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I think our list management has been rubbish, all the way back to the 2009-10 season.

Ross Lyon going for the all of nothing approach, and rolling snake eyes and leaving. Then all of a sudden we have no juniors developing, and a lot of older players who aren’t worth any trade coin.

Is supporter loyalty a lost commodity today?

Norwood originally we’re going to vote NO for Adelaide Crows feeder joining the SANFL.

The SANFL offered to remove some of the sanctions in return for a YES vote (which was the deciding vote).

Nothing official of course, but Norwood we’re very vocal in saying NO (with Dogs and Souths), but mysteriously changed their vote and announced they we’re no longer restricted in Drafting

North Adelaide allowed to play in SANFL grand final despite extra man

If you want to leave, the door is there; Bye.

Supported St.Kilda my whole life (my mum would tell stories of how as a baby I would listen on the radio, and be happy if Saints were winning and cry if they were losing).

We suck at the moment, and they frustrate the hell out of me. And I will still support them, and cheer them on, and make a occasional trip to Melbourne, Sydney or Adelaide to see them play.

Is supporter loyalty a lost commodity today?

North’s Premiership will be tainted? Nah.

How many times have Norwood breached the Salary Cap in same season as winning the Premiership?

I hope North win, because I am still filthy on Norwood trading the removal of salary cap breach punishments for their Yes Vote.

North Adelaide allowed to play in SANFL grand final despite extra man

Wouldn’t surprise me to see Adelaide, Perth and Melbourne go to Draws…

India bat to not lose a Test Match First, then perhaps think about winning it once they are sure they definitely can’t lose it. They will bat for 3.5 days if that MCG road comes back.

The Australian cricket team will surprise us this summer

That’s hilarious if someone in charge of running the sport thinks the game is so boring that they need to play music to make it more entertaining to crowd.

I go to Live Sport (Women’s and Men’s) to watch the game. If I want to listen to music, I will go down to that one local place that still has live music or go to a concert. Leave Sport for the actual Sport

Music during play at A-League games is the FFA's worst idea yet

Kookaburra’s won the Champions Trophy and the Gold at Comm Games.
If your headline is the “The Greatest Achievement by an Australia National Team this Year”, I am willing to challenge it.

The greatest achievement by an Australian national team this year has been in esports - and it happened yesterday

If his foot is coming at the face; Grab his foot and snap his ankle. He won’t be doing it again in a hurry

Toby Greene's dangerous kung-fu kicks must be given the boot

I think it is smart going for such a small footprint to start the competition. No doubt the NRL looked at the AFL and their launch of the Women’s competition, and realised a slower burn will likely resonate more with the fans.

Hope the girls smash it, both on the field and off it (ratings/social media).

Let the NRLW begin

Melbourne have no baggage coming into the finals, Geelong have the weight on expectation. Should be a cracking game hopefully

Elimination final forecast: Melbourne vs Geelong

Boring match once Richmond we’re sure of the win, the Prelim final will be interesting.

Five talking points from Richmond vs Hawthorn

Clubs won’t release their best players, so it becomes really pointless.

The SOO in NRL is a bigger thing than the premiership for most people. In AFL, the Premiership is the goal.

The SANFL v VFL do state of origin already, and next to no one cares. So there isn’t exactly a ground swell knocking down the door at AFL HQ

Should AFL State of Origin return?

How will the smaller clubs be able to compete with the bigger clubs once the money gets splashed around?

The EPL has so many other Cup Competitions for the other teams to compete in, that it’s okay that we know the Champion of the EPL will come from one of 6 teams. Why would you want that in NRL where there is the Premiership, and that’s it.

The salary cap is socialist garbage and should be binned

18 Game Season (17 – 1 double up against Rival).

Then Home / Away switches in the 2nd year.

Means every team goes to Perth, Sydney, QLD, Adelaide twice every two years.

Are we really back to this 17-game season again?

The coach didn’t have to put him back on the field, easily could of said to Gaff “Go have an early shower, your done”.

