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Won’t be Port Adelaide. I don’t like them, want to see them lose every week (old rivalry days of Central District v (real) Port Adelaide Magpies). But they aren’t going anywhere.

The AFL will keep WA and SA at two teams. They lose way to much market share to drop teams in those markets.

And speaking honestly, if St.Kilda was to fold/merge out, then I just move from a passionate fan to a casual one. I imagine a lot of other people are in similar position.

The six AFL clubs that could go to the wall

And if 1 person got it, likelihood is everyone gets it if your in an isolated camp.

It’s a game of Football. We will live without it. I am hopeful Fox/Channel 7 can work something out, and just replay old games to hold people over.

AFL should be a saviour, not a victim in difficult times


AFL season suspended due to coronavirus

If the NRL and AFL don’t play, a LOT of clubs will struggle and may fold. There are also a lot of ‘normal’ people that have jobs that rely on the game continuing.

Sure, it is quiet and weird. But NO Footy (either code) is way worse than this

Is it really sport without the fans?

If they scrap it, clubs will still organise practice games against opposing teams. Like what saints/hawks did.

It’s a practice game, that has been elevated to god tier. It is a good way to get AFL teams in the community, nothing more

Marsh Community Series: rate it or hate it?

BBL should start the week before Christmas (18th Dec this year) and run until Aus Day (Jan 26 2021).

Season just been, I got bored in the mid phase, because the results didn’t matter

Does the BBL deserve its own window?

Prefer a 1x Captain, 1x Vice Captain, 2x Deputy vice captians.

Spiritual leaders can rise, without an official title. If you have 10, it almost feels like a massive FU to player 11. I would rather have just my Captain, and fall in line behind them.

When it comes to leadership, is less really more?

Rain forecast, it might be a washout and Aus lose by default 🙁

Australia's bowling relies too much on too few

Origin is the pinnacle for NRL; even more than playing for Australia. And it works because its NSW v QLD, and has been for its entire life.

AFL, they will want the Big V there every year. So then its either SA/WA. In which case, the other won’t care.

AFL fans have just one reason to be jealous of our NRL cousins

Bont loses vote to Mcrae to easily. Grundy loses votes to the midfield.

Fyfe/Danger/Mitchell for mine

Who’s contending for the Brownlow in 2020?

AFL have footballs go into the crowd behind the goals all the time. And yes, people get hurt. Speedway racing and other motorsport have had instances of objects entering the crowd.

It’s a risk, and by entering the venue you accept this risk. If you don’t, dont enter the venue.

Crowd catches are a disaster waiting to happen

“South Africa face Western Australia at Adelaide Oval”

The WA boys would still be in with a chance I reckon 😉

Sheffield Shield once again a crucial battleground for Test spots

Its really not that far to fly from Perth to the East Coast. In USA sports, they will play 4 games in 7 days; making a road trip make sense.

The costs of Hotels/Living away from Home allowance etc would make this very cost prohibitive in Aus

Let’s get more creative with AFL fixturing

Think it’s a South African league has a rule about time wasting in the corner deliberately. Would be an improvement to game.

There will always be wrestling. Making it a red, watch simulations go through the roof. If I can get the CDM off the park, I’m taking that chance

The changes I would make to football

Think Fox Sports/Kayo have it?
Know they did last year for pro league

Hockeyroos ready for Pro League challenge

Current Melbourne Rating:
Based on PM2.5

Air quality at this site is good

What this means:
It’s a good time to be outside

The air quality where you are might not be the same as the air quality at this site.

Past 48 Hours… Good

Why the Australian Open should not be going ahead

Stakes are lower if anything, with so many games; the renegades can loss 7 in a row and still make finals…

The BBL has never been more relevant in the quest for higher honours

Not going to happen. Clubs won’t release their best players for a preseason exhibition game. Players Association will also complain about more games being played.

In works in League (NRL) because Origin IS the pinnacle of the game. It has years and years of tradition. Plus it is only NSW and QLD.

Origin (Vic vs SA) is the classic version, with WA also in the mix. I don’t care about Vic vs Allies. Couldn’t care less, I am a Croweater that moved to NSW. I am not an “Ally”

State of Origin: It’s time for the AFL to bring it back

I still think Adelaide Oval has the “package” of best test Venue. It is close to transport, looks good on TV, has the members events behind the stands, pitch offers enough, old scoreboard with the hill.

Channelling the spirit of the WACA, Perth Stadium is now Australia's best Test venue

Only problem with Subs, especially bowling subs, is it is very difficult to produce a “like for like” replacement; and will 100% be abused.

I am sure every team would love to have a spare 140k+ bowler sitting in the rooms for 3.5 days, to come out fresh as a daisy on a Day 3/4/5 Pitch because another bowler has “hamstring awareness”.

Ease up on Tim Paine: My thoughts from the first Test

A lot of companies/businesses have quite ambitious targets in reducing/removing the Gender Pay Gap. So this suits their narratives completely at a business level.

Equal pay could lead the FFA into a crisis

Squad of 13 has 3 active and two spare fast bowlers.

1 active fast bowler injured.

Two spare bowlers overlooked in favour of player not in squad.

My point. Why have a squad then.

Siddle shock option as Hazlewood cover for Boxing Day Test

Why have a squad then?
What message does it send to the players not picked? A spot opens in your discipline, and we STILL arent thinking of picking you

Siddle shock option as Hazlewood cover for Boxing Day Test

Canberra chose not to be involved in the bid. Not sure why, Canberra united are well supported in W League

Australia and New Zealand confirm joint bid for 2023 Women's World Cup

Upgrade the drop in pitch. Adelaide and Optus (Perth) seem to be able to make it work.
The AFL and other events bring in too much $$$ for the G to be an exclusive cricket oval.

What on earth is going on with the MCG pitch?