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Plenty of non-commercial sport out there for those interested. However, few are interested, these sports attract minimal interest, certainly no media interest, and as a consequence they don’t have two cents to rub together.

But these sports exist – they are out there.

The English Premier League is slowly killing the beautiful game

This might be urban myth, but I have a vague recollection that many years ago Kentucky Fried Chicken was caught using rabbit meat in place of chicken.

If a footballer were to selected on the basis of fast food using rabbit meat, that would footballer would have to be Stephen Coniglio.

The word in my native Sicilian is: Cunigghiu. I only throw that in because it’s one of my all-time favourite words, in any language.

Who is your favourite fast-food footballer?

Personally, I would not have described SFC as being runaway champions last season.

A-League hope springs eternal: Part 1

An exciting element of the forthcoming A-League season is that all teams have a genuine chance of finishing top six.

A-League hope springs eternal: Part 1

33 rounds to be exact.

It's the most important A-League season ever - so let's see a fixture list

There is plenty of historical evidence suggesting that in the past, broadcasters have purchased the rights to televise soccer with the sole objective of destroying the game.

It's the most important A-League season ever - so let's see a fixture list

Western United is still trying to finalise the venue for its home games.

If spreading games across Geelong and Ballarat weren’t enough, they are trying to play two games in Tassie. Their asking price looks a little high, and that might be one of the delays.

It's the most important A-League season ever - so let's see a fixture list

Just to add to your sketch, my daughter’s team had to play a make-up game, it was originally their home game, but it was scheduled as a mid-week night fixture, so they ended up playing at the home ground of the away team, supposedly because it had lights.

We get there, and not only are the lights barely good enough for training, one of the four light towers was not working, so that corner was almost completely dark.

I was one of the linesman, and at one point was officiating near the dark corner, the ball came to a stop somewhere near the sideline, but I couldn’t tell whether the ball was in or out (naturally, I gave the call in favour of my daughter’s team).

There'd be more magic in the FFA Cup if teams could play at home

“At times, it seemed the only reason Kruse retained his spot in the team was because he was contracted to a club in Europe and not because he was playing well on a regular basis. ”

The fact that Kruse played almost as many socceroo games as club games in Germany during his time away from Australia reinforces what Pim once said: that to be training in Germany was of more value to him than playing regularly in the A-League.

Robbie's redemption tour another compelling A-League story

The Victory is first choice for all returning socceroos, and why not?

As Kruse himself said: “Obviously we’re here to win titles, because that’s what Melbourne Victory does – they’re not a team that rebuilds, they’re a team that is always up there. The fans expect that.”

Can the Victory be viewed as Australia’s first super club?

Victory sign Nabbout; much to Kruse's delight

It is always wonderful news when we can celebrate the return of great socceroos back to the A-League. Andrew Nabbout may not be too far behind.

In the case of Robbie Kruse, since 2011 he has played almost as many socceroo games as he has played club games in Germany.

An extraordinary achievement.

It reminds one of a famous quote from one of our past socceroo coaches.

Robbie Kruse to Melbourne Victory? For the love of God no!

Fozz has proven himself to be a selfless statesman who would put Australian soccer first.

He is definitely the man to take Australian soccer out of its present doldrums.

I for one would welcome such a move.

Craig Foster, football needs you

The late 50s early 60s was the golden age for the state soccer leagues.

Why do fans compare the A-League to England's lower leagues?

Such cricketing discussions are always difficult because cricket is a game of very long traditions. At heart, it’s quite a conservative game.

On this article specifically, I can say that the starting premise is undeniable: in the modern age, 5 days is too long for a single game. As for the solution proffered, it’s probably too drastic a change, and many have already pointed out a few holes in the design.

Personally, I’ve always thought moving towards a four-day game was the appropriate response for test cricket, and it’s a format which is not uncommon in the broader cricketing world. It’s a change which might be embraced quickly.

Longer term, even four days might end up proving to be too long.

A proposal to save Test cricket


I understand where you are coming from, but even you would admit that it’s a stretch to suggest the majority cannot play “competently”. It is true to say that the majority are way off the standard of the top dozen or so nations, and in that regard, rugby and cricket are not all that different.

It’s very difficult for nations to bridge the gap in team sports like rugby and cricket. About once a decade, you might get one nation move up the rankings and become competitive against the better nations….might.

They are difficult sports to play at the highest level, it’s hard to bridge that gap, not an easy problem to overcome.

Largest nations never to have played Test Rugby

Tarek Elrich might have been the missing ingredient in the socceroos’ last three failed WC campaigns.

Diego Maradona: An accurate yet incomplete summary of the Argentine's life

A positive about the main winter codes is that we do not man-handle refs/umps, meaning a woman can do the job without needing to fear for her well-being.

This is in stark contrast to soccer overseas where players crowd around the ref regularly, and can lay hands on a ref with no consequence. That would be less than an ideal environment for a female ref.

First female NRL referee is ready to realise her dream

The last time we played Taiwan in any type of qualifier, was in an Olympics qualifier back in 1988.

The socceroos won 3-0.

Arnie scored twice, Farina was the other goal scorer.

In 1985 we played Taiwan twice in the space of four days as part of the 1986 WC qualifiers, winning by a combined score of 15-0.

Mitchell got a hatrick in the first game, and Kossie and Odzakov got a hatrick in the 2nd.

First Socceroos 2022 FIFA World Cup qualifying fixtures revealed

I just tracked down Tony Sage’s quote: “But if we had one team in Jakarta, one in Manila, one in Kuala Lumpur and one in Singapore, that is expanding your potential audience by 400 million people. That would drive TV revenues up – then, maybe, we would be looking at AU $1 billion instead of $400 million. ”

TV revenue jumping from $400 million to $1 billion. Anything is possible.

We need visionaries like Sage.

It all presents as a perfectly logical plan.

How A-League clubs should spend Tony Sage’s predicted $80m windfall

Is that meant to be an additional $80 million next season to be shared by the 11 clubs, or is that an extra $80 million in revenue over the next 50 years to be shared amongst 14 to 16 clubs?

How A-League clubs should spend Tony Sage’s predicted $80m windfall

I’m with Stevo on this one.

Confirmed: David Gallop stepping down as FFA CEO


Throughout these pages, in the first couple of years of Gallop’s reign, he was hailed endlessly with plaudits.

I can recall one of the more renowned soccer spokesmen during that time, a certain Fußball ist unser Leben, who was breathless in his constant praise for Gallop.

And the praise was deserved. The A-League’s average attendances had hit a record low of 8,400.

Gallop got a 25% increase in his first season, and an 18% increase in his second (and another increase in his third), afterwhich he negotiated the A-League’s most lucrative broadcast deal, which now looks like a master stroke given ratings are rock bottom.

Confirmed: David Gallop stepping down as FFA CEO

That’s ancient history.

SBS’ Premier League ratings were way better than the A-League’s FTA ratings, which hit absolute rock bottom last season, despite the much better broadcast time.

Confirmed: David Gallop stepping down as FFA CEO

Yes, a long, long line of successful achievements appeared to befall Gallop’s reign, despite his clear inability to achieve anything.

We might end up with a more competent leader who fails to deliver even half as much.

Will the new leader get all the plaudits Gallop got in his first couple of years at the helm?

Will it all prove to be equally illusory?

Confirmed: David Gallop stepping down as FFA CEO

The Scottish FA??

You’re ‘avin’ a larf.

He’s ‘avin’ a larf!

Confirmed: David Gallop stepping down as FFA CEO