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I refuse to take them seriously until theyre top 4 in round 23. Even then ill have my doubts.

Footy Fix: Essendon have arrived... and it's time we all started getting absolutely terrified

… but was he wrong?

'Furthest thing from funny': Brad Scott gives Draper both barrels over Beveridge podcast dig

Not unfairly treated, but still unlucky comparatively

Finlayson's wife blasts 'incredibly embarrassing' reporting on husband's response to homophobic slur ban

A man was frustrated after getting suspended in circumstances where someone else got off for the same thing?! Heavens no….
Fire up the gallows, apparantly

Finlayson's wife blasts 'incredibly embarrassing' reporting on husband's response to homophobic slur ban

Crouch was tucked up and braced at impact, Butters was arms forward reaching for the ball. I dont see the controversy, but then again im a port supporter

AFL News: MRO explains verdict as Port star's suspension escape slammed, Dunstall to become HOF Legend

Interesting to note that for the first time in a decade, the dogs are down in the bottom 4 of the free kick ladder (differential). Theyve spent so long being first by such a margin, it covers a lot of flaws. Ive not been watching their games, so i have to ask: have they changed their style or are they simply being called out for frees they got away with for so long? (Im looking at you, suspicious “handballs”)

'Stuck in quicksand': The Bulldogs are lost in mid-table mediocrity again - and something's got to give soon

Its really a game of who the umpires hate less isnt it? Though i think its not that they hate freo so much as love carlton

The Roar's AFL expert tips and predictions, Round 5: After a weekend of 9s, can our experts back it up?

Less if he played for carlton

'Totally unacceptable': AFL bans Port star for 'unprompted and highly offensive' homophobic slur

Its an odd choice isnt it? It seems theyve done it to save the extra 15 minute drive to Tanunda or 20 to Nuri. Thats the only reason i can think of

If the AFL 'really care' about bringing footy fans together, they'll keep Gather Round in SA

Clarko got a fine for seeking a player out and saying it during a break, Finlayson said it in the heat of a moment. Clarkos was worse, but because its a port player involved he’ll be rubbed out for a month. Like how SPP got a month and Hewitt got a slap on the wrist and a written apology for the bruise

AFL investigating as Power forward admits to homophobic slur during Bombers game

Put your house on carlton winning the flag this year – the league seem intent on making it happen. Mystery free kicks to win games, players getting the all clear for incidents other teams will cop 3 for. The afl wont let them lose

Footy Fix: No, the umpires didn't gift Carlton the game - but Freo sure did

Id love to see the stats for broken tackles. I swear Horne-Francis had as many as he did possessions. Especially after half time. Im pretty sure he broke 5 or 6 in one possession at one point

Footy Fix: Does the Essendon Edge not apply to Connor Rozee or something?

The fact that King is challenging is baffling to me. I thought theyd have taken the week and ran. The action alone should have the afl pushing for 3 weeks during the hearing if theyre as serious as they claim

AFL News: 'Letting the team down' - Sicily slammed, Pies legend's advice for Daicos, Saints make call on King ban

The best advice i can give Collingwood at the moment is dont mix drinks, avoid sugary mixers, and drink plenty of water before bed.
Theyve clearly woken up pretty rough

Footy Fix: Fly's Pies have officially been worked out - but that's just the start of their problems

Channel 7 are remarkably skilled at that. Well, that and cross promotions noone cares about

The Roar's AFL expert tips and predictions, Round 2: Can the premiers get back on track?

Agree with you there Don. The only way i can see it working fairly is by enforcing the same rules the state leagues have with afl players and finals. Play too much senior football? Youre off the table

Six Points: Meet the AFL's dumbest team, and the most ridiculous ban in MRO history

Hadnt thought about it like that, but youre right. The afl media desperately want a mid season trade period to have more to talk about. You and I dont want it, but theyll shove it down our throats until we wonder how we ever lived before it

Six Points: Meet the AFL's dumbest team, and the most ridiculous ban in MRO history

I hope so, but i cant shake the suspicion that the league will sneak a quick change up to ensure that at least one of those games will include carlton, richmond, or collingwood 😛

Footy Fix: The Tigers aren't any good... but you have to admire their Phar Lap-sized hearts

Was an enjoyable enough game to watch as a neutral. Pretty keen to watch a game that doesn’t feature one of the leagues darlings though. It feels like we have to wait until june to see all 18 teams play a single game

Footy Fix: The Tigers aren't any good... but you have to admire their Phar Lap-sized hearts

The afl: we have a fair and equitable competition, and certainly dont show bias towards the big teams.
Also the afl: lets schedule Carlton, Richmond, Collingwood and Sydney to all play 2 games before 2/3rds of the comp play once!

The Roar's AFL expert tips and predictions, Round 1: Huzzah, full footy weekends are back!

Honestly, the only difference i can see between Head’s form and Marsh’s is how many times opponents are willing to drop them. Most of Marsh’s knocks of value contain at least 1 drop. If Ravindra took that sitter the ball before Head got out, would the commentary still be the same?

Test Mortem: Epic comeback win but cracks remain in line-up, Shield form has to count for something, Pat should bat higher

The only way I can make sense of this weekend is to imagine a conversation like this took place;
“Hey so the NRL are starting their year in Vegas, lets take advantage and open the year in their territory.”
“Oh cool so were not clashing with them?”
“No no you see, We’ll do it a week later so they can have clean air and then play direct clashes against them!”
“I see, but we’ll have all the games going on. Pretty clever”
“No, just 4! We’ll start the year with the bye rounds noone can stand.”
“So everyone else plays next week?”
“Not at all! We’ll do it over 3 weeks! Itll be awkwardly scheduled and unsatisfying for everyone. Also, teams that played this week will play rusty teams next week to throw off the entire competitions balance!”
“What about the teams west of Melbournes CBD? Are they part of this?”
“What are you talking about? Theres nothing west of Melbournes CBD. Thats just an urban legend made up to scare children and tourists”
The execution of this is so bad if you told me it was planned by Peter V’landys himself i’d believe it

The Roar's AFL expert tips and predictions, Opening Round: Your guide to starting 2024 with a perfect four from four

In a twisted way of thinking, its a shame that it was only a Webster that delivered the hit. We’re not going to learn too much out of whatever suspension he gets short of him getting equal or less than SPP. Its too easy for the afl to throw the book at a lesser light from an off broadway club. If it were a big name from a big Victorian club, then we’d see exactly how serious the afl is about concussion

AFL pre-season notebook: Responding to another dog shot, and admiring Mitch Owens

What the afl seems to want players to do in these situations is leave themselves wide open and cop a Tom Lonergan-esque injury. Soon we’ll have a raft of major internal injuries to players who legally arent allowed to brace themselves. The irony? The other player still gets concussed

Monster bump ban confirmed for Port forward - and won't include pre-season match - as Power cry 'scapegoat'

I expect the SPP situation to play out like this; the MRO gives him 3. the afl kicks up a stink and get it increased to 4/5. Then about a month or two later some victorian brownlow fancy does the exact same thing and gets a slap on the wrist with an apology from the afl for any bruising they may have caused. Its a tale as old as time

Month off for SPP, another Superdraft loading? Seven things we learned from AFL trial matches