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As a junior , Staminade and a dab of Vicks up each nostril was the coolest thing ever

The all-time great rugby league fashions

When Gus talks footy I tend to listen. He was great on Boots n All but then he started those god awful intros to Origin games , trying to emote with long winded bollocks. Then out of nowhere he tried to start this passive aggressive old man Statler and Waldorf thing with Rabbs . It was just painful. Somewhere along the line he and most other commentators forgot the game was the entertaiment not them.

Phil Gould: The man or the myth?

Just found this on Wiki ….. The Vichy Government under Philippe Pétain associated rugby league with the pre-war socialist government, the United Kingdom and General Charles de Gaulle. Some of the French Rugby Union’s senior administrators took advantage of their close relationship with the new regime to have rugby league outlawed as a “corrupter” of French youth. ………. Corrupter of youth , thats why I played it.:-)

Rugby league in France: The dawn

My old pommie mate who is a walking encylopedia on Rugby League always blames the Nazis for Leagues downfall in France . He reckons the rich bankers etc who among other things controled union , worked with the nazis to keep their money and as a bonus had League banned while union continued. Thanks for the read AMG. Ill be interested in the next articles to see if my mate was right or just biased. He can get worked up when the subject of Yawnion comes up.

Rugby league in France: The dawn

Its done , let it be now . If its not Redcliffe then everything else would be blah. After an intial wtf I can live with it just being The Dolphins , its actually better than the outrage is making out . We all know where they are and where the clubs name is from and Im sure the kids and anyone around the world wont have too much trouble figuring it out with their google machines. Morten Bay in the name sounds dumb and what happens when the shire council almalgamtes again or splits? Its The Dolphins based in Redcliffe , get over it , and lets just be happy they didnt pick the bombers .

Moreton Bay takes Dolphins fight to NRL

Yep , just do a random draw each year to see who gets to play each other twice instead of once . Itll change each year which can create its own blockbuster games as teams will have to wait for revenge . The draw will be another gala night that creates excitement and talk amongst fans that will fill the void in pre season , the idea promotes itself . Locked in confrences would be a step backwards .

NRL will not mandate Covid jab: Abdo

Turtle was my hero growing up and dont forget Bevan Bleakley .

Dolphins in, Redcliffe out and Wayne Bennett to coach

Great news , right decision. Im all for keeping it Redcliffe Dolphins and then just emphasise The Dolphins , its what everyone will call them anyway. Redcliffe were the popular pick because they werent a made up manufactured franchise like the bombers or firehawks( sorry Easts) . If Easts couldve stayed the Tigers they wouldve been more popular , likewise with Ipswich. In years to come the best thing for Ipswich to do is stay who they are and promote that and dont blab on about representing corridors and then merge with a brisbane bid . You can say you represent Mars but it doesnt make it so. I hope they stay Redcliffe , its real , it has a history that should be embraced and its true and thats why they will have support. Not because they have a name with a broad region in it. You dont have to live in a designated zone to support a club and a club wont just get support from people who live in the area of its name. It seems as though we have almost got this 100% right but a name change could be that one thing where everyone goes , ” Oh thats right , its Rugby League , need to have another change before anyone gets used to the last one. GO REDCLIFFE , GO THE DOLPHINS

Dolphins in, Redcliffe out and Wayne Bennett to coach

Ours used to flex the different ones and take his time choosing in front of us.

Four NRL players cop fines and suspensions for bringing the game into disrepute

So what does the NRL do ? Sack them as a deterrent to others ? Maybe but they may have to sack half the comp. Should recreational drugs be treated like performance enhancing drugs? They can certainly give you a kick along , strength and endurance in the short term. Maybe the NRL should stop normalising and rewarding it in the workplace.
All the clubs have a “supplement” program . Is that helping the kids take the next step. Lil Johnny is given mystery pills and injections by the club doctor every season . It makes them feel good , fitter , stronger and the endurance to make it through the season. Cant play this week because of a sore shoulder , finals coming up ? No problems kids , we will just needle you and you can still play and not only will you make the big game but you will be know as being brave , tough and courageous. Not a big leap to take another pill from a mate who promises the same thing.Maybe the NRL should look at who they have promoting the game , who they made an immortal , this fella is best of the best kids . He admitted doing it his whole career and now has a lucrative tv gig and is celebrated as a larrikin. And look, one of his old teamates who was also a drug taker is a sponser with his diet supplement product getting his own segments on tv. Then we have a celebrated tough guy on radio , smoked the hooch but still makes a living out the game as an expert. The list goes on kids , get drunk , get on the gear , get into trouble and you to can have a rich retirement in the media and speaking circuit where you can tell all the funny stories about how bad you and the boys were.
The question isnt why would they choose to take drugs the question is , why wouldnt they? Its a pathway started for them before they even make A grade.

