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What would the pitch have done if there was a heat wave through (whole test played 38c Plus). Perth (and Adelaide) are known for parking the bus in hot spells, a pitch like Perth would of been unplayable if it cooked under 40+ for a week.

But I am more than happy to see Bat v Ball. Rather than Bat v Bat

Five-day Tests are alive and well

Wait, Perth want the Boxing Day Test AND want a Day/Night Test?

The Test Match would start at 4:30pm and go to 12:30pm at night for the east coast.

Great win by the Aussies, but I think the WACA Administrators have spent too much time in the sun. Maybe they should of opened up the shaded areas

Australia vs India second Test talking points: Great pitch, average crowd, and cricket just the way it should be played

“After clearly stating his belief that respect is earned and not given out freely without cause”

You know that applies to the Referees towards the players and managers too. If the Manager’s are behaving like a spoilt child, why should the Referee change their decisions.

What chance do A-League referees have after Kosmina’s ridiculous comments?

While we are at it, Adelaide United links them to the Adelaide Crows and Adelaide Lightning. Should change their name to South Australia FC

Why the Newcastle Jets should change their name to New England FC

What’s the point of Canberra trying again. It is clear the FFA think Football should only be played in Sydney and Melbourne

It's official: Western Melbourne and Macarthur-South West Sydney to join A-League

W-League is on Fox Sports and SBS. With every game Live Streamed on YouTube (International only) and MyFootball App.

How to start the W-League expansion

As it stands, the salary cap is $150,000. So the additional funds are not a huge burden

How to start the W-League expansion

I’m okay with idea of Dropping Starc, but who replaces him? Really needs to be a Left Arm Quick to compliment the right handers/Lyon bowling marks.

Is there genuinely anyone knocking down the door to replace him?

Mitchell Starc must be dropped for the second Test against India

They also have the BBL commitments while the Test Series is on; so not every commentator will be doing both Test and Domestic T20

Stand by for the start of the new television cricket war

Our Fielding has gone backwards past few years. Players seem to be taking the “Spectacular” catches but missing the “bread and butter” stuff.

I remember growing up, if there was an Aussie fielder anywhere near the ball, you we’re Out Caught. Same with hitting stumps for Run Outs, we used to be Snipers at hitting one peg 40 out.

Is Australian cricket really in bad shape?

A player being offside is not in the same category as taking a foreign object onto the playing arena with the intention of altering the state of the equipment in play.

Enforcing the Rules/Laws of the game and Bringing the Game into Disrepute are different things

"If you must cheat, don't compete" seems to be lost in modern sport

Domestic T20 (Big Bash) pays the bills; it is staying where it is.

Six ways to fix Australian Test cricket

I used to flick the cricket on in the background, while doing other stuff. With it being behind the paywall, I “might” watch it down at the pub while having a beverage; otherwise will just check the highlights on Social

Assessing Cricket Australia’s TV gamble

I don’t understand why Max in that situation doesn’t just let him go. He isn’t racing again Ocon, and can get DRS/Tow from him.

Are we really turning our back on Esteban Ocon over one mistake?

So if they score a Golden Duck because the bowler comes out with a perfect delivery ball one we should drop the batsman?

Players always looking over their shoulders knowing they will be dropped at a moment’s notice.

Why we shouldn’t be surprised if the selectors go 'left field'

All I ask is “Pick and Stick”.

Give the 11 players a solid couple of games to find their feet and form.

Why we shouldn’t be surprised if the selectors go 'left field'

I have GWS beating Richmond at Spotless. Richmond don’t travel, and until I tip a couple in a row wrong will be looking to tip against them away from Victoria

AFL ladder predictions: Round 3

2019 is on Channel 9.

Fact check. Channel 9 paid 48.5 million for 2019 rights.

Will Channel Seven's new cricket contract ever match its spectacular Melbourne Cup coverage?

Melbourne City might struggle to make Finals with their player missing these games… Opens the season right up

Samantha Kerr named as Matildas unveil squad to face Chile

I question the logic of the Port / Crows of “we need to select those SA born players”. Is there any guarantee they won’t have interest in Playing in Victoria?

Speaking purely as speculation, players might not enjoy living in the scrutiny that comes with being an Adelaide/Port player in SA. They are very ‘Passionate’ supporters in SA. Perhaps they would prefer a bit more ‘normalisation’ of Melbourne where being an AFL footballer in ‘uncommon’ rather than an exclusive 80 person club.

Just a thought

Trade period and draft analysis: Adelaide Crows

I’m fine with funding Olympic sport. I just get annoyed that most money and attention seems to flow to Swimming and non of the other sports.

Not looking for olympic hopefuls to get a full time wage. But enough money to cover expenses while competing in Rep sports and a little bit to help with expenses.

Competing for your country should be a priviledge. But not a priviledge that requires parents to take out 2nd mortgages, and athletes to succeed based on money from external sources.

Why the push for more sports funding is absolutely necessary

Like Canberra’s rebuild. Something wasn’t working, and the coach has come in and made a lot of changes. Playing Michelle one out, and some horrible delivery for Ash Sykes to work with wasn’t going to work long term.

Plus a defense that looked like conceding every play, with one of the best keepers in league last season. Hopeful of this season surprise packet.

The W-League returns!

I found conversations in the Rugby 7s to be very beneficial; once I got to the bar after a game 🙂

Are coversions really worth it in sevens?

So we should send the message that it is okay to cheat, so long as your the best?

They cheated, they got caught, they got punished.

What if Warner and Smith both blew out their ACL/PCL/other long term injury. Do we still select them because the other blokes aren’t scoring runs?

I agree they should be allowed to play Shield. But playing for Australia is a Privilege, not a Right.

Time for Cricket Australia to end the Smith, Warner and Bancroft bans

Happy to see a young player contributing. Even if it is only 1 innings in 1 test so far, it is better than just being a passenger in the team bus.

Hope he improves overall for experience of the UAE tour, and applies everything back in Shield during the Aussie summer

Labuschagne shows all-round potential against Pakistan