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Cleary is still only 21. At the same age Cooper Cronk was only in his second year of first grade, so was Andrew John. Thurston was in reserve grade at the Dogs.

Official: James Maloney to leave Penrith and end career overseas

The answer to both your question and the headline are the same

Is McGregor the right man to coach the Dragons?

There was only one factor for 25 years, and it worked. There were never any complaints, and it was black and white.

Queensland: If you want Keary so much, you can keep him

Can we just go back to original rule – where you were registered to play on your 16th birthday. It was the rule for decades until Gallop decided that what worked needed to be changed. You can’t choose where you are from

It isn’t hard.

Queensland: If you want Keary so much, you can keep him

Just like all the juniors that have come out of Melbourne in the past 20 years?

It’s hard to play 1st grade when you are constantly injured or on one leg. Trent Hodkinson played Origin in 2015. Since 2015 he has played in 58 NRL games, and won just 10. Let that sink in. Since he got injured he has not been up to NRL standard.

NRL expansion: What the NRL should do

He broke the law and was arrested. Doesn’t matter if we agree with the law or if he did it here it would be nothing.

He failed to self report to the ARLC. One of his roles as an ARLC is to enforce that rule. He cannot sit in judgement of others for failing to do what he also failed to do.

As an ARLC he must be held to a higher standard against those he passes rules and judgements against.

What would happen if a player was arrested overseas and failed to inform his club or the NRL for seven weeks?

Mark Coyne prepared to accept ARLC fate

Peter Tunks is a long way in front of Thaiday and Tamou. Captained a GF winning team. Test count would have been higher had he chosen not to go on the Kangaroo tour in 86

Rugby league history: The all-time great alphabet teams – Letter T

Damien Cook made his first grade debut at age 22. The fact that he played with Penrith’s NYC team, along with St George, Canterbury and Souths shows he had opportunities.

Even a guy like Cody Walker is a pin-up boy for “opportunity”. He played NYC, he was given a chance by the Storm, by being invited to pre-season training with them in 2013 and given a 1 year deal in 2014. He was with Souths in 2015 but was behind Luke Keary and Adam Reynolds.

A lot of guys playing in the state cups have been identified as they would have played in junior rep teams. Guys who are classified as late bloomers are in that situation because injury has held them back or an established player is in front of them. The fact that they have contracts with NRL clubs shows they are given opportunities.

NRL expansion: What the NRL should do

What will “truly national” bring? If you want to see what that posturing brings then check out the finances of the Brisbane Lions, Gold Coast Suns, GWS Giants and Sydney Swans.

The Brisbane Lions have made a loss for the past 11 years (8 of been 7 figure losses) and have made the finals once in the last 15 seasons. The Gold Coast Suns have never finished better then 12th in their 8 seasons. The AFL has given $50 million to prop up the Suns and Giants, more then what the AFL said these would bring in to the AFL in revenue

NRL expansion: What the NRL should do

There is plenty of evidence. Just check out the players this weekend. There isn’t enough for 16 teams, let alone more. If these players in the Qld Cup were any good they’ll be getting a run for the Titans. Clubs get a couple of injuries and the depth to cover is abysmal. There are not 16 NRL quality half backs, let alone 17 or 18.

There is also no depth in coaching, proven by the fact that we have Pay, McGregor and Brennan with gigs. Ivan Cleary has been as 4 clubs and has not reached 50% at any of them. Neil Henry coached 3 clubs and never reached 50%. Jason Taylor coached at 3 NRL clubs

NRL expansion: What the NRL should do

He’ll be at the Titans in a few weeks, so Qld will get a tougher coach

Five talking points from State of Origin Game 3

It wasn’t close to a double movement.

NSW were always going to warm up out the back, so that walk was happening anyway. If the TV didn’t show it nobody would talk about the length of it.

Five talking points from State of Origin Game 3

The issue is the Sunday night game. In the middle of winter on a Wednesday night people have nothing better to do then watch TV. The weekend is a totally different story, especially with other sports on the same day

Origin must grow commercially without increasing player workload

The type of article you get when you focus too much on who the media think are good players and should be picked. This is a Paul Kent article, just without the bitterness.

