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NZ put up a good challenge

When Steve Waugh and the baggy greens ruled the Test arena

I really hope Brisbane win now. They are tipped to be the bolter of the 2019 season; and I want them to succeed even more now.

The Round 1 fixture the AFL got wrong

Newcastle United Jets Football Club, commonly known as Newcastle Jets

Give Canberra a little more Respect. They are actually Called Canberra United in both W and Y Leagues

Western United FC is the right name for the A-League's newest club

I’m not sure who I am cheering for in final. Guess I will go for Sydney since they have a couple of former CBR players.

I think game will come down to how Sydney can kurb Kerr’s influence. If Sam fires, Perth win. Sydney win under any other scenario in my opinion

Sydney FC vs Perth Glory in W-League Grand Final

Bowlers have enough to worry about without being the Captain of the side too. Same can be said of the Wicketkeeper being the Captain;

Have them in the Leadership group, but leave the Captaincy to the Batsman

Pat Cummins: First the Allan Border Medal, next the captaincy

Comes across as immature. Complete lack of respect for the ref. Spent the whole game giving Kerr attention, and was lucky not to be sent sooner

W-League defender goes troppo at ref after second yellow

Well, they didn’t make the finals with the Sixers collapsing so bad they lost a home semi in process…

So guess Heat are dark horses for Mad Monday.

Cutting-Bryant BBL carnage leads Heat to finals

If this game was in Melbourne I wouldn’t dismiss it. But Victory don’t need to win by a margin, just win.

So they don’t have incentive to keep going for goals once they are up by say 2-3.

Four into one: The W-League sprint to premiership glory

So as soon as the Pitches aren’t roads the Batsman don’t know how to score runs?

Discussion about improving BBL shows people care

Updated Equation for City:
Can only play Finals IF
Perth LOSE by 5 goals or more.

Four into one: The W-League sprint to premiership glory

Yep, didn’t see that result coming. I put more weight on Sydney wanting a home final more than City playing for pride.

Four into one: The W-League sprint to premiership glory

Don’t know who to go for this season, with St Kilda coming in next year I migrate back to them.

Used to have a soft spot for Bulldogs, but after the circus last year have soured on them. Guess I might just cheer for Football?

2019 AFL Women's season: Round 1 preview

Sunday to Friday turnaround versus a full weeks rest; confidence coming off belting WSW; does the Victory coach get cute with lineup knowing they play Canberra on Tuesday.

So many factors come into it, where I think Perth can go on the attack. Especially if they know City won’t be a threat based on tonight’s result

Four into one: The W-League sprint to premiership glory

Play a meaningless Shield game in the middle of the Big Bash.

Where Shield form hasn’t meant bucklies to actually getting selected… the selectors would have already picked their side. And the Internationals get paid to holiday for 10 days???

What a proper 2019-20 domestic schedule would look like

I said explicitly the “younger age bracket” so small children can actually play sport.

I also said the higher level (16s, 18s) its a different story and Cricket should be played normally. So any minors identified as talent can play above their age group in the 16s/18s comp, and all the small kids who just want to have fun can also do that.

Junior cricket must change for future Test success

While I agree the AFL has gone too far the other direction in essentially ignoring the AFL W, there is an element where I feel the Women’s comp needs to be able to sustain itself without the governing body forcing it down everyone’s throats.

Just feels like a “person in a suit” has gone “Social media is saying we are promoting AFLW too much. We should not promote it to compensate”. Some of the advertising previously really over-hyped the AFLW, and created a lot to live up to. I think a more subdued build has been nice

What do you mean AFLW starts this weekend?

Big Bash Season is too long. Not too many games, just calendar too long;

It doesn’t feel special anymore; a must see event while the circus is in town. Now it feels like “well, I can miss this game, there are so many more in the coming weeks”.

A ‘quick fix’ would be shorten the calendar length of the season, and make the players play in shorter span. 6 weeks to play 14 games is enough for T20

What's wrong with this season's BBL?

At the younger age bracket, are you saying that a kid shouldn’t get a chance to bat at 3 because the openers ahead of them are having a field and can’t get out; meaning 9 kids don’t get to bat.

Then only 4 kids get to bowl, because they carve them up and the games over. Sounds fun.

At a higher level (16s, 18s); then its a different story. But kids won’t make it that far if they are playing Cricket to be fielders and that’s it. They will quit and play another sport.

Junior cricket must change for future Test success

WBBL next season is a Stand Alone comp to the Mens. So if the final can’t hold on its own, then how will the entire comp fair?

Brisbane turn up the Heat as Sydney pursue third consecutive WBBL title

Cant win.. they drop blokes and everyone says “Give em a long stint to find their feet”. Then they give them a stint “Drop him for X player”

Wade should take back the Australian ODI keeper spot

Who are the clubs that replace Hawthorn (4th), Sydney (6th) and Geelong (8th) in the finals if they are all to miss?

Essendon sure. But struggling to see a breakout for the other two spots

The end of an era

Watching the BBL, it looks like Leg Spin (to Right Handed Bat) is the weapon of choice. Why Australia doesn’t stick with their Leg Spinner is a mystery

India square the ledger but Aussies go down fighting in ODI thriller

I will have a look next time it happens and try to screencap and send it through. Like I said, its only “sometimes”. So there is a chance I just caught it during when the team where doing testing?

Will report if it happens again; otherwise looks the goods 🙂

Announcing new features for The Roar's comment section

Get a couple of Winter seasons into the girls to develop the skills will make a huge difference compared to handing a Football to athletes and calling them footballers.

I am indifferent to the Women’s AFL. Watched a couple games; fun to watch live on a lazy afternoon; don’t go chasing it. But I can say the same for men’s Football (A League), Rugby Union etc.

Why I changed my mind on AFLW expansion

I am totally fine with the main Test bowlers not being the main ODI bowlers.

Let one set play the long form, and the other set play the short form. The ODI/T20 skill set is different to the Test skill set.

Ranking Australia's ODI quicks