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Brett here in Japan I’m pretty sure The Roar video content is geographically blocked even if I use my VPN which is frustrating.
I love the roar and reading all your guys stuff but would love to watch more vids.
Unless I’m missing something I need to change in my settings I’m pretty sure that’s the case. Any advice?

The weekend that made Super Rugby AU

TK , there is an option of watching it through a Kayo subscription if you use your VPN. I live in Japan but I can use my VPN and plug my phone/iPad into the tv and I’m good to go whenever I like. Except if the wife wants her way.
The first time you sign up you have to do it through an existing AU phone number(a friend or relative) and after that’s done you’re good to go.
I love my rugby!
If you have any more questions, happy to help.

The weekend that made Super Rugby AU

Yes, I’m watching it through Kayo here in Japan with help from my VPN.
Loving it.

The Wrap: Super Rugby goes up a level, as Australia and New Zealand eye each other off

Congrats to Lance on a fine display! Good to see an elder statesman standing up and showing the way! I hope he can get a win for his team soon, just not against my Reds. He’d be gutted about those two missed at goal. I was almost cheering for the Force at the end last night but then had to slap myself around the head and cheer on the Reds.
I love to see an underdog do well!
Great for Auz rugby and happy to see the Force back!

Has COVID-19 gifted Lance a Wallaby lifeline?

This could be a win win for The Force, the Kahui family and rugby fans. Hopefully with the enforced break and him getting time to get his body right this could work out well for all parties. They looked like they needed a few more A grade players. And more importantly the progress of their son’s health keeps showing positive signs.
Here is a recent interview with Kahui which i enjoyed.

The Wrap: Rugby Australia must resist being drawn into New Zealand’s spider web

As a QLDer I hopes it’s a cracker and both teams play amazing rugby. I fear the Force could be super rusty (pardon the pun) and it could harm the confidence they bring into the match, so I reckon the Tahs will go in with more belief after last week’s heralded performance. I don’t want to see any teams look bad as I’m all for Australian rugby to get back to great heights, I just hope the players play well and go hard!
I think I’ll be going for the Force,due to a few ex QLDers playing but I guess I’ll see how it goes.
Bring it on.

Waratahs wary of falling victim to the Force

I think I’ve said it before but I think this is the Reds Daugunu and Chris Feauai-Sautia’s time to really stand up! They’ve been in the system for awhile now and hopefully especially Chris Feauai-Sautia has done the hard work over the break.
I can’t wait!

What we know ahead of Super Rugby AU Round 1

Nice one! He sounds like a hard nut!
Remind me never to go to MT Druit, it doesn’t sound like a fun place.

Aussie abroad: David Lolohea

Yep, but Rennie has come at a good time! I had a feeling we were building well during the WC and especially at the start of this year. We have the talent I believe to beat the All Blacks this year. There were cracks a plenty in their team last year and it’ll be even more inexperienced this year.
Bring on the rugby!

Will Dave Rennie remember Australia’s forgotten man?

You gotta have Petaia on the other wing dont ya? He has it all. great boot on him too.

Will Dave Rennie remember Australia’s forgotten man?

I think the suspension against Fiji in the RWC really hurt him and the team. I think it’s not a bad thing to have a utility player in a team, as long as it’s in the right spot but not too many utilities. I think we agree he doesn’t have the passing game for 10 , but other back line spots from 13 and out he is handy to have.
Unfortunately we had too many utility players in our team. . Hodge, DHP, Kurtley, Toomua….I would have had Hodge 15 DHP 11 and Kurtley bench but it’s all in hindsight now.
The 2020 team has its own selection headaches. It’s time to bring Banks in though, so I think it’s Kurudrani or Hodge at 13 or utility. Jordan( my future 13) deserves the other wing spot with Koroibete until he gets the 13 spot after more experience in the Wallabies Jersey .
Wow! Tricky stuff when you think about it.

Will Dave Rennie remember Australia’s forgotten man?

