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My experience of US sprint cars

With the sporting landscape on hold for the time being and a lot of negativity floating around, now is a good time to share some happier experiences with sport. So here is my reminiscing about checking out the World of Outlaws in the United States last year.

I would imagine the ground dimensions would be a stopping factor. is there any sports using the cricket ovals during winter over there?

How the AFL can go global

He was a major contributing factor to an increase in membership uptake, and generated a lot of media buzz. Tippett was a major mis-step by the Swans, not Buddy’s fault.

The GWS circus with Israel Folau was a failure, not this.

Buddy Franklin's time at the Swans has been a failure

My comment was in regards to NSW Taxpayers shouldn’t fit bill. I can’t seem to find any articles online that say the AFL pulled the funding?

The NSW stadium policy is in shambles, but there is hope

AFL did provide funding

The NSW stadium policy is in shambles, but there is hope

If NRL wants the stadiums, go build them yourself!

It’s not the NSW Taxpayers job to provide four more stadiums, let the NRL fund it, or go private.

The NSW stadium policy is in shambles, but there is hope

I am fine with shorter quarters, but would rather it be 20mins with less time off called.

Quarters used to be around 27-28mins from memory, and now regularly crack 30mins even when there aren’t many goals scored.

With footballs being kept in bags, rather than waiting for the crowd to give it back; there shouldn’t be a need for massive gaps in play.

Perhaps the solution is to reduce why time-off is called, rather than shortening the actual quarters length.

The game is too long. Shorter quarters are here to stay

I always felt the Captain should be the best leader. That isnt always the best player

Ten take-outs from The Test

We talking Spyro or Smaug?

Why the Waratahs and the Reds should be axed from Super Rugby

The IOC doesnt want team sports at the Olympics when compared to individual sports. Hockey is in serious danger of losing its place for same reason.

16x players in squad, 8x squads. For 1 gold medal.
It simply costs too much money for 1 gold medal.

Should cricket be included in the Olympics?

It was more an example where you have a smaller cluster of teams together. If you keep the 2x WA teams together, they have already played each other, so no need to keep them together.

Eddie hammers AFL hub idea

Field Hockey has Green/Yellow/Red. With flexibility of Yellow being (5mins (Default), 10mins (Significant) or as long as the Umpire wants).

Rare we use longer than 10mins, normally its for having a dummy spit at the officials after already being sent off, we just add a couple minutes to calm down.

The time is right to try left-field ideas

Couldn’t they do ‘small hubs’ where say St.Kilda, GWS and Kangaroos go to Perth and Play the Eagles and each other?

So Round 1:
St.Kilda vs Eagles @Perth Venue
GWS v Roos @Perth Venue

Round 2:
GWS v Eagels @Perth
Roos v Saints @Perth

Round 3:
Roos v Eagles @Perth
Saints v Giants @Perth

With other clubs doing similar at other venues

Eddie hammers AFL hub idea

Free Agency for all puts all the power on the players, and they can just move to any club without consequence. So the “big clubs”, and the preferred destination clubs (Eagles over Freo, Crows over Port) etc will get a massive boost.

If you go for the open free agency, then you also need to allow clubs to trade without consent to balance the board.

A new AFL economy? Here's my pitch

The SANFL I grew up with in the early 2000s (Main memories being 2001 – 2010) was the beginning of the end for me. Watching the ‘next generation’ of supporters growing up with the Crows/Power on TV meant there wasn’t that connection to the local roots. My age bracket was one of the last, since I would go to the games with my mum until I was old enough to barrack on my own (and still go with my mum anyway).

When I do make it back to Adelaide, the comp is a shell of its once proud self. Where I remember Brad Symes, Willow, Giles, Griffin, Westhoff (3x as Leigh and Matt also played with Justin) playing with the Dogs, with elite players like the Gowans, Thomas, Slade, Nutta, Spur etc.
Now those types of players are locked into Academy teams, and don’t help grow the comp.

I also remember in 2009, there were pushes to get 10k to a normal round game. Now cracking 1.5k is considered a good crowd.

The AFL must protect its state leagues

Don’t agree with this take. For the ‘majority’ sure, but if you have players that have a child that is less than 6 months old or children with special needs, its not a clear cut “the rest of the family can deal with it”.

The AFL players didn’t sign up for the Military, and didn’t sign up for Fly In/Fly out work. So expecting them to is ridiculous. If they choose not to play, they can forfeit the $$$; but they don’t need to be forced into it.

Families in hubs defeat the purpose and the AFL needs to stand strong

Good Luck to her in Tokyo. She seems to be a well switched on person, and I will proudly cheer her on.

Elise Collier goes from cricket to shooting to Tokyo


I was at the GWS v Dogs game. Got tickets on the Wednesday for $100 (3 people) behind the point post. Don’t go for either team, but a good game of footy.

I would have had the Saints v Geelong 2009 Docklands game on there though (I am a Saints fan). Still holds the venue record for capacity crowd. 13-0 v 13-0. Scores level late in game.

Ten 'you had to be there' moments in Australian sport

Kardina park is very Narrow compared to the G.
SCG is very small compared to other venues.
Gabba is significantly warmer climate to Tassie.

All the grounds have something that makes them unique to the home tenants.

Covid-19 has given the AFL a chance to improve the draw

I thought the whole reason the AFL clubs had VFL/SANFL/WAFL teams, were they were sick of their players not playing the same game style as the AFL teams.

I remember when Justin Westhoff (Port) Jack Gunston, Brad Symes, Jonathon Griffin (Crows), were all playing for Central District. Worked fine in those days.

But now, clubs regularly talk about the 2s teams playing the same game style as the AFL team. So they can seamlessly go into the League team.

The future of the AFL and our state leagues

I did it through a tour group (Global Speedway tours) so cant remember exact price at gates.

Think it was around $20 – 70 range. Depending on track. Oska was cheapest, and Knoxville was premium (which is understandable)

My experience of US sprint cars

Don’t understand why the W-League should be in the gun. The Matilda’s are a massive draw in an untapped market.

A-League is competing against global leagues, and the Women don’t. The USA and Europe seasons don’t overlap (as badly), and the USA and Europe fans do watch W League.

FFA will make a number of decisions to save football and they all stink

The only concern about racing tracks in reverse would be the safety of the Drivers, Safety Crew and Marshals for F1.

I would imagine track designs have their best protective measures built in place for the ‘normal’ orientation of the track. Not the reverse format. It would be something that would need to be addressed.

All for the idea. I would love to see it personally. Just logistics, its not the same as a Video Game

Where does F1 go from here?

Won’t be Port Adelaide. I don’t like them, want to see them lose every week (old rivalry days of Central District v (real) Port Adelaide Magpies). But they aren’t going anywhere.

The AFL will keep WA and SA at two teams. They lose way to much market share to drop teams in those markets.

And speaking honestly, if St.Kilda was to fold/merge out, then I just move from a passionate fan to a casual one. I imagine a lot of other people are in similar position.

The six AFL clubs that could go to the wall

And if 1 person got it, likelihood is everyone gets it if your in an isolated camp.

It’s a game of Football. We will live without it. I am hopeful Fox/Channel 7 can work something out, and just replay old games to hold people over.

AFL should be a saviour, not a victim in difficult times


AFL season suspended due to coronavirus