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Was beaten in the Qld winter

Was beaten by 3yo fillies in Sydney

Won on a bog track in melbourne

Was beaten by a non winner in the mackinnon

No, she’s not the real deal. And winning the All Star mile will prove absolutely zero, the race has not one G1 WFA winner. Bunch of B, C and D graders. But beating Star Missile and Mr quickie will make her a champ apparently

Six Kiwi horses to watch in autumn

Was beaten by a horse who was having its third start in 14 days, and backing up 4 days after a melbourne cup run. before the race had won 2 from 20.

Beat home a 9yo having his final start, the Wagga Cup winner and a horse that ran 6th in the Ballarat Cup the next start.

Yeh, you’re right, the Mackinnon proves me wrong

Six Kiwi horses to watch in autumn


Why Nic Maddinson should be given more thought in the Australian opening batsmen discussion

Has Melody Belle ever done anything in this country on a dry track?

Six Kiwi horses to watch in autumn

Brees will most likely retire. Taysom Hill will never be the starter. Teddy will be starter.

Nick Foles will most likely be traded to Indy.

Winston will not be traded unless they get a genuine upgrade not a potential.

Prescott is holding out for no other reason then the salary cap goes up dramatically after next season, and he wants max money under that scenario, not the current one.

Rivers will sign with a team that drafts a QB and don’t want to start immediately

A preview of the 2020 free agency QB class

In a century and a quarter, Australian Rules has failed to catch on in Australia except for 3 mainland states. If it cannot catch on in NSW or Qld in that time, it won’t be catching on anywhere else in the world.

It took 100 years, hosting a World Cup, huge immigrant fan base, massive amounts of cash and global superstars before soccer caught on over there. Neither league, union or AFL are going to catch on.

The AFL have been trying China, and the only people who turned up where the employers of the sponsors, who were forced to turn up. Our sports are irrelevant on the world stage, its delusional to think people will tune in. MLB have played season openers here, how has that worked out?

The NRL can’t stand idle while the AFL takes America

The Chargers are going to pick a consensus 2nd rounder at 6? They aren’t going to trade down?

yeh, ok

Post Super Bowl mock draft: Chargers find true Love

Rules are rules, and teams should be penalised for breaking them.

But Jake Trbojevic didn’t break them. Anybody that says otherwise isn’t being objective or is pain stupid

Six talking points from South Sydney Rabbitohs vs Manly Sea Eagles NRL semi-final

Again, it is not a review on Mary.

The Gould review: Dragons fans set aside decade for five-year plan

Ken is correct

The Melbourne Patriots, or the New England Storm? The unknown twins in today’s sport

Because it’s not a review by the club, its a review requested by Mary of Marys staff and workings. Those higher up are free to do their own review.

The Gould review: Dragons fans set aside decade for five-year plan

They are a run first team with an idiot head coach. Play calling is horrendous. They are about to massively overpay for a RB.

“Perhaps away to the Eagles? Perhaps? You don’t see the road game at Green Bay? The road game in Minnesota? The late November game in the elements in Buffalo?

The only reason they will be over .500 is because they get to play the Giants and Redskins twice

Dallas Cowboys season preview

From the outside it looks like a culture thing. They seem to be too scared to lose, so their heads are messed up and they don’t play football. Their best games early in the season was when they were expected to lose (Storm Rd 4, Souths Rd 6).

Dean Pay's young Bulldogs are ready to build on 2019

Didn’t they win four of their last 6 last season? Weren’t they just about to turn the corner then?

Or was it after they won their last three, and knocked the Dragons out of the 8, in 2017?

This time it’s going to be different.

It says a lot that they have a history of scoring points and winning after the are eliminated from the 8 and there is no pressure on them to win

Dean Pay's young Bulldogs are ready to build on 2019

Because they are financially stable

The death of a Sydney NRL club is inevitable

Again we are judging what is national by geography, and by not population numbers?

Did the article actually tell us which Sydney team is most likely to fold and why they are the most likely to fold?

The death of a Sydney NRL club is inevitable

Thats how TV works. It’s no different to Fox plugging the Matty Johns show “up next”, and its much better then their latest fad – interviewing players in the next game while the current game is in progress

How to fix rugby league commentary

That’s how Doc Emrick calls games. Best caller in world sport

How to fix rugby league commentary

An article with little knowledge of the North Sydney junior region. It’s a region that runs as far north as Berowra and as far west as Dural. The demographics just aren’t there. The whole region consists of upper class professionals who will never allow their children to play a “low class” sport like league. Their kids play union, australian rules and basketball. It also has a large number of childless singles and couples, as well as retirees. Also a large Asian immigrant population.

And the number of businesses in the area means little. It’s a totally wrong opinion that Gore also uses. A lifelong Parramatta or Canterbury supporter will not sponsor or financially support Manly because their business is in the area.

And junior catchments are mostly irrelevant these days. It matters little who plays on the Central Coast and how often

Manly must invade enemy Bears territory to survive

Agree with most of what you said. Slater has been a revelation. Thurston has the charisma of an undertaker. Thaiday is an oxygen thief.

Fox has slid into what Nine was (no surprise Crawley created that culture at 9 and brought it to Fox). Just a bunch of boofheads. Warren Smith is the only caller there deserving of a paycheque. Just put him and Brandy on every game. Ennis loves the sound of his own voice. As a mate said, Ennis talks a lot, but says little. Anasata started off well, but now whinges more then my mother in law. Gasnier offers zero. Roach. Buderas, Hodges, Finch and the rest of them should be banned. The absolute low point is when Andy Raymond thinks he is a tactical expert

Fox have up to 6 on a game, and not on big games. Why?

The worst thing to happen to league commentary was Darrell Eastlake. You now have guys like Voss and Ginnane yelling and screaming trying to be him. Dan Ginanne should be calling park football in Bourke

People want to praise Fox because they hate Nine. Listen to Fox objectively and you’ll realise its straight up garbage

How to fix rugby league commentary

Andrew Voss is rubbish. Tries to be funny. While yelling and attempting humour he misses a simple play and then starts yelling “controversy”. Had he shut his mouth he would have seen the error or heard the refs decision

How to fix rugby league commentary

thats a good thing

How to fix rugby league commentary

Let’s all whinge about 9’s commentators, and how how having to pay for the privilege to listen to Dan Ginnane, Matt Russell, Andrew Voss, Steve Roach, Justin Hodges, Danny Buderas, Mark Gasnier, Michael Ennis is better

What should the next NRL TV deal look like?

Man U got a manager who was sacked from his previous 2 jobs

Current success of the elite coaches

And the fact that they don’t makes this commentary redundant. A teams true ability is not reflected in their ladder position. The record of 1st vs 2nd is irrelevant if one has had a much stronger strength of schedule then the other.

An elementary starting point would be looking at the teams they beat. Did 3rd beat 2nd because they were the better team throughout the season, reflected by the fact their 18 wins came against teams that won 255 games and the second team beat teams that won 235 games

Just how important is ladder position, anyway?