Koriobete is a lock in! Snap that key off would ya! He still has improvement in him but we need to keep some continuity in the team with players who perform, and he is that!

Will Dave Rennie remember Australia’s forgotten man?

Yep, I really enjoyed the Toomua interview.

Dave Rennie lays it all out ahead of Wallabies start date

Just watched it with my 14 year old son over breakfast before his Sunday rugby.
Every weekend I try to choose and Aussie legend.

Super Rugby retrospectives: Chris Latham

Nice work!
As a Cats fan my whole life Motlop is one of those players you want to see do well even though he’s not with the Cats anymore.
He was one of those players like an Ablett or a Varcoe that could lift you team with some individual brilliance at anytime.
He seemed very smart and witty and was good on the media side of things too with the Cats and their interviews and media work during the week.
I hope he can get to that next level be a great of the game.

Steven Motlop soars back to his roots

Great article!
Chris Latham what a legend!
I bumped in to Chris and Matt Cobain at a rugby tournament here in my hometown of Miyazaki. And as a Reds fan I was a bit intimidated but as we got talking, those blokes were super down to earth. We chatted for about 20 minutes about surfing, Japan, having beers, Latham’s drunk team translator and rugby.
I walked away stoked I had chatted with one of my idols.

Super Rugby retrospectives: Chris Latham

I think you will see Eddie Betts of Carlton FC has done this and tried to express his opinion in fear of others getting the same treatment. Good on him I say!
And there has probably been many more athletes that have brought forward their worries for others in the community.
Racism is the problem! A solution you say? Education in primary school. Shaming or punishing the racists. We all know it exists and it is bread into some people/families like politics at a young age. Some I my best mates had disturbing things to say way back when we were only children. It all came through his parents. Fortunately my family was not like his and was brought up to treat people like people!

The sports media must promote inclusivity

I don’t know about all the people who are writing off the start of the Rugby comp but I for one can’t wait! I felt Auz rugby was one the rise on the field and there were some good signs to the start of the Super rugby year and even though off the field may be a different story, I’ll still hold the view that the next generation of stars will step up and I can’t wait!
If we want to be the worlds best again we have to start believing in our boys!
Bring it on!!!!

Australian Super Rugby broadcast deal signed just in time for New Zealand comp

I think 2 or 3 high profile players brought in would be great for the force. That’s not going to weaken the local talent pool. As Rob said, it’s a now or never chance they needed. They want to be competitive right?
Unfortunately it might stop a young guys chance of a playing spot or on the bench, but it’s a gamble they might have to take.
Good luck to all involved and may they surprise us all.

What the west needs now

I tell you what, I think Auz and Nz is the best place to be for professional rugby players.
These player who are going after the cash( I don’t blame them) could have things back fire on them. I live in the Sth of Japan where the Covid is next to nothing, knock on wood. But Tokyo and bigger populated Cities in Japan still have big problems.
There must be a way some of our Aussie abroad players like Mogg in the picture can be released to play for Australian teams.

French Top 14 rugby season abandoned

Hell yeh!as an Aussie and having played rugby and have lived in Japan for 20 years,I hear ya! Auz rugby needs Japan, and Japan needs to break into the top tier league. where? who knows, it will happen though.

Sunwolves won't be a part of Super Rugby AU

Great news! As a Qlder I always thought like the Reds of the last few years that the Force were building towards some success and were doing well before they got axed.
Hopefully a few surprise big name signings before the season starts would make things interesting.

Western Force back in the fold after accepting place in domestic Super Rugby

Nice work Loose! It’s good to hear about some who weren’t in the system early.
Well done Tom on his success!

Sheer bloody-mindedness: Tom Court's rugby rise

Great work CR!
I like you am optimistic! I can see the change we needed and our rivals have gone the other way I feel. I hope we keep on powering on! Go Auz rugby!

An open letter to the young men who can save Australian rugby

Dumb coach

Reds trio terminate contracts with Reds and Rugby AU