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Agree. Their commentary was embarrassing. Very first viewing, it was obvious that there was at least good reason to dismiss an offside call, and why it would happen.

But they appeared to be oblivious to the why, right up to the very end.

The Matildas reminded us why we love the world game

It’s true that Brazil could not go with Australia the whole 90 min, but it’s equally true that they lost a fair bit of class when they made two subs at HT.

The Matildas reminded us why we love the world game

A bit unfair to compare to Australian Football, this is a benchmark that no other sport can achieve.

By 2023, Sydney will be extremely lucky with its many football stadiums

Good news, I look forward to it.

Socceroos confirmed for Copa America

There will be a honeymoon period, the real test will be a few years after they are built.

Might also see a new stadium in Canberra by that time (which will happen if Canberra gets an A-League side).

By 2023, Sydney will be extremely lucky with its many football stadiums

I think you are mistaken with those prognostications. Matildas would have to lose to Jamaica to be out, which is an impossibility.

Sam Kerr's message to Matildas critics: 'Suck on that one!'

Clearly, Australia was much better than Brazil in the 2nd half, so there is no doubting in my mind that at a minimum we deserved a draw.

But that aside, we have to admit that neither of the 2nd half goals came from a shot on goal.

You might forgive one, but with two in one half, well you have to ask the question.

The other thing is that the ball ended up in the identical part of the net, identical bounce, identical pace on the ball (not very much), and it was well away from the upright.

I think it’s entirely appropriate to question the keeper’s positioning AND her reflexes, i.e. her reaction time was about as good as mine.

The Matildas reminded us why we love the world game


Agree with the nutmegs.

Re Sam Kerr, easy to think that, but both games she has taken the defence’s full focus and energy for the whole game, and that’s worth a lot to any team.

The Matildas reminded us why we love the world game

Fair enough reaction in my view.

Sam Kerr's message to Matildas critics: 'Suck on that one!'

Both goals were very saveable.

The Matildas reminded us why we love the world game

The ball pretty much kept its line from where it was coming, and the ball didn’t have a lot of pace on it.

Both goals ended up in the identical spot, with almost the identical bounce and pace on the ball, and well, well inside the upright.

I thought it was weak goal keeping.

The Matildas reminded us why we love the world game

With all the hand-wringing a few days ago, I remained calm, 100% confident we would progress to the next round.

Yes, rode our luck a bit, but the goal just before HT changed the complexion of the game, and then with the two changes Brazil made at the break, they no longer looked threatening.

You have to wonder about the Brazilian keeper, both goals in the 2nd half were harmless crosses that no Australian attacker touched, but managed to bounce into the back of the net. It’s not as if the ball was coming in off the post or anything, both balls were well, well within reach of any competent keeper.

The Matildas reminded us why we love the world game

I was living in Queanbeyan when the Raiders made their first grand final, across the river from the Leagues Club, which was a pretty good club.

I can’t remember whether the Old Vic pub was still standing across the road, it got demolished around that time, it was a pretty rough place on a Sat night.

What an amazing period that was for the Raiders, from 1987 to 1995, Raiders moved to Bruce early in that period, arguably came to an end because of the super league wars.

Canberra: A footy love story

I remember SFC got a foreign coach one year. Can’t remember his name.

SFC won the double that year, but they were out and out the most boring team to have ever set foot on an Australian soccer pitch.

Despite winning the double, so boring were they, that even their own fans abandoned them.

Attendances plummeted.

Australia isn't ready for Australian coaches

Do not undersell yourself, when the great Socrates of old spoke, people listened

Ante, we have a problem

I was just having a read of this excellent article written earlier this year:

The end of an era

“The three most successful teams of the last fifteen years, Hawthorn, Geelong, and Sydney, are finished…”

The AFL's wasted year

That De vanna free was absurd, but for the most part, I thought the Matildas got a reasonable run from the refs.

Has European football left the Matildas in its wake?

Can we please stop hailing the Italians as tactical geniuses? They did the predictable thing for a weaker team playing a superior team, they sat deep in numbers, and played the long ball over the top every opportunity…big deal.

There were many times when the Italians looked exposed at the back, all at sea, and battling to keep the ball out of the back of the net. Kudos to them that they managed it, but not with a whole lot of conviction.

A few things fell into place for them on the 95th minute to snatch an unlikely win, and it’s fair to say that the Matildas contributed to that in the those dying minutes.

It’s easy to say that at half time, we should have just done the obvious thing ourselves, sit on our 1-0 lead, and let the Italians have the ball and come to us with a stacked defence.

But then again, why wouldn’t the coaching staff be confident of a second goal after half time?

Also, at the end of the day, neither of the Italian’s two goals came from exploiting the high line.

And yes, the first world dominates womens soccer, and that’s a surprise because…..

Has European football left the Matildas in its wake?

The author asks: “But while the clubs are good at criticising the FFA, what have they actually contributed since this bitter feud began? ”

How about $350 million in losses over a 14 year period?

Also worth noting the article’s starting premise is that the current stand-off is between the FFA and clubs. I think you will find that it’s not the FFA which is the obstacle, but the state feds, who are looking for a bigger financial contribution from the A-League derived revenue.

How unusual…putting out your hand for other people’s money.

If the clubs want to run the A-League, what's their plan?

Re Kerr, I agree, I didn’t notice watching live, only picked it up on one of the replays which showed her having a good hard look at where she was going (unless she was trying to create doubt by being too obvious).

Re the keeper, she had a penchant for parrying the ball back across the open goal mouth, did it on at least three occasions, Australia should have scored again from one such occasion.

I disagree with you about how good Italy were, they were ok, better than what they have been in the recent past, but at the end of the day, their game plan was pretty obvious and they relied on a 95th min hail mary to win.

The biggest disappointment is that the coaching staff should have seen it coming and tweaked things a bit.

Matildas disaster was what we've come to expect from football

Reaching the quarter final is the pass mark.

Matildas dusted, but not done

I wonder if he called the ump a white maggot?

Game of Codes, Episode 17: How Australia get their World Cup back on track, plus Barty, Matildas & AFL fans

It would be hard for the girls to shake off and ignore the off-field controversy, but I think they can do it.

I’m 100% confident they will progress from the group, and under the circumstances, that will be a great outcome.

The Matildas have little hope – but don’t blame them

They might struggle to beat the better teams, but they can definitely beat the middling ones.

They will progress to the next round, I have no doubt about that.

One point against Brazil will be enough to virtually guarantee advancement.

Can the Matildas shake off this rough patch of form?

The Matildas ony need to get a point out of the game against Brazil to almost guarantee advancement.

Jamaica will present them with next to zero opposition.

Let us all try to remember that the best four 3rd placings progress to the next round.

Matildas dusted, but not done