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Squad of 13 has 3 active and two spare fast bowlers.

1 active fast bowler injured.

Two spare bowlers overlooked in favour of player not in squad.

My point. Why have a squad then.

Siddle shock option as Hazlewood cover for Boxing Day Test

Why have a squad then?
What message does it send to the players not picked? A spot opens in your discipline, and we STILL arent thinking of picking you

Siddle shock option as Hazlewood cover for Boxing Day Test

Canberra chose not to be involved in the bid. Not sure why, Canberra united are well supported in W League

Australia and New Zealand confirm joint bid for 2023 Women's World Cup

Upgrade the drop in pitch. Adelaide and Optus (Perth) seem to be able to make it work.
The AFL and other events bring in too much $$$ for the G to be an exclusive cricket oval.

What on earth is going on with the MCG pitch?

So you want Melbourne v St Kilda to be played in Adelaide to make it fair?

The AFL fixture is biased towards Victorian clubs

Ordinary weather in Adelaide. Game will be won or lost on being able to survive. Bowlers or batsman lose patience, they lose the game

What Australia needs to do to claim the second Test over Pakistan

So because it had no consequence she shouldn’t be punished?

There are rules, the rules were broken. Exotic betting markets exist, where a player to over/under score runs, the entire batting line up IS relevant information. Knowing someone likely wont bat, bet the unders

Is Emily Smith's anti-corruption ban too harsh?

Make a win worth 3 points.
Golden point win 2
Golden point loss 1

You are then punished for not winning in regular time

Golden-point bonus points are unfair

The Squad can always change, especially if there are injuries.

Pattinson resigned to missing Test spot

To point 7, Canberra United to a really good job with merchandise. No A league team, and they regularly have 1k average home crowds

FFA, could you please focus on the W-League?

Good for Sam, but I can’t help but think what the Impact will be to the W-League. How can we expect the standard of the competition to improve if the best players Internationally don’t come her to play and our best domestic players play overseas.

Its not a question of Sam going overseas to play, it’s more a question of how does the W-League step up into the ‘elite’ tier of competition so our domestic players (Young Matilda, fringe players) can develop

Chelsea move to take my game to the next level, says Sam Kerr

Saw “epic bat off” and laughed way too much 😛

Five-way battle for two Test batting spots

I can’t remember, but wasn’t there an angry mob demanding VAR be brought in a few years ago?

Being a Ref is hard, especially in a live sport where you get one chance to make the decision based on wherever you happened to position yourself at the time.

Multiple replays with slow motion and different camera angles has hung the Refs out to dry. So the Refs are using the same technology the punters/commentators use against them. And now people are upset about that too!

Is it time for the A-League to scrap VAR?

Everything is behind the paywall (short of Tests), and Australia used to be rubbish at the T20 format for a long stretch; only recently finding strong form

Cricket Australia post Seek ad for competitive opponent

I personally like games with smaller totals and the bowlers having a look.
Watching the players have to earn their runs, and respect the good ball is 100x better than the “bat off” where the bowlers are glorified bowling machines for the bats to swing at.

What we've learnt from the WBBL so far

New Injury, you can make the argument. Old injury, that’s on the clubs. Otherwise clubs will sign stars to 6-10 year deals knowing full well they won’t get that out of them; then can retire them when they see fit

Are injury retirements a way of beating the salary cap?

The days of a Bowler being a bunny with the bat are over. They are all required to have the ability (in some form of the word) to bat well.

Having a “bits and pieces” guy in side is way worse than having a guy who’s primary discipline is one or the other.

Australia's five-bowler ploy is attractive

Headline doesn’t match. The goal of the AFL competition is to win the Premiership Flag. By that measure alone, Hawthorn and Richmond are the “best teams” in the League.

Geelong is officially the best team of the decade

Having more games, meant that instead of “must see, circus is in town” it turned into “must see, but you can skip this one, we are here for a while”.

I remember the initial BBL, there were only a handful of games to see in your home state, so you went when it was on.

Why BBL08 wasn't a hit

Smackdown has been on Tuesday’s for a while, not Friday

Wrestling night wars are back

Pre Finals bye levels out the advantage the Top 4 used to have, and the standard of the “pointy end” of the ladder has also compressed a little more (which is good for Football).

No sixth seed has ever won the grand final. Can GWS buck the trend?

You don’t play injured players in the final. Either they are fit to play, or they are out injured. A Grand Final, re-aggravating an existing injury 15 minutes in, is a recipe for disaster

How the Tigers and Giants solve their selection headaches

The Refs are enforcing the rules/guidelines that they have been given. IF there is any criticism to be had, its to the people above the panel providing these rules/guidelines.

I would love to umpire a game with multiple slow motion replays from multiple camera angles in an air conditioned/catered box. But instead, I get one chance, from whatever position I am in to do my best.

It's time for NRL media to give the referees a break

Dogs fan here, just happy to see the AFL reserves team lose 🙂

SANFL Grand final results: Glenelg thump Port Adelaide to claim first flag in 33 years

Fine for both players.

If you take the hair pull out, and just look at it as ‘throwing opponent into fence” it’s still only a fine.

Five talking points from West Coast vs Essendon