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I don’t think Brett knows enough ‘senior officials’ and ‘sources close to the team’
and ‘un-named players’ to write as good a stuff as old Greg.

Dear Australian rugby: Cool your jets. Love, Australian rugby

Don’t worry, us Queenslanders are not completely over the Chieka NSW bias years. Actually while we are at it, we are not over Sir Ewen’s sacking either, or half the squad leaving for the force (Mr Sharpe especially), Wendell Sailor going to the Waratahs, In fact any player that leaves Queensland and goes elsewhere at any age, what NSWRU said about us in the 1990s, 80’s, 70’s, well anything NSWRU has ever said about us, Poidevin calling us banjo players, any referee that refs a game we lose against NSW. There are many, many others, but I’ll leave it at that for now. 😛

Dear Australian rugby: Cool your jets. Love, Australian rugby

Well said.

Dear Australian rugby: Cool your jets. Love, Australian rugby

The thought did cross my mind during the match… He has reffed us a few times this year- maybe he didn’t want the perception he was becoming rugbys unions version of Barry Gomersall.

The Wrap: Super Rugby AU comes of age in Canberra thriller

Great game in Canberra. Contrasting styles and a real game of chess at times. No excuses from the reds, they should have closed it out. The only thing the Blues forwards would destroy faster than the highlanders scrum last night would be a post game BBQ buffet. Chiefs supporters are also getting a glimpse into what it’s been like as an Aussie rugby team fan over the last few years. Really felt for the Force after the rebels game, but the super time blitz from Melbourne was the definition of taking the game by the scruff of the neck.
Nice stories about Andy Haden. Not of my generation, but I have been regaled of many incidents of All Black foul play, by my old man, over the years and remember a dive against wales being mentioned. Clearly not the marker of another great rugby man. RIP

The Wrap: Super Rugby AU comes of age in Canberra thriller

No Thor?

My Springboks starting XV for the 2021 Lions series

Looks to be some interesting selection strategy in place for the reds-brumbies game. Let’s hope both teams turn up to play. Great to see petaia back.
Force should be a bit slicker in attack with prior back at 9.

Super Rugby AU Round 5 team lists: Petaia returns for the Reds as Rebels welcome back Wallaby forward

I reckon if you pulled all of the southern hemisphere coaches and players out of the northern domestic leagues you blokes might be struggling as well. Super rugby ain’t dead mate, it’s just a bit broken given the global situation at present. The emigration of talent is the key point. It’s all well and good to point out super rugby’s futile expansion attempts, but how is Italy’s inclusion in the six nations going? Or when’s the last time benneton won the Heineken cup? The six nations should really operate within their means and cut Italy, on your argument- because Italy is not successful or competitive. Of course, there are some pretty good teams up there propped up by Southern Hemisphere talent. And How has that gone for the north in terms of World Cup success? European rugby comps are not to big to fail either.

Too big to fail: Why Rugby Australia must not make the same mistake again

One must admire a journalists knowledge and use of media vernacular, I guess… But they are not lying, just expressing insincere assertions! 😂

The Wrap: Truth proves elusive as Superman Suaalii saga rages on

What NZR doesn’t understand is that people out here have developed a healthy distrust of the words ‘rugby review’. 😂

Rugby Australia coy after NZ announce preferred Super Rugby format

I say have a look and form your own opinion. For all the negativity around super time, there was still some good play in parts, despite the conditions.

Super tiebreaker given thumbs up

Mate if we sacked people in Australian rugby for poor performances over a decent period of time there wouldn’t be anyone left…

Rebels boss Dave Wessels stung by coaching criticism

This will end up in a sensible compromise for the good of both parties, citing the need to work together for the greater good. I think the early white noise is to ease the anxiety of the hardliners in both camps. It would be great if RA could afford a marquee player per Australian franchise. Considering how early it is in the World Cup cycle and all the player movement going on in Europe.

Penney warns NZ Rugby off going alone

All the away teams to win…
Reds by 20+
Blues by 5
Force by 1
Highlanders by 10

Super Rugby Week 5: The Force is strong with this one

I was frustrated with O’Connor’s kicking in general play, when watching the match. Now I can see that it was pressure from maddocks that contributed to that process. Nice analysis, Nic. It is a shame we don’t get to play the kiwi teams for awhile to test the young lads. You always want to see how our guys go playing against the best provincial teams. The silver lining to this of course is that the players are getting a psychological break away from a period of sustained losses. If your not playing the kiwis you are not losing to them either! 😂 Eddie Jones and England know about that!

Australia’s other forgotten man stands up at Suncorp

Great player, Lavanini. Do you think he will stay at Leicester? Rumour has it he might be headed back to France. Stade or Racing… I hope he sticks it out in England. The cold weather might cool his aggression a bit!

The Wrap: Be patient and Super Rugby AU will stand on its own five feet

Everyone has their own way of doing things. We certainly have an ‘Australian way’ as you eloquently point out with Laurie Lawrence! 😂 I’m just happy the rugby is back.

The Wrap: Be patient and Super Rugby AU will stand on its own five feet

Bell is a good prospect, and if he wants to make the next step up he will take the lesson by Tupou and learn from it. It’s all part of his apprenticeship. He will be shown no mercy until he improves, which he will. Tupou isn’t free from criticism either, his scrummaging was very good, but Ill discipline put his team under pressure and he has a habit of doing that in games. There were some big positives for the Waratahs, especially with their backs. Swinton was great, but it seemed it was just him fighting everyone on his own. Waratahs need a will Skelton type to back him up. Happy for the reds to get a win, they were ordinary at times with their exits, and made errors at critical times- how ever they are all fixable. Let’s hope Blyth is ok, but the young replacement put in a good shift for a debut game.

Super Rugby AU: A new hope for the Waratahs?

Mate, I think your lost. Right winger is a playing position in rugby- it has nothing to do with whatever you googled searched this morning when you ‘woke’ up angry at the world. You will be pleased to know left winger is also a position- so head on down to your local rugby club and have a run.

Rugby Australia's promo for the domestic Super Rugby comp is superb

I believe it’s called ‘World Rugby’s Belt and Road initiative’. All roads lead to Europe!

The global season: Who wins a contest of good intentions versus self interest?

Great topic. Plenty of feeling around this one.

The Wrap: Giteau’s Law must survive, but with a twist

And as a result of extensive self analysis he has come up with the conclusion that it was everyone else’s fault. Sort of like his post match interviews after every game he lost.

Cheika: I should’ve quit before the World Cup

Hi Geoff,
Giteaus Law, whilst it was a good short term solution, has now become a beacon to those who wish to further water down the standard. It should be scrapped completely, in my opinion. Sabbaticals should also be pushed aside, in the best interests of whatever form of super rugby is adopted in the future. The integrity of the competition should come first over any ideals about player free agency and a new rugby world order. Super rugby has its own unique format, with 5 countries that have their own agendas and unique sporting landscapes. I feel like South Africa’s recent success at the World Cup is justifying the move in other countries to loosen any regulations in regards to player movement by thinking that it is the future of the game. I think that is misguided and not a true reflection of how rugby and sports the world over are viewed by communities. Cheers for the article.

The Wrap: Giteau’s Law must survive, but with a twist

Well. That’s a damn shame. I am disappointed as a Reds supporter. I guess the only saving grace is their respective ages. A couple of years o/s and we might see them back here. Still, I would have liked to have seen them run around in a Reds jumper over the next few years.

Reds trio terminate contracts with Reds and Rugby AU

It ain’t dead yet champ. It doesn’t matter how may times you say it.

What would a rugby State of Origin look like?