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Mate it’s bad. Take off the rose coloured glasses. These sort of ratings are what people make decisions off including channel 10

Are more people watching the A-League Men this season, or less?

We have to stop looking through rose coloured glasses. The game is in serious trouble. The signs were there many seasons ago but people bury their heads in the sand.
From people at the Western United game there was no more than 1,000 at the game. Crowds have been inflated too.
TV ratings are sliding. 68,000 for the Melb Derby. Channel 10 is getting smashed in the ratings. The A-league is dragging them down. The Ashes meanwhile regularly pulls over 600,000.
We have sold one third of our game to private equity for let’s be honest, a short term cash grab from our supposed wealthy club owners who had plenty to invest. Let’s hope this is not a regrettable decision because private equity firms don’t muck about when it comes to demanding profit. They need to put some of that money into marquees for a short term sugar hit while they work out genuine medium to long term plans to grow the game. Importantly they need to drop this franchise mentality of viewing fans like customers and sterilising the game.

Are more people watching the A-League Men this season, or less?

Big picture my friend

For its own sake, Channel Ten should do a lot more with the A-Leagues

Heads buried in the sand mate. We got a proportion of fans in denial. The A-league has going backwards for years but they find any reason to tell themselves its all good.

For its own sake, Channel Ten should do a lot more with the A-Leagues

This is a good article.
The problem of locking up your game on pay TV for cash is not good for the long term growth of the game or creating inter generational fans.
The other issue is channel 10 is a major commercial network. It will not put up with such poor ratings in the long run.

For its own sake, Channel Ten should do a lot more with the A-Leagues

Crowds and ratings are unacceptable and this is down to poor administration.

The A-league website doesn’t even pop up when you search on the first page. Who comes up with this stuff?

Worryingly instead of putting the blow torch over administration fans bury their had in the sand and believe things will somehow get better. Well proof is in the pudding look where we are.

Channel 10 too is a major commercial network. They will not put up with poor TV ratings and getting hammered in the Saturday night time slot for the long run.

Why aren’t people turning up to the A-League Men?

No they aren’t mate. Crowds and ratings are unacceptable and 10 as a commercial network won’t stand for getting hammered in the ratings for the long run.

We need to accept that the game has gone backwards for reasons beyond covid and this is down to poor administration.

Why aren’t people turning up to the A-League Men?

Yes good points.

And yes active fans are only a piece of the puzzle.

Football has lost its soul in Australia and only the fans can save it now

It’s not a good deal Mike.

The old A-league deal was worth $57 million.

This is significantly below that. About 50%Of sponsors walking away, tv r a tinga down about 70% from the peak, average crowds down 60 – 70% from the peak (and now lower than the old NSL at its peak which is unmaceptable by any measure) and a symbolic youth system.

The game is a mess and although I hope this turns around it may be in terminal decline.

A-league should have been promoted as a stand alone competition with its own value not a add on to the Socceroos for broadcast negotiations.

Fans should be treated like fans not dollar signs and we need to drop this metric corporate franchise mentality.

Only hope is to bring in a big name for the short term and work on medium to long.

But these metrics bozos who run the game have no idea.

A new broadcast deal is fantastic news for the A-League

Except it’s not. Western United inflated their crowd. There was no more than 500 people at the match they said was 900.

Last night’s official crowd was 2020 from memory. There was no more than 1,000 people there.

The reality is much worse.

That’s what you get for letting Foxtel run your football strategy.

They also have one of the worst most generic bland name in the history of Australian football.

Western United youth play in front of bigger crowd than A-League team

That’s just incorrect. You miss the point. These Socceroos grew up in the youth systems of these clubs. They were part of the clubs fabric and a part of the family.

Ask Viduka what Melbourne Croatia means to him, or Popovic, Kalac and Culina what Sydney Croatia means to them.

These clubs gave us these players and to say they had little or nothing to do with the NSL is wrong and disrespectful.

