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Leicester are not really a club that can make him grow much more than he has right now as a player.

Is the hype around James Maddison real?

Maddison is good player with an exciting future. BUT, he needs to leave Leicester in order to fulfill it.

Is the hype around James Maddison real?

Nonetheless, I respect what Bruno has done for Man United, he has changed the mood around the club

Bruno Fernandes: The masterpiece

Fernandes is a good player, no one doubts that, but don’t make him out to be an incredible goalscorer. I don’t say that Jorginho is great goalscorer cause he scores a lot of penalties.

Bruno Fernandes: The masterpiece

Up the Chels 👍 👍 Timo Werner and Hakim Ziyech are future gems!!

Can Timo Werner fire Chelsea to Premier League glory?

Completely agree! Lampard has done a fantastic job with a very difficult task, and now that he can sign players (and already has) things are looking up for Chelsea 👍 👍

Can Timo Werner fire Chelsea to Premier League glory?

Hmm I’m not sure, they said the same about Jorginho 😁

The one signing Chelsea need to become a title contender

Kepa is back now though!!

Chelsea’s goalkeeping woes under the spotlight

Impressive! Who knows, maybe men’s World Cup is next!!

World Cup win builds on Australia's wave of women's sport

I see it as difficult, but possible. Will need some sort of miracle for that to happen though.

Now let's try to host the men's World Cup

His core will be 30 in like 2 years though, how long change sustain his side at the top after that?

Jürgen Klopp hopes to keep EPL-winning squad

Interesting! Hadn’t heard of him!

Kays Ruiz-Atil: Remember the name

Those are some good choices! Arsenal could certainly use new players.

A cheap alternative to Aaron Ramsey

It may be different, and a little worse, but it’s absolutely better than nothing 👍 👍

Has football really resumed?

Wait is over now though 😁

Jurgen Klopp ready to unleash Mo Salah as wait for Premier League crowning continues

Up the Chels tho ????????

Liverpool claim drought-breaking EPL title as City crash

Good for Liverpool, they deserve it, and the Blues got the W

Liverpool claim drought-breaking EPL title as City crash

Nothing I like to see more than Luiz bottling it again for Arsenal… and to think their fans were calling him a “steal”

Chaotic David Luiz costs Arsenal again