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You have literally just watched ESPN FC and typed their opinions of Lukaku to United.

Why Romelu Lukaku will fail at Manchester United

“untested Timo Werner and Sandro Wagner”

This quote alone shows you don’t know much about world football.
Both Leipzig & Hoffenheim were in the top half of the Bundesliga thanks to these two guys.

You’d rather Juric then either one of these strikers?

I’ll be happy if Australia scores a goal in the next three games and won’t be surprsied if we don’t!

Why the Socceroos can beat Germany

Well said AR.

A-League football moves to Channel Ten under new deal

I’m happy with this deal but can people please remember that the games will be on ONE, not Channel 10!
One isn’t even HD anymore (blows my mind we don’t have all channels in HD in 2017).

Only the finals and Australia games on Channel 10, I’m more concerned when a game clashes with BBL, will channel 10 promote A League as “watch Sydney Derby on One this Saturday”

Let’s be real here, no one watches ONE.

A-League football moves to Channel Ten under new deal

$2 million a year

A-League football moves to Channel Ten under new deal

I couldn’t even finish the first paragraph of this article (and I use that term very loosely).

Football hasn’t had any free to air coverage and the A League is the newest brand compared to NRL, AFL etc
It’ll take a culture change and if you look at kids numbers playing football, it will change.

The only thing holding football back is the people running it.
Gallop/FFA lack vision and passion for the game.

Too slow: Why football will never dominate Australia

Expansion will dilute the league.
Amalgamate Mariners & Jets, give their spot to Canberra.

Melbourne City should of been in Geelong.

Good bye to Wellington, Auckland, New Zealand or whatever they are called now and give their licence to Tasmania.

Expansion must take priority over promotion and relegation

The fans are at war, the players are fighting between themselves and the clubs performance is declining.

Wenger has come out and said “I know my future and everyone will know very soon”

He should be releasing this ASAP, staying or leaving, he could settle so many arguments between fans/players and more importantly create some stability at the club.

My issue isn’t with Wenger, but the board allowing him to act this way.
He claims to care about the club, how is holding out this information and creating a toxic environment inside & outside the stadium “caring”

What Wenger has done for the club is undeniable, he is a club LEGEND but in the past 10 years he has received over £100 million in wages and only delivered two FA Cups, but the flip side is, he has still made HUGE money with finishing top four, Quarters of champions league and semi’s of FA Cup.

It’s a hard decision and you can see why fans are split, but watching Arsenal decline on the field is worse for me and to be honest, Wenger looks like a broken man!

His replacement is a whole different argument and not a simple one.

#WengerOut is trending now more than ever

Well said…

Is football part of our national sporting culture?

As a neutral watching this;

– PSG could not have played any more negative, knowing they won the first game by pressing Barca & dominating the midfield, Emery decides today is the day to park the bus and allow Barca to pass the ball around and hold possession.

– Barca having 12 man of the field, the ref was HIGHLY influential in this game towards Barca, why doesn’t the ref pull the penalty back as Mascherano is in the penalty box way before Neymar hits it?
Throughout the game, any defender that went near Messi had a free kick against him.
I’m not one to say “this is rigged”but Barca 100% got the rub of the green today.

– Congrats to Barca for pushing and not giving up!

Barcelona pull off one of the greatest comebacks in Champions League history

FFA got it wrong with Melbourne City.
City should have been either South Melbourne or Geelong.

I don’t agree with expansion, people who do, watch every A League game during a weekend, the quality is horrendous for 50% of the matches.

Diluting the league by adding an additional two teams would increase the bad games by 25%

Wellington has to go, that’s a failed project.
Sell Wellington to Red Bull, tell them you are going to Tasmania and let Tasmania embrace their team!

Sydney having three teams is not worthy of a conversation, I go to all FC games and we are first at the moment and averaging at best 12,500 people to our games.

Wanderers at Spotless have really embraced the stadium name as their home games are spotless!

How can adding another Sydney team be beneficial?

A second Brisbane team doesn’t work either, build the Roar up!
Get them a solid loyal fan base, get huge crowds in before you even think about a second rival team.

The FFA seems to be so concerned with having “derbies”, three Sydney derbies, three big blues, all they are doing in diluting the derbies and people say “another derby already?”

Amalgamate the Jets & Mariners, use their spare spot for Canberra.

Sydney FC, WSW, Jets/Mariners, Roar, Victory, City (shouldbe in Geelong or South Melbourne), Perth, Adelaide, Tasmania & Canberra would be my league.

If south Melbourne and south Sydney succeed, Australian football is dead

Lets hope the referees aren’t the ones who ruin the game!

The Big Blue might very well turn into, well, a big blue

Do people really think we have the player/coaching talent and/or crowds to support a 14 or 16 league competition?

Honestly at the moment,
– Mariners & Jets should amalgamate and free up a spot.
– Canberra to start a team
– City should have been based in Geelong
– Get rid of Wellington, this failed NZ project has gone on too long and either have a Tasmanian team or somewhere else.

It's time to ditch the A-League's top six finals series

Clearly the FFA and WSW as a club have lost control of this “supporter” base.

