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This is a reasonable viewpoint, not too dissimilar to an opinion expressed the other day about the real worth of AFLX as a concept:

In defence of AFLX

As for what we’ve seen the last two pre-seasons, as it stands, it leaves me pretty cold, very hard to get enthused by it. It’s obviously muck around time, and without the intensity of a proper game, it’s hard to get excited about it.

As you touch on, if the big picture is to lower barriers of entry to the game where large ovals don’t exist, and/or where full teams can’t be put together (and that applies as much to many parts of rural Australia), let’s get rid of the absurd rules which are too great a departure from Australian Football. Make it about allowing for the playing of Australian Football on small grounds by small teams.

The AFLX sure has some work to do

Outer Sanctum one of the best podcasts doing the rounds.

What AFLW Round 2 taught us

Lions might have their best season in a decade, that might help a little bit. Welcome.

A letter of intent to the AFL

I recall when Luke Dalhaus was taken as a rookie, he mentioned how clubs weren’t interested in him because of his low passing accuracy percentage. This frustrated him because he would respond that if you went back to the video of his play, you’d see that he was winning contested footy in high pressure crowded situations, very different to a player receiving some clean footy on the outside and spotting someone up 20 metres away. Clearly the latter will have a higher passing accuracy percentage.

The four offensive factors in Australian football

I don’t think one day constitutes a “season”

The unwanted return of AFLX

– a return to the old VFL grounds,
– free entry,
– warm evenings,
– family friendly atmosphere.

All adds up to being an absolute winner.

The return to Victoria Park: An AFLW fan's perspective

Might be a good idea for the annual EJ game.

AFLX is a misguided waste of resources

They’d have to be getting into a sprint for that to be a risk. Expect this to be about as intense as a Harlem Globetrotters game. There’d be a greater risk of doing a hammy at training.

AFLX is a misguided waste of resources

“AFLX is a misguided waste of resources”

Like it or hate it, since sponsorship revenue more than covers the cost, AFLX might be a lot of things, bit it’s not a waste of the AFL’s resources. Won’t cost them one brass razoo.

People need to relax a bit, it’s one day of muck around time. As long as the bont doesn’t get hurt, couldn’t care less one way or the other.

Pointless bringing up the prospect of state of origin. It’s gone, ain’t coming back, accept it.

However, an AFLX pre-season comp based around state and territory lines might have legs (only need a dozen players per state/territory). In fact, so few are the numbers required, a competitive Ireland AFLX team is a real possibility.

AFLX is a misguided waste of resources

The dees are definitely a contender.

It's time to bring the fun back to AFL in 2019

There’s no doubt that the game lacks a works cup.

It’s the one thing holding the game back.

More respect is needed for AFLW

Some good close games for the opening round of the season.

My dogs were a bit lucky to defeat the crows, who were much better across the field, but we hung in there, and a few good defensive efforts, one key moment of magic and a bit of class from KB ensured a tight win.

It’s noteworthy that the two newest clubs managed victories. We shouldn’t be afraid of expanding and worrying about where the players are coming from. The players are coming through, don’t worry about that.

Geelong was full of local youngsters, and you know what, they can genuinely play, it was very noticeable that there were real footballers in that team.

What AFLW Round 1 taught us

You’re exaggerating the high praise and glowing reviews, which is a bit of a give away.

There’s a clear pattern which has emerged in the first two years of the womens AFL, and that’s a certain male nastiness, which more often than not says more about the males than the females.

Womens AFL has been an absolute godsend for the game, we’ll know it unequivocally in the next decade or so.

More respect is needed for AFLW

Apart from Freo’s narrow win over the dees, first round predictions were pretty good.

The AFLW 2019 meta-preview

back in the 1860s, they played in public parks, so I’m guessing for about the first 12 to 15 years of the mens game, entry was for free

Cats conquer Collingwood in thrilling AFLW season-opener

Maybe – but not reflected in the ratings.

Yesterdays mens soccer games got ratings of 30k, 36k and 30k respectively.

The womens footy games got fox ratings of 57k and 50k.

But there’s more, the Geelong game got national FTA ratings of 375k.

All in all, a big win for womens sport.

Cats conquer Collingwood in thrilling AFLW season-opener

Is that what you took from it?

I thought it was a comparison between womens sport and mens sport. I thought it was a positive outcome for womens sport.

Cats conquer Collingwood in thrilling AFLW season-opener

Also noteworthy are some of the numbers surrounding yesterday’s two games.

Womens footy:
Geelong attendance: 18,429
Adelaide attendance: 7,830

Mens football:
Gosford attendance: very small
Adelaide attendance: 7,071

A win for womens sport.

Cats conquer Collingwood in thrilling AFLW season-opener

Two good games to open the footy season.

Geelong’s win was noteworthy, for the fact that it’s a youngish team, full of girls who have actually played footy most of their lives – and it showed on occasions when they could get half a yard of space.

The dogs win was daylight robbery, but they stuck at it and at the end of the day, KB’s quality shone through, even if she only needed a few touches of the footy.

Cats conquer Collingwood in thrilling AFLW season-opener

Yes, but it didn’t happen, and the point remains: throwing Souths out was the equivalent of throwing a Carlton, Essendon or Collingwood out of the AFL (it would never happen in the AFL).

Rugby league and the battle for hearts and minds in the west

With those examples, you’re proving my point, throwing Souths out was the equivalent of throwing a Carlton, Essendon or Colllingwood out – it would never happen in the AFL.

122 years on from the birth of the VFL, and the only casualties we have are:
– the demise of University at the start of WWI
– the merging of Fitzroy and the Brisbane Bears.

Rugby league and the battle for hearts and minds in the west

I wasn’t aware that the land East of Black Mountain had originally been declared as some sort of sporting precinct.

In the early days of ACT sport, there were various sporting clubs located in Acton, now mostly taken up by the ANU, many had to move once the lake was flooded.

Today, the South Oval is one of the most picturesque ovals in all of Canberra (perhaps even all of Australia), home to the ANU cricket and aussie rules clubs.

Manuka Oval’s Test debut 95 years in the making

Oh yeh, apologies, I missed it on first reading.

Manuka Oval’s Test debut 95 years in the making

The disaster of the super league wars is that rugby league threw away so much history in a short space of time.

Let’s not forget, when Souths were thrown out, they were (and probably still are) the most successful club in the history of the game. Seriously, what sport throws out their most successful club? It would be like the AFL throwing out Carlton, Essendon or Collingwood – it would never happen.

And I notice a discussion above about the value of the Tigers brand, and I agree, it would be a valuable brand, but you can’t deny that the magpies too is a valuable brand, the most Australian of sporting icons, whose pluck and dogged determination, and at times, generating sheer terror, is the epitome of the Australian sporting tradition.

Rugby league and the battle for hearts and minds in the west

Nice article Brett.

I’m surprised you didn’t mention the Comets’ short-lived dalliance with the one day game, when they were part of the national set up for a couple of seasons, with Merv Hughes featuring in their very first season.

As for other sporting events, I attended the Athletics world cup at Bruce in 1985, in the days when it was still considered an athletics stadium, a memorable sporting event.

Also, there was one year, around 1988 or so, when a criterion in one of the bike races was held in Civic, being a sprint around city hill and down Northbourne and back (about ten times) and that was a colourful and entertaining event.

Lastly, I would hope that all cricket fans appreciate that wherever great cricketing facilities appear in Australia, the foot print and input of the indigenous game is never too far away.

Manuka Oval’s Test debut 95 years in the making