The NSL did produce better players. It had better systems and coaches. Today our players can’t tackle they aren’t taught how to shoot properly. And we are lugged wotjba restrictive 4-3-3 system and a junior comp where scores aren’t kept and no tables Cos we don’t want to upset the young ones.

Has the A-League finally converted the 'Bring back the NSL' crowd?

Too much glass half full. A-league is in a death spiral. Sponsors and broadcasters walking away and crowds and TV ratings now smaller than the NSL at its peak.

Will be interesting to see how much $$ is been put on the table from new broadcasters.

The problem we have is simple. The old NSL clubs were genuine community clubs but too narrow in their representation. The A-league clubs are more bored based but are rujblike franchises not family clubs.

Has the A-League finally converted the 'Bring back the NSL' crowd?

While I admire people’s optimism for the A-league as someone involved in growing business or turning around ailing businesses I can tell you the A-league is in a death spiral. It isn’t impossible to pull out of a death spiral but it’s damn hard. The best they can hope for is to survive as a cut price league for a few season and eventually hope for slow low level growth to start with.

It’s a result of years of neglect and incompetence. A shambles of a youth policy, metrics bozos running the game who have no idea of football’s value proposition and TV stations running the games strategy.

For every positive you mentioned there is a harsh reality.

MacArthur is struggling to survive financially (and it gets its ground for free) and crowds are very poor only 2,600 turning up to the last game. The only reason it was put in was cos Fox demanded a club in Sydney or Melb metro.

The broadcast rights is bad news. Ratings are horrible. If there is competition no one is willing to pay anywhere near what the league use to get and why should they?

The league is in a world of pain. If it survives the next two seasons in its current form that will be an achiement.

Ten reasons to be optimistic about the A-League’s future

Good article Mike. Sadly the COVID crisis has just accelerated a process of decline that began seasons ago.

Some sections of the media tried to dress up the renegotiated Fox deal as some sort of victory. Its not. Clubs will lose about 40% of their revenues next season and no certainty beyond that. How will they operate? Myself and many others have been warning about this trajectory for a few seasons now.

It wasn’t addressed early enough and now the man (Johnson) who is competent enough to save us has his powers curtailed and it may be too late anyway cos we have entered the death spiral. And it takes one almighty effort to survive a death spiral (I am now talking from abusiness point of view where my experience lies in dealing with these issues).

If the A-league manages to survive things will get worse before they get better. It will be a cut price b-league for the next few seasons. There needs to be an entire cultural realignment first and I don’t know they are able to do this.

Would the A-League be better off if Sydney FC weren't crowned champions?

There is talk of private consortium’s buying out clubs fishing for a bargain.

At any rate the A-league has been living well beyond its means for years and clubs have racked up tens of millions in debt.

The worst thing we can do is continue as we were going. Now is the perfect time to reset and take it back to the community and build sustainable models not overly reliant on TV money.

And get the metrics bozos out of our game.

Goodbye A-League. It was fun while it lasted

It starts with he fans. Player quality is a pre requisite of the fans.

It’s the old adage the customer is always right. You can have a whizz bang product but if it’s not what the customer wants or solves the customers problem then it’s worthless.

Fan model is the basis of success.

Football in Australia must unite the old with the new

The problem we have is there is too much protecting of one’s own back yard in football at the expense of the greater good. And this included the old NSL teams, past administrators, current administrators and current teams and even fans. We need to get past this.

When the A-league started I and many like myself were devastated our NSL clubs were relegated. We grew up with these clubs. But we supported the A-league because it was for the greater good.

Footballs mission is bigger than any of us. Sadly though many influencial players in the game only care about themselves or their own back yard and this is damaging our game.

Football in Australia must unite the old with the new

Former Golden Generation players, footballing pundits, even I can tell you the quality has declined and is poor as can the average fan and this is part of the reason fans are walking. Look at the tactical awareness and technical movement of players on the field and their skill. Our decline in performance on the international stage the break down of our youth system the scam that is football schools the closure of the AIS and the rigid 4-3-3 system which deprived or children of basic much needed skills and awareness. what more proof do you need. There are things in football that are a matter of opinion. This isn’t. It’s self evident.