If they can’t understand why that’s offensive at a game with kids throughout the stadium, they aren’t the fans this sport needs.

RBB lash out at "dictatorial" FFA over offensive banner censure

Great article Michael…

Let’s hope Brawn can change some technical issues for next season and Chase can see overall what needs to happen to bring F1 back to the spectators.

Just hoping for a closer battle this season up the front end of the grid!

Launch week: Pressure builds on Formula One to deliver

Hey Paul.

I didn’t mention Foxtel, I wasn’t in anyway saying Foxtel is better, I’m so sick of this “optus is the best” or “Foxtel should have the EPL”

I’m neither, I actually stream all the games as well as I have Sky, BT Sports etc.

The satellite in storms/heavy rain is a real issue for foxtel but this is due to (and this swings right back to optus having issues with streaming) BAD INFRASTRUCTURE!

People should be upset with the infrastruture and not the provider.

I highly doubt you are stremaing FHD with 2mbps, maybe HD (at best).

Personally I like another platform giving foxtel a run for their money, I really do, just wish Optus handled it better.

Optus booming on the back of EPL broadcast rights

Hey Paul,

There are many, many issues with people and streaming, I’m assuming you just live in a good area (net wise) with internet over 8mbps.

I have friends in western Sydney who signed up to optus, can’t get over 3-4mbps at home on ADSL and buffering is a serious issue.

It may work for you, doesn’t mean the rest of Australia has seamless streaming, not to mention pubs & clubs!

Optus booming on the back of EPL broadcast rights

Hi Doc,

Cant argue your point, I agree with it.

Arsenal are really in a tough position and a unique one.
Kroenke and the board have to decide on Wenger, Ozil and Sanchez, some seriously big decisions.

That is assuming Sanchez and Ozil want to stay of course.

The case to keep Arsene Wenger

Dana came out overnight and said “GSP might return at 155lbs”

This sets up possible bouts with McGregor (obviously the huge money fight), Khabib, Ferguson etc.

GSP v Wonderboy would be another huge fight and pending result of UFC 209, could be for the Welterweight Title.

Who is next for Georges St Pierre?

What Wenger has archived over the last 20 years no Arsenal fan is disputing, he is a club legend, he will have a part of the stadium named after him and a statue out the front.

It’s what he can’t archive now that us (arsenal fans) are wanting, Premier League title, semi final/finals in champions league etc.

Our current squad seems to be divided as the fans with should Arsene stay or go.

I don’t agree with the Ramsey, Cazorla, Eleny & Wilshere missing has been a bigger blow to us as Ozil, Coquelin, Xhaka etc not stepping up and filling in midfield rolls, this is proven with Ox stepping up and being our best player for the last 3 weeks in the centre of the park.

I do agree though, be careful what you wish for, but United had the same issue, Ferguson was there for 27 years but time moves forward and so does football and football clubs.

Arsenal is owned by a billionaire, Kroenke just doesn’t the same interest level in Arsenal as City, Chelsea etc owners do.

The case to keep Arsene Wenger

The A League doesn’t need a video referee, it needs the current referees on the field to be held accountable.

You have a bad game, the FFA and teams can handle that, but Chris Beath is a serial offended and honestly seems he has an agenda sometimes.

Will video assistance fix the A-League's refereeing mistakes?

The main factor will be if Ronda and her team (mainly Edmond) can come up with a good game plan for Nunes.
Edmond after round 1 in the Holm fight gave Ronda easily the worst advice in MMA history and she continued to charge Holm which was playing to Holms advantage.

Hoping to see Ronda get back to basics and unlike the comments above, the year off was FANTASTIC for her.
Getting brutally knocked out by a head kick does serious damage and to be able to take a year off, recover and refocus on what she did wrong, how to change/adjust to the new breed coming through is a luxury only a few fighters get.

Nunes hasn’t gone five rounds yet, to be honest, she doesn’t look good after the first round but she has moved to ATT and i’m sure they would of addressed her cardio issues.

The media ban is bad for Nunes as she deserves the coverage, she is the first openly gay champion, Brazilian (who are lacking in the champion department at the moment) but it also allows her to focus on Ronda without any distractions.

I personally think if Ronda can whether the first round, she will take Nunes into deep water in the 3rd/4th and with a judo hip toss lead her into the classic Rousey arm bar!

Ronda Rousey: Schrödinger's cage fighter

Lets hope a good crowd turns up at SFS for the game, will be a sunny day in Sydney, top of the table clash, come one Sydney peeps, over 20,000 would be fantastic.

I’m hoping for Ryall to start over Jurman as his passing game is so much better, Jurman is the turnover king (I think that’s why him and O’Neil got dropped)

Also hoping Ibini gets some solid game time, even pushing Brosque up front with Holosko and Ibini on the wings with Ninkovic sitting behind Brosque.

Sydney FC look to extend run against weakened Roar

Jakobsen has shown he is the backbone of this team, without their defence looks clueless.

It is also very easy to hate City, between FFA, Yoshi and Timmy, it felt as if the FFA/media was pushing City down everyone’s throat.
If they (as a club) think they aren’t getting special treatment from referee’s, they are kidding themselves.

City and Kilkenny should be blaming themselves, not the refs