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My experience of US sprint cars

With the sporting landscape on hold for the time being and a lot of negativity floating around, now is a good time to share some happier experiences with sport. So here is my reminiscing about checking out the World of Outlaws in the United States last year.

The clubs will survive this, just with more focus on being financially sensible. As a Saints fan, I signed up for first time as a member this season to support them.

If they fold, I’m not going to another team

AFL mergers or relocations could resurface due to COVID-19

QLD deserve it, because of what they have done to keep the season going. WA and SA are already established football states. With Broncos/Cowboys/Titans playing poor this year, and suns doing ok/Lions winning; it’s a great chance to grab market share.

Brisbane deserves to host the AFL grand final

Satire mate

Code wars: NRL trumps AFL in battle for bubble breaches

St.Kilda have beaten both Port Adelaide and Richmond. Does that make the Saints the real Contenders?

This season will be about which team is in a good run of form come finals. With “home” finals likely to be in QLD, it’s a lot to do about list management and injuries then a couple of games of footy during the season

Port go from pretenders to contenders in game of the year

Holding the Ball can be fixed within the existing rule:
1/ Did you attempt to evade tackle instead of disposing the ball
2/ Did you throw the ball to dispose of it
3/ Did you bounce the ball previously
4/ Did you have reasonable chance to dispose of it legally, and chose not too


The AFL needs to fix the holding the ball rule

Give it to QLD. It’s an emerging market, the optics make the most sense with Broncos/Cowboys/Titans all playing poor this season.

Its a BUSINESS decision at the end of the day. Optus would be choice two, purely for the Timezone (you can have it as a night game in the Eastern States)

Here's where the 2020 AFL grand final should be held

They are different sports. I umpire Field Hockey, and we have a very good advantage rule; we also have a much more 2-pace game. AFL is unique, just because Rugby League/Union can do it doesn’t mean it will always work in Aussie Rules

It's time the AFL fixed the advantage rule

Docklands with Roof ON during a stormy night is very different to the MCG (same city) with no Roof.
The dewy conditions in QLD are very different to the SA/WA night games. So many variables.

Why it's time to ditch percentage from the AFL ladder

Problem is they include if the player was injured or not in the decision making process. So if a nothing bump causes concussion, it’s treated differently to a massive hit that the player continues on with their life.

The MRP's consistent inconsistency is eroding its legitimacy

Found the Channel 7 Editing to be pretty average, but learnt to roll with it. I get annoyed when the commentators go on really random tangents, similar to how Channel 9 used to with the Cricket.

Wish they would take a more Richie Benaud approach. Only speak if you are ADDING something.

It's time for Channel Seven to improve

Lions kick accurately and the margin is bigger. Its a bad sign though, because they lost in the finals last year by not bagging the sausage rolls

AFL Power Rankings 2020: Round 5

To everyone crying for “Black and White” interpretation to the very subjective rules, go watch an NRL game from last season with Obstruction/Blocking.

Players from the defending team were getting penalties, with Tries disallowed for “obstruction” when the player was never going to influence the play, but was ‘technically to the letter of the rule, obstructed”.

We can’t have it both ways.

Does anyone know what the holding-the-ball rule is anymore?

So many people will be out of a job, and the league likely wouldn’t survive if they called it quits now. Sure, all the doomsayers want the season cancelled, but what about all the auxiliary jobs that exist because of the AFL.

Camera Operators for the broadcasters, the social media/membership teams for the AFL clubs. The physios/sport science industry.

It’s easy to say ‘well the players earn millions of dollars to kick a football’; but there are thousands of other people who work the 9-5 grind that lose their jobs too.

One more slip and is the AFL season gone?

The coach isn’t the one out on the field, missing tackles and giving away silly penalties. Had a pretty ordinary list with very ordinary list management in how the salary cap was structured.

Any coach would have struggled.

Should Dean or the players Pay?

Would be nice to see the over rate sped back up. Don’t need timeless tests, just need to bowl the ball more than 1 delivery a minute

Timeless Test matches: Play until there's a result

It used to be called an “incorrect disposal” as it did not meet the requirements of a ‘Kick’ or a ‘Handball’.

The fabric of the game is to KICK or HANDBALL the ball. Not drop it, or be actively rewarded for losing possession/not taking possession of the ball.

How to fix the congestion that's ruining the AFL

You don’t have to watch this season

AFL reveals Round 5 changes after Richmond denied entry to Queensland

No one is forcing you to watch or contribute to this season. You can go and come back next year if you like.
There are a lot of people who are employed because AFL is running, and a lot of families that rely on that income

AFL reveals Round 5 changes after Richmond denied entry to Queensland

Which is leading to more “holding the man” than “holding the ball” being paid 😢

How to fix the congestion that's ruining the AFL

Pay holding the ball. “Knocked out in the tackle” is not a stat.

How to fix the congestion that's ruining the AFL

Paine was in charge of a culture change, and had to steer the ship of public perception about the Australian Cricket team. Results on the field were only a small part of that. The Captain of the Australian Cricket team is the 2nd highest office in Australia (behind the PM). He has gone a long way to re-establishing that trust in the position and the role of Men’s side has in society.

How good has the 'Tim Paine era' been for Australian cricket?

Carlton have turned a corner, I think he stays. If they looked like bottoming out again, then sure maybe he leaves. But I think Carlton have something special brewing, and he would want to hang around.

The Crows were suppose to be the ‘next big thing’ and were leading at Quarter time in 2017. Imagine if he goes there at start of 2018. Maybe they don’t collapse in a heap if he goes there, maybe they still do. Grass Greener etc.

Paddy Cripps: Could Carlton's leading man be heading elsewhere?

What happens if WA dont open their borders, or VIC do see a spike in cases and we need mid week games

The 16min quarter come back. It’s a 2020 thing, suck it up and move on. I would rather 16min than 0mins

Integrity this, integrity that: Why the AFL needs to change their tune on 16-minute quarters

So when the AFLW Players play in short quarters with limited pre-season it’s a disgrace, but when the Mens game does it, we should change the rules, and pass it off because of a limited pre-season?

After 81 days, we get the ultimate letdown

Get it back to 80mins, but allow a “time out” break for the sponsors. It can double as the bathroom/food break for people that they can miss maybe an over or two.

Personal experience, once there were loads of games, it wasn’t “must see TV”. If the circus was in town for 1 week only, you knew you had to make an effort to block time out in calendar to go. Now the circus is in town for 7 weeks; you can miss a day because there will likely be another chance.

Change could kill the BBL golden goose