a saffa with Rugby background – Kativerata, Harris and Robinson were not League rep standard – Ryan became a Rugby defensive coach – Hunt is the only surprising one to not have been capped at the WB’s

If not Marika Koroibete, then who?

I would say that it is more than likely selection criteria is agreed upon in one context or another with RL converts in Australia. What other choice does the ARU have with it’s standing as it is now in Aus sport? If they signed someone like Andrew Johns, Lockyer, or Thuston it wouldn’t be just to play Super Rugby, they are chasing RL players to be capped Wallabies

If not Marika Koroibete, then who?

Great article Trelawney, I completely agree. Koroibete’s resume stands above when you consider what else is on offer in Rugby at the moment, he pretty much demands selection. There are actually a whole bunch of talented NRL backs that would leapfrog anyone playing Rugby for Wallabies selection right now, it’s just a fact and anyone arguing against Koroibete’s selection is just being obstructive.

Valentine Holmes
Justin O’Neill
Jack Wighton (Can pretty much guarantee Savea would not run over him)
Brett Morris
Jarryd Hayne
Tom Trobejvic
Dane Gagai
Josh Mansour
Greg Inglis
Josh Dugan
Billy Slater

Watching Julian Savea trounce the Wallabies outside backs was embarrassing, the Wallabies desperately need some starch in their backline and with the state of Rugby in Australia there is no harm in poaching

If not Marika Koroibete, then who?

Have you watched the NRL in the last decade? NRL wingers have to diffuse up to ten bombs per game. His kicking game will definitely be under question but there are a bunch of international Rugby wingers that have poor kicking games. The centres requires more knowledge of the game to defend properly, leave him on the wing and watch him run amok

If not Marika Koroibete, then who?

This is why RL needs to expand

Got to admit gave me goosebumps. The passion for the game is insane. 7 million people in PNG….

Rugby league must expand or risk extinction

I agree. I reckon drop it again next year, the big boys can’t wrestle when they are knackered

Why have we forgotten about the wrestling debate?

Your just repeating what I said. I said one competitor is good. Three or four is bad.

“If there were three or four or five competitors then I would hesitate because the risk is much higher.”

Who else can challenge in NZ for support besides RL and RU? AFL? Yeah right. Two supporter bases would be healthy and diverse in NZ

Rugby league must expand or risk extinction

Haha Pearce is a dog rooting gronk, but a very skillful one. Did you see the care with which he handled the animal?

Your off your head The Barry.

“It is no coincidence that the Queensland Origin teams dominance coincided with the introduction of a third NRL team in the sunshine state.”

This statement was alluding to the QRL rebuild that had been happening 10 years before the introduction of the Titans. That the addition of the Titans was merely a reflection of the success of this rebuild and that the further strengthened QLD’s originisation moving forward.

I explained the evidence, a rebuilt regional competition, 25 extra professional contracts available in QLD, further player depth, more competition for QLD spots. Your just bloody reading with the only intention of responding and not taking anything on board now mate.

There are a bunch of those 10/11 series decided by under 6 points. One bad 50/50 call from a ref, a dropped ball, a missed tackle, a disallowed try = different result. To take advantage of those situations at at 75 mins is not talent it’s mental fortitude, that is what allowed QLD to see those situations out time and time again.

Pearce’s skills are first class and he is 6 years younger than Thurston. Thurston’s game is polished to a bright sheen right now but 6 years ago, NQ finished 15th and would have been dead last if not for the Storm being stripped of points. Pearce is just as skilled but needs to get his head right.

If you don’t like Pearce then what about Maloney? Took the Warriors to the GF which is not small feat given their inconsistency, backed it up with winning a GF at the Roosters, and now the Sharks are one away. Pretty solid credentials, is he talented enough for you?

Rugby league must expand or risk extinction

Being told the state of affairs in QLD RL from someone who watches from a distance is a bit rich The Barry. I never understand why NSW run their players down so much. Those QLD players got their test caps because they were winning Origin series but many of those series came down to the bounce of a ball, kicked field goal, or one missed tackle. Reverse those very small events and NSW players get the caps and in typical RL hyperbole they start being called the GOAT instead of their QLD counterparts.

