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By definition, Perth need to win the Grand Final to be the Champions.

You win the Premiership for leading the league at end of season. You then enter a modified knockout tournament for the Championship

Perth Glory aren't champions until they win the grand final

The players execute too many head high tackles… yet that’s the umpires fault.

The umpires are there to apply the rules they have been given. It’s not the umpires fault a player can’t mark the ball without pushing their opponent in the back.

Are some of the rules broken or not ideally applied? Yes

But that is for the rules committee to fix.

Why the AFL needs to take the rules back to basics

The contact below the knees rule is fine and should stay; its the interpretation of said rule that needs to be updated. It was designed to stop players “cannonballing” into the knees of their opponent, and that I am fine with being outlawed.

Where it is being applied wrongly, is a player can take possession of the ball, and opponent overrun the ball and get a free kick. In this instance, it should be play on.

The AFL must review the rule book

Gold Coast lost my backing when they marketed themselves as the Gary Ablett Jnr Show with supporting cast, the Gold Coast Suns.

Could say the same for any club that brands themselves as a one player club, it has never appealed to me in the slightest.

We need to talk about Gold Coast

Have to start somewhere. Plenty of companies (Facebook/Twitter for example) start by running huge losses before becoming a success.

The women’s game will take time to develop; it won’t happen overnight. The AFL may of went about it the wrong way in some aspects, but they knew they would need to dig into the war chest to make it work.

The women’s game is not a short term PR exercise

“Gold Coast won’t win a game”

Well, that didn’t work out. They won March 31 (Round 2) 🙂

Good for the comp, not so good for predictions

Five bold predictions for the 2019 AFL season

Slightly used stadium being demolished and rebuilt where Roosters are an anchor tenant. They ain’t moving anywhere

The Sydney Roosters are the most logical team for relocation

Sample size of 1 week, about what you’d expect to see.

By around Week 4 the rankings will shake themselves out 🙂

Welcome back Footy, you we’re missed

AFL Power Rankings 2019: Round 1

I must be in minority that I won’t just “Pick another team”. I have my team (Knights in NRL, Adelaide United in A League, Saints in AFL, Kings in NHL, Lakers in NBA, Brumbies in Union, Canberra united in W League, Canberra in WNBL, Panthers in NFL, Central District in SANFL).

I won’t just drop my team for a new team. I was a Centrals member the day after I was born!

Expansion? Moving teams? Nah let's do it a different way

Always thought Shield numbers were to make it easier for selectors/scouts to track certain players.

Don’t need that at Test level

Take a number, and shove it

120 goals between them yet Coleman is 65 or less.

A tight margin but doable…

My 23 crazy, fearless predictions for the 2019 AFL season

Gold Coast will win 2 games, and Freo won’t got 7-2

Freo have West Coast, GWS (away), Crows (away), Richmond (Home), Essendon (Away).

Even the home games against Roos and Saints are a guaranteed 4 points as Freo have shown the ability to loss gimmie games

Five bold predictions for the 2019 AFL season

I was commenting on my own selection bias, of wanting a player that will play a more finishing role (Bevan) than another middle order batsman (Clarke)

Australia's all-time World Cup XI

Clarke out for Bevan

Australia's all-time World Cup XI

All 16 teams should make the finals, and everyone gets a medal. We should also not keep scores, and everyone wins

The new suggested finals format is ridiculous

We don’t get to pick and choose which laws we follow and which ones we don’t. I think the speed limit is too low on some roads, doesn’t mean I get to go +20km on them because it should be an 80km road, not 60km limit.

Drugs in football: Why am I supposed to care?

Being a Saints fan, I am fine with them losing if they “take the game on”. What was so frustrating to watch last season, was turnovers from sideways/backwards kicks and handballs for the sake of raking up possessions.

2019 AFL season preview: St Kilda Saints

I don’t like the idea of dual captains. I am fine with a Vice Captain who steps up to fill a void, but you have one Captain who leads you.

The Playing group should be able to speak to ‘the captain’; if they want to seek multiple opinions, that’s what the leadership group is for.

Port Adelaide joins the joint-captaincy craze

NZ put up a good challenge

When Steve Waugh and the baggy greens ruled the Test arena

I really hope Brisbane win now. They are tipped to be the bolter of the 2019 season; and I want them to succeed even more now.

The Round 1 fixture the AFL got wrong

Newcastle United Jets Football Club, commonly known as Newcastle Jets

Give Canberra a little more Respect. They are actually Called Canberra United in both W and Y Leagues

Western United FC is the right name for the A-League's newest club

I’m not sure who I am cheering for in final. Guess I will go for Sydney since they have a couple of former CBR players.

I think game will come down to how Sydney can kurb Kerr’s influence. If Sam fires, Perth win. Sydney win under any other scenario in my opinion

Sydney FC vs Perth Glory in W-League Grand Final

Bowlers have enough to worry about without being the Captain of the side too. Same can be said of the Wicketkeeper being the Captain;

Have them in the Leadership group, but leave the Captaincy to the Batsman

Pat Cummins: First the Allan Border Medal, next the captaincy

Comes across as immature. Complete lack of respect for the ref. Spent the whole game giving Kerr attention, and was lucky not to be sent sooner

W-League defender goes troppo at ref after second yellow

Well, they didn’t make the finals with the Sixers collapsing so bad they lost a home semi in process…

So guess Heat are dark horses for Mad Monday.

Cutting-Bryant BBL carnage leads Heat to finals