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I actually don’t hold anything against the Tahs, Geoff. Just taking a chance to poke a bit of good natured banter their way….and will accept same back again !

The Wrap: COVID-19 laws set to revolutionise Australian rugby

“Only ten days ago, Izack Rodda, Isaac Lucas and Harry Hockings – the Ballymore Three – effectively socially distanced themselves from all other 189 professional rugby players in Australia ”

Oh dear, and only last week poor old Anthony Picone was being slammed by us all for giving poor advice, when all he was doing was protecting his clients. Must all apologise to him now.

And how far sighted of him to get Kerevi out early last year……what a farsighted man. Ah, but wait, didn’t Kerevi go up to Japan ? Mr P. probably found him a safe and sensible club, I ‘m sure. All is well.

The Wrap: COVID-19 laws set to revolutionise Australian rugby

Very clever and amusing, Geoff. Ray of sunshine for sure on a Monday morning !

“Prevention of huddles and celebrations involving contact is one measure. Expect the Waratahs, their season so far bereft of tries and moments worthy of celebrating, to adapt quickest to this one.”

Waratahs can adapt all they want, we still won’t let them come near us up here in Qld…bloody “Barbarians at the Gate”. Rumours are rife that Anastasia has contacted someone over in Trumpistan about wall building too.

The Wrap: COVID-19 laws set to revolutionise Australian rugby

“What’s the current price Carlos? Is it per kilo?” Hope not per kilo, with only air where the rest of mankind has a heavy brain. Would have to be on size…..far better money for such a “big head”.

The Wrap: COVID-19 laws set to revolutionise Australian rugby

Ah, so that’s who flew over here a few nights ago…..I thought it was just a very large fruit bat….s’pose at least it was a bat !

The Wrap: COVID-19 laws set to revolutionise Australian rugby

Bit angry, Paul D with both posts. Calm down….or just don’t read these articles.

Aussie abroad: Jesse Mogg

Interesting post, Philippe…thanks for that.

Aussie abroad: Jesse Mogg

Thanks for another great article, James. I was aware that Jesse was with Montpellier, but not that he had moved to Pau. Great career in France.

Had a chat to Simon Mannix, the then Pau coach, a few years ago in Brisbane when they came over for the Tens tournament. He commented on the importance of being in the Top 14 for the regional economy…..present Covid 19 crisis won’t be helping them.

Mannix, who played once at 10 for the AB’s in 1994 v France, signed Colin Slade, and then post his great Ab’s career, Conrad Smith. He would have signed Jesse as well, as I read he only left Pau at the end of last year….shrewd man.

Aussie abroad: Jesse Mogg

Great article, Highlander. The discussion following always indicates the quality of an article, I believe……some great comment on this one.

Also enjoy your sense of humour “and there were enough shoulder charges and high shots to embarrass the Farrell family.” Brilliant. “Note the mess at the lineout to start” That sequence is actually quite comical.

“The size of players is directly correlated to the introduction of tactical substitutions” I’m not sure this is necessarily a valid conclusion. But there is no doubt that the modern players, especially the forwards, are very big indeed. And not just big, but fast and agile, with increasingly better ball handling skills.

These articles are interesting to look at:

Faux rest periods are killing today’s game

Excellent article , Nic. Thanks.

Interesting to see Bristol very much back as a contender for top honours in England. Have watched a few of their games, and apart from Charles Piutau and Luke Morahan, have been impressed by Steven Luatua and Nathan Hughes. Hughes looks to be really enjoyng his rugby these days too, at this level.

And then Harry Thacker….really enjoy watching him play.

Why the trans-Tasman bubble must include rugby

Good article, GenE. Lot of interesting points made there.

Europe is the better fit for the S. African teams below at provincial/club level….never know what to call them….Irish sides are based on the Provinces, Wales more club based, Scotland regional, same for SA sides Cheetahs and Kings.

Personally don’t think the level of travel we are seeing worldwide is sustainable long term….and not just for sport….tourism as well. But that is a can of worms not to be spilled out on this forum.

South Africa could emerge as the real winners in a Super Rugby exodus

Interesting article, Loose. Well done on a first article.

