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I write about sports and other stuff but mainly about the reds, mavs, pats, sox, chooks and bill simmons.
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A plea to keep shoulder charges

31 Jul 2012

So I am writing this while still in a daze through a combination of recklessness, a steep slope, and a skateboard that landed on the back of my head on the pavement, resulting in what’s commonly known as a concussion.

Sorry but I have to write about Leisel Jones

28 Jul 2012

Like Grant Hackett’s photo four years ago, when I first saw Leisel Jones’s picture, my first thought was, “What? She is representing Australia?”

Carroll, Berbatov can reinvent themselves

26 Jul 2012

David Beckham would probably admit that his best years were back when he was wearing the number seven jersey at Manchester United.

Dance Dance Revolution with Michelle Jenneke

26 Jul 2012

The first time I heard about Michelle Jenneke was when a mate who lives in the States sent me a video link. I’m not sure how he found it, but hey, 4chan takes you places.

Origin bonuses should be outside the cap

Origin bonuses should be outside the cap

20 Jul 2012

The official NRL website states that the NRL Salary Cap ‘assists in “spreading the playing talent” so that a few better resourced clubs cannot simply out-bid not so well resourced teams for all of the best players’.

Unbearable lightness of being a sports fan

18 Jul 2012

I felt empty watching it happen. I tried to come up with something to describe what I was going through, but no words would suffice.