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“Joey played at first receiver a lot in those games” – in ’95-97 era yes, but watch any of the rep games from around 2000 with Kimmorley at halfback and you’ll see it’s clearly his team, he calls the shots, not Joey. Lewis played his first Origin game at lock, then starting 5-8 for his next 30, no comparison there

Super League revisited: The people (A-M)

A lot of sports have this problem about what to do with video technology. It’s completely killed soccer for me because the few moments of joy in a match when a goal is scored are always put under the microscope, because of the lack of scoring soccer relies on having non-stop action (a ‘flow’ if you will) and the video ref kills it to a large degree. The NRL bunker definitely has its flaws but in a way I think it’s better suited to league than many other sports. League naturally has a pause after a try or drop ball which offers a decent chance to review a try without being as disruptive to the flow of the game. I think a lot of the issues come from the lack of clarity over certain rules in the game rather than the technology itself

I hate the Bunker

Going back a looong way but ’93 origin game 2, Carne incorrectly called offside after scoring off a Langer bomb, cost Qld the game and series

I hate the Bunker

I think that’s where it’s headed and surprised we haven’t seen it yet

The problem might be you, not six again

My biggest beef with the rule is how it’s created a tiered system of penalties. A few weeks ago I watched the Raiders vs the Cowboys, the Raiders received a penalty for offside or something just before halftime and were able to kick a penalty goal, late in the game the Cowboys, down by 2, got a set restart 10 meters out and coughed it up on the first, when all they would have wanted is a shot at goal to level things up. In the end the Raiders end up running out winners by 2, I’m a fan of the rule but it needs tweaking for those types of situations

The problem might be you, not six again

I see the potential for more rivalry rounds which will no doubt lead to increased viewing and also makes the covid bubbles more manageable, I think the addition of Tassie side in origin will be a formality when they adjust the eligibility rules to allow players to represent tier 2 states as well as the main states

The silly season has commenced

So much silliness and that’s even before we get to the inevitable relocation/expansion rumour stories which usually surface after the gf, this year I’m tipping Sharks to merge with the Warriors to relocate to Tasmania to make way for the 2nd Brisbane team while the NRL is then divided into a conference system of 8 pools of 2

The silly season has commenced

I’d have Feldt in my side. He might have an error in him but he’s a proven try-scorer and now has 13 for the season in a side that’s been struggling, can come up with big plays in big moments as well, Gagai aside no Qld player comes close to this in terms of tries scored

The three Queensland clubs are struggling, so where does that leave the Maroons?

The biggest change for Souths of late has been their ball control. They were competitive against the tops sides early on but their handling was sub par and cost them in the end. Against Manly they were near faultless and very good against Parra too, particularly in the first half

Timing is everything as Parramatta's premiership campaign goes up in smoke

Totally agree, as I’ve posted elsewhere the position is fast proving to be a poisoned chalice, has ended the career of Henjak and now possibly Seibold, I wouldn’t be surprised if the constant media scrutiny in the Brisbane bubble played a part in Bellamy turning down the role in ’18 and if this plays a part in the club’s ability to attract the best coaching talent in the years ahead

Seibold confirms Broncos exit

A couple of thoughts on this. Firstly, I have to feel for the guy – every time you see him interviewed after a loss these days he reminds me of Ralph Wiggum when he gets his heart broken by Lisa on TV. In saying that, his whole start at the club had a certain stench about it. The Broncos took the nuclear option in sacking the master coach when they could have just let him have a final year and finish on terms much less fractious for the club. All the talk at the time of “ending the circus” rings pretty hollow now. At the time, Seibold came out in the media and said he felt like “a punching bag”. Fair comment or not, to play the victim when you’ve just been handed a multi-million dollar 6 year contract most could only dream of wasn’t the best look, and probably a sign of what was to come.
Secondly, the knock-on effect this will have on the Broncos in the future to attract coaching talent will be interesting. Bennett aside, every other Broncos coach has been short-lived and hasn’t reached expectations – it seems to be the poisoned chalice of NRL coaching positions. No doubt they’ll get someone – Walters and Green look keen to put up their hands for the role, but you’d have to now really wonder if these on-going coaching sagas would ever play a role in causing a Bellamy or a Robinson to think twice about taking the reigns at the club.

