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Football is my saviour



Can we play the Benny Hill music every time we mention the FFA?

So there is an agreement in place till 2034, but they are setting up a working group to look at promotion and relegation?

But a member of the board has commented they are not aware of any sort of time line.

Some members then came forward to say Nikou should have discussed this with them before going public.

And then there are the clubs who aren’t going to support this anyway cos they want to remain in the top league.

And Mike is 100% correct…it’s all academic anyway because as things stand we cannot support a second division anyway. We should be in a position to consider it…but we aren’t cos of the bumbling of the governing body and constant infighting.

Who is paying for promotion and relegation in the A-League?

Great comments Jbinnie.

So when running a business you need to examine the detail as you mentioned but also look at overall trends. The trend no matter how you slice it is not good. It is down.

As in all business you can justify the result but it is still not acceptable. So Brisbane crowds are down. If someone does badly next season, their crowds will be down.

What’s the excuse next season when the new Melb team come on board? Averages may drop again but we will justify it with the addition of a new team?

Several teams now have had poor crowds week in week out, and we have had a significant drop from 3 season ago. Add to this the dire TV ratings and we have a major issue.

I cannot fault anything you have written regards the analysis of crowds, but in any environment, be it sports or business decreases like this simply cannot be explained away. They are concerning and unacceptable.

New football is beginning to resemble old soccer

*** Correction – 1-4-3-3 NOT 4-4-2.

Apologies Chris and readers.

It's time the FFA reconsidered its 'metrics'

Hi George – There have been a few stadiums touted for the honour. Even a rotational system proposed. Each area has its pros and cons. My personal opinion is that Parramatta Stadium is of sufficient size and geographically the most central location in Western Sydney. Offcourse it does come with its draw backs. Parking is a major issue.

West Sydney needs the people

As a further point, the cost for admission to bid for an A-league licence is approxiamtely $11,000. Offcourse there is a lot more to a bid then the admission fee, however if the fans could possibly get the money together for the admission fee – it would show some commitment, and possibly get the attention of the right people. Perhaps 110 people to commit $100 each.

West Sydney needs the people

As always some very good points and concerns raised. Firstly the idea of multiple teams in Western Sydney is offcourse more problematic then a single team. For this the FFA must change it’s current philosophies and direction and adopt such reccommendations as made in past reports. Such as a more cost affective league played in boutique smaller football stadiums. Interestingly as many would be aware there is pressure from the AFC for a league 2nd division.
I like the idea of fans contributing $50 to a trust to indicate support for the team. It will give the movement something concrete to go by. To even be a leveraging tool for those prospective investors. An organisation, a start at least.
And correct to including tradional footballing teams as Marconi and Sydney United in such a movement. In fact Marconi would be interested in such a move, I have spoken to an official from the club.
Any name I believe must have the word “West Sydney” or something to that affect. The name is worth millions, it creates an immediate identification with the area.

West Sydney needs the people