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The Wizards' magic number is 54

With the Pacers facing a Lance Stephenson issue, the Bulls relying on Derrick Rose being healthy, the Cavs needing to get Kyrie Irving to play defence and work off the ball and the Heat down grading from LeBron James to Luol Deng, the team I’ve got a man crush on out east is the Wizards.

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Same tactics from NSW, same result

The talk coming into Origin III was how Ricky Stuart had unlocked the secret of new rugby league. No more props, it was going to be Dutch total football forward packs with a slew of back rowers capable of offloads and wearing down the opposing big guys with angled runs.

Be wary of the economic benefit calculation.

SCG to host NRL grand final as Greenberg snubs Brisbane

“The SCG was good enough for league’s biggest games every year from 1914? to 1987 with some massive crowds. Were all of those league fans so different to today’s fans?”

Um yes Max. For starters many of are unfortunately dead, which is an unfortunate by product of the aging process, so they perhaps may not be the best target market.

But less trite; of course consumer tastes and options have changed in the past three decades let alone the past century.

Does someone have a blockbuster franchise they can sell Max, they’re ace businesses and nothings changed.

SCG to host NRL grand final as Greenberg snubs Brisbane

Why is doing it, at least in part, for the pay check such a bad thing?

Presumably lifts the quality and it’s up to the side to determine if it wants to exchange tribalism for quality.

National pride is a bit of dangerous circle jerk spiral anyway

Blake Austin playing for England is a disgrace

Yep plenty of research done to show we’re no longer singularly aligned with cultural or national identification.

Blake Austin playing for England is a disgrace

Guessing that’s the first game Doc’s watched since 1979.

Chooks won. They were better. The end.

I think this is a perfect illustration of how far a consumer’s perception lags their experience.

TV has owned the game for two to three decades, if Australian sport follows global media consumption trends it soon will not.

TV now owns our game

The court of Bagnall has spoken.

Someone call Mr Burgess, this is what a kangaroo court looks like.

Melbourne Storm star filmed in alleged Bali brawl

Yep game 2 this year has blown things out.

QLD were so shot that even Will Chambers, had he switched teams, could have laid on a few tries for NSW in that game, actually I think he did…

The top 50 NRL players of 2019: 50-41

Don’t buy lane, we’d be paying full freight – maybe even paying for unrealistic upside at this point.

You let Parra, or the Tigers or the Dragons pay for lane and then we’ll buy their top three juniors have spare change under the cap and roll the dice.

The top 50 NRL players of 2019: 50-41

We’re saying the knights have a good administration?

The Knights can bounce back in 2020

Yeah but naming a lump of concrete Gold doesn’t increase it’s value, just shows desperation.

The Knights can bounce back in 2020

It’s all you’ve done for 5 days.

Chooks won. They were better. The end.

Gee this is the off season brought to you by the AAP.

Get well Joel

Joel Thompson injured in booze-fuelled incident


News just in 2020 all games will simply be awarded to whom Steve Franklin thought was better.

We have to be honest about refs

To be honest I didn’t see the article until a comment popped up about the article.

Part of it could be where these articles are positioned on the site.

Celebrating NRL history and what's still to come

As I said when the storm got theirs “taken” it’s a fallacy that you can take away premiership.

The value of premiership is experiential, it’s not a physical asset, and no amount of revisionist book keeping removes the experience.

Paradoxically the whining now from your ilk just intensifies the experience and makes any ill effects less likely should your seemingly scurrilous accusations prove true.

So thank you so much for making this feel even better and insulating from any future ill effects. It is much appreciated!

The worst call in grand final history

You can’t do a genuine charge down and hit the kicker anymore.

That’s effectively a shoulder charge (no attempt to tackle with both arms).

Soliola would be getting a rest at the start of next year if he wants to go down that route (FWIW he attempts to wraps the arms)

Attacking the kickers legs supposed to be 10 in the bin now.

A rational review of Sunday’s refereeing dramas

But you discipline him if you tell him no before he eats the biscuits upon finding out that the premise of him getting the biscuits was false.

Otherwise he’s entitled to eat every biscuit you ever own for perpetuity.

A rational review of Sunday’s refereeing dramas

If they’d scored Soliola would have been penalized on the review (and if the clarification from last year still applies: sin binned, personally was glad he wasn’t) anyway and the dastardly roosters would have started the next set even closer

Ben Cummins is a good man and a great referee – so lay off him!

I’m enjoying this particular vintage of Whine

Ben Cummins is a good man and a great referee – so lay off him!

He can only give you three

Revisiting my five fearless pre-season predictions for the 2019 NRL season

I think rule 1 is if you raise rule 16.9 more than 10 times on the same subject in 48 hours without any further explanation you are banned from involvement in the game until someone breaks Cam Smith’s game’s played record.

Though that is strangely written in pen on the copy I’ve got…

Ben Cummins is a good man and a great referee – so lay off him!

Don’t go starting a Kabaddi / League code war 😔

23 hours in Sydney

“He said that he said five and last. He kept five and last in the air. That’s what he told me”
“I said to him did you not call six again?
“And he said no, I called five and last.”

So we are assuming though that:
– Hodgson’s unverified quote is a perfect recollection
– That there’s no other discussion that could change the context.
– Technically he was right if he said No. 😛 “did you not call” is a negative question. Perhaps Cummins was looking to not make another double negative blunder, given Josh hails from England.
– That in a single interaction, where I doubt Josh (understandably) was at his composed articulate best when phrasing the question, there is scope for confusion, single words to be misheard etc and not everything is as clearly understood as did Colonel Cummins indeed order the Code Red.

Ben Cummins is a good man and a great referee – so lay off him!

And apparently the raiders didn’t get one thing past him all night!

Ben Cummins is a good man and a great referee – so lay off him!