Reports: Seibold set to quit Broncos

Cheers Randy, at least we’re still a little way off the ’99 maggies

Eight talking points from NRL Round 14

From a Qld perspective nice to see Jarrod Wallace come up with a couple of big plays on the weekend too. He’s been treading water for a while so hopefully he draws a bit of confidence and kicks on from that

Eight talking points from NRL Round 14

It’s truly remarkable to see just how far this once-mighty Broncos side has fallen. They now average 13 points for per game and 31 points against (a difference of 18). To give some perspective, their worst ever placing was 12th in 2013. But even that side racked up 10 wins and a draw to finish only 3 points outside the 8, averaging 18 points for and 20 points against – so there’s really no comparison there. So in terms of Brisbane-based NRL mediocrity, surely this side would still fare better than the Crushers? Well… the ‘96 Crushers, against the backdrop of the Super League War, a lopsided competition and the side going most of the season unpaid, only managed to be 13 points worse off than their opposition per game, while their ‘97 incarnation was a touch worse with 14 points less per game but still posted 4 wins. At this rate, the Broncos are going to give the ‘98 record-setting Wests Magpies some competition for defensive frailty. While Wests’ 802 points against still looks fairly safe, their per game average of 33 is only 2 ahead of where the Broncos are now. Still a few games to go but it’s truly mind-boggling to watch. Can only hope the players aren’t too mentally scarred to pull themselves out of this hole in the seasons to come

Eight talking points from NRL Round 14

As much as I’d like to see he send-off rule applied consistently, after watching a few highlights from 95-97 lately, what’s really striking is just how often the refs enforced the send-off but also how many absolutely shocking tackles there were. The players are fitter and probably better drilled with tackling techniques today, but I’m not entirely convinced applying send-offs actually makes the game safer (although the question of fairness is another matter), and I do wonder if it makes the game less safe with the fatigue factor of playing with 12 for an extended period

Eight talking points from NRL Round 13

I’m a big fan of Bennett’s but I find his actions here pretty hard to fathom. Sure everyone makes mistakes especially in the new Covid-19 times but by not owning his stuff-up he’s pretty much given a free pass to the next one of his players who commits a Paul Vaughan-style act of stupidity

UPDATE: Wayne Bennett set to be banned after admitting restaurant visit

Cheers matth for another top article. Amazing they played any footy at all with 75 scrums in a match, do you know what the rules were back then to make them have that many scrums? I’m assuming it wasn’t all down to handling errors

A history of Brisbane Rugby League: District football, 1933 to 1939

Wouldn’t mind seeing them go after Jackson Hastings if Milford gets shunted out, he’s been carving up the Super League since leaving Manly, won the man of steel award last year and played a key role in Salford surprising everyone and making the final. At 24 he’s just reaching the prime of his career and relatively injury free and by all reports has matured since his falling out at Manly, has been looking at coming back to NRL with a big club and has a get out clause with his current Wigan contract should the right offer come along, could be an ok fit for the Broncs

What will the Broncos look like in 2021?

True but hard to see how they can afford other big fish when they’ve now got 2 million dollar+ men in Taylor and Fifita, and then Tino Faasuamaleaui on 900k a season, over 30%of the cap on 3 players, can’t be much space left under the salary cap to play with, and they’re not at a stage where they can attract/keep major talent for less than their market value ie roosters now with keary. Hope for the Titans’ sake the move pans out but their recent record with big signings hasn’t been encouraging

Eight talking points from NRL Round 11

Great player El Masri, could read the play really well and was one of the best at snaffling an intercept try, I think that’s almost how he got most of his 4 pointers early on in his career

Eight talking points from NRL Round 11

Fifita will be a top player but a 20 year old second rower isn’t going to make the difference between the broncs being a powerhouse and being also-rans so I’m actually not too sad to see him go for the amount of money it was going to take to keep him. I’d like to see the broncs go after the likes of Christian Welch, Felise Kaufusi or even Jake friend, established players from within successful systems with a few good playing years still in front of them

Eight talking points from NRL Round 11

Exactly, I thought it was actually pretty smart when Wayne started bringing in a few more kiwis/UK players a few seasons ago, seen many a promising campaign derailed by origin, kiwis like Nikorima spent a lot of their childhood in Brisbane and would have relished the chance to play for the broncs as much as any qlder. Inglis would be about the last bloke I’d bring in after he reneged on the broncs to sign with Souths

Another rant from a Brisbane Broncos fan

Cheers for another top article matth, loving the series so far. So what do you reckon’s going on with Westerns getting the Methyr kicker to have a shot for them? Were these guys just incredibly sportmansly and put the game above themselves? Doesn’t seem to stack up with the others acts of ultra-violence, ref beatings and crowd hooliganism you mention. Do you happen to know any of the grounds these sides were using at the time, or were they all just playing out of the brisbane exhibition ground?

A history of Brisbane Rugby League: 1913 to 1921

Great article Matth, can only imagine the amount of research involved so many thanks, would that make Dally Messenger the only player to have played for Qld, NSW and NZ?

A history of the Brisbane Rugby League

Definitely keen to see the end of golden point too btw, Storm vs Roosters the other week was a cracker but only because of what happened in the 80 minutes of normal time, would’ve been just as good a match without the 5 minutes of Russian roulette tacked on at the end

What rugby league should look like post-COVID: Part 3