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too much sport is not enough



It is the easiest marker of competition health as a full stadium of fans always looks good. But remember the NRL equals and even eclipses the AFL in TV ratings. Also football’s participation numbers means access to more athletes which increase quality.

But the author is essentially right, the easiest way to measure popularity is through ratings, although it doesn’t give the full picture of a codes health.

I would be worried about football’s junior numbers if I were the AFL. In time those junior will turn into adults who will support the a-league.

Why are we so worried about attendances?

Regarding the ruck people seem to forget Pyke had a breakout year in 2012 and was on par if not better than Mumford. He is naturally fitter and a better mark. True he has no ground game and can’t tackle and scrap like Mumford did but why does the team need that when we have Kennedy, jack, hanners, Parker etc who can do it better?

Seven untold stories from Sydney in 2015 got me there…i just read it and it didn’t make sense. What I meant to say is that Kieran is a lot smaller than his dad who was a good league player and in reference to a typical AFL player he is short. He has more heart than most i’ll give you that!

Franklin’s giant effect on western Sydney

Not really Dalgety…every person has their own dreams desires and talents. Keiran Jack is actually quite small for his size and probably wouldn’t of been given a second look as a league recruit. He and his brother took up AFL in their teens and loved the game…just because he dad played League doesn’t mean he is wedded to the notion of only playing that.

The whole father-son tradition is not as strong in NRL as it is in the AFL….sure there is Wayne Peirce – a Balmain Tigers legend and his son who plays for the Roosters but its not as prevalent as in the AFL.

Kieran Jack loves watching rugby league as his tweets testify he was passionately barracking for NSW in the latest origin series

Franklin’s giant effect on western Sydney

schools don’t allow tackle..but if they did thats what they would be playing.

Franklin’s giant effect on western Sydney

my thoughts exactly Josh. I teach in Western Sydney and have a lot of contact with the same kids GWS are trying to convert the game. I like watching AFL…but people have rocks in their heads if they think any kid wishes to be like Jeremy Cameron or Jonothon Patton. Kids may of heard of the name ‘Buddy’ and know he plays for the Swans, but during lunch and recess they are playing touch football and soccer and talking about Jarryd Hayne.

Franklin’s giant effect on western Sydney

Franklin to me still is the lynchpin of how the new swans work.

By hiring him they finally solve their forward line issues. Goodes could never carry the forward line on his own and Sam Reid has shown his kicking will always be erratic. Last year teams had worked out to double team Kurt Tippet had the swans forward line came to a standstill and became very predictable. Even at the start of the year they would double team Franklin and the Swans struggled as Tippet had yet to come into the team.

Now with Franklin on the field it has freed up Tippet and to a larger extent Goodes, as he becomes a credible 3rd forward option. He has always been a big strong body who can take a mark. This will be his role from now on as his speed is slowly starting to go.

Adam Goodes still crucial for the Swans

the swans seem to get all sloppy with their disposals when facing a weaker opposition. If they were sharp like they were for the last ten minutes of the 1st quarter when they showed the difference in class between the teams then they would of hammered them.

They let Melbourne off the hook with some sloppy attempts at goal and some indecision in their inner 50/ goal area.

Swans reach 3-3 with scrappy win over Melbourne

Money talks Vince.

Football in this country has had an unrivalled history of organisational incompetence. For all talk of the beautiful game and playing numbers and such…no other sport in our country has had as many false dawns as professional/ topflight football. The game is only now beginning to professionalise the way it runs itself… aside from innovations on the pitch.

Any chance to improve the game’s war chest needs to be taken for now. Like you said, the A League itself is not yet in a position to uphold any decision that won’t maximise profits. The small and crowded sporting market in Australia attests to that.

Good article anyway.

Ratings and cash shouldn't be FFA's only priorities

Well I proposed the idea as a cup competition. There would be knockout stages with everyone involved regardless of where you finished in the table.

Should we replace the finals with an A-League Cup?

Well the FFA Cup will handle the semi pro teams mixing with the pro teams

Should we replace the finals with an A-League Cup?