Football in Australia must unite the old with the new

Yes of course there would definately be a criteria and if they meet the criteria and deemed a suitable fit there is no reason they should not have the same chance as anyone else right? South Melbourne has large membership base (infact comparable to many A-league clubs), its own footballing infrastructure including stadium (again not many clubs can claim this) and a successful youth academy. Huge postivies for self sustainability and success. On paper a very strong set up but overlooked a major part of which was because of their NSL history.
Melbourne Knights similar in fact their last A-league bid was rejected then plagerised by the FFA to create Melbourne Heart. So good enough for Heart not good enough for Melb Knights.
Of course they need to meet criteria but there is a tremendous opportunity to engage all football fans now and dismissing these teams has done tremendous damage to our youth system. The game needs to restructure as we have teams already collapsed and others struggling to survive. History should not be a hindrance it is an asset that contributes to the wonderful tapestry that is Australian football.

Football in Australia must unite the old with the new

Yes Foxtel is bleeding money and has needed loans in the hundreds of millions to prop it up from newscorp.

Kayo too is losing subscribers.

Not sure on the actual figures of cost to cater for on demand. It’s a good question but Foxtel is happy to see the back of it at the moment. Maybe things will change come next negotiation but rumour is they have already tried to sever the contract and are in talks with some international broadcaster to buy out the rights (not sure how concrete this is though).

And yes it does seem to be a loophole that broadcasters can on sell rights. This is why many games meant to go onto FTA have been onsold to pay TV networks.

How much trouble is the A-League seriously in?

So Optus with the Union is in talks with another company to provide the infrastructure.

Rumour is since Fox no longer wants the Union (and Raelene Castle knocked back the offer they did make) Optus will now low ball the offer.

This is what football fan expect unless we get our act together and soon. Worst thing is people have their heads in the sand.

How much trouble is the A-League seriously in?

Its funny the FFA promoted the ABC landing the rights as a success and the potential to reach a large number of people.

Reality is it was a failure. There was no on else who wanted rights. It was a huge failure of strategy and direction. The ABC doesn’t care about the game nor does it have any real interest in promoting it.

As I said it all comes back to strategy. And failures in strategy are been wrapped up and made to sound like caviar when in reality they are selling carp.

Look at the recent “drive promote youth”. This wasn’t a result of a concerted long term strategy to promote youth. It’s because the league is struggling to generate revenues to bring in quality players…so all of a sudden it’s all about the cheap option. Youth.

How much trouble is the A-League seriously in?

Ok it’s not that hard to read between the lines. If all the metrics are heading south and Fox want to ditch the A-league or pay significantly less it is extremely unlikely that there is some miraculously high streaming ratings out there. That’s just people hoping against hope.

Infact although they don’t release them regularly the couple times streaming viewerships have been released they were abysmal (6,000 or so for the games they were released for).

The game is tanking and it is made worse by the lack of direction from the A-league owners.

How much trouble is the A-League seriously in?

Look I think if there is a positive to be taken out of it it is that the past few seasons the A-league has been in free fall yet we are still pulling averages of 10,000 people.

These are your hard core/rusted on fans because they are turning up when the league it’s at its low point and has been for a few years yet the decline seems to have stabilised a this point.

10,000 people is a good base to build off.

Now word of warning. Although this is your loyal base you cannot take it for granted because although it is harder to erode this, continued mismanagement can lead to a further decline.

Think the A-League has poor crowds? Think again

Yeah which is an unacceptable situation. From my understanding all major sponsors were bought on from Lowys relationships and now that the emperor (or the emperor’s family) has been overthrown the sponsors are walking.

This must have caught the A-league owners by surprise (it shouldn’t have but it did) because they did plan to take over but pushed it back.

Relax, the A-League isn't going to collapse