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The improvement in school completion is incredible. That alone shows how much this sort of program can benefit. Who ever said sports were a distraction from school???

Growing rugby in Australia through the state school system: No, this isn’t a joke

I want to believe in Larkham, but he just didn’t inspire in his last stint as coach. Unfortunately the Brumbies went backwards under his tenure. Classic case where the master player, a master coach does not make. Hopefully he’s added a few strings to his bow since then.

Larkham tipped to return to Brumbies fold

Yeah that’s fair…as they say a tight forward has had a good game if you don’t notice them. But has he been head and shoulders above Phillip/Swain (pun intended 😁 )? My comment was more directed at Latu/skelton/beale but if Arnold isn’t going to be consistently available for all Wallabies games, then I would prefer those who are to be getting game time.

ANALYSIS: So little time to fix so many holes with RWC 2023 rushing at the Wallabies

A school for better halves is definitely required.

ANALYSIS: So little time to fix so many holes with RWC 2023 rushing at the Wallabies

Frustrating stuff from the Wallabies. Never out of the game but never really in it either. Annoying that after a full season together there is still so little cohesion. Aside from Cooper and Kerevi, I can’t say any of the overseas contingent have improved the side this year. Would have preferred Phillips, Swain, daugunu, kaitu’u getting some minutes over the European contingent, but I suppose DR wants to see what they can offer on the field to decide how much to pursue them beyond this tour.

ANALYSIS: So little time to fix so many holes with RWC 2023 rushing at the Wallabies

Very disappointing match. Scotland played well and put us under a lot of pressure. But too many silly individual mistakes from us meant we couldn’t build pressure in return. A few that stood out:
– AAA carrying on after the ruck had finished early in first half (penalty). This was more frustrating than the YC in my view. Although obviously a worse outcome (disallowed try), as it was completely unnecessary rather than a skill execution error.
– paisaimi crawling on the ground 5m out (penalty on attack)
– Ikitau hail Mary ball over the shoulder to no one on counter attack (turn over)
– paisaimi cleaning out way beyond the ruck when Wright was in the corner (penalty and lost scoring opportunity, although last pass may have been forward – also dumb error!)
– Wright carrying on after ball in touch just after White was warned about similar (penalty). I rate Wright but he is a real pest and needs to cut the b/s niggle after play has stopped.
– JOC missing touch on penalty kick late in second half (turn over/lost attacking opportunity)
– Beale going too high into contact into 2 forwards to create maul (turn over)
– Perese pick and go then attempted hail Mary offload on attacking 22m with 5mins to go (turn over, big loss of territory)
– dropped ball at back of line out maul towards the end of the game (turn over)

There will be plenty more, but easy to see why we lost.

MATCH REPORT: Wallabies will be 'filthy with themselves' as Scotland end winning streak

Really looking forward to this game. Should be a fun game of rugby with both sides having a bit of something on the line despite it being a one off match. Wallabies looking to build consistency (especially away from home) which had been lacking for the last 5 years plus put away a lower ranked team and Japan looking to snare a big scalp.

Anyone know if there is a trophy between Aus and Japan? Obviously not a great deal of history between the two sides aside from Eddie Jones being a significant link. Just did a bit of googling…perhaps it should be the ‘Peabody’ trophy, nickname of Ian Williams who looks like the first player to represent both Wallabies and Japan

'We're going to back ourselves': Japan's battle cry ahead of Wallabies showdown

He was solid without being outstanding. But the sort of player you want in your squad to keep the pressure up for starting positions. Disappointed to lose him as a Brumbies fan, but also applaud both parties for making a reasonable decision in the circumstances.

Brumbies grant outside back immediate release for family reasons

The re-introduction of the Force is the bigger contributor to player loss I would say. Lloyd, F-L, Kuenzle, Pasitoa, Tapine, Kuridrani, Pulu all to Force in the last 2 years. Plus if you look at most SR sides there is always a big turn over year to year.

The list of young players coming through in the last few years remains pretty encouraging…Valetini, Swain, Wright, Lolesio, Ikitau, Lonergans x2, Nick Frost, plus a few lesser known names, Rory Scott, Tom Hooper, Billy Pollard.

Brumbies have a history of getting the best out of players discarded from other clubs, so will be interesting to see how CFS and Clark go

Brumbies grant outside back immediate release for family reasons

Any comments on L. Lonergan’s spot on the bench? He’s played some good rugby at Super level this year, including against kiwi sides but just looked a bit lost in tests unfortunately. Surprised he’s been given another go as Kaitu’u looked pretty good.

Everything Rennie said about Holmes' 'shock', McMahon role, Jake over Tate and Argies shambles

Love the JR rugby references!

Why not stack the Wallabies' back line with big boppers?

My reading is they have said it was definitely not a red card and left the rest to interpretation. You could still argue it was dangerous play, without it being reckless or intentional. IE similar to a tackle that just slips up above the shoulders – so could be a penalty for contacting the head, but not meeting threshold for higher sanction.

