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Two points from that, both on the positive side of the ledger:

– while it’s understandable for people to express concern at his lack of coaching experience, these sorts of people often neglect the fact that managing a professional team is so much more than game day tactics, training drills, etc. can he connect with his players? does he have the inter-personal skills to pass on his decades of playing experience? can he motivate? can he retain the players’ respect? no one will know the answer to these questions till he’s had a full season in the job (or more)
– there’s every chance that from the very outset, the current Roar owners will hold Fowler in very high regard, perhaps moreso than any previous coach, we cannot know for sure, but it’s a possibility, meaning what? meaning he might have more chance than any previous coach of getting greater material support out of the board

Fowler or Castro? That's a no-brainer

Holman is 35.

He wasn’t the answer when aged 31, so he probably isn’t the answer now.

Fowler or Castro? That's a no-brainer

A bit strange to compare the re-signing of a veteran player on the one hand, and a manager on the other.

Having Robbie Fowler involved in the A-League can only be a good thing, and I wish him and the Roar all the best.

There are no guarantees in life, applies doubly so on the sporting field.

Fowler or Castro? That's a no-brainer

Good point, well, in Melbourne pre-1980 absolutely nothing happened on a long list of holidays and on Sundays, and even on Saturday afternoons (stores closed at 12pm or 1pm). That’s what Melbourne was like back then.

Pre-TV (1956), and yes, I think it’s fair to accept that we were a bit more observant of Christian traditions, but by the mid 1970s, less so.

Bit by bit, Melbourne grew up, became a bit more mature, and started to take an even greater advantage of its inherent cosmopolitanism.

And thus, the debate of playing footy games on Good Friday. It’s fair to say that by the time we allowed a game on ANZAC Day (back in the mid 1990s), that Good Friday was definitely there for the taking, and any Christian sentiment would not have been strong enough, of itself, to hold it back.

The Ch. 7 telethon, that had been around since the dawn of TV, was one thing which would come into the debate.

Like what happened with ANZAC Day, ultimately it was simply about creating something which would benefit the telethon rather than distract from it.

Israel, Gazza and the controversy

Nine premierships in a 27 year period no less! (interrupted by the great war) – culminating in Footscray winning the 1924 Championship of Victoria (a title it holds undefeated to the present day)

Eight talking points from AFL Round 5

92 and 94

Sidey's corner: A tale of footy folklore

Yes, although we accept that politics is a dirty business (and depending on time and place, a bloody one as well). For much of recorded history, the two were indistinguishable.

Israel, please shut up about God – oh, and happy Easter!

Melbourne City is like that little subsidiary at the A-end of the world, stumbling along, fails at its core activity, but is able to generate some side-income to keep the whole operation going. Head Office can just let them be, doesn’t cost them anything, no real reason to pump any money into it, don’t require their attention at all, and every now and then they uncover a gem which might actually be worth something back home.

For Australian soccer, Melbourne City is a reminder that if anyone has dreams of being able to sell players overseas for mega-bucks, well, they are exactly that. Melbourne City has a sweet thing happening where it can bring talented players to HO for nothing and display them in the sort of shop window which will attract those mega-bucks – but an A-League club has next to zero chances of attracting those sorts of dollars from the A-end of the world, for a variety of reasons.

Why would Melbourne City re-sign Warren Joyce?

I agree Canberra would be looking for a BBL team, but there is zero chance of an AFL team in Canberra, zero chance.

Start saying goodbye to watching NRL at suburban grounds

I think that is only meant to apply for Good Friday.

Israel, please shut up about God – oh, and happy Easter!

Well, when the Franj embarked on their murderous crusades, they clearly viewed the Byzantines (in the main, Greek-speaking), as being different to them, and in the end, probably killed as many Byzantine Christians as anyone else.

Israel, please shut up about God – oh, and happy Easter!

Geelong lost two consecutive prelims to the pies back then.

It was pretty big news at the time, I can still recall Billy Goggin getting interviewed on World of Sport, in the Coach’s Corner segment. His side of the story was that Sidebottom missed the team bus, but when you hear the accounts, the bus didn’t hang around waiting to see if he was going to show up.

Given it was a prelim, it represents a remarkable case of complacency on both sides, but it’s pretty clear that Sidebottom didn’t make a lot of effort to work out whether he was in the team or not, and his relationship with the coach was probably not that good as Goggin hadn’t said anything to him either.

