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Seems a bit left field, although I have no idea what his form has been like (must be ok…). I suppose he covers 10/12 as per O’Connor/To’omua rather than 12/13 like other players eg Kerevi/Simone. Any idea what his current contract overseas is? Perhaps selection is a bridge to signing back in Aus?

Bledisloe Cup: One new Wallaby in 42-man squad for COVID-threatened All Blacks clashes

Tom ‘Ward’. Brutal takedown of Tom Wright, Ron Swanston style haha!

WILL GENIA: Why I'd opt for Noah and Tate, and loved Hunter's 'ballsy' play

It’s a real dilemma this overseas player business. In the current system you can usually pick a competitive test 23 from SR (although I acknowledge our results have not be great the last 5 years). But the real issue is your fringe wallabies, those ranked 30-50 in Aus who may have played a handful of tests or leave at age 25 because they can see players ranked ahead of them. This has gutted the SR teams and notably dropped the standard post 2015 RWC.

The options are to keep the status quo and hope the lure of International rugby keeps enough players around. In wishful thinking Super Rugby becomes an Asia Pacific tournament, money from Japan, Twiggy Forrest and China build the financial viability and we can give big contracts to more player. Haha, very wishful I know!

Or you open it all up, select the best players. But accept we will probably be left with SR Au, the standard is NRC level and financially it is much less viable. Still potential for entertaining rugby there, but a very different type of tournament.

I still call Australia home: Why do we turn our backs on ex-pat Wallabies?

We are making a similar point I think but just with fewer teams. A 5 team domestic competition (I’m calling it SR AU in this example) vs an 8-10 team comp (NRC or equivalent). Yes ideally with the player base available NSW should field 3-4 teams in a national domestic comp. Basically I am trying to appease Shute shield power brokers by only taking a few of their top players haha!

Super Rugby AU: The third tier

Agree our domestic comp should have somewhere around 10 teams in an ideal world. But that has been difficult to get going over the years. But starting with 5 teams your Super squad players ranked 10-40 will get more exposure. May then be potential to expand in the future.

Super Rugby AU: The third tier

I actually really liked NRC. It was very entertaining. I’m in Canberra so got down to a few Vikings games and watched some online each week. It seemed to work every state but our biggest one unfortunately!

My preference would be to reinstate the NRC. But this may be a way to get NSW to take a domestic competition seriously.

Super Rugby AU: The third tier

Exactly, we already have a precedent to keep the marketing in domestic competitions. So no reason it couldn’t be kept for SR AU.

Super Rugby AU: The third tier

Why not?

Super Rugby AU: The third tier

Thanks fiwiboy. In a ideal world Aus would run a 8-12 team national comp after SR, but unfortunately the ARC/NRC never really took off. But using the non-test playing SR squads plus a few academy players/local club players this could be a pseudo third tier (2.5th tier?) and provide what the NRC should still be doing. Using SR AU tag is really just marketing, but may help to do exactly that – market/sell the comp better.

Super Rugby AU: The third tier

Some fair points, but if this year is anything to go by the domestic competition has put the Aus franchises further behind NZ. The main problem is a lack of depth – this model can address that problem. I agree it would not be an equivalent to this year’s SR AU but using the existing teams and not manufactured NRC sides there would be more interest and engagement from fans as well as an easier sell to broadcasters.

Super Rugby AU: The third tier

Thanks Pinetree. From what is being reported the full Pacific Super Rugby is the likely format, if not next year then certainly beyond. So with that assumption, this seemed like a way to preserve what people liked in Super Rugby AU and allow those outside of the Wallabies squad additional higher quality game time. Geoff said it in the article today…Sean Wainui gets to go off an play for Bay of Plenty then possibly Maori All Blacks. What are the Carter Gordon’s of the world going to do for the rest of the year to improve their game?

It’s obviously a different competition without the test players, but by using the existing Super Rugby Squads and Franchises, this could succeed where the NRC failed. 5 teams perhaps not ideal but may overcome the issues of cannibalising club rugby.

Super Rugby AU: The third tier

This is a great development. But it would be good to keep SR AU in some form. Perhaps the 12 team round robin plus finals, then the reverse fixtures for Aus teams only (counting the initial game aswell)?

Two Pacific Island teams given green light to join Super Rugby in 2022

Sounds like a bit of a non story. If I was Bell’s manager I would be approaching every club in the world to lift his value before negotiating with NSW. Standard operating procedure. If he truly wants to leave that’s a different story.

The Wrap: Super Rugby AU and Aotearoa anxiously hovering on the bubble

The current plan is play the first 2 rounds in NZ, the third round at a single venue (all games at the same ground location tbc) then the final 2 rounds in Aus.

The Wrap: Super Rugby AU and Aotearoa anxiously hovering on the bubble

Yeah it was a weird one. When he picked the ball up the ball looked over the line, so should have been held up in goal. It also looked like he grounded the ball within the ruck. I doubt it will set a new precedent…in this case the initial reffing error of not calling it held up in goal created the opportunity.

Brumbies bounce back to thump Force

I can’t recall the law specifically being changed, but certainly in the last couple of years this has become the norm – as long as you land back in the field of play it doesn’t matter where you started. Personally I really dislike that interpretation. In my view the player is not in the field of play at the time of the jump, so should have to set foot back in the field before touching the ball. Feels like quite a negative rule which doesn’t reward attacking play. But having said that, all power to players who can execute.

Former All Black drops jaws with simply genius kick save

Losing a test series in the final overs of the final day of the final test is hardly a humiliation. Losing 0-4 would have been a humiliation. Sure it’s disappointing and we should have won given the position we were in. But sometimes you just have to say the opposition were too good.

Tim Paine's time as captain is done as Australia crumble to humiliation against India

The ref was a kiwi though…and I thought he shut down Hooper’s silly question pretty well.

The Wrap: Why Test rugby and Newcastle just don’t go together

Last weeks record breaking loss may be short lived

Reece Hodge at 10 as Dave Rennie makes huge changes to Wallabies team for Bledisloe 4

Jeez, what has Pete Samu got to do to get a game? Swinton is a hot head penalty magnet. We need rugby smarts. Why not look to the team who performed the best so far this year…ie the pack from Wellington?

Lachie Swinton set to be latest Wallaby to be handed debut by Dave Rennie

It’s the hope that kills you

Mo'unga magic leads All Blacks past woeful Wallabies in record blowout

I’m amazed the Aus a game hasn’t got more (or any) publicity.

Time for a proper look at the Wallabies' generation next

There was mention of a possible Australia A vs Argentina match on Friday in interview with Connell McInerny today. Thought this might explain his and Naisarani’s call up to the squad…can’t see any listing elsewhere though. Does anyone know if this is happening?

Why it takes To'omua to tango

Thanks for all your hard work and dedication to the great game Brett! Keep fighting the good fight.

Welcome competition in the rugby broadcast rights race - and a farewell, for now…

Sad the brumbies are loosing a local product, but this is the best outcome for Powell and Wallabies. Our 4 top halfbacks now spread out across franchises. White and Powell get more game time plus more opportunity for younger players like Lonergan (who has huge potential) to develop.

Rebels sign Brumbies halfback Joe Powell