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Having more games, meant that instead of “must see, circus is in town” it turned into “must see, but you can skip this one, we are here for a while”.

I remember the initial BBL, there were only a handful of games to see in your home state, so you went when it was on.

Why BBL08 wasn't a hit

Smackdown has been on Tuesday’s for a while, not Friday

Wrestling night wars are back

Pre Finals bye levels out the advantage the Top 4 used to have, and the standard of the “pointy end” of the ladder has also compressed a little more (which is good for Football).

No sixth seed has ever won the grand final. Can GWS buck the trend?

You don’t play injured players in the final. Either they are fit to play, or they are out injured. A Grand Final, re-aggravating an existing injury 15 minutes in, is a recipe for disaster

How the Tigers and Giants solve their selection headaches

The Refs are enforcing the rules/guidelines that they have been given. IF there is any criticism to be had, its to the people above the panel providing these rules/guidelines.

I would love to umpire a game with multiple slow motion replays from multiple camera angles in an air conditioned/catered box. But instead, I get one chance, from whatever position I am in to do my best.

It's time for NRL media to give the referees a break

Dogs fan here, just happy to see the AFL reserves team lose 🙂

SANFL Grand final results: Glenelg thump Port Adelaide to claim first flag in 33 years

Fine for both players.

If you take the hair pull out, and just look at it as ‘throwing opponent into fence” it’s still only a fine.

Five talking points from West Coast vs Essendon

I watch the Grand Final for the Footy Match; Only music I need:
Up There, Cazaly
Two Teams Theme’s

NRL out-entertains the AFL yet again

Given it is a final, there would be a lot of Geelong Supporters also locked out of the game; the split is more 50/50. It just normally seems bias to a team in SA/WA/NSW/QLD because of the travel factor.

So there wouldn’t be 37,000 Cats v 3,000 Pies. It would be closer to 18k / 18k / 4k Neutral.

Why Geelong deserve proper home finals

Brisbane to Beat Richmond /
Bulldogs to Beat Giants /
West Coast to Beat Essendon /
Collingwood to Beat Geelong /
Geelong to Beat West Coast /
Richmond to Beat Bulldogs /
Richmond to Beat Collingwood /
Brisbane to Beat Geelong /
Richmond to Beat Brisbane /

An AFL finals series full of intrigue awaits

Using this season.

Bulldogs who are currently 7th would now be playing 2x elimination games. Port Adelaide are spared this round, as they are 8th but then fall 11th, so they are eliminated?

Its an unequal draw based on Revenue. But at the end of the season, we generally have the best four teams playing in the Preliminary Finals

How to fix the AFL's unfair fixture

Just have an 18 Team Finals Series.

It is supposed to be difficult to make the finals. That’s the point.

Why the AFL could benefit from wildcard finalists

Sorry, my error.

Got them and Port mixed up

Fremantle sacks Ross Lyon and CEO

Interesting decision to pull the trigger now; given that there is still a faint possibility of finals.

But I guess if they have already made the decision, there is no point waiting

Fremantle sacks Ross Lyon and CEO

Hinkley has no Plan B, never has. The competition worked the Power out, and they don’t know how to respond.

Pyke, it feels like he lost the playing group. It always looks like the Crows are always just ‘going through the motions’.

Which South Australian club coach is under more pressure?

The All rounder position is more intersting. If a say M Marsh went down, M Starc is similar enough with the bat, and could easily be classed as a bowling all rounder?

New concussion rule will give the ICC a headache

Richmond play on Sunday in Round 22, so won’t be available for the Friday Night game. Will likely be Saturday or even Sunday (with the “bye” round before finals)

Five talking points from AFL Round 19

A lot comes down to who will take votes off each other. I don’t see Tim Kelly getting enough once you factor in Danger, Ablett, Selwood etc.

Bont -> Maybe Mcrae/Dunkley in the middle of season take a couple votes off him. Would be in my Top 3 at the moment.

Cripps, Neale and Bont in my 3 at the moment

Favourites, smokies and bolters: A dozen players who could win the Brownlow

Maybe, its a coin toss for me.

July form lines are very deceptive, as coaches will be INCREASING the workload at Training in this period in preparation for finals. Tipping the Tigers, but think it will be +/- 10 points

Can Collingwood turn it around tomorrow against the Tigers?

Just need a Cover version of “Up There Cazaly” and I am set for the Footy

Who should perform at the 2019 AFL grand final?

In modern football, it is the entire package that needs to be looked at.

The culture shift from “playing footy on Saturday” to being a Professional Athlete 24×7 means the head coach is only a part of the puzzle now. The old days of their being the Coach and the Captain as the entire leadership team are gone.

Equally though, the culture of being run by committee is an issue. Since it feels like you can always see blame shifting.

Who's the best candidate to replace Alan Richardson?

I really want to see St.Kilda go with a “Succession” plan with the new coach. We need a coach that can transition the team from a “bits and pieces” list with lots of injuries to a powerhouse.

The coach needs to be brutal with the list, and adapt a game plan with the players we have. Being the “fit” team worked for about 4 weeks…

Who's the best candidate to replace Alan Richardson?

Freo v Saints isn’t a lock either. The Saints are a bit of a boogey team for Ross’ Dockers

Predicting the AFL finalists: Breaking down each top-eight contender's run home

If clubs have such an issue with playing at the MCG for the Grand Final, then hand back the Licence.

The AFL owns the finals, not the clubs. If the clubs want to play at a different venue, find a league that supports their view

Scott slams AFL-MCG deal

Penrith/Warriors game; Try scored when hand was in touch. So they still make mistakes too

Don’t get rid of the score review, just review it