People have short memories..or are not Swans fans.

Mumford did contribute a lot to the club but last year his form was starting to slide. He contributed nothing to the GF win and was subbed out. Mike Pyke took over his role and in 2013 was quite comfortably winning over Mumford in the first choice ruck/ 3rd forward option role. Pyke has proven to be much more durable and athletic than Mumford…yet Mumford is the better tackler.

Time will tell whether Mumford leaving was a bad Swans mistake…was he simply fired up to prove the Swans wrong? who knows but i watched the game and although Mumford did lay some great hits (one i feel was a body slam) He didnt outplay Pyke in terms of hitouts to a great degree.

Have the Sydney Swans become too greedy?

well technically stratford….west ham ground was a 10 min bus ride but the suburb was all West Ham supporters.

Faux media outrage is driven by prejudice, not hooliganism

most thought out response yet!!

Codes to blame for fostering sport's seedy underbelly

The drug issue in other sports in no way comprehends to the mess of professional cycling. Lance has become the fall guy due to the fact for many people he came to represent the sport to the entire world, so his fall was bound to cast a long shadow over cycling.

What most people seem to forget is that the people who came 2nd, 3rd, 4th etc during the LA era have all been found to have doped as well. It seems close to 20 years of systematic doping by virtually every top rider has infected cycling. This situation does not exist in any other sport (at least it hasn’t been found out).

It would be the equivalent of every team in a league (NRL, AFL, A League and O/S – take your pick) taking bribes to fix matches. There isn’t a comparison that even come close to the drug issue in cycling, period. Many riders are still under a drug cloud and those that have been found out are still involved in the sport, plus there is the issue of how much the UCI knew about all of this.

Cycling will just have to wear this for several years until it is sorted out

Cycling: A sport in crisis or on the mend?

The reason why they couldn’t fund it forever is that it would put the other team noses out of joint. They would be guaranteed to survive and would always have the help of the FFA with other clubs left to struggle themselves. Fans would start saying “why can’t they buy my club as its struggling?” etc

Also the FFA aren’t in the business of running clubs…they are in the business of running the whole sport in Australia.

All fine in the West, but let's not get carried away with Wanderers

Then isn’t what you are saying the same thing? except its like a kind of a reverse cultural cringe?? where everything ‘Strayan’ is to be mocked and only the Euro model of football should operate?

I find it funny that some football fans practically beg the public to notice and watch the Ad League (even those who naturally follow football) and call those who don’t Euro snobs, yet want a European model place onto the A League. Example; most ‘active’ fans chant versions English songs at games, names like ‘United this ‘ or simply ‘name of city FC’ or ‘Wanderers’, promotion/relegation, a Cup comp involving all football teams.

To want a sport that relates to how we see football is not insular. If football wants to be accepted by mainstream Australia (for that i mean the HAL with viewing figures, attendance, tv money etc not participation) it has to be made Aussie!


A-League finals and FFA Cup are key to the future

You are right on the emerging power and wealth of Asia. For the true believers it will be exciting football as Asian teams are giving very little attention. But how does watching a game of football correlate with making business deals? Trade and business deals are actually done in stuffy boring APEC style meetings and embassies.

And more importantly the question that no one here is asking…do Aussies (football fans or not) actually see themselves as Asian?…and more importantly….do you actually think our geographical neighbours ’embrace’ us as you put it as fellow Asians? I think the answer to both of these questions is no.

Asian Cup is massive for Australia: Lowy

It because football has always had this mentality of “build it and they will come”. Aussie Football fans aren’t mugs. Simply putting a team on the park wont suffice.

Do you always notice those self-promotion stories about league players getting into school’s and helping kids read or doing work with the disabled? where are all the footballers when it comes to this community work?….and I don’t mean one off clinics. Real in depth community work the kind that the Panthers, Swans and even the awful GWS excel at. Where is the constant message out there that this team is Western Sydney’s Team??

