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Footage definitely exists of the Wheaton and Gilbert incident, but in one of those more rare instances, absolutely not a second of footage exists on the McEnroe-Newk-Stolle incident. Newcombe has spoken and written about it numerous times, but it’s frustrating and hard to believe someone, somewhere doesn’t have access to some footage of it. It would be pretty compelling to watch.

When the gloves come off on the court

Tomic had a really interesting, unorthodox playing style. Quite quirky in a way, with a “slappy” forehand and a lot of feel in his hands that caused a lot of top players all kinds of problems. His match up against Djokovic was more often than not a very competitive match. But without the mental desire and physical discipline, natural talent will only take you so far. And of course his father as coach was a pretty big elephant in the room.

The rise and fall of Bernard Tomic

It’s called opinion piece Phil.

Margaret Court: the champion Australians never loved

We’ve got four of all the time greatest players still playing – Serena, Roger, Rafa, Djokovic – and none of them have pulled off the calendar slam. Maybe in a strange twist, when these four retire, someone may unexpectedly just step through the portal.

The spooky sporting dream whose name dare not be spoken

Agree that that the biggest change evident was his desire on court to keep fighting. That’s huge for Kyrios. As the great Arthur Ashe said, part of a champion’s make up is relishing the battle. Not only on the big stage against a big name player, but also against a lowly ranked player on an outside court with a small gallery. If Kyrios finally ‘gets this’ into psyche, there will be no stopping him

Has Nick Kyrgios finally matured?

What Thiem has going for him as well in a clash with Nadal is that he can match it the Spaniard in terms of physicality. And who knows, maybe Nadal’s match with Kyrios will take a bit of the edge off Nadal.

About Thiem: Crashing the big three of men's tennis

The ‘people’ ask Roger about retirement are journalists, who more often than not don’t appear that capable of formulating any questions outside of a cliche.

Why do we demand Roger's retirement?

Glad you mentioned Little Mo – she’s in danger of being forgotten and she has to be one of the top three greatest women players of all time. I’ll have an article on her in a few weeks to coincide with a podcast episode of her on Off The Frame (a tongue in cheek Tennis Podcast launched recently) that will be out in a few weeks.

Why Australia bosses the Grand Slam


Thanks for rectifying my oversight. I think I stared at the stats too long and had it in my head that in 1984 the Australian was still being played as the first slam instead of the last and so discounted it as a contender for ‘falling at the final hurdle’ as per Crawford, Hoad, Serena and Alcott.

Why Australia bosses the Grand Slam

Spot on Bell21. We had low profile players like Brian Teacher winning it, as well as other players like John Marks getting to a final against Guillermo Vilas. And of course on the women’s side there was Aussie Chris O’Neill taking out the title in 1978. Quite a fascinating period in tennis history in a way.

The Australian Open is tennis' ugly duckling that came good

‘Burgess has long standing dirt on Buzz’

Any clue to what this is ?

How Buzz Rothfield's hypocrisy sandwich flew under the radar

Renegade, for me you’ve drilled right into the core of this with your last comment:

“More importantly he loses all credibility and integrity as a man, will be seen as a Gus puppet.”

Lies, corporate speak and audacious coach poaching

If you were Ivan Cleary why would you consider going to the Panthers?

1. They sacked him previously
2. They don’t value him as a coach, only as a bridge to secure his son
3. He can fulfil his desire of coaching his son at the Tigers by calling his heels for a little while
4. The Tigers wanted him for his coaching talent (unlike the Panthers)
5. He’ll be able to negotiate a hefty extension to his contract as well as extra dollars
6. If he leaves the Tigers his credibility is as shot as Gould’s
7. The pressure of delivering a premiership on his and his son’s shoulders will be unbearable

So, I repeat, if you were Ivan Cleary why would you consider going to the Panthers?

Lies, corporate speak and audacious coach poaching

Wasn’t Gould also involved in sacking Graham Murray at the Roosters – even though they kept making it through to the semi-finals during his tenure as coach?

Lies, corporate speak and audacious coach poaching

Great piece…thanks for shining a light on this obvious farce and giving us a laugh as well.

Anthony Griffin sacked for not being Nathan Cleary's dad

There’s a guy in Barton who includes all these services as part of his standard out-call. I’ve already texted Ricky the details of the chap.

We need to talk about Ricky

Surely, the problem at the Raiders has some advantages. It’s extremely specific. With some other underperforming clubs, you look at them and see a basket case full of all sorts of issues. With the Raiders we know exactly what it is. They are a talented team who surrender a lead. Surely this is a psychological issue that can be worked on. It calls for a psychiatrist, or at the very least a hypnotist.

We need to talk about Ricky

Hey BA, lay off Lordy…his latest post has cracked over 50 comments….now that’s a mighty fine effort in anyone’s language, except maybe for Terry Leabeater post his tongue operation…

Slater’s Origin performance was good, but he shouldn't get the Wally

Isn’t that what they did this year?

Slater’s Origin performance was good, but he shouldn't get the Wally

Team No 38 in the world loses to Teams No 7, No 11 and No 12.

What’s the angst about?

The Socceroos need to do more than just participate in the World Cup


Any chance of a separate article on Ben Hunt as a poor man’s Mitchell Pearce when it comes to Origin half backs?

After all these years, Queensland finally get Origin

Why can’t we get another concept up called ‘The Unremarkables’ – a select band of the most nondescript, forgettable players to ever lace a boot. Don’t tell me that this wouldn’t get everyone as excited and as hot and bothered as The Immortals.

Nominations anyone?

The Immortals: A concept drenched in wine

Prior in for James is a big departure from the whole philosophy Freddie has been pushing for this team. It’s a very conservative option. Instead of throwing even more attack at Queensland he’s opted for an experienced and solid player. I’m sure Prior won’t let anyone down, but I’m a little disappointed with this selection and the message that it’s sending. Also, the way Ryan James has been treated is really poor.

Matt Prior isn’t the popular selection, but he’s the right selection

A couple of angles to consider here.

Gillmeister will help the QLD forwards with technique, but the main issue behind them missing over 50 tackles was the mismatch in speed and agility between the two teams. That remains.

Last year NSW dominance in the first game came predominantly through one player – Fifiita. The Blues victory in Game 1 was a more evenly distributed team effort. It was a lot easier for Queensland to to focus their defence in the second game on Fifita and they shut him down. What was painful to watch was the total lack of strategic foresight from Daley and Co to counter this. Everyone knew it was coming,

Maroons turn to Trevor 'Minister of Defence' Gillmeister

Hard to know exactly what Gould, John and Rothfield are bleating about and exactly what the definition of ‘nitpicking’ is. My guess is that these three wise men only want a penalty to be called that directly impacts on the play. Everything else is nitpicking….what a slippery slope we’re about get on….

Penalty Wars 2018: The NRL surrenders… again