Especially interested in the Ulster connection….my home province. He played 154 games for them.

Any idea where Tom Court is now, what he is doing ?

Sheer bloody-mindedness: Tom Court's rugby rise

Thanks James….I only saw the article this am, but better late……. Interesting career Peter has had, and great to see him now coaching.

Super Rugby retrospectives: Peter Hewat

“Skelton, a set piece weak lock” Not a lineout lock, but I have never seen him as being a weak scrummager.

The Wrap: Giteau’s Law must survive, but with a twist

” I have the contrary view and think he would have been a standout sharing game time with Arnold coming in and giving us a half hour of power.”

My view too, Jez. Skelton has a lot of excellent qualities, and was, imo, a big loss in 2019……and was wanted by Chieka, it would have seemed.

The Wrap: Giteau’s Law must survive, but with a twist

“Sure, we had Giteau and Mitchell brought back to boost the Wallaby squad in 2015 but were they honestly the difference?”

I think Giteau was, MD, and his loss to injury during the final hurt us badly…..remember he excelled in Europe, and was considered one of the best backs playing in France at the time.

The Wrap: Giteau’s Law must survive, but with a twist

Yes, the professional era will see many players faced with pressures that cause them to forgo what for most of us is what makes the game unique, and so rewarding to be involved in.

The Wrap: Giteau’s Law must survive, but with a twist

Good post, Jez. Skelton was, for me, the one we really missed.

The Wrap: Giteau’s Law must survive, but with a twist

An interesting article, Geoff, on a topic which generates a lot of debate. Thank you.

I have always believed that a coach should have the right to select the best squad possible for a major tournament, in rugby’s case RWC every four years. So I hold a different view to yours, but will concede to many of your points made. I have commented often on Roar on why I believe the Giteau Law is wrong for Australia, so won’t repeat again…..I would be at the extreme end of the spectrum in allowing a player with no caps to be selected. However we have never come remotely close to that situation so far, and are unlikely to see such a situation arise anytime soon.

I would add that I am aghast at the loss of the three Queenslanders just now, on top of Kerevi last year, and have no time for the actions of the Picone’s of this world. None of those players has been well advised by him, I would judge from afar. I think back to a case in Ireland years ago, when Ken Goodall went across to RL….took awful advice from one person.

The Wrap: Giteau’s Law must survive, but with a twist

Well done Carrick. A very moving piece from a very important person in the game.

An open letter to the young men who can save Australian rugby

Sorry Adsa…did not read your post carefully enough. Yes, bench locks not easy to pick…..don’t know what talent there is elsewhere in the club scene……Frost would be useful….in fact may end up well ahead of Hockings. Frost looks to me the harder physical player by a fair margin.

Reds trio terminate contracts with Reds and Rugby AU

Thanks, Peter and Jacko.

Reds trio terminate contracts with Reds and Rugby AU

“I have wished for a talent like Eales for many years and now he is gone.”

Long bow at this stage, RW, imo Hockings may develop to be a very good player, but I personally don’t see him as being great like Eales.

See him more a Devon Toner type…well coached and used astutely, a great asset.

Reds trio terminate contracts with Reds and Rugby AU

Adsa, don’t forget Lukhan SL…he may be pushed in to lock with the Reds…probably their best option with the backrows they have to call on.

Reds trio terminate contracts with Reds and Rugby AU

Jeez……Qld. again losing out…players this time, not just one. Bad news. Ah, well, good luck to whoever picks them up. Hopefully they will stay in Australia, but would not be holding my breath on that one. They may well end up overseas. Not sure why Daniel writes “However, with the incredible uncertainty around global sport right now, it would be unusual for Rodda, Lucas and Hockings to sign for a British or French club……..Beale has, along with several S. Africans….may be others I don’t know of.

Ofc, as far as we are concerned here in Qld, they will be playing overseas….just like Sam Underhill when he was playing for the Ospreys in S. Wales !! Wasn’t even George Bush who said that(based on his comment that “most of our imports come from overseas”)…was the RFU !

Reds trio terminate contracts with Reds and Rugby AU