Sidey's corner: A tale of footy folklore

Correct, but it’s still used in this day and age, so still holds a place in some or our most important governing institutions.

Israel, please shut up about God – oh, and happy Easter!

I’ve already enjoyed a few easter eggs this morning, all that weight loss from the past 9 months or so put at risk.

Raised a Catholic, long ago I forgot which bits of Easter represented which bit of the execution/resurrection story, so I was miffed when my wife advised that we weren’t allowed to touch the Easter eggs until Sunday.

One thing which has occured to me in recent days is that the Holy Bible still has an important part in today’s society, for example, we still use it for sworn statements in court and the like.

So the next thing that occurred to me was: can one get in trouble for quoting form a book which is so revered it is still used for swearing in court? (may as well swear on a Harry Potter book)

I’ve wondered whether we should just dismiss it all as a bit of religious kookiness, laugh it off, hope we don’t go to hell for our sins (we are all sinners, born with original sin no less!), and just get on with daily life, share a bit of wine and bread, etc.

Israel, please shut up about God – oh, and happy Easter!

The problem might be that you do not know or understand what “indigenous” means.

As for the name, the official name of the game is Australian Football, and thus the Australian Football League (AFL) is both the governing body of the game called Australian Football and the name of the elite level of compeition.

The last point to make is that the last time the AFL commissioned an official history, that official history controversially debunked the Marn Grook connection, so it’s quite incorrect to suggest that the AFL “is so keen to try and prove the theory of Marn Grook”.

Melbourne will never be in thrall to rugby league, and that's marvellous

Actually, that is what Mike is trying to say, it’s not a matter of personal opinion at all, the current system, signed up to by all the clubs, is that the Champion is determined by the winner of the Grand Final. That’s the current system. That is a fact which is not really a matter of debate, it’s an open and shut case.

People can argue whether that should or should not be the system, but until that systems is changed, we currently determine the Champion as being the winner of the Grand Final.

I suspect that the longer we continue with the system as it currently stands, the harder it will become to change in the future.

I’d also like to point out that in its early years, the NSL decided the champion by way of the traditional European first-past-the post system. It did wonders for that league at the time (just like P&R).

Perth Glory aren't champions until they win the grand final

You didn’t just state a fact….it was a FACT!

Perth Glory aren't champions until they win the grand final

He’s not denigrating anyone, he’s telling it the way it is. The Glory has won the Premier’s Plate, but they are not champions until they win the grand final.

If some poor deluded soul prefers to call it a knock-out cup, or a league cup or the Giro di Sydney, or whatever they choose to call it, doesn’t really change this basic fact.

And that’s a FACT!

Perth Glory aren't champions until they win the grand final

I remember they had a good local player, my memory is a bit fuzzy now, something like Baz Giampaolo

Can football fans handle the truth?

It’s worth noting that the early seasons of the NSL determined the champion in the traditional European manner.

New dawners often forget that everything they are clamouring for, well, been there, done that.

Perth Glory aren't champions until they win the grand final

In fairness, Winx might be Australia’s best known sporting identity, of any species.

I would have thought that’s quite progressive thinking.

Melbourne will never be in thrall to rugby league, and that's marvellous

That’s the best holiday reading I’ve had for while.

On this day of days, all the quirky people from all parts of Australia should come together as one.

We welcome all people to Melbourne, even rugby people – we don’t even distinguish between the two. You are all welcome!

Melbourne will never be in thrall to rugby league, and that's marvellous

“Perth Glory aren’t champions until they win the grand final”

I’d like to use this auspicious day to announce that the Pope is Catholic.

Perth Glory aren't champions until they win the grand final

The key to getting back to a 1993 style season is to go for a 20 round season.

If AFLB comes with a 20 round season, then I’m won over already.

Plans revealed for new AFLB league to begin in 2020

Re the old 15m penalty, back in the day, we had reached a stage where teams didn’t care about giving away the 15m penalty to slow down the play.

If we went back to that 15m penalty, one would be given away every time, to give every side a few extra seconds to stack the backline with players.

If there is one thing we should not do, it is to revert to the old 15m penalty.

Have the AFL's new rules actually changed anything?