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Got nothing to do with federal politics mate. It’s all about the stimulus that goes into making decisions.

The leadership spills and the decision to cheat all stem from the fact that the people involved were stuck in a bubble where they were cut off from the outside world and rational thinking. In the bubble, They are so focused on a certain metric (winning/poll numbers) that they are not only making irrational/unsporting/plain stupid decisions, but they can’t fully grasp the potential consequences of their actions.

The bubble in the case of our cricketers was created as part of the ‘high-performance’ culture instituted by the Argus Review, and whilst it may have lead to a few Ashes wins at home, it has deprived our cricketers of the ethical framework required to make the decision not to cheat.

During the immediate moments after the Australians were caught out cheating, the reactions of the leadership group suggested that they thought they had done nothing wrong, or wrong to the point of there being serious retribution. It was only when Warner, Smith and Bancroft were taken out of the atmosphere of the Australian camp that they realised the full consequences of their actions. That’s why they were inconsolable when they arrived back in Australia.

Whilst the players do need to take responsibility for their actions, it was clear that they were not thinking in a rational way when they made that decision, and for that, a culture which valued winning over fair play holds considerable sway.

Apologies if my psychoanalysis was a bit hard to parse.

The Cricket Australia review lays bare an ugly truth about our society

At least F1 will be on some screens in Australia. IndyCar has gone from having a race in Australia ten years ago to no TV coverage at all this year!

Is Australia copping a bad Formula One TV deal?

Game one at Spotless got 21K (Capacity), around the same as the average for Thunder games and Game Two got 27K, down on Brisbane’s average last year, although the lack of Chris Lynn and the fact that Brisbane fans are quite picky probably contributed to that. If they perform well I reckon we’ll see a lift.

Hobart Hurricanes vs Melbourne Renegades Highlights: BBL Big Bash scores, blog

I would bump One Day Cup to March and cram in a whole Shield season from Late August to Early December, 10 rounds with the possibility of a shield final during the gap week in the test schedule, ideally placed so a broadcaster could pick it up.

The BBL has been in the sweet spot for comp length over the past few years, we’ll see this season if the tournament feels overlong.

Follow the money: This BBL season will shrink state cricket

Exactly. It is possible to be a person of faith and support a secular society.

Sorry Izzy, but respect and support go hand in hand

I find your position on this most interesting. You relate LGBTI people to children, who are not capable of making their own decisions, and are not fully developed mentally?

At the risk of sounding quite condescending, I find that particular argument quite condescending.

In my opinion, these are grown adults who are capable of making decisions by themselves. If they want to marry, so be it.

And it is a fallacy to say sport should be apolitical. All sport has and will be politically framed. If one is to believe sport is apolitical, one should have strongly objected to the boycotts of sporting events in Apartheid South Africa.

Sorry Izzy, but respect and support go hand in hand

Yeah. The WEC and the ACO are now facing the same issue in LMP1. Never push out your privateers, it is their effort, dedication and passion that keeps a series afloat.

Supercars on notice as crisis engulfs DTM in Europe

Same. The aero made racing dull as dishwater as well. It’s really a stretch to call it a touring car championship, they feel like empty shells with Formula 2 engines in it. Hope that the Mercedes exit gives them a good excuse to shape things up.

Supercars on notice as crisis engulfs DTM in Europe

For non-cable coverage ABC Grandstand is broadcasting every match on ABC Extra – Online and on Digital Radio

Australia vs New Zealand start time: When do Australia play their first Champions Trophy match? Date, venue, squads, broadcast information

Thanks for the kind words. He was great to speak to. There was a whole section on his thoughts about wicketkeeping that didn’t make the final draft. A real shame he never got a baggy green.

Chris Hartley at stumps

The majority of the crowd was on the camera side, in the shade away from the sun.

Lions hammer Giants in AFL Women's

Supercars has the broadcast deals in place, but most of them aren’t with the same networks who show F1. Because of that, F1 can’t produce a good lead in for viewers into the V8 race. Also Supercars doesn’t have a huge amount of live TV coverage internationally, mostly streaming on SuperView. If Liberty Media is willing to put the support races on the same deal as the F1 rights I think we’ll see some good exposure.

The Albert Park Supercars round is just a big waste of time

I think the main issue is that the Albert Park support bill is too busy. F1, V8s, Aus GT, a whole load of other categories and demo events. You could try and cut down everything just to F1, V8s and Aus GT.

The other issue is that these races aren’t part of the broadcast package for Formula 1 overseas, so the international exposure is very limited. Because of that the benefits feel more limited.

Given that overseas support categories have managed to get one hour slots on the F1 Support bill, I think the organisers need to think about emphasising quality over quantity. The event would work much better with longer races and pit stops – they have had their own pit building since 2010, so it’d be pretty easy to manage.

Maybe turn the non-championship event into a bigger spectacle – how about an All-Star Race – Run with a few different rules, maybe allow a few international wildcards in the race. NASCAR run their all-star race pretty well, and its non championship event.

The Albert Park Supercars round is just a big waste of time

And that’s the problem with touring cars on an international stage. That’s why the World Touring Car Championship is completely pointless. Each series has different regulation and is selling cars tailored to that region.

