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I was only just watching a Keith Moon doco on youtube.

The Americans are rude, loud, arrogant... and winners

Incredible final quarter from the pups, very rare this season to see Geelong completely over-powered.

Western Bulldogs stun the ladder leaders with amazing fourth quarter comeback

The success or otherwise of Tarneit FC will go a long way towards helping us gauge the new A-League going forward.

The establishment of the supporter group “Carpe Diem” some two months ago was a big step forward for the new club.

Unfortunately, I’ve only just learned that it has already disbanded.

Now supporter groups come and go, but I’ve never heard of one disappearing before a single ball was kicked in anger.

Will an independent A-League actually work?

If you hang around long enough you will see me occasionally using one or two my mother tongues.

But I prefer not to because:
1. I don’t like showing off; but more importantly
2. I am invariably hit with racist taunts, or at least commentary which has racist ovetones.

I am happy to make one concession to you, my third and fourth languages are roughly equivalent (which includes English).

As a side note, let me say that I can probably read a newspaper in at least a dozen languages, probably closer to 20 languages.

Will Melbourne Victory suffer from a 6-1 finals hangover this season?

I made the prediction in a neutral manner, I think it’s neither good or bad. It’s just something which is likely to happen.

Will an independent A-League actually work?

I predicted about a year ago that in the very near future, the majority of A-League clubs will end up being feeder clubs to Chinese soccer clubs.

Will an independent A-League actually work?

I hope you have an appetite.

Will Melbourne Victory suffer from a 6-1 finals hangover this season?

That’s a lot of big words for someone of non-English speaking background, such as I am.

Conversely, one could argue that the locals speak primarily Australian English, not always, but predominantly.

Will Melbourne Victory suffer from a 6-1 finals hangover this season?


The game of soccer is all about diversity, especially in this country.

We should welcome all to the game.

Will an independent A-League actually work?

Conversely, I could be described as being open-minded, no?

Afterall, I comment on a wide range of sports, and post in English despite the fact that it is my fourth preferred language.

I would encourage everyone on the Roar to be as open-minded as I.

Will Melbourne Victory suffer from a 6-1 finals hangover this season?

The Victory now has 15 years of ongoing profitability, with excellent membership and sponsorship revenue. It’s daylight to the next club. No one else is even in the ball park.

This helps explain why there have been combined losses of $300 million over the very short history of the A-League.

Will Melbourne Victory suffer from a 6-1 finals hangover this season?

That’s thing about soccer. Sometimes the ball just won’t go in, other times, every half chance hits the back of the net, own goals, deflections, half hearted pen calls, and before you know it, 5 or 6 have gone in.

As they say in the classics, that’s soccer – it’s often a flip of the coin, the roll of the dice. You might roll those dice all game and never get a double six, and all of a sudden, your opponent gets three in a row, game over.

As for the Victory, currently they are the only financially viable club in the league. I’m sure they will survive.

Will Melbourne Victory suffer from a 6-1 finals hangover this season?

The American women are winners. When they become world champions (again), they will be on the verge of achieving equal pay with their male compatriots. Let us hope the Matildas can achieve the same in the next few years.

They deserve our respect, and only losers are going to complain about them.

When your opponent is on the canvas, put your foot on their throat and don’t let them back up again.

The Americans are rude, loud, arrogant... and winners

I’m neither for or against, mine was a neutral response to EF’s post.

Clubs have had the chance to spend an infinite amount of money on two marquees, but apart from the odd season, for the most part, they have not overextended themselves in that regard (yet still racked up combined losses of $300 million).

I’m not sure a whole lot will change when the cap is scrapped. Victory is the only financial powerhouse in the league, and will be able to stockpile more above-average A-League quality players, but that’s about it.

Will an independent A-League actually work?

They might struggle to win the premiership, but what if they give the championship a shake?

Will an independent A-League actually work?

You are correct Eamonn, clubs can already spend an infinite amount of money on two marquees (18% of a team).

We’ve occasionally had high priced marquees here and there, rarely two high priced marquees.

I’m not sure your idea of split caps would work, in the sense that you would consign a few teams perpetually to the bottom of the table, although that might already be happening with the Mariners.

Will an independent A-League actually work?

Can it work?

I will say this: it can be no worse than what we’ve witnessed the last few years.

Will an independent A-League actually work?

At the start of the calendar year, I had high hopes of the Matildas lifting Australian soccer out of its present doldrums.

It might still happen, but I expect it to take a little longer than I had expected.

Finally, football is becoming everyone's game

As the author notes: “potential promotion and relegation was not mentioned…”

Of course it wasn’t!

When are people going to understand, the clubs don’t want it, and they now control the league.

Chairman Nikou has already stated publicly that it will be at least 15 years before promotion and relegation is introduced (and be assured, if it ever comes in, it will come with a long list of provisos).

When first elected to Chair, one of the priorities publicly stated by Nikou was to safeguard the investments in clubs which have been made over the history of the league, including the opportunity for owners to offset the $300 million in losses they have made.

Well, you aren’t going to safeguard anyone’s investment by dropping them into B-League obscurity are you?

The best way for club owners to offset their losses is to sell more licenses.

Selling licenses at a premium is completely at odds with allowing Struggletown FC to gain access to the top flight, at no cost, merely because it won the B-League.

Professional league independence brings excitement and challenges

You need not be concerned Buddy, in reality, it’s not on the agenda, and if it is, it’s way, way down the bottom.

The club owners aren’t about to lobby to push it up the agenda either.

Promotion and regulation: Timing is the issue

Not on the basis of actual attendances at the SCG.

Sydney AFL Ground? SCG considering moving to drop-in pitches

It may or may not make sense to the club, but will players and player managers continue to seek that out?

At the end of the day, 90% of them want to go overseas, even for lower wages, so they will want the easy exit, and even domestically, it’s such a merry go round, there’s very little downside to the player to continue signing one year contracts.

FFA reaches in-principle agreement for independent A-League

This is probably one reason why P&R is, and will remain, on the backburner for many years to come.

Open P&R means you get what you get. It might mean a national footprint, or it might mean 80% of the top tier clubs coming from the one city.

Every now and then, it might mean the likes of a Morwell or Cooma gets promoted at the expense of a Sydney or Melbourne.

You get what you get.

An independent A-League: Who will the casualties be?

Written like a true supporter of the club most likely to get relegated if P&R was introduced tomorrow.

Sleep easy all Mariners fans, when Chairman Nikou said it’s 15 years away (2034), you can view that as representing the earliest possible time it will be introduced (and even then, with so many provisos than the big city clubs would never fear being dropped into B-League oblivion).

Promotion and regulation: Timing is the issue

I think one could mount an argument going the other way.
The goalkeeper is actually the final remnant of something all the players were allowed to do in the earliest codification of Association Football.
I think a big step for the game of soccer would be to get rid of this final, archaic remnant, and make soccer the purest form of football.
It needs to happen now.
At a minimum, I see an immediate benefit for all those losers who get stuck having to be the keeper.

Football may be the world game, but we deserve better