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An admirable effort Sean. Whilst most of the list i disagree with, I can only admire the time and effort that went into it. Bravo!

Rugby's Top 100 finale: Recap and 10-1

Billy Slater is likely to return this weekend, and Josh Hoffman is a Kiwi.

Who fills Boyd's gap for the Maroons?

Personally, if I was a Queenslander, I’d still rather see Morgan at fullback and Billy on the wing. He’ll be playing there again sooner or later anyway.

Who fills Boyd's gap for the Maroons?

Sorry mate but would be very hesitant to have Morgan on the wing. As far as I’m concerned he’s never played there in his life. As NSW found out when they were swept a few years ago, selecting players out of position is not the best idea.

Who fills Boyd's gap for the Maroons?

Glenn Stewart is made of money. Players won’t worry if they cop a little fine. Give him a game on the sidelines, and if there’s an instance of repeat offending, more games.

Get diving out of the NRL ASAP!

I’m sorry Mushi, did I say I was certain about anything?

Kevin Durant, Philadelphia and the most unlikely plan in the NBA

To say something like this this is 0% chance of happening is ludicrous.

I’m sorry Cameron, but Australian sports are very different from American sports – and mind you, Aussie sports are changing rapidly too. All but gone are the days of loyalty where players played for one team and played for the love of the sport. Money and success have changed that. These days, even the most loyal of players will stick out as long as possible with one team before it becomes inevitable that they will not win a championship – look at LeBron James. Egos need to be fuelled and sporting values have completely changed since the good old days.

Unfortunately, if Oklahoma City prove they are not going to summit the mountain any time soon than Durant will take off. Simple as that

Kevin Durant, Philadelphia and the most unlikely plan in the NBA

I’d say you sound pretty right to me Jayme. There’s a few of those owners and GMs going around right now.

Could Kevin Durant make like LeBron and head 'home'?

Might not be the prettiest match on the list but man was it intense!

The five best AFL grand finals of the past 15 years

Very nearly made the cut!

The five best AFL grand finals of the past 15 years

Wow, is this for real? Yes it’s a frustrating result, but we could’ve very easily lost just as easily as we could’ve won. Lessons from this match are, Beale is a centre, when points are on offer, take them, and this team is a team full of champions. Very proud of the boys.

Bledisloe Cup opener ends in tryless draw

Thanks for you comment Thaddeus. We’ll see if “a different variety of shots” is what Oklahoma City need to get it done, but I have my money on the fact that it won’t.

Oklahoma City Thunder need a strike of inspiration

All your points are 100% valid Mushi, however the unfortunate truth we are left with is that Oklahoma City, in my opinion, will not win the championship with this team. The facts are they haven’t gotten any better and their competition has. Uh oh. Would you perhaps like to address my point of maybe firing Scott Brooks?

Oklahoma City Thunder need a strike of inspiration

Hey Mushi, thanks for your reply.

Winning or losing a trade isn’t always determined by what players or picks you get in return, but as you said, Oklahoma City should demand max payout if they look to trade Westbrook. There’s no doubt he’s one of the best in the league.

I’m sure there’s no doubt Durant likes having Westbrook on his team, but that of course doesn’t mean he wouldn’t rather have some more complimentary help i.e. Rajon Rondo or a top-tier centre. And if you’re OKC and don’t win the title by 2016 – having traded Westbrook or not – I think you can start calling teams about a sign-and-trade.

Oklahoma City Thunder need a strike of inspiration

Completely forgot Cleveland in this one! I think any team would get Love to re-sign really, as long as they make the Playoffs. In regards to each of these packages for Love, I think Minnesota need to realise they’re not really going to get equal value back for Love, especially considering he’s a chance to leave next season. I think the best immediate, win-now option for them is Portland who can offer Aldridge, where if they want to load up and try a mini-rebuild again, then you’d have to think Cleveland win. The big question for Cleveland is, do they take the risk and gamble on Love re-signing with them?

Kevin has fallen out of Love with the Timberwolves

Hey Cowboy, being a fan of the team I thought’d it’d be you to be the first to realise that apart from Thurston, no other player (with the possible exception of Coote) will win your team a premiership. All those players your mentioned are first-graders on an average team at best. With Johnny Football getting older an looking less and less likely every day to win a premiership with North Queensland, I’d be thinking the Cowboys would be wanting to roll out the welcome mat for Hunt in a last-ditch effort to have a crack at the title. Thanks anyway for your comment.

Who's in the Hunt for Karmichael?

Doesn’t mean they’re not in the running for an upgrade.

Who's in the Hunt for Karmichael?

In my opinion we should only record a hitout if it is to advantage.

Ruckmen are not overrated

Why? His end-of-year heroics nowhere near match the importance of Sturridge and Gerrard all season long.

My Premier League team of the season

He agrees with him because, he’s David Lord. If Sheek had bothered to do any research also, he’d have realised David’s points become irrelevant considering every team plays one less game. Please explain properly why this is a player killer!?

Proposed Super 18 format is a player killer

Sorry David, but this is as pointless as articles come. Yes, you’re right, this new format will tire the players out a lot more. That much is obvious, right…? You also mentioned that Bill Pulver stated that this new format was the only format that made any sense if Super Rugby was to survive. I, like most, definitely want SR to survive. No I’m not a huge fan of an Asian team, but it’s a sacrifice we must make. Besides, I, unlike many, will not make my mind up until I see it in action. Methinks this is just another opportunity to have an easy pot shot at a presently vulnerable organisation.

Proposed Super 18 format is a player killer

John, you preach of a “pick and stick” method, yet your article preaches the opposite on one of the most important positions on the park. Picking Stewart would be a big step backwards, not because he’s a bad a player, but because Dugan has absolutely no reason to be dropped. He played a killer two games for NSW last year and on the back of his form this year, there’s no reason he won’t carry thay same club and Origin form over. To drop Dugan for anyone would be to again punch a big hole in the chemistry of this NSW side that has come so close in recent years to breaking Queensland’s duck. Not unless Dugan forces us to drop him (like your halfback Mitchell Pearce has so many times) should we at all consider it.

NSW should go with Stewart not Dugan

Good list. However if I was to chose Adelaide’a most underrated, it’d definitely be Matthew Wright. Always seems to be near the top of possession totals whether his team loses or wins. Clearly a guy who never gives up and is probably one of the first few on Brenton Sanderson’s board on a Wednesday night.

Who are the AFL's most underrated?

Yeah, get rid of the food at the footy. What a great idea.

How McLachlan can "take the pain out of going to the footy"

If Cruden is avaliable, they will choose him with either Barrett or Carter on the bench. It it ain’t fix, don’t broke it. Cruden is proven at test level and it would be foolish to drop him.

My All Blacks squad for the mid-year Test against England