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Most power rankings are form based, so when a year is titled for the rankings, you expect the rankings to be based on that year. That’s why most rankings look similar to the ladder by the end of the season. I would understand history (not expectation because that changes for everyone) if these were continuous rankings.

AFL Power Rankings 2017: Round 1

I agree too, you can’t base “2017” power rankings on previous year’s form.

AFL Power Rankings 2017: Round 1

Some important points raised. However, do you really believe every club has a plan B? I think it’s more so about adapting to the opposition rather than having secondary plans. Hawthorn play two speed football brilliantly, Port Adelaide currently only knows one speed.

Also if you believe Port Adelaide doesn’t have any defensive mechanisms to control and stop the trend of ‘run and gun’ style of footy then you may as well take the job away from Hinkley and Basset now, I mean seriously it has to be about mentality then whether the plans have been devised or not. Seems like the players have forgotten the ‘defence first’ mantra Hinkley talked about during 2013.

Port Adelaide are at risk of stumbling into the AFL's bottom four

They did defeat Fremantle, Hawthorn and Geelong at home along with West Coast away during that period. I don’t think it’s fair to call a collection of ten games soft but after these 10 games they were quick to drop off. Port Adelaide also made it to the preliminary final that year due to an incredible comeback and Fremantle’s poor goal accuracy in the first half kept them in touch during the semi final.

The Power is out at Port Adelaide. Can Hinkley provide a fix?

and will be by December…

Where to next for Port Adelaide?

That’s why I’d like Dixon in and Lobbe out. Dixon can play forward and ruck if need be and Ryder, predominantly in ruck. Warren Tredrea suggested before the game that in 2014 maybe Hinkley should just go back to sole ruckman and tell Ryder and Lobbe, battle it out for the position.

Where to next for Port Adelaide?

1. All football teams don’t have a “plan B”, coaches teach their players a style of play and it’s just a matter of adapting to the opposition who you are playing. As Keith Thomas said “they adjust” not switch to another game plan.

2. “This has found its way into the Port squad with players such as Sam Gray, Sam Colquhoun and Kane Mitchell failing to reach the heights they did last year.” Colquhoun did not play a game of AFL last year as he did a knee injury early in the SANFL season which ruled him out for the year.

What went wrong at Port Adelaide in 2015?

Jack Riewoldt has matured a lot, his leadership has been great.

Four players I've liked watching in 2015

As much as Hinkley doesn’t have a ‘plan B’, it looks as if to me it’s now a confidence thing. In the first quarter on Friday night both teams kicked a combined total of ten goals. Port and Geelong were both using the corridor. Once the second quarter began, Port players started heading towards the wings and lacked the confidence of using the corridor because Geelong matched them in the first term when Hinkley’s plan A was working efficiently from an offensive perspective.

Roos and Power struggling to live up to expectations in 2015

It’s hard to move on when you look what games are coming up on the weekend every week and sigh when we see the first fixture.

Friday night footy? I think I’ll go out

Too right!

Lions tear Power apart as Port's song choice comes back to bite them

As a fan of both codes and Port Adelaide the Moore situation did make me ponder the same issue. I think Moore did deserve the penalty but it was very harsh considering the circumstances. With the world game I do appreciate the respect between the players and referees. Last night was a great example of acceptable physical contact; it’s hard to judge without audio but it looked as if referee Michael Oliver and Chelsea playmaker Eden Hazard misunderstood each other, once they found level ground everything was symbolised to be okay when the two shared a little high five.

Just what level of respect should a referee expect?

I did see this error while I was drafting the article, I forgot to go back and change it.

I really appreciate your constructive criticism…

Clarkson crisis turns AFL fans feral

I can’t believe Subi still has wooden seats!

Seven untold stories from Round 2

Indeed. It will be interesting to see if similar fitness philosophies have been implemented at the Crows by Phil Walsh.

Port Adelaide season 2015: Seven burning questions

Young’s preseason has probably put him above Moore. Butcher didn’t get a spot due to his injuries last year and Shaw’s consistent form in the SANFL.

Port Adelaide season 2015: Seven burning questions

A massive IF.

Port Adelaide season 2015: Seven burning questions

Too right Franko. I’m over seeing Matt Mckay is the green and gold!

2015 Asian Cup: Socceroos final squad announced

That sounds exhausting even if the goal posts were small!

Frank the Tank: Celebrating AFL goal celebrations

I tried to stay as recent as possible. I was tempted to out in something about Tredders!

Frank the Tank: Celebrating AFL goal celebrations

You never know Kev, Shaw may burst out of the blocks. We still have Butcher, who knows where Kenny thinks that’s heading.

Port need to do some clever recruiting

Yeah, can’t see any use of him if he came with Neade, Wingard and Amon in the waiting

Port need to do some clever recruiting

If Siposs can take a great contested overhead mark, why not?

Port need to do some clever recruiting

I wrote a similar article which I’m guessing will be published tomorrow suggesting Louie Johnston to Port as well.

AFL silly season is about to start

I’d love this to be the first week but very unlikely:
Quaf 1 – Sydney v Port
Elim 1 – Fremantle v WC
Elim 2 – Collingwood v Essendon
Quaf 2 – Geelong v Hawthorn

Seven dream grand final match-ups