Fittler runs his own race. He is on the brink of back-to-back series wins, he must be doing something right. He loses a game and makes changes he gets bagged. Wins and makes no changes and gets bagged. Seems the ones criticising him are the ones who need to think again.

Fittler is criticised in the media not because of his selections but because of one simple thing – he doesn’t work for News. Daley did and fed leaks and the squad to them. Walters does the same. Fittler doesn’t, so he gets beat up by myths like Kent and Rothfield. It doesn’t help that all their “scoops” about team selections have been wrong

Brad Fittler got the right team the wrong way

So all the media “experts”, who have not got one Fittler selection right, had Graham at 5/8.

Graham doesn’t have a kicking game

Nathan Cleary ruled out of Origin decider, and yep, Mitchell Pearce is his replacement

NSW lose Game 1. Fittler makes changes and gets criticised.

NSW win Game 2. Fittler makes no changes and is criticised.

David Klemmer snubbed as Freddy confirms unchanged Blues side for Origin 3

Waste of time

NRL rocked by concussion-related brain disease discovery in former players

And Billy Smith at half

Rugby league history: The all-time great alphabet teams – Letter R

So the media have know zero about Fittlers selections and their predictions have been wrong in his first 4 games, and knew nothing about his other changes for his 5th, yet they all knew about Pearce?

yeh, ok

Five talking points from State of Origin Game 2

Did he? And who was your source for this – the same people that said he was picking Mitchell Moses last year? the same who had no idea Morris would be dropped? who had no idea Safiti was getting picked? who knew Matt Prior was being picked last year?

Five talking points from State of Origin Game 2

gambling is mostly restricted in other countries due to religious and puritanical reasons, not welfare reasons

Australia must overhaul its position on gambling

Australians spend 4.25 times more money on poker machines then all racing and sports combined. Add in lotteries, scratchies and casinos and this number rises to to over 5 times the amount. Restricting ads on tv for bookmakers won’t do a thing in regards to people losing on negative expectation games.

Poker machines cannot advertise, yet these restrictions have done nothing to curb the public from ploughing dollar after dollar into these machines. Launceston Cup Day plays no role in people playing pokies.

The AFL has done nothing hypocritical. It is no different then punishing a player for being drunk, even though they take money from alcohol companies

Generally when doing opinion pieces the writer would do research and back their opinion up with facts and figures. Maybe you could have included in your article problem gamblers by gambling type. Maybe you could have included the impact restrictions on alcohol and tobacco advertising has had in regards to issues attributed to those products

Personal responsibility obviously has no place in Matt Nicholls utopian society.

Australia must overhaul its position on gambling

dropped him? A pathetic attempt to rewrite history

Did Gus Gould play a hand in Latrell Mitchell's Origin 2 omission?

Yep, his team mates and coaches are going to publicly bag him? What do you expect them to say?

Robinson publicly supported Mitchell and his form in 2017, only to drop him to Wyong a few weeks later.

Mitchell’s issue isn’t form or distractions, its his attitude. He is lazy and feels as though he doesn’t need to work hard. Each of his issues have arrived once he has achieved a new level – becoming a 1st grader, becoming an established 1st grader, becoming a rep player. He rests on his laurels, and complacency and laziness sets in. This is not my opinion but that of people within the club

Did Gus Gould play a hand in Latrell Mitchell's Origin 2 omission?

The percentage only increases from 2.5% to 3% for fixed odds and 3% to 3.5% for tote based products (top tote, etc), and only for those not licensed in NSW. Places like the TAB, Top Sport, Elite Bet, etc aren’t affected, only the grubs in the NT who don’t pay their way as it is.

And V’Landys made it known at the launch of the Golden Eagle that it was all about turnover

Betfair will be gone from Australia within 18-24 months. Their business model isn’t sustainable. They have been running at a loss on Vic racing for years, and they are starting to struggle in the other states

The racing industry is its own biggest enemy