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French ‘flair’ to the French means, punch, kick, eye gouge, bite, stomp, and squirrel grip your way to victory. I read once that an expat playing club rugby in France in the late 90s witnessed players putting on cricket box equivalents before they ran out to play… Reading about the French forwards of the 70s is one of the great things about rugby and it’s history. French rugby has always had an intriguing sub culture that I think they secretly like about themselves, and continue to foster so that no one else can understand them.

Andrew Sheridan and Os du Randt are two modern examples of the tall, power loose head that potentially young Bell could be. I’m sure there are a few Wallabies front rowers who still have nightmares about Sheridan.

Thanks for the article

Is the Bell ringing for change in the Wallabies front row?

But Kearnsy is heaps qualified for the job ain’t he?
-He got plucked from second grade Randwick to play for the wallabies by the venerable bob.
-He used to play in the amateur days which means he knows everything about the game before evil professionalism took over.
-He gave the double finger to that evil kiwi Sean Fitzpatrick after a scoring a try
-He used to play for the Waratahs
-He supports the Waratahs
-He works for fox sports
– all his old teammates think he is a good bloke
Make this man CEO immediately. 😁

The Wrap: Rugby’s ugly in-fighting just got uglier


Noble Reds defeats frustrate Thorn

This loss is particularly frustrating because of the belief it would have given this team, and its long suffering supporters. It would have been immense and potentially triggered a permanent change in the teams mindset. Alas, it was not to be.

Noble Reds defeats frustrate Thorn

Not many survivors in key positions within the QRU from those days either. Those responsible for hiring and rehiring are gone and so went a lot of staff.

The time for positive affirmations is over for the Reds

There is still a very loyal supporter base weathering this storm, and always will.

The Wrap: Lazy thinking reinforces rugby’s negative narrative

Scrumhalfs that can’t pass.
Wingers that can’t kick.
Hookers that can’t throw.
Props that can’t scrummage.
Flankers that can’t pilfer.
Fullbacks that can’t catch.
And, finally, Refs that can’t ref! ????
(This was not a summary of the Waratahs)

The problems with the Waratahs' spine

How was Ritchie with Wayne Barnes? It’s easy to refer to an all time greats game management when trying to make a point. But there are always exceptions to the rule. Did you watch the game? I’d suggest watching it and trying to figure out, as a neutral, whether Peypers decisions were consistent or not for both teams.
Reds did contribute to their own demise, no doubt, but the officiating was interesting to say the least.

Reds fall short in brave Lions loss

It’s early days, let’s see how the teams adjust over the next few weeks.

Aussie youngsters impressive but Super Rugby teams ordinary

The French defence surprised England, for sure. It was probably assumed they couldn’t keep up the effort. Eddie has also lost a couple of very good assistant coaches. This 6 nations might take a bit to adjust. The pre-match talk doesn’t look good now that they lost. I think, in part, it was an attempt to boost his own players confidence. The World Cup final loss still lingers and unlike France he has a lot of the same players from the tournament. Scotland were no pushover against Ireland this week, so it doesn’t get any easier in Edinburgh.

No excuses for England: Jones

A very passionate player, Rodda. Leads from the front, and vocal. Great player. Love watching him play. His match against the highlanders last year in round one, a great example. Speaks his mind off the field and that is great. Maybe not the type of captain needed just yet with this young group? It seems wright is a bit more quiet, calculating and the more mobile player of the two, so quicker to the ref! Perhaps Thorn sees Rodda more like himself, in the workhorse/ enforcer type role and wright more in the mould of others he has played with.
Regardless, how the reds progress this season will be the true reflection of the coaches decision.

"At first it was a pretty hard pill to swallow": Rodda opens up on Reds captaincy miss

Reds discipline an ongoing issue. Hopefully it doesn’t extend into the early rounds of the season any more than it has.

Reds continue good pre-season form

Colorado raptors signed up Digby Ioane and Rene Ranger recently. Might head down to Glendale and see how the old fellas go next month.
Colorado is also captained by the Australian born Luke white.

US Major League Rugby enters its third season

Player succession planning. So the existing one, where if you play for NSW it guarantees national selection, won’t be in place anymore? But it’s been working so well! 🙂

Rugby AU publishes recommendations from 2019 Wallabies review

And his time in Canberra will have him prepared for the cold!
Got to give Munster credit for the ability to recognise deficiencies and bring quality coaches into their program. All whilst maintaining a great local connection with their players who come through the domestic competitions in Munster.

Great article Nic. A nice balance of promoting Northern rugby and the inclusion of one of our greatest wallabies.

How Stephen Larkham is finding his feet at Munster

Is it just me, or has this coaching team arrived 3 years late?
It will be interesting to see who is picked in the first squad in June/July. Should make for a good start to the super rugby season for Australian sides, as players try to press for national selection.

Wise choice: Scott Wisemantel new attack coach as Wallabies confirm multiple appointments

From Canberra to jo’burg to Buenos Aires… maybe playing in the Brisbane heat would be better 🙂

It’s a big Super Rugby season ahead for…

It will be interesting to see how James O’Connor goes next year.
Lock is another position up for grabs in a few of the Australian super rugby teams. The brumbies, rebels and Waratahs with decisions to make there.
As a reds supporter I’m looking forward to our attack developing under Jim McKay, our forwards being more consistent, and our defence being less around the head. We don’t have the most favourable draw to start the season, but no excuses. Who will thorn pick at skipper? Rodda would have to be close.

It’s a big Super Rugby season ahead for…

There’s no such thing as bad publicity except your own obituary.
No other sport in Australia has had an Israel Folau saga to contend with, and a National coach damaging the code and wallabies reputation. If anything the reasonably successful management of it will have highlighted the progression of the rugby establishment. In my opinion RC has earned her pay in the role so far.

Journos are like vultures, circling around the weak and vulnerable, and ruthlessly picking the bones clean regardless of who or what it is. Always good for a beer and a yarn though…

The rugby media need to be careful not to kill the game they rely on

Who will be Australia’s faf de Klerk?
The springbok back row did have good balance which complimented the 9s work rate.
I noticed when watching Munster play under rassie the back row at the time was very strong at the ball, whether on or off the ground. Controlled the tempo of matches. Very springbok-like.

Dave Rennie’s Wallabies must mount a case for the defence in 2020

Rennies selection in this position will show how much rugby smarts he has. At least he has no club loyalties moving into the national setup.

Huge off-season for Australian No.10s – unless you’re in NSW

It comes down to the acknowledgement that our rugby programs are not as good as the ones in the north. That players like Skelton and TN can go to Europe and get fitter used to be seen as oddity, considering the apparent difference in styles between the hemispheres and the different rugby comps intensity. Not so much a thing these days. I guess as an inferior rugby nation in many departments, we must go looking for solutions, innovation and develop our programs more and more to be competitive with those around the world. This is easier said than done, with our sport fighting for revenue locally, and struggling to sell its ‘product’. Commerce and sport are interweaved after all.
Now, if only we could put the right people in the correct positions with less politics, in fighting, public stoning/hangings, character assassinations and vendettas and I think Australian rugby will be ok….

Why the Giteau Law has to be fit for purpose in 2020

From kiwi to cassowary.
Red dog Rennie
The flying DR
Deadly Dave
The ren-ovater

Clean slate: Rennie appointment starts a new era for Australian rugby

I am looking forward to seeing how he picks his first national squad.

Clean slate: Rennie appointment starts a new era for Australian rugby

I wonder who will be the forwards/set piece coach?

Dave Rennie inks deal to become next Wallabies coach