This looked just like a freak accident to me so either play on or maximum a penalty. It’s an example where some nous from the referee in applying the law should have been applied.

'Not guilty': Why Jordie Barrett was cleared for Koroibete face kick

I’d like to see Hodge given an extended run at Fullback. I think Banks earned his opportunity and I commend DR for giving him a solid run based on several years of SR form. But unfortunately he has not made enough of his time…which pains me to say as a One eyed Brumbies supporter!

But Hodge needs a good run in a single position. He brings experience, huge boot plus some playmaking. He has the potential to be a great test player but needs consistent opportunity. Fullback must be his best position.

No 10 is a real conundrum at the moment. NL is a solid prospect and will be better for the experience but he is just a bit absent when the team needs a playmaker to take to game by the scruff of the neck. But just not sure on JOC there.

At least we have a group of playmakers with a lot of potential (NL, Donaldson, Harrison, Gordon) coming through that will hopefully push each other along until one really steps up.

Why the Wallabies are losing the power plays against New Zealand

Can we find Suzie the waitress?

The Thursday rugby two-up: How to beat the All Blacks and what to expect from SA and Los Pumas

I’d like to see refs give yellow cards after a warning even if the try is scored. IE the defending team is on a final warning, still concedes a penalty, but if the attacking team is able to score all is forgotten. If the play breaks down, the card would be given, but if the attacking team scores then no card. You could argue the advantage has been taken, but in my book repeat infringements is cynical play so ref should follow through on the initial warning.

The Thursday rugby two-up: How the law variations have made an impact, and the ones we want to see next

Thanks HR. Always good to see an article about NRC! Unfortunately I think including all Shute shield teams will make the difference between the top and bottom teams too great. The ideal is a feeder system from Shute shield to 2-3 NSW teams. Unfortunately that has been tried unsuccessfully…but perhaps in the new climate/new administrations a more cohesive system can be developed.

My perfect NRC competition

Shame for the Brumbies but inevitable unfortunately. He will complete 5 seasons as head coach so a pretty good stint. Not sure who the candidates are to take over…Fisher and Larkham will be part of the conversation no doubt, but the former has shown he’s better as a technical assistant than head coach and the latter never able to get the side firing. Not sure who else is out there…maybe taking over a better club could get Simon Cron interested?

McKellar to leave Brumbies, front runner as Rennie's Wallabies successor

Seems a bit left field, although I have no idea what his form has been like (must be ok…). I suppose he covers 10/12 as per O’Connor/To’omua rather than 12/13 like other players eg Kerevi/Simone. Any idea what his current contract overseas is? Perhaps selection is a bridge to signing back in Aus?

Bledisloe Cup: One new Wallaby in 42-man squad for COVID-threatened All Blacks clashes

Tom ‘Ward’. Brutal takedown of Tom Wright, Ron Swanston style haha!

WILL GENIA: Why I'd opt for Noah and Tate, and loved Hunter's 'ballsy' play

It’s a real dilemma this overseas player business. In the current system you can usually pick a competitive test 23 from SR (although I acknowledge our results have not be great the last 5 years). But the real issue is your fringe wallabies, those ranked 30-50 in Aus who may have played a handful of tests or leave at age 25 because they can see players ranked ahead of them. This has gutted the SR teams and notably dropped the standard post 2015 RWC.

The options are to keep the status quo and hope the lure of International rugby keeps enough players around. In wishful thinking Super Rugby becomes an Asia Pacific tournament, money from Japan, Twiggy Forrest and China build the financial viability and we can give big contracts to more player. Haha, very wishful I know!

Or you open it all up, select the best players. But accept we will probably be left with SR Au, the standard is NRC level and financially it is much less viable. Still potential for entertaining rugby there, but a very different type of tournament.

I still call Australia home: Why do we turn our backs on ex-pat Wallabies?

We are making a similar point I think but just with fewer teams. A 5 team domestic competition (I’m calling it SR AU in this example) vs an 8-10 team comp (NRC or equivalent). Yes ideally with the player base available NSW should field 3-4 teams in a national domestic comp. Basically I am trying to appease Shute shield power brokers by only taking a few of their top players haha!

Super Rugby AU: The third tier

Agree our domestic comp should have somewhere around 10 teams in an ideal world. But that has been difficult to get going over the years. But starting with 5 teams your Super squad players ranked 10-40 will get more exposure. May then be potential to expand in the future.

Super Rugby AU: The third tier

I actually really liked NRC. It was very entertaining. I’m in Canberra so got down to a few Vikings games and watched some online each week. It seemed to work every state but our biggest one unfortunately!

My preference would be to reinstate the NRC. But this may be a way to get NSW to take a domestic competition seriously.

Super Rugby AU: The third tier

Exactly, we already have a precedent to keep the marketing in domestic competitions. So no reason it couldn’t be kept for SR AU.

Super Rugby AU: The third tier

Why not?

Super Rugby AU: The third tier