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I sent it in just after the Colombia vs South Korea game had finished so didn’t have that game to account for unfortunately. They’ll definitely be on the move in the next one Nick.

Women’s World Cup Power Rankings: USA cruise, no Kerr no worries, Norway in freefall

We can only hope Grem!

Women's World Cup power rankings: Usual suspects occupy top 10, can first-timers cause any damage?

Going to be split into 3 stages, the first stage (worth $65 million) starts at the end of the year and is expected to complete by 2025.

Is a new stadium a necessity for Tasmania's AFL inclusion, or are there existing alternatives that would work?

For the preview of the Kansas City Chiefs, you can read that on the link below

Super Bowl LVII preview: How the Philadelphia Eagles have soared to new heights in 2022

SA20 is owned by the Africa Cricket Development Pty Ltd which I believe CSA has a controlling stake in but not full ownership alongside SuperSport and Sundar Raman (former IPL COO) which differs from leagues such as BBL, T20 Blast and Super Smash which are 100% owned by CA, ECB and NZC respectively. I felt that it would be misleading to say that SA20 is run and backed by CSA due to it being branched out to a private company which they happen to have the largest stake in when comparing to other leagues therefore making it a different league model.

Is SA20 the future of T20 cricket?

Sarina Weigman hasn’t even lost a game since being in charge back in September 2021, can’t see them losing a game anytime soon either even with Mead out at the moment.

The way-too-early guide to the 2023 FIFA Women's World Cup: Part 2

It’s probably a bit too late but I should point out in 1996, Geelong didn’t make the Grand Final and instead missed out on finals. Whoops

The stat that should worry Bulldogs fans heading into 2022