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Don’t forget 2006 as well!

Eight talking points from AFL Round 3

Jesus that Southwest conference could make up about 5-6 finals spots each year easily! Great idea but poor splitof conferences…

The broken AFL fixture - and the solution

Going past Dunstall and Brereton is a staggering decision. Not even sure how this is an article worth writing given the result should be that obvious.

The greatest key forward combinations of the modern era

I have heard it all now. Poor Don Freo never got ever the the Dockers inability to beat the Hawks when it mattered.

Predicting the 2019 AFL ladder and finals series

True, but the ruthlessness of professional sport here means attitudes are different When it comes to who you play for.

Homesick? Suck it up, be a man, and blame someone else instead

Clarko has used him in defense (see match winning mark against the Saints a few weeks ago) and on the wing.

My best 22 utility players of the 2018 season

No Jack Gunston? Seriously? Shaun Burgoyne? The “Mr Fix It” used repeatedly with stunning success by the greatest coach of the modern era not good enough for this list?

My best 22 utility players of the 2018 season

As someone living in the US, I would say that this still occurs because Australian sport has not become 100% professional – it still allows for a pinch of romance in the game. This would never happen in the US and here players from every sport are traded between franchises and cities at the drop of a hat. No player cares that they have to play where they come from, they just want to make money while their poleofessional sporting career is going and maybe if they are lucky, play for a team that can win a championship.

Homesick? Suck it up, be a man, and blame someone else instead

Lappin was an amazing player but he was not in Aker’s league, who was unbelievable. I think because of his personality (and time) people forget how good Akermanis was for over 300 games.

How the Brisbane Lions can leap into finals contention in 2019

Who? Voss, Black, Aker, Lappin and Keating. Cousins, Judd, Kerr, Fletcher and Gardiner. Mitchell, Hodge, Lewis, Sewell, Burgoyne, Shiels and Bailey/McEvoy. Ablett, Bartel, Ling, Corey, Enright and Ottens. Bolton, Goodes, Kirk, Kennedy, Hannebury and Mumford. They are just the ones off the top of my head in the last 15 years. I could add every Hawks midfield from 1983-1991 too…

Here's who should be in the 2018 All Australian Team

And that West Coast midfield I missed of the previous list is possibly the best of them all.

Here's who should be in the 2018 All Australian Team

Best Collingwood midfield ever, not even! I would take the Lions 2001-2003 as the best, then Geelong 2007-2009, Collingwood 2010-11 and Hawks 2011-2015 at about the same level, and then countless other teams before I looked at that midfield as being good, let alone the best.

Here's who should be in the 2018 All Australian Team

It’s not like I was arguing for Sicily…

Here's who should be in the 2018 All Australian Team

After all that time to ponder Gunston vs Caddy you still got it wrong. I you don’t have Gunston in the AA team you can’t possibly understand his role or influence in the Hawks’ results. Infinitely more influential than Caddy is to the Tigers. Not even close.

Here's who should be in the 2018 All Australian Team

I don’t think even Clarko can win us the flag this year. That said, crazy things can happen. The one crazy thing I don’t want to see is is losing to the Cats in the Elimination Final. I can handle losing to the Tigers in the QF, sort of, but being knocked out by the Cats would ruin an otherwise good year…

Canny Clarkson downplays Hawks AFL form

If we had to remember every dirty act a Cats player committed we would be here recalling them until the end of time. All I remember is that when the going gets tough against the Hawks, the Cats have been found out. Every. Single. Time.

Cats = great team during the regular season (sometimes)

Mitchell set to win Brownlow: Bookies

Who could forget that?! It was priceless in both its accuracy and humor! Sam Mitchell was 10X the player of every player wearing a Bombers jersey that day.

As for the Pies, they are are poor man’s Hawks – from the president and coach all the way down to the bottom six players and the supporters – so much so that any comparison is offensive to the Hawks. Two premierships in 60 seasons. That is one more than St Kilda in 60 years and their three premierships in 70 years is one more than the Bulldogs in 70 years. Beyond pathetic, especially trying to drag the great clubs down.

Mitchell set to win Brownlow: Bookies

In 2008 we didn’t beat the Dogs, Saints or Cats during the regular season but smoked them all in the finals…

Are Hawthorn pretenders or premiership contenders?

This isn’t a “who played best on the weekend” list

AFL Power Rankings 2018: Round 22

And a ton of losses to go with gay tough draw too. The draw won’t ease up until he finals…

The AFL top eight is set, but the demon is in the detail

As accurately pointed out in the article, the Tigers are not a great team, merely a very good one surrounded by less than very good teams. Here is a list of teams from recent years that would eat Richmond alive in finals (or regular season):

Hawks 2011-2015
Cats 2007-2013
Swans 2012-2016
Fremantle 2013-2015
Collingwood 2010-2011
St Kilda 2009-2010

They are not even close to invincible. The Cats, Hawks, Pies and Swans all weee infinitely better teams than Richmond and each of them were almost taken down in close prelims. Tigers May be favorites but could easily lose to Hawks (if they make it) in the Qualifying Final, GWS at any stage or West Coast in Perth if it somehow comes to that. But if all the Tiger fans could keep acting like they are invincible that would make any downfall a little more enjoyable!

Are the battered Giants the most credible threat to Richmond’s crown?

I love it that a close win against teams everyone tipped us to lose against are considered “scraped over the line”!

AFL Power Rankings 2018: Round 21

If the Hawks somehow found their way to the GF against the Tigers, I would be shocked. But I wouldn’t be shocked if we beat the Tigers in a poor-man’s 2008 type of result if we got there. Richmond just aren’t a team that compares favorably to any other back to back team I can think of.

Will Richmond's challenger please stand up?

Rioli’s retirement is essentially an injury and he would 100% be a walk up start on any team. Including Rioli (who was injured most of the year before retirement) our injury/retirement/suspension list reads pretty poorly – Rioli, Birchall, Sicily, McEvoy, Howe. All are guaranteed starters.

Hawks conquer Cats in another classic encounter

PTS – please tell me you aren’t quoting a Melbourne player’s philosophy on wining finals matches to make your argument? If there is any team that knows a thing or two about what winning finals is about over the last say, I don’t know, pick a period – 5 years 10 years, 30 years, 50 years – it is the Hawks. Collingwood is relevant in the media only. Gone in week one of the finals, no question.

Hawks conquer Cats in another classic encounter