The only real way I could see Supercars being an international championship is an increasing in Asian manufacturers as well as adopting the ‘Class One’ touring car regulations currently being drafted by the WTTC, DTM in Germany and Super GT in Japan. But would it be worth selling the Australian spirit to create what is a slightly higher profile Asian touring car league?

Do the Supercars need more overseas races?

Holden are introducing a V6 Twin Turbo 2017 Commodore next season. What Nissan and possibly Ford do is another question. V4s are technically possible with the regulations, as well as Wagons and Hatches.

The trend for touring cars seems to be cheap hatch back racing. BTTC started it off and TCR is working hard to make it a global formula. But those series aren’t perfect. Both have success ballast, which ruins the purity of the racing.

Australian’s like their cars a little bit more musclier, something which doesn’t really gel with manufacturers today. They want efficiency, not excess.

It’s a difficult one for sure and I think the possibility of a format shift, maybe to GT4 spec may be in order.

Do the Supercars need more overseas races?

I think V8 Supercars needs to eat some humble pie and consider getting V8s on the support bill at a major race, either in Asia or possibly in the US or UK.

Its much easier to introduce the V8s as a support category at a major race meeting. For example, if the V8s were on the bill at Long Beach, alongside Indycar and the IMSA Le Mans series, you’d be able to expose the series to a packed crowd and a live TV audience.

Do the Supercars need more overseas races?

Basil Zempilas would’ve called her the Michael Jackson of tennis…

Serena Williams, the Michael Jordan of tennis

Then he should have redressed on the start finish/mountain straight.

This isn’t a video game, you can go a couple of corners without getting a penalty and then redress where it is SAFE to do so. I wouldn’t call slowing on the the racing line, blocking another car safe.

Highlights: Will Davison wins Bathurst after Whincup cops penalty

I do agree with you that Whincup is not wholly to blame for the running off, but it was his decision to redress when he did. Whether he did so because of good sportsmanship or to avoid a potential penalty we don’t know.

The redress rule doesn’t say when you need to redress, it would be up to the stewards who would see a reasonable time to do so before adding a time penalty/stop go penalty, like what happened with Rick Kelly in relation to his crash with Chris Pither.

Also, you asked when is it legal to block someone on the racing line. Whincup was on the racing line, and stayed on it when he tried to redress. Thats not okay. If you redress, you move off the line. He stayed on the line and blocked Tander, who had nothing to do with the incident before.

Whincup failed to redress, and also caused a collision by backing Tander into the path of McLaughlin. Thats what the officials gave him the penalty for, even though he did not directly collide with the cars.

Ultimately its up to the stewards to decide whether Whincup redressed in a safe place to do so. The fact that he redressed in a corner, on the racing line, blocking another car and ultimately causing a collision is why he deserved his penalty.

Highlights: Will Davison wins Bathurst after Whincup cops penalty

To be honest of all the drivers who deserve the blame it is Whincup. First off, had Whincup not attempted to redress at the Chase, McLaughlin would have rejoined behind Tander, meaning that when Whincup redressed on the start/finish straight he would have lost the place to Tander. So he irresponsibly slows up at the chase, backing into Tander and allowing McLaughlin to get alongside. McLaughlin would have struggled to keep control coming out of the chase, given that the tyres would have no grip, meaning that his collision was inevitable. Had Whincup not slowed down, McLaughlin would have rejoined safely behind. Its Whincup’s desperation to keep the effective race lead that resulted in this rash move. Whilst he is not 100% to blame, his penalty was deserved.

Highlights: Will Davison wins Bathurst after Whincup cops penalty

If anything, this is going to drive away participation in clubs and increase it in private schools, who won’t adopt these rules. Parents who want their kid to be the next Steve Waugh aren’t going to settle for this. You’re going to end up with a two tier system, where the players from private schools who went through the proving grounds are miles ahead of the cotten wool kids in the club system.


New junior rules will significantly change cricket in Australia

The only thing I like is the T20 option. But that should be the limit of the changes. Shortening pitches is going to make the 13 year old tearaways even worse to face up to…reducing team sizes doesn’t really make a difference, aside from increasing the gaps in the field.

That said, its a trial so theres a good chance this won’t be rolled out. Its still ridiculous.

New junior rules will significantly change cricket in Australia

We could get to the point where we have 7 or 8 regular teams and 5 or 6 part time local teams which just compete locally, who could enter cars just for that round.

I don’t think that’d be unhealthy, if anything it could easily expand the teams competing in the championship.

I don’t know why Bernie doesn’t read the comments of motorsport articles on The Roar. But then again, he probably doesn’t use a computer anyway.

Formula One could use a calendar shake-up

I think that F1 should take a leaf out of the Supercars book and do a European cup. Perfect way to keep the emphasis on the European rounds by giving out some extra prize money.

Formula One could use a calendar shake-up

I’d disagree. You ‘re more likely to find an AFL club in Brisbane than it is to find a Rugby League club in Perth or Melbourne. As someone who lives in ‘NRL’ territory, there is plenty of AFL clubs and awareness here.

Cricket takes over AFL in participation as Australia's No. 1 sport