How is the NRL still getting Mad Monday so wrong?

Its time for The Storm to cut The Cheese ( ha ha ) and Munster. Boys , its time to give Kevvie a call and saddle up for The Mighty Broncos.
I agree Mary , keep the phones in the kit bag , idiots.
As for other proffessions having a blowout , its called a Christmas party . Just about every workplace has one every year and I understand journalists and tv people set a high bar for playing up and letting their hair down, its just that they dont report on themselves …. yet.

How is the NRL still getting Mad Monday so wrong?

Excellent . The right choice is made. If your wondering what that noise was in the distance you might have heard, it was all those good Queensland boys straightening up. I doubt there will be drinks and dancers the night before a game on Billys watch. The standard expected just got higher. GO THE MAROONS

Start at the top! Slater confirmed as Maroons coach in first gig with Bennett touted as mentor

Im sure they did . Like I said , it would be crazy to juice up to win a GF and only makes sense to start taking it after becoming the best . Like Cronulla only being over the cap before and after they won their GF , never the year they won . Of course we must never forget that terrible club from outside Sydney called the Storm and how they cheated. Just like we must never question the great Newcastle GF win with Joey Johns , NSWs great mesiah at the helm .What did he get in trouble for a few years later and admit to doing his whole career? Crazy times that Super League , one great team from outside nsw whose GF doesnt count and one dodgey side in nsw whose GF is celebrated . I wonder if 1997 Manly players feel the same as 2009 Parramatta players do.

Back to Brisbane after 24 years, and the grand final that still causes arguments to rage

Possibly if newcastle hadnt lost some players for steroids in 98 they may have done better…. or worse …. but im sure they werent taking them in 97 . I mean it makes no sense to take performance enhancing drugs to win a GF and in no way should we question their great win . Im sure they only got on the gear after reaching the pinnacle .

Back to Brisbane after 24 years, and the grand final that still causes arguments to rage

Was at the 97 GF , still have my ticket in a draw at home . It was a shame I missed the 98 GF and didnt see The Mighty Broncos go back to back…

Back to Brisbane after 24 years, and the grand final that still causes arguments to rage

I really noticed it this year , it was starting to stand out so im not sure how the refs are missing it. I thought this was banned years ago , didnt they call them sleepers or something? Its not just protecting the kicker , it helps the dummy half as well , blocks the markers , basically a shepard .

Has the NRL's blocking the kicker 'trend' become too out of control?

2 bottles of Bundy and I can give you a reference to Anna

Wayne the winner: Talking points as Bunnies blow NRL finals wide open with Penrith upset

Billy Slater is the man we need. He coached The Storm and Queensland from the back for years. He has the discpline we missed this year and he will instill it into the team. He has had the best view of the best teams from club , State and Country. He has learnt from the best in the best systems. Bellamy , Mal , Sheens. The boys wont be out on the lash the night before on his watch. If you think hes not up to it your kidding yourself. Hes a QUEENSLANDER.

Replacing Green with greener: Three rookies the early frontrunners as Maroons coach

Would that need two committees to agree on a make up of a sub committee but with a third committee to fund it?

Why the focus on Latrell misses the real issue in a failing system

The only value the game gets from the bunker is KFC sponcership. The bunker is nothing more than a $2mil billboard.

Why the focus on Latrell misses the real issue in a failing system

If at seasons end theres a draw for The Toddy you could do a count back based on The ONeil – Lewis system. How much you made on Ebay minus your last Black Jack hand x by the time it takes sercurity to reach you.

Time for the 'Toddy': NRL should give player stupidity the recognition it deserves

The problem Rugby League has is that its obsessed with being the no. 1 sport. If the Rugby League committee walked into a pub and saw two groups watching different tvs , 20 people watching league and 3 people watching ping pong they would decide on the spot that it needs to change the game to attract the ping pong crowd and it needs to change right now by implementing a net across the field. In the end whats the point of being the no. 1 sport with the biggest tv ratings and biggest money deals if in 40yrs time Rugby League is played on ice with baskets at each end and a frisbee . STOP IT , please , just leave the game alone .

Hey NRL, here's a few more madcap ideas as you try to constantly 'improve' the game

Latrel is gone for the season but its not the end for Souths. Johnston is a better fullback than Latrel . The bunnies lose a big body , a line breaker and agression but only need to replace Johnston on the wing and they gain disipline , control and a better defence. I dont think they are going to trouble the Storm or Penrith but in finals you never know. As good as Latrel is individually he can be just as big a liability to the team.

Things get intense after Latrell Mitchell's hideous high shot on former teammate

Holden rocks , Ford flops……

Defusing the Australian code war

Great try , I was there and I can tell you sitting in the blatchys blues section I was lucky to get out alive , they seemed a little upset….

The blatant Cleary shoulder charge and what it confirms about the NRL