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You guys know that the All Blacks carry three first fives in the squad, this year it was Carter, Barrett and Cruden and that won’t change in 2014 but IMO Carter should be third of that lot.

I did watch the tests he was involved in and believe that he showed glimpses of his best but compared he game wasn’t up to Crudens level in 2013. Therefore Cruden starts and as Barrett offers more of the bench he gets the reserve spot and Carter misses out.

Are you sure your guys judgement isn’t being clouded by Carters performances prior to 2013?

Exactly Carters been breaking down all the time so this is the beginning of the end. Time will tell and for the record I do hope he gets back to his best after his break, just can’t see it happening.

Ohtani’s jacket I can’t remember anyone criticising Brad Thorn he was loved when he rejoined the team in 2008 right through to 2011.

Brad Thorn is a special case however and shouldn’t be used as a comparison that man is a freak, surely you agree?

Tough calls must be made on waning All Blacks

I’d have Carter in the squad as third string as stated in the article.

Ok fair enough I can’t compete with that just loved the game from a young age and have enjoyed writing this article and creating debate.

This Hore/Mealamu argument wasn’t really the intention of my article, I think they should both retire but they are some interesting stats Kane.

The other argument is if Mealamu and Hore aren’t there who would you have starting? It would have to be Coles but I’m not sure if he is proven yet. Then who is next cab off the rank Coltman, Elliot? Should be interesting to find out next year.

Tough calls must be made on waning All Blacks

I don’t want to cut him all together, just wouldn’t start him. Barrett is better coming off the bench. Therefore Carter would be third string in the stands an insurance policy so to speak.

I hope he gets rid of his niggles during the sabbatical and becomes the Carter of old, but sadly I can’t see this happening.

Cheers for the comment.

Tough calls must be made on waning All Blacks

Buzz Rothfield is the definition of a wombat.

Tough calls must be made on waning All Blacks

Who knows what goes on behind closed doors all we can do is speculate.

Tough calls must be made on waning All Blacks

Thanks Kane that’s all I was after, good argument.

He’s gone on record saying he wanted to keep playing, but no Super Rugby team wanted him which meant he had no other choice but to retire.

He will keep playing in 2014 for the Maniototo Maggots in the Otago Country comp.

Tough calls must be made on waning All Blacks

Did you read the article?

I said Mealamu and Woodcock should join their mate Hore in retiring on top.

Given the choice I would have kept Hore over Mealamu but both should move on and Hore has made the right decision, the other two should have followed suit.

Appendage? Surely you can come up with better insults? Having a go at someone over the internet is pretty tough though so you must be the man.

Hore obviously retired because no Super Rugby franchise wanted him (because of his attitude to mid-week drinking and coaches believing it to be detrimental to the team culture) that’s why he retired, because he couldn’t get a Super Rugby contract-surely even you can see this.

You couldn’t answer any of my questions regarding Mealamu as a better selection than Hore so I rest my case.

Thanks for reading.

Tough calls must be made on waning All Blacks

Again Carter should be third string, he’s not playing well enough to keep his place in the starting line up.

Tough calls must be made on waning All Blacks

I never said get of Carter I said remove him from the starting line up.

Obviously you are a Mealamu fan and that’s fine but I’m a Hore fan.

Give me a reason why Mealamu is a better option than Hore apart from Hore’s love of a beer?

Would you say you have a great knowledge of rugby? What’s your rugby CV champion? Just because my opinion is different to yours doesn’t mean mine is wrong

Tough calls must be made on waning All Blacks

Thorn was still playing a high standard. I don’t believe Mealamu, Carter and Woodcock are.

Tough calls must be made on waning All Blacks

Hahaha, I’m sorry but this comment. Woodcock and Mealamu better seasons than Hore? please. It has been said by many rugby scribes that this was Hore’s best or second best season (he won the Kel Tremain trophy in 2008) in an All Black shirt. There is no question in my mind that he could continue through to the 2015 World Cup but as no Super Rugby team wanted him (more so for his off field behaviour) then he’s had to retire. His game is still first class, his work around the paddock is phenomenal, his scrumaging is always a feature of his game as well as his work on the ground in creating turn overs is up there with the best opensides going around. There was a reason he started the biggest game of the season against the Springboks in Jo’burg-because he is the best rake in the country. Mealamu has barely played and they seem to be nursing him though and it seems that he’s only still there because Hore enjoys a mid week beer and coaches don’t like that. Mealamu is a safer option for the team environment that’s why he was kept by his Super Rugby franchise and Hore was disgarded. Woodcock is nearing the end, he had a very average season. Thanks for reading.

Tough calls must be made on waning All Blacks

Exactly, which is why the article states they should be shown the door.

Tough calls must be made on waning All Blacks

McCaw? Yes he’s the best in his position. Carter? No he’s not.

Tough calls must be made on waning All Blacks

Thanks for reading!

Tough calls must be made on waning All Blacks

As much as it pains me to say it. He is on fire.

Has Johnson finally achieved that elusive consistency?

The Hunt Big Foot fight is the best fight I have seen period. I’m usually a boxing fan but flicked over to see how the Kiwis went. The main event was brutally exciting something that Boxing seems to lack these days. I’m now a UFC convert and hope there is a Hunt Bigfoot II

UFC Fight Night 33: Hunt vs Bigfoot - results and thoughts

Stephen Fleming suffered from the same thing, it’s a mental block getting from 50 to 100. Although later in Flemings career he seemed to cope better. Watson doesn’t appear to have the same temperament as Fleming though and I doubt he will end up scoring 3 double centurys as Fleming did.

What makes Shane Watson tick?

Agree. But what happens as in this case when the players have already retired? Ban them from commentating, commenting, coaching? If so how do they implement this? I think the only way is for criminal proceedings depending on the severity of the corruption. Thanks for the comment.

What should be done with New Zealand cricket's alleged matchfixers?


The 2013 world rugby XXIII

Hey you are the one having a go at someone over the internet, maybe you should ask yourself that question. I bowel to your superior rugby knowledge. We all know in general Australians know more about rugby than New Zealanders anyway…

The 2013 world rugby XXIII

I’ve counted him out. I don’t need to support him because I’m not Australian. In saying that I’d love to see him prove me wrong, just can’t see it happening in this lifetime.

Anthony Mundine moves up world boxing rankings

Haha, “McCaw and Carter aren’t included in the list as they are over the hill” is my opinion not the writers but righto mate you’re the man.

The 2013 world rugby XXIII

That comment meant to say I like how Read is the captain and McCaw and Carter aren’t included in the list as they are over the hill

The 2013 world rugby XXIII

Monty bowled really well, England stuck to a plan and it seemed to pay off. However I hope that dropped chance doesn’t come back to haunt them. I expect Cook and KP to make hundreds and put England in the driving seat.

ASHES: Talking points from day one at Adelaide

Next year will be the Wallabies best chance in years to take the Bledisloe. Especially with these players such as Mealamu, Woodcock, Carter and even McCaw holding on too long. If these players continue to be picked, Aussies chances will continue to rise.

Wallabies must get used to All Blacks