There is no community engagement by the players. That’s why the fans aren’t flocking in…the club doesnt really belong to them yet. It belongs to the all the sports mad fans who go on websites like this to argue about the minutate of the game.

also…as everyone knows…Sydney doesn’t follow sport…they follow success. Watch them start winning a title or two and the crowds will come.

Hard work lies ahead for the Wanderers

I’m with ol’ Benitez on this point. I hate to be rude on this site as so many are….but Dan seems incredibly naive with his head in the clouds.

belief??? hope???? why would you look to this man for any of those…i love sport but i don’t tie up my self worth in athletes. THIS MAN CONNED YOU DAN!!!!! HE CONNED THE ENTIRE WORLD and is paying for it. Believe in what you can do.

An open letter to Lance Armstrong

In a twisted way I believe Armstrong needs to be remembered in cycling not forgotten. Remembered for the cheat he was and that no matter how big you get, the truth will find its way. He should serve as a beacon to all those thinking of doping and used as a reference point by the cycling community of how you can lose everything you worked for if you cheat.

Why didn't you choose otherwise Lance?

i agree Chris. Dan, LA is a cold…calculating….LIAR. No one (especially me) doesn’t marvel at him for beating the cancer he had when the disease takes so many people but his entire career after that wasn’t built on hope…it was based on lying, cheating, coercion and a win at all costs mentality.

LA coerce other team mates into taking drugs, he supplied drugs to teammates…he organised the distribution of drugs through 3rd parties while racing, he got doctors to fake presciptions to cover up positive tests, he also bullied, intimidated and harrassed anyone who dared speak out about this. THESE ARE NOT THE ACTIONS OF A HERO OR SOMEONE TO BE ADMIRED.

His cancer foundation does cancer awareness campaigns, it doesn’t fight or treat cancer like say the Jane McGrath Foundation that ex cricketer Glenn McGrath works for to provide breast cancer nurses. It solely worked around the personality of Lance…whose identity was built around a person who survived cancer and won 7 Tours…ON THE BACK OF CHEATING IN EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM. He never would of raised that amount of money if not for those Tour wins, which if you don’t know by now, was won through dirty means.

He looked into every single of of those cancer patients in the eye and said you can achieve great things like me…knowing he cheated every step of the way. A real hero are those cancer patients who beat the odds and simply go back to their everyday living, humbly and without fanfare….not a cheat who bullies everyone around him.

Im sorry Dan…but the life he led in racing was fake….the image he built around him through cycling was fake. Knowing a real hero from a fake one is the most liberating lesson you can learn from this sorry tale.

An open letter to Lance Armstrong

Thanks for that sittingbison. I believe he is guilty yet only being a bandwagon jumper at TDF time i was unaware how someone could ‘dope’ for that long and get away with it. I don’t get all of the science but i understand enough to know LA might of been a top athlete but the drugs put him in a commanding advantage. It makes you wonder if he could of won a TDF without drugs.

I think it is now up to the sponsors of cycling to help fund the testers as well as the team. Their money is propping up the sport and if they care for it they should help fund the push to make it clean.

Armstrong facing uncertain future

I think your middle paragraph says the most. Usually big games like that don’t live up to the hype but this one certainly did. Well done for everyone. Even though the Jets won…Football was the victor yesterday.

Hello Sydney, welcome to big time club football

Didn’t he already win a premiership in 2010 with Collingwood? If he did he probably feels the team isn’t a genuine shot anymore and now is the time to actually make some money out of the game rather than sacrifice some cash for the lure of playing in another premiership, much like the Geelong stars did (Ablett the exception of course).

Also Buckley probably feels he isn’t part of his game style/plan that he wants the Pies to play. He might want to have a quicker more nimble forward line in the same mold as their midfield and Dawes might of been seen as one to many big men. Jolly can play as a second forward just as well as he can play first choice ruckmen with Lynch playing the back up ruckmen role. Buckley probably thought that combo would work better then a rotating Cloke/Dawes/Jolly/Lynch system.

You never really do know the minds of coaches and clubs when they make these decisions.

The Chris Dawes conundrum