Spoiling the spectacle: Why the AFL needs a send-off rule

“why Adam Simpson and his coaching staff let Gaff back onto the field when he had a target on his back?”

Nail on the head.

Andrew Gaff incident fuels another AFL red card argument

If AFLW wasn’t ready for more games, then they shouldn’t of introduced more teams.

The whole idea that they need clear air to compete is a load of BS. Cricket (Representative / Big Bash) and Football (A League and European) share Summer time slot with Tennis jumping in for the Aus Open.

Imagine the outrage is the Men’s competition was reduced to 10 weeks so as not to clash with Rugby League during Origin.

Daisy Pearce hits out at AFL over treatment of women's competition

They will be disruptors in the finals yes, but don’t see them winning the flag. Especially if they have to go to Perth to face West Coast.

If they held on against Geelong (both times) then maybe; but mental scars of losing two really tight ones may come back to haunt them in a close semi/prelim

Could it be a grand old flag after all?

For what little it matters. There would of been No NRL games in Sydney on the Friday night / Sydney Rooster playing same time at SFS v Bronocos on the Saturday cannibalising the crowd/viewers in Sydney/NSW

Carlton given prime-time fixture as final round of 2018 AFL season confirmed

My crystal-ball look at Round 23 of the AFL season

I was wrong massively…

Friday night – Sydney vs Hawthorn at the SCG
Saturday – Port Adelaide versus Essendon at the Adelaide Oval
Saturday – St Kilda versus North Melbourne at Docklands
Saturday twilight – Brisbane versus West Coast at the Gabba
Saturday night – Richmond versus Western Bulldogs at MCG
Saturday night – Fremantle versus Collingwood at Optus Stadium
Sunday – Geelong versus Gold Coast Suns
Sunday – Melbourne versus GWS at the MCG
Sunday twilight – Carlton versus Adelaide at Docklands

Carlton given prime-time fixture as final round of 2018 AFL season confirmed

Editorial Typo there:
“Brendon Goddard left St Kilda to join Essendon
Nick Dal Santo left St Kilda to join North Melbourne
Dale Thomas left St Kilda to join Carlton
Lance Franklin left St Kilda to join Sydney
Nick Malceski left St Kilda to join Gold Coast
James Frawley left St Kilda to join Hawthorn
Josh Kelly left St Kilda to join Essendon
Tom Rockliff left St Kilda to join Port Adelaide as a restricted free agent”

We lost a LOT of talent at St Kilda 😛

AFL free agency isn't perfect, but it's not killing the league

Any of the World Cups would be an amazing boost. I was surprised Australia pulled out of the bidding for the Field Hockey World cup, as we still have the facilities from the Olympics.

The Hockeyroos are amazing, and have nailed the branding/crowd interactions for a “low profile” sport. They are currently competing in the World Cup in London right now 🙂

Women's World Cups part of NSW's strategic bidding plans

“…putting in a four-quarter effort to get their most memorable win of the season” If you mean being down by 29 Points at Quarter time a four-quarter effort?

They had a memorable fight back after that start, with everyone expecting ‘how much’ will they lose by, not ‘Wait, Swans were held goaless for 2 quarters?!’

What happened? AFL Round 18, 2018

I never quite understand the concept of the teams being “a man down”. You still put 18 players on the park, you just have one less interchange player available.

Not quite to the extreme of players throwing themselves into harms way, but “being cautious” on the outcome of a concussion test for the purpose of rubbing an opponent out could become a thing. If Fyfe/Dangerfield/Dusty did the bump and the player is shaken, say its concussion and rub them out. No one will question doctors being cautious and precautionary with head injuries.

It's time for the AFL to stop dragging the chain

There is a lot more information/studies/research about head injuries and concussion now than ever before, and it is scary. The WWE (Wrestling Entertainment) have outright banned weapon strikes to head because of their high risk nature.

In a super rare instance in AFL, they are a little soft, but that is more from the players playing up the contact. I am totally fine with the old days of dropping a bloke off the ball being consigned to history and gone from the modern game.

Think the AFL's gone soft? Think again