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Brit living in Sydney. Football and Cricket tragic by nature, League convert by nurture.



Fair enough. Agree re his potential and the need for the right guidance – it’s worrying that he is (reportedly) listening more to outside voices than Trent Robinson, who has been so good for him this far.

Have the Roosters made a mistake with Latrell Mitchell's contract?

Are you saying that the Bunnies have a better team environment than the club that’s just won two straight titles?

Have the Roosters made a mistake with Latrell Mitchell's contract?

Er, what?

The mysterious case of Latrell Mitchell's Mercedes

Hasn’t Ryan Hall just done a knee again?

Have the Roosters made a mistake with Latrell Mitchell's contract?

Do you disagree?

Have the Roosters made a mistake with Latrell Mitchell's contract?

I hope you’re right there Nat. I worry that Latrell seems to be quite vulnerable at the moment and is getting poor advice from those without his true interests at heart. Plus if you believe the mail that he still won’t speak to Brad Fittler post his Origin dropping, then he tends to react pretty badly when he feels slighted, as he could well do here.

Have the Roosters made a mistake with Latrell Mitchell's contract?

The idea that the trainer should have been binned for interfering with play is laughable. The ball rebounded and hit him at speed – it was unfortunate but hardly deliberate. Argue with the rules all you like, but don’t blame referees for implementing them.

The worst call in grand final history

Adam, the piece is not about the “feud” – it’s about the deliberate and irresponsible construction of it by certain media that should know and want better for the game.

Shameful coverage of Molan-Johns 'feud' is league media at its very worst

Agree, and it’s absolutely no accident that it has appeared this week, given the supposed fallout happened months ago. You have to wonder if Rothfield and his clan actually want the game to succeed.

Shameful coverage of Molan-Johns 'feud' is league media at its very worst

The piece is about the way in which a certain section of the media has orchestrated the trolling, not the trolls themselves. It’s irresponsible in the extreme.

Shameful coverage of Molan-Johns 'feud' is league media at its very worst

The word ‘feud’ is in quotation marks for a reason

Shameful coverage of Molan-Johns 'feud' is league media at its very worst

Have another read. I’m criticising how and why it has been orchestrated by a certain section of the press, not looking at the “feud” itself.

Shameful coverage of Molan-Johns 'feud' is league media at its very worst

I could be wrong but I think they are expecting Friend back for finals, which would obviously be a huge boost. Verrills has stepped up admirably in recent weeks, though, freeing up Radley to find some of last season’s form.

Three in a row? Cronk sets sights on fairytale finish

As an England fan I’m really excited about Archer as a test cricketer, as much for what he can do for the game over the next 10+ years as what he might manage in this series. As has been said elsewhere, it’s so rare to see a young bowler that can combine pace and control so effortlessly while seeming so unruffled by the whole experience of top level cricket.

There’s been a looming anxiety in recent years about how on earth England will replace Jimmy Anderson once his body gets the better of his mind – in Archer it feels like there is an answer. They have different skill sets of course, but once he picks up the disciplines and subtleties of test cricket, he has everything he needs to become the next leader of the attack. Evidence suggests he’s a fast learner too.

He also has limitless potential as the face of the game in England – he’s got laid-back star quality and personality that transcends his sport. He’s a long way from the cookie-cutter public schoolboy that has dominated the England team in recent years and that’s a massive bonus in any efforts to grow the game.

Archer can have a big impact on the Ashes

There are definitely some parallels. Anderson is certainly as important to his team as McGrath was then, arguably more so as England don’t have another all-time great in their ranks like Shane Warne.

Perhaps the main difference is the immediate psychological boost England took from seeing McGrath on a stretcher. This was a man that had bullied them for years, crushed them in the first test and yet suddenly was out of the match from nowhere. When Ponting put them into bat (the other key turning point) the shackles were straight off and they were a different team.

Whereas in the first test this year, England’s bowlers still put them in a good position, only to see the match ebb away largely on the back of Smith’s phenomenal efforts. Perhaps he inspired the rest of the team more than Anderson’s injury.