We are just going to have to agree to disagree mate

Rugby league must expand or risk extinction

Sorry Mushi from my experience what you say doesn’t ring true in setting up a team in NZ. I am a business owner and if my competitor’s set up a new shop then I want to set up right next door for reciprocal business. He might not like it but that’s business, and it is a basic, clear, and successful model used by many businesses across all sectors. If there were three or four or five competitors then I would hesitate because the risk is much higher.

There is only one competitor in Christchurch and it might be a strong one, but there is also a currently successful national team to help build a new brand that also helps strengthen the national team in a double swing. The Warriors already outperform the Auckland Blues in crowd numbers and viewership, there is no reason a second NZ team could not do the same. The NZ derby would do huge numbers across the ditch

Rugby league must expand or risk extinction

Suva would be great, less of a political risk than PNG with corruption I would hope. I know how bad the corruption is in PNG RL from first hand accounts but I have no experience with Fiji.

Fresh international expansion like that would create some big headaches though

Rugby league must expand or risk extinction

Sorry for the halves I would say Mitchell Pearce. He is much maligned for obvious reasons but as far as talent and skills go he is the best in the comp. Just doesn’t have the belief, desire, and confidence that Thurston does. The thing is it is not about talent

Rugby league must expand or risk extinction

Yeah mate I think we are coming from completely different places. You are trying to wring a definitive meaning out of a broad statement. Yes the Titans were formed in 2007 as QLD started winning again and didn’t have a direct player effect for w little while.

The psychological effect of further player depth, increased competition for QLD rep spots, and further big game experience for our player pool though started then and has built and built.

Having a third NRL has helped QLD immensely, I seriously don’t see how this is hard to understand.

On another note;

Smith has stretched away but he and Farah we head to head for years

Gasnier was every bit as good as Inglis and Hodges

You guys don’t pick your best wingers in Origin, I don’t understand to this day why Amos Roberts, Hasim El Masri, and Nathan Blackloack never got any respect from NSW. Boyd actually isn’t that great a winger he has been the beneficiary of an especially potent left QLD edge, Boyd is a much better fullback. But Jarryd Hayne played his best NSW football on the wing…

Price and Civineceva were bemoaned by NSW media for being too old for years. Luke Bailey in his prime was a walk up start for the Roos, Willie Mason, James Tamou

Paul Gallen?? Craig Fitzgibbon, Greg Bird has been huge in Origin

Talent has very little to do with it at 75 mins in when the scores are locked. QLD win those games out of desire not talent, hindsight makes everyone judge the NSW players ability more harshly

Rugby league must expand or risk extinction

The Seagulls and Chargers were abject failures so calling them ARL/NRL sides is a bit painful. Most QLDers tend to forget they ever existed.

I addressed this for you in another response below as to how the representation systems have died and been overhauled. If you don’t understand how trying to drag 17 year old kids 1000-2000km away from home to play for one team (Brisbane) with only limited spots available isn’t a great system then I don’t know how to explain it to you. NSW tend not to understand as you have saturated opportunity for your players across 9 Sydney clubs, plus Canberra, plus Newcastle.

It took a long time for the Cowboys to fully set up all of their pathways up here, it is a logistically huge area. And they were bullied by the southern clubs for decades, the Cowboys would spend money setting up competitions and carnivals then all the southern scouts would come up and steal all of their players making their investment and development almost null and void.

Having a third club in the Titans helps the whole QRL system with 25 more NRL player contracts and 20 more U20s contracts. Adding another team in Brisbane will only further the rejuvenation of QRL.

Was adding the Titans the exact reason QLD has been dominating? Of course not. It definitely helps though and it is indicative of the state on mind of QRL that expansion is on the cards and has been successful.

Rugby league must expand or risk extinction

The Barry you undersell your NSW by a large amount, every player is just as talented as his QLD counterpart, desire and motivation is another story though. In 2006 NSW media and experts were questioning the Origin format and if QLD could ever truly be competitive again. It was years into the streak before QLD wrestled the favourites tag off of NSW.

Before the Broncos were in the NSWRL is pretty much irrelevant to this conversation, the QRL was a completely different structure to what it is now whereas NSWRL is still pretty much the same.

When the Broncos were admitted into the NSWRL QLD was actually poorer for it as far as development goes for a long time. You had one top line team for every kid in the state to dream of playing for. Brisbane does not represent the whole of QLD, Cairns is 1700km away, the Torres Strait is 2300km away. The comp in Cairns used to be crazy strong before the Cowboys because you had all these gun payers that had been picked up on scholarships but came home homesick, or never left at all.

Before 1988 there used to be a inter-town rep comp in FNQ called the Foley Shield that dated back to 1948 and even before that was called the Carlton Cup. This comp used to provide QLD and Australian Kangaroo reps on it’s own merits.

The Broncos being added to the NSWRL hurt the Foley Shield and adding the Cowboys killed it. They tried to start it again in 2000 but it was just never the same and didn’t work out.

The pathways and opportunities with NQ Cowboys took a while to rebuild after 95, and adding the Titans in 07, and the Q Cup rejuvenating regional QRL in place of the Foley Shield had completed this rebuild.

You may not want to believe that the Titans adding further depth and opportunity has had an effect on QLD for the last 9 years mate, phycologically or otherwise but it seems simple to me

Rugby league must expand or risk extinction

Justin Hodges (Cairns), Sam Thaiday (Townsville), Billy Slater(Innisfail), Nate Myles(Cairns), Dallas Johnson (Herberton), Dane Gagai (Mackay), Michael Morgan (Townsville), Dane Nielsen (Mackay), Neville Costigan (Mackay). There are more but I can’t be bothered digging.

In FNQ it is technically all the Cowboys system, they pour the money in and do all of the junior talent camps and hold all the carnivals. Their QLD cup feeder teams and their intiatives as well are all the Cowboys. They can’t catch all of the players because there is too much talent up here and all of the NRL clubs are poaching from the system that has been built, just business I guess. Plus some just get passed over who still make ie. Billy Slater.

The point is though that system was built from expansion the same as the GC’s system is being built. Without these pathways QLD Origin team would be all the more poorer and nowhere near the team they are today.

Rugby league must expand or risk extinction

Making money is directly related to public interest and broadcast deals, how do you get more public interest and therefor a better public broadcast deal? Pretty simple really. Of course it is a risk but there is no time like the present

Rugby league must expand or risk extinction

Comparing NRL expansion to the ARU and SANZAAR situation is like saying Bunnings shouldn’t open more stores because Masters went bust. Lessons to be learnt from their demise for sure but the NZ market is ready made for another team, especially needed to further support International growth and more respected Kiwi national side.

4 million population is plenty for 2 sides, Sydney has 9 sides spread out over 4.5 million…..

Rugby league must expand or risk extinction

To have a relegation system you need a phenomenally strong at least three tiered competition, it would take league 50 years at breakneck pace to get to that point. I don’t understand why they have in the SL in England, you just burn fans, sponsors, and players for the team that drops down

Rugby league must expand or risk extinction

That generation of players were raised with an expanding and successful RL, which had a positive effect on their confidence and mindset as QLD RL Players. QLD RL is a similar environment to what I imagine RU is like in NZ. Many of the players you mentioned come from Far North Queensland and were brought through Cowboys development and pathways despite landing at other clubs. Those pathways before the Cowboys were previously unavailable and it was much harder for an FNQ RL player to land a professional career than say a player of similar caliber born and raised in Sydney.

On the flip side RL in Sydney is a battle ground with diminished crowds, a crowded winter sport market place, and supposedly a drop in popularity and participation.

Adding the Titans in QLD further strengthened and underlined this effect for QLD players and RL organisations. So if you want a direct link or stats you won’t find it because we are talking about psychological strength which is hard to measure but makes a huge difference in the outcome of tightly contested games.

I’m technically a one eyed QLD supporter but when I run my eyes over NSW’s team list every year I have no doubt they are just as talented as QLD. Psychologically with what NSW players are exposed to in the Sydney sporting market everyday versus QLD’s belief in their orginisation. Confidence wins everytime

Rugby league must expand or risk extinction

The AFL expanding is a completely different prospect to RL expanding. You are asking people to change their palate in traditional RL heartlands. Bloody hard ask.

RL in NZ is not a change of palate at all just a slightly different flavour. Adding further interest in NZ with a second team has nothing but a positive effect.

Rugby league must expand or risk extinction

The Titans may not have a direct tangible effect on QLD through player representation but the mere fact that we have an extra team allows for greater player development, pathways, and public interest.We still have far less of a player pool to chose from but psychologically having a third team instills further belief in your own strength as a team and also the whole QRL organisation. Adding more teams to NZ would have the same effect on their RL organisations

Rugby league must expand or risk extinction