Does Anderson's injury have echoes of McGrath?

The rationale would be to relieve Stokes of almost all of his bowling duties – particularly after the long summer he’s had already – and let him concentrate on batting. Given the form of England’s batsmen the argument is that playing Curran would actually strengthen that department too.

England should be brave and pick Sam Curran at Lord's

You could be right and Curran may well be in the selectors’ plans for later in the series. As an England fan I worry it might be a bit too late by then…

England should be brave and pick Sam Curran at Lord's

Will make sure to give that one a go – cheers. Totally agree re Barry and Lars.

Five of the best EPL football podcasts for the new season

Thanks for the shout – I’ll give that a go. Mina always used to be good when she guested on Football Weekly, and also contributes to 5Live’s Euro Leagues.

Five of the best EPL football podcasts for the new season

I hope for Frank’s sake that the club doesn’t demand a top four finish this year and he is given time. While City, Spurs and Liverpool are almost certain to make up the top three, fourth spot is well up for grabs with Arsenal, United and Chelsea all showing obvious deficiencies and the likes of Everton, Leicester and Wolves all likely to be better this year.

I think the biggest problem for Chelsea will be where goals are going to come from. Hazard is the type of player that would create something from nothing – his loss will surely show up big time, particularly with Hudson-Odoi injured. Giroud is an excellent focal point and target man, but not prolific. Batshuayi hasn’t torn up any trees in his loan spells away from the club, while Abraham looked out of his depth at Swansea in the PL the season before last.

How will Chelsea go under Lampard?

Morgan has no real interest in red ball cricket at this stage in his career – that ship sailed quite a while ago now. He was given a good run and his technique came up short – like many white ball specialists (Jason Roy currently included) he pushes too hard at the moving ball, plus isn’t comfortable against all out pace. Fantastic white ball player and leader, not a test player.

Let’s face it, Root will be given the series as captain, but if the first test is an indication of the whole series I very much doubt he’ll continue beyond it. At that point I’d entrust Jos Buttler – he has a great cricket brain, is calm and is already in place as Morgan’s successor. Yes, his batting was poor in the last test but his red ball numbers over the past 18 months are good and I expect him to bounce back soon.

Root’s puzzling tactics leave him open for criticism

It’s quite the coup for Derby, particularly on a reported £90k a week, which is out of the stratosphere for Championship clubs.

That begs the question – how on earth does it fit in with the Financial Fair Play criteria that EFL clubs are required to comply with? It looks like the club’s sponsor, 32Red, has made a significant contribution (Rooney will wear shirt number 32, which has already attracted criticism) and it has also been suggested that they are paying him as a coach, rather than a player, to circumvent the rules.

The EFL are no doubt delighted to have a player of Rooney’s profile coming to the Championship, but don’t be surprised if other clubs kick up a storm.

Rooney swaps DC for Derby County

I think that if he is to keep his place in the team, then as you say someone else needs to be given the gloves – as much as Bairstow is likely to object (he was pretty filthy when Ben Foakes came in as a specialist keeper in SL). He used up so much emotional energy in the World Cup, his workload definitely needs reducing.

I don’t think you countenance dropping Buttler yet either – his recent test form shows better numbers than Jonny and he’s such a smart cricketer that I think he’ll adapt sooner rather than later.

England must back Jonny Bairstow at Lord's

You’re spot on, it’s horrendous. It looks like a cheap newspaper ad.

Cronulla have released a Paul Gallen retirement jersey and it's the worst thing we've ever seen

I agree with this – I do think it’s time to give Bairstow a rest. He expended so much emotional energy in the World Cup – the spat with Michael Vaughan and the subsequent centuries, plus of course the nature of the final – he looks completely spent now. Plus as you’ve said, his wretched run against the red ball goes back further. Ben Foakes has looked well equipped for test cricket and has the right temperament for the occasion.

The changes England shouldn't make – and the one change they should